Playful Dog

In March 2018, I Combed Car Repair At A Shop In Kuching City, Sarawak, Malaysia. I see Arlo and Ozzy. When Looking at Arlo and Her Sister. I Sympathize and Inform the Store Want to Bring Arlo And His Sister. I Bring Arlo and Her Sister Back To Take Care of It. Family And I Carry Arlo And Ozzy [Adik Arlo] Into A Animal Clinic. Arlo and Her Sick Pain And After Being Healthy Arlo And Her Sister Returns Well. Arlo And Ozzy Gets A Comfortable, Food And Drink Alone. After A Year Ozzy fell ill. A variety of Ozzy Treating Pet Clinics. For Three Months Ozzy Sick. Family And I Am Great Sympathy Of Drastic Steps To See Ozzy Healthy Play With Arlo With Loving Joy. Family, Children And I’m Very Sad Today Ozzy Has Been Dead. This is the Arlo … Thank you Audience share My Dog story, Arlo. The Atmosphere of Everyday Throne Arrest To Find And Love Her Sister [Ozzy]. Please Like Appreciating Dog Life. Thank you…See Part 2

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