Potty Training a Puppy | Teacher’s Pet With Victoria Stilwell

The first thing you’re gonna teach your puppy
when it comes into your home is how to toilet appropriately. And I’m going to take you step-by-step
through the house training process. The best way to start house training your puppy is
to create, in your home, a safe zone, where your puppy can be left when it’s unsupervised.
Do not allow your puppy to have free roam around your house. Otherwise, that will encourage
your puppy to toilet anywhere in your home. You can create a safe zone either by using
a small room in your home, preferably with a tiled floor. Or if you don’t have a small
room, use a pen where your puppy can be contained. It’s really important that you puppy-proof
any safe zone where your puppy is going to be unsupervised, so it can’t chew on anything
that’s gonna harm it or be inappropriate. You can do that by getting down on your puppy’s
level and looking around the area, just to make sure that your puppy’s gonna be completely
safe when it’s left in this place unsupervised. If you’re gonna choose to paper train your
puppy, which a lot of people do because they don’t want their puppies to go outside without
being fully vaccinated, you can start off the process by lining the entire safe zone
with pads. After a couple days, take away a few of the pads, so that your puppy gets
used to going to one area to toilet. As your puppy gets used to going to one particular
area, you can take away more pads until there’s maybe one or two pads left, on which your
puppy can toilet. When your puppy has been really good at toileting on the pads, you
can then begin to take your puppy outside. If you have a backyard that’s a safe area
to take your puppy, you can use paper training and taking your puppy outside at the same
time. If you live in an urban environment, and you want to wait to take your puppy outside
until its had all its vaccinations, then you can make that transition by taking a piece
of soiled pad and taking it out onto the street, putting it down in a safe area for your dog
to toilet, so that your dog then begins to make the association: Okay, the pad is out
here on the street, I can still toilet out here, and I’m going to be safe while doing
so. When your dog has made that transition by toileting on the pad outside in the street,
then you can remove the pad. But it’s also okay if you don’t want to paper train at all
and you just want to concentrate on teaching your puppy to go outside. Either way, you’re
going to be teaching your puppy where to toilet appropriately. It’s always really good to
have a word that you can use that encourages your puppy to toilet. I use that word to begin
with as the puppy is in the act of toileting, so the puppy then begins to make the association
between the word –such as, ‘go potty’– and the action of toileting. Then, you can begin
to use it at other times when you want to encourage your puppy to toilet. You say the
words, ‘go toilet’, ‘go potty’, whatever you want. Once you’ve built up that actual word,
so that your puppy associates the word with the act of toileting, you can use it before
the dog toilets to encourage the dog to toilet. House training can be a frustrating process,
because it does require a lot of your patience and a lot of your time. But if you’re diligent,
you can really house train a puppy very, very quickly. I’m Victoria Stilwell for eHow Pets.

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  • my puppy is 7 weeks old, I have him fot 5 days now, he uses a pad, almost never misses it, but the problem is, he won´t potty outside..when I see he starts to "look suspicious" and wants to potty, I grab him and take him outside, but as it´s winter he´s cold and starts to yelp so I take him inside because I don´t want him to catch a cold..I know that it´s not gonna work after 5 days but could somene please help with som advice? thank you..

  • The reducing the pads method is how we trained our chihuahua to use the litter box. We live in the country, so we didn't want our small dog wondering our three acres to use the potty. After we got her to going potty on one mat, we put a litter box on the mat and a pad in the box. The first time we had it down, as soon as she had to potty she hopped right into the box and went. She's been using it ever since and has never had an accident.

  • Hello Victoria, I'm having great difficulty potty training my puppy. He's a 4 month old shih-tzu and I got him when he was 8 weeks old. I've followed your instructions but pees where ever he pleases, especially while he's drinking his water. He pees and poos in his crate and he developed a habit of eating his own stool. I've never had any issues with my previous dogs, I'm honestly lost with this one. I'm desperate for any advice, please help me!!

  • Our 7 month old Frenchie used to be so great at only going potty on his pad, but once he hit 6.5-7 months he's now "forgetting" that is daily protocol. He knows where he needs to go….but chooses not to. He's gone form being 98% accurate to 60% accurate. Any suggestions? Iz it his 'teenage-ness' getting in the way of training? Thanks!

  • We've had out Yorkie cross for 3 months now and we can't house train her at all. Whenever we put pads down she tears them to shreds and bites everything in sight, potty training outside isn't working either, she'll wait to pee until shes back in the house. I don't know what to do with her! shes 7 months old, any advice?

  • My job are in a very unstable hours and I can't be home at all time. However, I do walk my dog outside whenever few times a day. Should I let my puppy out of the "SafeZone" when I am home?

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  • i really want to thank you cause i have a baby pitbull and he s going out for toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is only 3,5 months!!!!!

