Police Dog Attacked My Dog

Hallo Everyone Hello Everybody I am Drew Linch And this is our show called Dog Vlog And this is me old chap Stella And I’m a comedian Allegedly Allegedly I got a stammer I’m not British but the speech impediment remains We were going through the TSA line, which if you know those guys… Yeah, it must be hard to pick which employee of the month they’re gonna go with Is it whoever collects the most water bottles? Whoever can touch as many crotches of the same sex? It’s literally what TSA agents are to me Are sexual predators who have the decency to put on gloves Honestly, I love each one of those guys When we go through security This chick, like everyone else, has to get completely naked I’ll demonstrate What? I was cold Some how, this thing is gonna set off the alarm So I have to take it off One of the agents goes “Does your dog have leash?” And I go “No, you just made me put it through the machine.” “Your dog’s supposed to be on a leash.” She’s sitting just right next to me, perfectly Look at her Where do you think the threat is in this? Of everything that goes wrong in an airport This is what makes planes go down baby Yeah, you know, somehow she was able to *fnagle* through the lavatory She flushed herself and it went up into the cockpit “What’s up fellas?” Like a Schwarzenegger movie and shot bones in the air And everybody’s like “Oh my God!” And then she “nyaaaaa” Flew that bitch to Hawaii Everybody was fine but it was extremely inconvenient for everyone who’s trying to get to Denver that day Did you want me to keep the leash on her? And put her on the conveyor belt? Like, okay bye sweetie, Daddy will see you on the other side! And then what? She gets some kind of weird cancer because of X-Rays Terminal Can… [laughs] [laughs] And they said cancer couldn’t be funny I’m not gonna do that My dog is the most well behaved dog So we get through the metal detector And unbeknownst to me There was a police German Shepherd right behind us Who jumps outta nowhere and bites Stella on the leg He didn’t even take a second to investigate Your dog, who’s job is to protect and serve, is just like “no, guilty” Yep, sounds like a police dog Black labs matter You’re not a black lab I’m just saying, don’t tell me my dog needs a leash When your dog who’s supposed to be the best of the best, top of the train, have a permit to bite the shit out of people Comes after mine, on a leash They didn’t even apologise, they were just like “whoa-o oh” “Yeah it must be your dog” No. I think your dog just hated the fact that she’s got a better life And travels from airport to airport tasting cinnabon And yours has to stay in one place Going “make sure you take your laptops out of the case, my wife’s a poodle and we haven’t had sex in months and i’m losing all my fur But I do love narrating cops re-runs Yep, sounds like a police dog Luckily, she was okay because she’s a friggin champion And that was the last time we smuggled an ounce of cocaine in her butt Make sure you guys subscribe! And check out other videos like “Hey Drew, why’s your stutter getting better?”, here’s a video on why Make sure you subscribe New vlogs every Monday and Thursday Alright! Let’s be super aggressive on the outro

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