Prepare for a Puppy | Bringing a New Husky Puppy Home

♪ Guess what we’re doing today! ♪ Apparently, those two (2)
over there are playing! We have been reading some of your
comments when it comes to Miss Kira the puppy! Shelby is like: “I want to be”
“front-center of this video today!” “Let’s talk about ME!” Anyway, one of the things
a lot of you are asking about is, what you need to do to prepare
for bringing home a puppy? This video is kind of going
to be a little bit about that. Is going to be a
‘How to prepare to bring home a puppy’ or if you get a rescue dog,
the same things we talked about in this video can be used for bringing home
a puppy or adult dog. Is basically just a way
for you to prepare to add a dog to your family. If you guys are new to this channel,
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to help us continue to grow The Pawdience! Let’s get into today’s video! Hi Shelby! Shelby’s like: ♪ “I’m going to be” ♪
♪ “Front-Center!” ♪ So, we did a fun little puppy haul video which I’ll actually link up above
and down in the video description below, for when we first brought Kira home, which has a list for some of the essentials,
the more basic essentials that you need. This video is going to kind of go into
a little bit more detail about what you need. [growls] One of the first things that you want to make sure
you have before you bring your new puppy home or your new adopted
dog home, is food! One of the things you’ll want to do is ask
the breeder that you’re getting your puppy/dog from is, what are they are currently
feeding their dogs. Same thing with the rescue shelter
you are getting your dog from. Make sure you have some of that on hand or
hopefully they’ll actually give you some bring home. Then, you’ll need to decide if you are
going to keep them on that food or if you are going to switch them
to a different type of food. If you do decided to switch them
to a different type of food, you want to do that gradually over about two (2)
weeks starting off by mixing more of what they are on. So like if you are doing,
let’s say a cup of food, do like two thirds (2/3) of a cup of what they were on
and then a third (1/3) of a cup of the new food. Then gradually change that
over the course of two (2) weeks. Dogs stomachs can be very sensitive
to changes like that. So, you want to make sure that you just
take your time and slowly change them over. [growls] Shelby! [laughs]
[growls] Shelby is like: “I wanna play too guys!”
“I wanna play too!” Another thing essential…
[barks] to have when you are bringing home
a new puppy or dog, is a kennel and baby gates. I’m telling you, baby gates are your best friend
when bringing home a new dog! As you can see, I have one back there
and actually one in the hallway and I have
Kira’s kennel right here. That is going to help you
keep a better eye on your new puppy. You want them to stay in the room with you
as often as possible, so you constantly be able
to keep and eye on them. Some people will leash their puppies
when they first bring them home for quite a while. I use the baby gates system
because I have the other dogs and I don’t want leashes to get tangled. So whatever room I’m in,
Kira has to be in. If I’m in the kitchen,
I gate Kira off and put her in the kitchen If we were in here, I gate her off
and keep her in here. The reason behind doing that is because you want to
be able to correct any bad behavior as soon as possible. And puppies are notorious for getting
into a lots of things. So is just a good way to be able
to keep a better eye on your puppies. So, baby gates, kennels, which we’re going
to try and do crate training videos. I did one a long time ago with Memphis and
I’m having some trouble with crate training Miss Kira. Maybe we will do a video
talking about that. As we get a little bit further
into our own crate training with Kira. As you can see, puppies are very,
very hyper and they love to play. Another thing you want to make sure you do
for preparing to bring a dog into your home… Is puppy proofing! Make sure, that anything that they can chew or anything
they can get into, you have picked up out of their way Even if they are in the same room as you, is a good idea
to make sure each room they’re in is fully puppy proof. Including even things like
baby locks on the cabinets. Those actually helps cause puppies
will get into just about anything. Actually, I had to put this lid right here, cause Kira
was trying to get into this box and behind the television. I had to make sure to block it off
so she can’t get into the cords behind the television. Again, she was doing it while
I was here and was able to correct her, but that’s just another deterrent to
make her not want to go back there. Apparently, you guys are getting a puppy play video,
while were doing this as well. [grunts]
They’re just having a ‘good ol time!’ Before your puppy even comes home… You wanna do thinks like
reach out to your vet’s office and make sure to schedule an appointment
for a puppy wellness check. Always get to do as soon as you get one.
That kind of gives you a base line on how they’re doing. Make sure they are up to date
on all their shots and get them in the vet’s office so that
they can meet the vet and have the experience, have a good positive experience
while you’re there to kind of just get then introduced to
and get used to the vet. Another thing you should be doing,
check for puppy classes in your area. I don’t care if you are
a citizen dog owner and you have multiple dogs
that you are training on your own. Puppy classes are not only beneficial but to
kind of give those reminders that you need when you’re bringing a new dog
into the home. Also for a little bit of socialization
with other dogs. Getting your dog to learn to sit still while
other dogs may be acting out. Sitting still while other dogs are around.
Puppy classes are, I think very beneficial. Kira actually just started hers on Wednesday.
