Playtime With Labrador Max : Sticks and Tricks

Max, there it goes here it is, there it goes bring it here this doesn’t mean you can eat it come, give it to me give it to me you will tear this apart ok, will you bring this?? there it goes here it is, I CHEATED Get up, dont be lazy im throwing this, get ready Max you are very lazy, exercise more now you came running why are you jumping now You thought i will give it this easily i will throw it there And i will pick it up Before you I wont Give, no need to jump took my slipper This is cheating ok sorry, take this , take this, take this haha, i again cheated saw my smartness ill throw it there run and bring it back or else ill take it first ill take it first, watch me you can’t win from me you are not fast enough yeah you can just jump, not fast nope , i wont give you are going very slow run a bit, look again i’m ahead off you Here ill pick the stick you cant take it ok , jump, jump jump and take it good jump Now give it back Go bring it hey, take the stick now i have reached so you have left the stick very smart Max, ok ok , take this, come here max, dont be angry and sad max, dont be angry Take this Here i bring your stick

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