Prairie Dog Hunting – TRIPLE KILL!

we are back in eastern Montana round two
of prairie dog a Palooza oh my gosh that was epic I mean they’re nuisance out here they just
tear up the grazing land prairie dogs about as good of a practice as you can get
when it comes to big-game hunting so that’s what we’re gonna do today
got them see if we can send some dog into orbit Houston we have lift off! see them on the mound yep oh there now
do it now pretty awesome I’ve never shot a triple before it let alone seen a
triple on video I’m gonna do a prairie dog city two
we’re gonna see if we can find prairie dogs with all the tall grass it’s been a
really really wet spring so we can like hardly even see prairie dogs let alone
shoot them so not the norm up here being this wet but you can see we can do shoot ’em that was a hit yes they have no idea they’re babies shoot another one oh you skinned his back he’s 124 go ahead we’re just gonna put the BDX system to
use and what that is is a Sig rangefinder which is the kilo 3000 range
finding binos and it communicates with the scope the Sierra BDX this happens to
be a three and a half to ten on the 22-250 so what we have here is a
Bluetooth connection through the app on my phone right here at my phone scope so
via the app both devices connect and I’m ranging with the by knows the range is
sending the information to the scope and then the reticle in the scope adjusts
accordingly to the range because my specs to my 22-250 are preloaded in app
in the device we’re shooting a 55 grain bullet varmint bullet we’re going 3,200
feet per second which is a little slow but we have a pretty short barrel it’s
20 inches and so I think to really get my accuracy that I need with the
velocity that’s a little higher I’d have to get a faster burning powder and
I just don’t have that in this gun I think at 35 grains of varget and see how many
prairie dogs we can kill so to 286 yes again again that got ’em that’s what I like to see nope he’s back down give ’em a second oh he’s back up
one more step and then put it right in his hiney sounds bad for the video got ’em see that little pecker out
then standing up on his hind end oh right by his head I don’t know how you missed I don’t know either hear that one laughing at you oh [laughs] shot his leg off got ’em there there’s a pile of ’em on that mound there you’ll get one Oh
grazed them here right there yes at least you can shoot you were killing a
couple just proof a blind man can kill that’s right I can kill something
yeah proud of you well hey you know I learned it from you
how to shoot so he just admitted that we are back in eastern Montana for kind of round 2 of prairie dog a Palooza so we’re here mid-august everything is dried out of course the
lady behind the camera is a new hunter and so we’re gonna do just what we need
to do to really develop that shooting skill trigger control aim small miss
small prairie dogs about is good at practices you can get when it comes to
big-game hunting so that’s what we’re gonna do today so these are key little
shooting mats out here because there’s cactus and stuff eberlestock
shooting mats beautiful great invention lightweight we can just lay out here in
this cactus country prone and just pick off dogs all afternoon so got a couple
of these in here this six-five creedmoor it’s a little bit
of an overkill but we have lots of ammo so we’re gonna just practice with this
and this is the rifle that Eva’s gonna hunt with this fall so she’s practicing
with her hunting rifle it doesn’t get any better than this so I’m gonna slap
the old swagger on here and attach this to the gun pretty sure what goes through
a prairie dogs head is whoa Bob just exploded let’s go eat them they do that
they’re cannibals out here grab the 22-250 all right let’s go see what
we can do perfect little vantage point we’re gonna set up our mats we’re gonna
get Eva on the gun we’re gonna be blowing some up I’m gonna get the BDX going 192 yeah
hold up on this neck get them right next to him there you go Wow great shot doubles so these are 198 but try to see if you can wait till they
stand up on their haunches yes great shot we have permission to hunt on different
properties around it’s always important to have onX hunt and that allows us
just to see the property boundaries even if there’s not fences out here kind of
out in the middle of nowhere so a lot of this grazing land there’s no fences
parcels of public around our private so I’m not gonna show you guys where I’m at
because this is a my prairie dog shooting spot but once you find a good spot and
get permission usually most ranchers landowners if you can get to know
somebody they’ll let you come back and shoot them cattle step in the holes
break their legs horses whatever you can find public pieces that that have
prairie dogs too just a little tip ooh there’s something running out here too – ready kill some more I don’t know if you got him or not oh my gosh he’s like totally sun bathing out there I’ll call out a prairie dog and I’ll
shoot the range and the binocular sends the range to the scope and goes down on
the reticle and she knows exactly where to hold fun to use that BDX technology
someone like you you haven’t shot too much and so she jumped right into the
technology Houston we have lift off that’s quite the pile there there you go just squeeze a nice one oh there now do it now pretty awesome I’ve
never shot a triple before let alone seen a triple on video just remember that if you have a new
hunter anybody really like it’s good practice for any rifle hunter trigger
control practice that squeeze shooting targets at the range or gongs at the
range only gets just so much practice and nothing beats the real experience of

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