That was pretty funny! She was the only one that
sat still in the class because I actually had been
working on her with that! I think, make sure to find
puppy classes in your area. You can do all these things to prepare
before you even bring your dog home. Another thing you can do in preparation
for bringing the dog home, has a lot to do with the training classes
as you can decide, what type of training methods
you’ll want to use for your puppy. I do a lot of treat training
and high praises training. Which means when our dogs do something good,
they get a treat or they get a lot of praises. I kind of try to do a combination of both. Specially if my dogs are
very food motivated. Some people will do tug training like having
a toy that they find that their dog really likes and that becomes the reward for the dog,
every time they go to the bathroom, every time they do something good,
instead of getting a treat, they get high praises and a toy
that they really enjoy. But the toy’s only given to them
when they do things correctly. This is something we can also talk about
in future videos if you guys like. Let us know down in the comments below what
type of training videos would you like to see on here? Again, we are not professional trainers. I would just be teaching you things
that we had used and had worked with us. But, may not work for everybody. Not every training technique
will work with every dog. or every person. Trust me!
We’re finding that out the hard with Kira! I had crate trained many dogs in the past,
but Kira has become… Very hard to crate train! We’re going to get past it thought.
We’re going to win! We really are! So, as I said earlier, I did a video of the
‘Puppy Haul’ a couple of weeks ago which I’ll link, but I will also put an ‘Amazon Affiliate’
list down in the video description below to kind of give you a list of basic necessities
that you are going to wanna have for when you bring your puppy home. Things like bowls, leashes, collars, chew toys,
treats, brushes, nail clippers… [grunts] Shelby is just talking away! ‘Nature’s Miracle’ because accidents do happen
and ‘Natures Miracle’ is amazing to clean things out! KONG Toys, soft chews…
One of the KONG toys right here, best for your dogs! I’m going to put a list to some
of the things that we like to have when we bring a new puppy in our house. [grunts/growls]
[laughter] No, I’m not going through
all those things down the list. There are a lot of basic
essentials you’ll need. I wanted this to be a little bit more of things people don’t
necessarily think about when bringing home a puppy. You definitively need one of those ‘Giggle Balls’, cause…
Kira really, really likes that! It goes off all the time! [laughs] But, the other thing that I think
you really, really need probably the most important thing
you will need when you
are bringing home a new puppy… That ball still going off! A new puppy or a new dog
into your home! Are you ready for it?
What you think the most important thing is? Comment down below! The most important thing
to have when bringing home a puppy or a dog is… Are you ready for it? Patience! Patience is the most
important thing! You dont want to get
frustrated with your puppy! When training, make sure
you do training in short little burst so you don’t want to be training for
like 15 to 30 minutes at a time because your puppy is going
to get frustrated. They are going to get burn out.
You are going to be frustrated. They are not going to want to do
what you ask them to do. Which is going to make
it a bad situation for everybody. You always want to make sure
short training sessions, patience with your puppy. They don’t automatically know
how to do everything. You really have to work
with them on that. If you set yourself
up to be successful, your puppy will be successful as well. Always end your training sessions
on a positive note Even if your puppy didn’t
do anything right, during the whole training session
like crate training. Right Kira? Like crate training? You’re really having a hard time with that. But we still always try
to end on a positive note like she knows
how to sit, so even if she’s not
doing what I wanted her to do
in the crate, we come out of the crate and we go into a sit
and she gets rewarded. Always end on a positive note! Good for you and
good for the pets! That is our video for today!
Kind of like a mini “Fan Friday!” I got so many questions from
so many of you on different things when it comes to the puppy. I thought today would be another
good day for an informational fun video. If you guys wants to continue watching
Kira’s growth, check us over at Where we upload Monday to Friday,
more of our daily lifestyle videos. So, if you want to see that,
head over there and check that out. Let us know down in the
comments below, what do you think should be the first
training video that we show you with Kira? Do you want to see how we teach her
on how to use the bells? Potty traininig? Crate training? Probably won’t be happening
for a while… But, let us know down below!
We love to hear from you guys! As I said, follow us on
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. Find us on all of our social media sites. They are listed down
in the video description below. We’re gonna go and yeah! She’s over there
having a good time now! She wore out two (2) big dogs
and now she’s like: “Look guys! I can play with this toy”
“all by myself! It’s great!” Another essential thing to have
when you have a puppy? Lots of things for them
to chew on! Because the more stuff
they know belongs to them, the less stuff of yours
they’re going to chew on Alright you guys!
We hope you enjoyed today’s video. Thanks so much for watching!
Thanks for subscribing! Stay positive and dream big!
We will see you again soon! Good bye Pawdience! ♪ Turn around and roll over, Snow Dog! ♪ ♪ Sing a song with your sweet voice ♪ ♪ I know, You’ve been a good little girl ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪ ♪ Come and join us for a new adventure! ♪ ♪ Lots of fun, lots of walks, won’t you come ♪ ♪ into our Siberian world! ♪ ♪ We’re Gone To The Snow Dogs ♪

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