The American Pit Bull Terrier and the Rottweiler,
are two canine breeds with great capacity for Combat and for work. On the other hand,
The APBT, It was used as a fighting dog, until they were banned in 1976;
He is a very strong dog, tenacious, obstinate, combative, and of great physical resistance. In
currently, it is bred to be used as working dog and companion dog. On the other hand, The Rottweiler is a dog
medium to large in size, robust, or coarse, neither light, nor fragile, nor with extremities
too high His strong, compact figure and well-proportioned allows you to conclude that
It is a very powerful dog, agile and resistant. In this opportunity, we present you a very
brief historical review and some characteristics important of these two powerful dog breeds
and at the end a comparative table, so that you decide and comment, who wins in a showdown
Standard ADBA. Origin. U.S. The American Pitbull Terrier, is a breed of dog,
created in the United States and descended from Original English bulldog.
Although the exact origin of the APBT is not known, we can place its roots with certainty,
at least one hundred and fifty years ago or more, In England. During the 18th and 19th century, the
“bull-baiting” sport or fights against bulls, was at its peak, and the
dogs were bred to excel in this chore The same type of dog was also
used by hunters to capture dams and by the butchers and the farmers
to dominate and control ungovernable cattle. The APBT, is a very athletic dog that stands out
for its resistance to fatigue and pain, along with his stubborn perseverance in the
Overcoming any challenge. Although the APBT race was once used as a symbol
American national of courage and pride, is currently the subject of controversy
the use that is given in clandestine fights and because of the negative publicity that he has received
in recent years. SIZE AND WEIGHT:
HEIGHT TO THE CROSS: The height to the cross of the males can vary from 38 Cm, up to
48 Cm, and in females, from 35 Cm, up to 45 Cm. WEIGHT: Despite what many people believe,
the APBTs are a small canine breed at medium sumo, finding the weight of the males
which can vary between 13 Kg. 27 Kg., And the females from 12 Kg.
23 Kg. One can have a pure copy of APBT that weighs three or four kilograms
above these weights, but of course I should be fat. ROTTWEILER.
Standard-FCI No. 147 ORIGIN: Germany. History.
The Rottweiler is one of the oldest breeds. Its origin dates back to the Roman times.
In that time he was possessed as a dog of protection and driving of cattle. These
dogs were moving with the Romans more beyond the alpine regions, where they protected
to the people and they drove the cattle. In the region of Rottweil, these specimens were crossed
with the native dogs, from which emerged a mix. From then on, the task
Rottweiler’s principal was to take care and drive bigger cattle and defend their master
and his possessions. The breeding of the Rottweiler aspires to a race
strong, very vigorous, black, with well-defined reddish-brown marks, which
despite its totally energetic appearance, it is still noble, being very appropriate
as a service dog, company and utility. The rottweiler is a dog with a friendly tendency
and peaceful, kind to children, is very affectionate, obedient, docile and with good
willingness to work. Your appearance It reveals original robustness. Self-confident,
nothing nervous or scary. Reacts to your environment with great attention. SIZE AND WEIGHT: Height at the withers: Males. 61 to 68 cm.
Females 56 to 63 cm. Weight:
Males Approximately: 42 kg. Females Approximately: 50 kg.

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