Puppies testing their future working dog skills

– (man) Black powder? He likes black powder. Low blood sugar? Likes low blood sugar. – So the question
about what makes the best working dog is
really the foundation question for the entire
Working Dog Center. Our research is
centered on trying to determine what the
genetics, the training, all different aspects
that really make a dog that’s going to
work well, be successful, love what they do and
work for a long time. Ffoster’s a very special dog. She came to us from the
TSA breeding program as part of a cooperative
research agreement. And that program has
really spent a lot of time selecting the different
genetics to create dogs that are more successful
in the detection field. Her special talent
working with us is as a ovarian
cancer detection dog. Her second talent
is that she’s now a mother of these six
beautiful puppies. We have three black
labs, three yellow labs, two females and four males
and we’re really excited about the careers that
they have ahead of them. These puppies are part of
our research program as well so we’re trying
to learn from them and obtain as much
data as possible. – (man) He’s a fan of arson. – We have vet students
who are spending the summer with
us doing research. We have interns
and co-op students. We have volunteers and
all of that is geared towards helping us
capture data and so that we can monitor their
progress and look back and look at maybe how
this test that we did today predicts their
success in a year. So all of that’s really
helping with the research. – (man) First
odor, black powder. Indifferent. – (Cindy) The first thing
that we did with them today is a scent introduction
and we’ve been doing that with them since they’ve
been about three weeks old. – (man) Likes low blood sugar. – And our goal with is to let
them sniff different odors, record what their interest
is, but our real hope is to start to build some
of those neuropathways that really enhance their
working with their nose. – (man) Not a big
fan of the smell. – The aspect of breeding
dogs is really critical because we really
need to understand what makes a dog
successful in a career. And the genetic component
is a really big piece. It’s always that
nature vs. nurture and what we’re trying to do
is to control both sides. So with the nature,
we’re trying to make sure that we have the best
genetic possibility, the best history from
each line so that we can really continue to
develop these dogs. And for the nurture,
we have them come to our center from
the time they’re eight weeks old so that we
can really augment anything that’s natural
and make the most of it so we end up with the
most successful dogs. – Come here! Good girl!

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