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Dr. V here with my service dog Hestia Today we’re making a video about how I score the Psychiatric Service Dog Partners’ public access test You can find that test on That’s p s y c h . d o g But this is not an official PSDP video This is my own personal interpretation of how to score the public access test The point of a public access test is to determine if the service dog is going to be safe in public and also if they adhere to community standards and I think it’s really important to notice that along the way if someone’s disability interferes with their ability to do a test item that the test should be modified so for example during stairs if someone can’t do stairs use a ramp So there are some things on this test that are scored throughout the whole test and I’ll go over those briefly The first one is item number one Training aids, and that’s no treats, corrections, or training gear Item number two is tension on the leash Generally you want to see a J in the leash You want a loose leash In my opinion it’s OK if the dog gets out of position a few times So long as the dog is able to be effectively refocused and returned to their working position Number three is inappropriate conduct There’s nothing like barking, biting, peeing, pooping, growling, none of that Number four is if the dog is comfortable and confident in their working position And working position can vary from team to team depending on what the person’s disability related needs are. So for example, for small dogs like Hestia, a lot of times I carry her So her default working position is in my arms or in a pouch However, even if it is a small dog the test should be performed with them on the ground Except for the restaurant portion where they are allowed to be on your lap while you are seated. Number 9 is Distractions in the normal environment And that’s just the reaction of the dog to things like carts, Other people, displays, It’s fine for a dog to get distracted or even startled a little bit The important thing is that they recover quickly and return focus to their handler. And number fourteen is working around other dogs That’s not going to be demonstrated in this video Normally I evaluate that during the whole test because I have my service dog with me when I’m giving the test Alternatively if you have more than one service dog team taking the test, that’s a good way to evaluate it Otherwise you’ll need to get some outside dog in and again, mild interest or looking at the other dog is OK so long as the dog is able to be easily refocused on their handler Something that I think is important is that if you are testing a dog and they don’t do an item absolutely perfectly or maybe it’s on the borderline like they’ve done a behavior like maybe walking down the food aisle, and there’s a little too much leash tension for your liking For me I think it’s OK to let them repeat the item. What I do is I tell them, what went wrong, I say When you did that test item, there was just a little too much leash tension And then I encourage them to take a break, refocus with their dog, And then return and attempt the item again Now if it’s a serious violation like growling during the friendly stranger portion of the test, that I don’t allow them to retake That’s a serious violation and should not be retested. Alright so we’re going to start out with entry into a building And so, uh, here we go! Good girl! Hestia, heel up! Very nice! Ready? Let’s go! Good girl! Left Good girl! Over here Good girl She did that just fine. The next test item is number eight, navigating a store. There are two test items here that That are scored throughout the whole store The first one is no interaction with merchandise And the second one is no interaction with other people unless she’s been cued to do so So now we’re going to do shopping carts Which are right where you are! Hestia, come on! This way! Over here Come on Hestia [Stranger] That’s a pretty dog! Thank you With me! Leave it Good girl! Left Left Left Good girl! Leave it Good girl! I’m going to put this cart back now. Hestia! Good. Oops! Good girl Alright, we’re going to move to the back of the store and do leaving food items. Let’s go Hestia Leave it Good girl Very nice Good girl Leave it Very good Good girl This way Hestia Good girl Alright, the last part of navigating a store is food items and if you’re not in a grocery store– we’re in a TJ Maxx they usually do have one food aisle. I’m gong to go up and down the food aisle. Ready? Let’s go Leave it Good girl This way Leave it Good girl Alright we’re going to go into test item number ten which is obedience And the first part is a 30 second stay This is not an obedience competition! A sit, down, or stand is fine and if they adjust a little bit, you know go from a sit to a down or something, In my opinion that’s totally fine The idea is you want them to stay generally in place like while you’re looking at an item in the store. So I will count it out Hestia Stay Good girl OK So that was the 30 second stay The next one is a come command. And that’s done from a distance of six feet. Stay Come! Good girl And the last thing on the obedience section is an attention command. Leave it! Good! And that can be a watch, a look, a focus, even just calling the dog’s name and having them return their attention to you. I like to wait until the dog is not looking at the person and then give the focus command but Hestia is trained to look at me pretty much all the time So that might take a while! So I’ll just demonstrate how I do it, which is saying her name. Hestia! Yes! Good girl! She actually looked away, so you got to see it! Alright, the next test item is leaving a food item And this is, in the case of this test, that is going to be a treat So Brad is going to go down that aisle and hide a treat And then I am going to go down the aisle and Hestia will ignore the treat Ready? Good girl! This way! Come on! Oh, you gonna sneeze? Come on! Leave it! Good girl! Sit! You wanna show where the food item is? Leave it Good girl Next we’re going to do friendly stranger Actually I have a question would you mind helping me out with this test that I’m doing for my service dog? I’m going to cue her to say hello to you and you can interact with her and I’m just looking for no aggression leave it! I know, you know it’s coming! No aggression or anything like that. So OK, go visit! Now you can say hi to her. Go visit! Good girl! Good girl! Thank you very much, I really appreciate it Alright, now we’re going to do parking lot behavior and then entering a vehicle. Good girl! Hestia! Oops! Hestia! Good girl! That’s much better! Leave it Good girl Oops, wait Hestia, wait Hold on! Allright, let’s go, get in the van Come on! Now normally during a public access test I like to drive around the parking lot really quickly But we’re not going to videotape that! See you at Panera! So now we’re in a restaurant and I’m going to walk around a little bit and the dog shouldn’t try to sniff or eat anything on the tables or floors Hestia, you ready? Come on! Hestia, let’s go! Come on Good girl! This way! Come on Good girl And now we sit at a table So the test scores the position of the dog for large dogs, that’s usually on the floor under the table or right next to the table. Small dogs can be on their handlers’ laps So long as they’re not sniffing food, interacting with stuff on the table and so on. And the dog should never be fed or watered from the table Normally during a public access test, I like to have the person being tested eat a little something just to show their dog is able to ignore the food But we’re not going to videotape that right now. See you at the hotel! Now we’re going to do test item 15, restrooms We’re not going to actually go in there and show you but basically you just want the dog not to be peeking under the stalls or trying to leave the stall or anything like that I don’t make people actually go to the bathroom, They can just stand in the stall for about 30 seconds. Now we’re going to do test item 13, stairs. Hestia! Come on! Good girl Very nice. This way! Oh you’re caught All right, come on Now it’s time for test item number 12, elevators. Wait Oops, this way! Come on! So they can be sit, down, or stand, it doesn’t really matter Just so long as they’re comfortable and confident in the elevator. This way So that concludes my scoring of the public access test This is just how I score the public access test I hope you find this helpful I like to write a personalized note on the back of the test Summarizing some of the pros and cons of the test I think it helps with record keeping And also it gives a chance for improvement of the team in the future Remember a public access test is just a snapshot in time. Things evolve and change. Thanks for watching! [Yay!!!!!! and clapping noise] Filmed at TJ Max, Panera, and the Hilton Garden Inn– all in Rock Hill, South Carolina Created by Veronica and Brad Morris Copyright 2019

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