  • This does not work with my puppy Lola, she will not pee in her pin, she will wait till i let her out the pin to then pee on my wood floor…

  • My puppy is 9 weeks old and i am using the pads, however she only uses them occasionally & will have accidents frequently. How can i encourage her to use the pad? I have heard of sprays you can get by putting it on the pad that entices puppy to toilet there, would you recommend those? please help, i really want to train her properly 🙂

  • How do u use this method at night time and when we r at work? Our 9wk old gsd knows to go outside but obviously at night snd when we r at work he can do this. Is it just patience waiting for him to get older which will help him hold it in? Thank u in advance

  • same with my dog. hes one year old & i let him outside to pee, and when he comes back he pees all over whenever were not looking.

  • I have the same problem but with 2 pups.They are now 17 weeks old and when I tell them to pee outside they do it in the garden but they will also come back into the house and pee as well. I can also have the door to the garden open and they will still pee in the house rather than going outside.

    I have removed all the paper in the house bar one piece but they pee on any part of the floor instead. I have had the pups for 9 weeks now.

    Any help will be appreciated.

  • Hi I have a 8mnth old male westie. Hes a very nervous dog. He is trained to go outside but the past 2 mnths when I wake up in the morning he has done his toileting near the back door. I let him out for 10mins before i go to bed which is about 9-9.30pm and Im downstairs for 6.45am. He doesnt do it every morning, he will do it one morning then the next two mornings he hasnt done anything then he does it again. Is there any way i can teach him how to stop doing it at night? Thank you

  • try feeding him and counting how many hours it will be before he poops it out, then take him outside for example, puppies can go as early as 5 minutes after eating. it depends on age because puppies of course have a smaller bladder

  • why do you paper train your puppy's instead of potty training outside? Who make it harder than it is? Potty training is the most easiest thing you can teach a puppy.

  • I also have a westie but he is 3 months old, we try to train him with training pads but he keeps on peing and pooping everywhere

  • question i got a pit pup that doesn't want to make pee and poop in the same spot he poops in one area then moves to a further spot to pee in the bathroom is tha n ormal and how can i correct this

  • i have a 6 months german shepherd dog , when i go out i leave him at home alone, but when i come back , i find him chewing furniture and pillows , i want to train him to stay calm when i am out till i come back home to him , please

  • I really need help! 6 weeks ago we got these 2 Bostchis They are now about 12 weeks old and they are still going to the bathroom inside.They know not to go to the bathroom on the Couch or any furniture of that sort But they are still going in the house,We have tried "crate" training them but that isn't seeming to work and they won't go to the bathroom out side unless somebody is out there with them. If you have anymore suggestions please let me know,thanks!

  • It is unreasonable to leave a 6 month puppy alone for long periods. Leave some toys (some you can fill with food) Confine him to the kitchen if possible – not let him have the run of the house. Leave for very short periods (just a minute or two to start with) come in without making a fuss of him. Gradually lengthen the time you are out but do not make a big thing of going out/ coming in or fuss him – be low key. He should not be left more than 4 hours as an adult or an hour or two now.

  • You must be with the puppies when they are toileting otherwise how would you know when they have been? Reward them and make a big fuss when they go. Never punish them if they go in the house – they won't have any idea why they are being scolded and will then distrust you. They must feel safe to toilet. Watch them for signs (circling and sniffing) then whisk them outside. Regular meals mean regular toileting. 12 weeks is still very young to be totally house trained – it isn't an instant process!

  • I have an 8 week old puppy and since the vet has said she cant go out in the yard she is in the garage most of the time. We have laid down pads for her to do her business and she does when the garage door is closed but then when we allow her to roam in the house, she doesnt go back to where she usually does her business but doodles everywhere in the house then she is back in the garage again for me to watch her and again she doodles on the pads again. I need help! lol

  • Hi people, for an online dog training program that really works, go to onlinedogtraining.us. such an invaluable site to me now.

  • Hey Victoria I just want to know about average how long does it take for a 4 month old puppy to be potty trained. Maybe at least to recognize where he should be eliminating, Please respond Thank you and many blessings

  • Wait, why would you not let your puppy outside? Do UK dogs have more diseases than mainland Europes, because I've honestly never heard of anyone isolating a puppy like that before.

  • Because of Parvovirus, and the fact that a puppy does not have full vaccination until 16 weeks. In an urban environment there are a lot of dogs walking, peeing and pooping in the same areas that your new puppy will be walking and sniffing. Since people are cheap you can't count on those dogs to be vaccinated.

  • My puppy is 4 months old. I had already let him roam the house but he didn't really potty were I wanted him to, so I started using this method but he cries and barks in the safe zone :(. If I take him out he immediately does his necessities around the house. I know it's my fault for not doing this from the beginning but now I don't know what to do!!!?? 

  • Just like a toddler, your puppy needs to be potty trained. Bear in mind that your puppy has little control over his bladder and therefore you need to be diligent in your potty training.

