Pug dog breed guide

I think once you’ve had a Pug you’ll always love a pug. I just really love their characters, I just love them. They’re good fun, they’re
loving, they’re good company and I certainly wouldn’t be with out one. Pugs are lovely
little dogs, reall characters they really enjoy human company. As long as you’re there,
even if you’re busy at your computer or cooking – whatever you’re doing – if you’re there
they’re happy. Temperament wise they’re very very good. My grandson lives with me and the five pugs – and sits in the dog bed and plays with them. They are just trustworthy. They can make ideal family dogs for people who live in towns. They don’t necessarily need
lots of exercise. Because they have less exercise demands, although they still like a daily
walk, we would often re-home one as a companion maybe to a retired person, or somebody who
just wants a little friend. They are fit little dogs despite what people think. People think
they’re fat little couch potatoes but they do love their walks. Pugs have a flat face,
obviously, so their cooling system – to put it simply – their cooling system is not the
same in a Pug as it is with a longer-nosed dog. So it is important to be careful with
them in the heat. In the summer, walk them early before it gets too hot, maybe not take
them far. Make sure you’ve got water with you and never ever leave them in a car. It
doesn’t take long for the car to heat up and for the dogs to die basically. So just – never.
If you’re taking them in the car and its hot, have the windows open, you can buy little
fans to put on the pens in the car. You can put cold, wet towels down inside the pens.
Water spray. So you know you can travel with your Pugs in the summer but just don’t leave them – keep them cool and be sensible There’s a fawn and a black and a couple of variations
on the fawn – which can be apricot to silver. The fawns in particular shed more than the
blacks. Fawns have a double coat – so they will lose their coat quite a bit – twice a
year. Bitches can lose more when they’re in season or if they’ve had puppies obviously.
But having said that they do lose their coats all through the year. You will always be – like
this! Obviously with that little nose you need to be careful to keep that clean. Because
they get dirt and muck in there which they can easily do when they’re sniffing around.
It just takes a couple of minutes a day. Give them a wipe with a simple baby wipe or a cotton
wool pad with water. Their eyes are vulnerable with having a flat face and a relatively large
eye, their eyes are vulnerable especially when they’re puppies and they’re running around,
clowning around and bumping into things. So we always say to people keep a good watch
on their eyes and if the eye is blinking, if it’s watering, if it’s not looking quite
right, get them to the vets straight away. Because the sooner you start treatment you’ve
got a good chance of sorting it out. When you think about training a Pug, really you’ve
got a very amiable little chap who shouldn’t be too much trouble training. I’ve had lots
of them through training classes and they’ve all been absolutely super. The only thing
you want to thinking about though is that they are brachycephalic which means they’ve
got squashed faces, which means sometimes they can have trouble breathing. So you can’t
exercise or train them in warm weather or really for very long periods of time. You’ve
got to keep it fun for a Pug, it’s going to know when you’re getting boring and if you
do that it can be absolutely hilarious when training

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