Puppy Bows Before These Five Baby Ostriches Who Aren’t Scared of Anything

Those eggs are so big Huge creature is hatching Baby ostriches hatching from the eggs on their own! They are so strong LOL They weigh 0.7kg when they are just born! They have long legs 23 times bigger than chicks LOL Now they’re overreacting! Getting into a fight with Baekgu puppies Puppies attack first! They got scared LOL Five bold ostriches aren’t scared of anything! Where is their mother ostrich? Normally, mother ostrich takes care of her babies but the ostrich didn’t sit on her eggs So the eggs were hatched by artificial incubation Female ostrich would attack a baby ostrich if it’s not her own! Ostriches tend to stay in herd. In fact, there are a lot of interesting facts about them Baby ostriches hang out with the older ones! The baby ostriches observe the bigger ostriches and they mimic them When the older ostriches walk around or sit baby ostriches copy them! A few weeks later What are they doing? Like the ostriches in the wild they take on the night watch on alert against even the videotape Whey they’re done with their duty It’s now your turn They take shifts We hope they live healthy looking out for one another in herd always! Grow healthy!

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