  • Cmon, deal with some problem dogs with your positive training! Like an aggressive rottweiler who has bitten everyone. Talking big. My 5 yo nephew can train a puppy better than you.

  • You're don't know what you're talking about! Her tips and tricks are helping everybody who wants a nice dog.
    Those who can't see that shouldn't have a pet at all. (stupid people are everywhere)

  • Great clip!
    I'll tell you some great ideas, tricks, and advice to help you turn your puppy into the best behaved, most happy, jogging, jumping, slipper-fetching best pal you always wanted

  • How long should it take to house train on puppy pads for a chihuahua puppy? She is 10weels and we have had her for 1week. She was going on pads really well all week until 2 days ago, any advice welcome!!!

  • I'm not sure but ,if anyone else wants to discover how to house train a puppy fast try Alkarno Puppy Alchemist (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some decent things about it and my neighbor got excellent success with it.

  • I've always had another dog at home to "train" any puppy I get, but now, after a surprising Cancer diagnosis and euthanasia of my last dog, I'll be doing the housebreaking. I've NEVER confined my dogs to crates, so I'm wondering, at what age/time in training is it okay to let them have free reign of the house (unsupervised)?

  • i have a labrador 4 week old……..since he was small before so we used to let him potty in one corner of our house……but since he getting bigger and its difficult me to maintain the dog potty inside so i decided to train him outside.so i always take him outside but he dosent wanna do potty outside.even though i stay for hours he dosent do potty….but as soon as he reach house few minutes later he dose potty inside i m really frustrated…..please suggest me any method so that i can maintain my dog…..i dont wanna end up my dog for adoption plzzzzzzzzz……will be very gratefull if u suggest me some ideas………

  • Hi there we have an 8 week old miniature Fox terrier. We had a pen for it and lighted it with the pads which was fine but now we have let it out of the pen she does not take herself back to the pad even though the pen has now gone. Any ideas? I have trained my other dogs but never had this trouble.

  • Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else is searching for house train a puppy try Loctavan Quick Puppy Strategy ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my partner got excellent results with it.

  • Hah, "The street is a safe place for your puppy to toilet." That sentence alone makes me start questioning if I'm finding the right trainer to learn from.

  • May we have a brief video on house breaking older dogs?
    I myself have four dogs, two chihuahuas and two medium-large mixes. The chihuahuas are the ones who potty in the house.

    But they wait for me to go to the bathroom, or step into another room for a second.
    I am home all day, they go potty every 30 minutes, I praise them when they go outside, and yet…

    Anyways, a brief video on how breaking older dogs with ingrained naughty habits would be wonderful, thank you.

    I love these videos.

  • How would I get rid of dogs peeing in the house for dominance over the other dogs? We bleach the spots, they're potty trained outside, but they pee in certain areas. Any tips?

  • Get all of the components you need in one unit: a stand-alone potty, a soft toilet seat reducer (which later goes on the big potty), and a step stool. The handles provide extra security for getting up and down. Perfect for small bathrooms where you don’t have the space for multiple components.

  • I just adopted a 5 month old lab/bull dog mix. I have been following your instruction on taking her outside and if she doesn't go potty to put her in her kennel for a little bit and then taking her out, but as soon as i take her out she goes potty on the the floor. I feel the only way to combat this is as soon as i take her out of the kennel to take her out side and put her back in the kennel as soon as we get back inside. i just feel back that she is in her kennel for most of the day but am I correct in this thinking? or is there a better way to train her?

  • My pup is 11 weeks she's been learning to go potty outside for a month, she goes to the door and is starting to scratch at the door it's just a matter of her gaining control of her bladder so she can hold it if I'm not in the room for a few minutes

  • Can I let my puppy roam my whole house after she's learned to potty in one specific area I told her to in her pen?

  • Im having a really hard time. My pup waits till it gets back home after a walk or play and shits. Little fucker just wont shot outside. Suggestions please…

  • Hi Victoria I have a Burneydoodle and she's very stubborn with calming down and not going after other puppies

  • Is she seriously advocating locking a dog up in a house (or probably even apartment, if you live in such a crowded area that doesn't even have yards) for 12 weeks straight?

  • I wish she would have covered crate training. My GSD puppy won't potty in the house but he goes in his crate. He never stays in the crate for longer than 4 hours so I think he does it because he's mad when we leave.

  • Idk why people waste money on pee pads. It's just a stupid process.. oh gee it's ok to pee inside the house woohoo. Dogs are meant to pee outside and if you want a happy dog take them outside frequently and consistently until they learn outside is the place to pee and you will be happy too.

  • Puppy has a crate he goes in but and he has puppy pads down but still does it else where how can I stop this

  • I despise this woman with every fiber of my being, I think she is directly responsible for the death of thousands of dogs. She knows absolutely nothing about man's best friend.

  • Lol so this works? The dog goes on the pads after you've removed some? It won't go on the tiles??!

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