Puppies With Two Mothers?! | Kritter Klub

I’m Gangja, mother of 9 pups And I’m Hooja I think she’s jealous that Gangja has babies Hooja would try to approach the puppies every day But the mother isn’t having any of this! Even after several attempts… They fight over puppy territory When Hooja grooms one of them.. The mother, Gangja just sighs in defeat The owner even has to drag Hooja out when it gets out of hand;; And then Gangja checks up on her pups Hooja is mad and creates a plan… “Let’s just get digging…” Many misadventures later… What’s happening now? Where’s one puppy The chubbiest one is missing Where is the puppy?? The owner searches the surroundings Hooja do you possibly… Speak the truth!! I have nothing to declare ma’am… Lies! The pup was underneath Hooja “It’s okay I’m alive” …So this was Hooja’s plan The 9 pups have reunited now But…Why did you do that Hooja? The vet does a simple check up W-what? It’s called false pregnancy It causes lactation without being pregnant Hooja gave birth to puppies but they all died within 3 days Hooja had given birth to puppies… But all of them died too soon Looking at Gangja’s puppies made her miss them more So she’d look after them like her own She would even feed them milk..! Now, when Gangja’s on an outing and busy meeting others Hooja would be the pup’s babysitter “Best babysitter ever~” We hope you take good care of care of the puppies together!

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