Poodle Dog Grooming : Poodle Dog Grooming: Clipping the Body

Okay now we’re going to do the, a clipper
work on the dog’s body. And we’re going to start right behind Rosie’s head here and go
down her neck, with the grain of the hair. And across her shoulders. This is two comb
attachment and we’re using a thirty blade underneath the comb attachment. Down the front
side. You pull the dog’s skin up just a little bit, stretch the skin you can get a nice even
cut with the blade that you’re using. It’s always good to brush the dog out before you
use a clipper comb. The clipper comb will go down the dog’s body a lot easier. Under
the neck. And you can go over it as many times as you want to make it nice and smooth.

10 thoughts on “Poodle Dog Grooming : Poodle Dog Grooming: Clipping the Body

  • Thanks. I'm trying to learn how to groom my two toy poodles. I assume everything is the same, just on a smaller scale? And Shannon? 'Poodle hair is wool and you cannot make a mistake'? You've obviously never owned, much less groomed, a poodle. Man… if you don't know wtf you're talking about, keep your ignorant mouth shut, moron. People are trying to learn something here… and we already know there are big mouth idiots in the world.

  • It is easyer to scissor the hair that using a shavor.I think using a curved scissor is much easyer you get a much cleaner line than using a shaver.Make sure you don't use conditioner on there hair and blow dry them very well if it's still damp it will fall flat.

  • How do you take a dog with long, straight fur and shave him all the way down? Can someone link that vid for me?

  • Those are tags that help the videos come up in your search. They use words/tags that they think people will use to find the video. It's just part of the search process.

  • @dalmarie23 I think if you are just neatening up the coat, shears would be easier. If you are cutting length off, clippers are faster and easier. Follow that with using shears to neaten by cutting off all the 'sticky outies'. We all just find what works best for us.

  • I love all of your videos. You have a gentle manner and a light hand. I'm getting a standard poodle puppy in 10 days and am going to do the grooming myself.

    Do you use Filipino/German shears for bulk trimming? I have lots of shears but do not have Filipinos Also, what kind of stand dryer and force dryer would you recommend for home grooming. I have An Afghan hound too. All I have right now is the small Metro force dryer that clamps onto the table. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

  • @reddheddz. You're right… that was mean-spirited and I definitely owe an apology. I made that comment over a year ago from a very bad and dark place and I'm sorry. It wasn't right or fair, and again, all I can do is offer my most sincere apologies for being such a jerk. Forgive me.

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