4 thoughts on “Prehistoric puppy found in permafrost with hair, teeth, whiskers, eyelashes intact in Russia | ABC7

  • #1. History. I would debate that the history of all things is in massive question. Especially when it is based on flawed theories alone. They believe that life was on Earth millions of years ago. But it's more like less than 12,000 years. #2. Dating methods. They use multiple dating methods which have been disproven in every way conceivable. #3. Belief. They believe in their theories and many people believe in something different. #4. Best guess. The "science" behind it is best guess at this point and is not related to real facts. We have seen times in history which have been far worse than we are seeing now and to say that what is coming upon the Earth is worse than Ice ages, Famines, Plagues, Dust bowls, and Global deluge is pretty preposterous. #5. Money. We know that Al Gore was never as rich as he is now by all the "climate change" money he is getting. I'll think of a couple more points of argument later.

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