Pitbull VS Cane Corso

In this video we will show you the comparative match between : Pitbull Terrier VS Cane Corso Start the match Life Span The life span of the Pitbull Terrier is 10 – 15 years While the lifespan of the Cane Corso is 10 to 12 years The Pitbull lives a bit longer than the Cane Corso one point goes for pitbull 1 to 0 General health The Cane Corso is generally healthy but can have problems with hip dysplasia, eye problems, and a tendency toward gastric torsion, also known as bloat. also the pitbull can have some healthy problems but in this case he is healthier. 1 point goes for pitbull. 2 to 0 Affectionate with Family Both Breeds are very Affectionate with Family But the pitbull in this case exceeds a bit more. 1 point goes to Pitbull 3 to 0 Intelligence The Pitbull is an intelligent breed. they love to learn and pick up new commands relatively quickly. But in this case Cane Corso is Smarter. 1 point for Cane Corso. 3 to 1 Kid Friendly Cane Corso is child-friendly and loyal to their families and children however Children of another family may be more of a challenge as they do not take naturally to strangers. While the Pitbull is much more Friendly Toward kids, and 1 point goes to him. 4 to 1 Friendly Toward Dogs and Pets Both Breeds are relatively Friendly Toward Animals and do well with other Home pets. Friendly Toward Dogs one point goes to cane corso Because Pitbull is less friendly to other dogs. 4 to 2 Adapts Well to Apartment Living The Cane Corso can live in a small apartment so long as it gets enough daily exercise and activity. Also the pitbull needs daily exercise and activity But he is a smaller dog and can fit better in the apartment. 1 point for pitbull 5 to 2 Good For Novice Owners The Cane Corso is not an appropriate choice for an inexperienced dog owner. First-time dog owners and people who have had only “soft” breeds such as retrievers, spaniels, or toy breeds need not apply. Both breeds are powerful, intelligent, active, and headstrong. points for both. 6 to 3 Easy To Train The Cane Corso is more attentive to his owner and more responsive to training than pitbull. Though quite dominant and strong-willed, he will respect an owner who is confident and consistent. 1 point for cane corso 6 to 4 Easy To Groom Their short coat is very low maintenance and they can be bathed in very little time not that they need to be bathed often. They do not need to be brushed (though most enjoy it) both breeds are very easy to maintain. points for both. 7 to 5 Energy Level Although many are self-appointed lap dogs, Pit bulls, like most terriers, can be extremely tenacious and energetic too. This trait has given pit bulls a reputation for being “mouthy” but also the cane corso dogs are very energetic. points for both. 8 to 6 Watchdog Ability Cane Corsos are extremely focused on their individual turfs. Cane Corsos are big dogs with dignified and regal appearances. The Italian pooches are undeniably mesmerizing, visually, and they’re bred for guardianship. 1 point for cane corso. 8 to 7 Tendency To Bark Or Howl Although typically a very quiet breed, the Corso will still bark whenever it sees anything it deems to be suspicious. Both Breeds are not vocal Breeds and are relatively quiet. points for both. 9 to 8 Tolerates Being Alone The pitbull lives for his family and may become destructive if left alone too much. But also like pitbull and cane corso is a dog that does not tolerate being left alone. points for both. 10 to 9 Tolerates Cold Weather The Cane Corso can adopt to cold weather since its coat will get thicker in the Winter however, they are not geared for extreme cold weather. in this case the cane corso is more tolerant to cold than pitbull. point for cane corso 10 to 10 Tolerates Hot Weather The Corso can indeed be kept in cold weather however, its thin coat is geared more towards warmer weather. Also the coat of pitbull it’s short and geared more towards warmer weather Both Breeds are relatively tolerant to hot weather. points for both Finishes the Match the results are 11 to 11 In this match we have two winners with the same result. Both Breeds are Top Breeds So What is your opinion about this match ? Let us know in the comments ? and show your feedback by liking or disliking, so we know what to upload next ! Don’t forget to share and subscriebe And as Always Thanks for Watching

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