Puppies 2 weeks 4 days – Eyes Open

So here we are at two weeks and four
days for these little guys now, I think. These are Fern’s puppies.
As you can see everyone’s eyes are open and they are all moving about now. Where’s somebody’s eyes? Here we go you can see that our eyes are open and everything still a
little bit blurry for them but, as their eyes become clearer they are starting to
venture out more which means they’re not in their bed and they’re all getting a
bit confused.
We’ve started to sell them now so they’ve also all got their collars on so we know who’s who and who’s going to
what homes. But we will soon start to get up to all sorts of mischief. This little
guys coming to say hello! So here we have got the pink
colors and the yellow colour over there they’re all girls, and then the green, gray
and black colors are all boys. So we’re in for some trouble soon and I will
also take you to show you Bracken’s puppies. So here are Bracken’s brood. Again
they’re all up and about. They’ve all got their collars on. They’re just exploring
their space, seeing what is going on, where they are and now they can start to
move about they can start to see all the different parts of what they are but as
you can hear by the squeaking over there they also lose their brothers and
sisters and start to wonder exactly where they are
and find each other and go back into their spots. So they don’t go very far
at this stage they’ve just about found their legs in the last couple of days. Big
yawn in the corner all this exploring is tiring
so you curling up in a ball they’re all finding each other to go back into their
pile to go back to sleep. In this litter you’ve got a little boy here, and
little boy here in the green collar, the golden one climbing on the top there is
a boy, purple is a girl red is a girl, not sure who else we’ve got! Yellow is a girl or salmony color is a girl and orange is a boy. So as I say they’re going
to get a lot more exciting and a lot more cheeky in the next
few weeks so we’ll start to get some more interesting videos, will start
to get them out and about in the garden and start to have a lot more fun.

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