PITBULL VS BULL TERRIER (Bull terrier vs pitbull) ENFRENTAMIENTO DE PERROS 👁‍🗨 ✔️ Quie gana ?

The American Pit Bull Terrier and Bull Terrier,
There are two breeds with great capacity combat and for work. Meanwhile,
The APBT, was used as a fighting dog, until they were banned in 1976;
It is a very strong, tough, stubborn dog, combative, and great physical strength. In
Currently, he is bred to be used as working dog and conpañia. Moreover, the bull terrier was originally
used as a fighting dog. It is a stubborn, tenacious, agile, powerful dog,
strongly built with great muscle and physical resitencia. Today is raised
to be used as a guard dog and company. On this occasion, we present a very
short historical review and some features important of these two powerful breeds
and finally a comparative table so that you decide and currents, who wins in a showdown
hypothetical. American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT).
Standard ADBA. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a breed dog,
created in the United States and offspring Bulldog English original.
Although the exact origin of the APBT is not known, We can certainly put their roots,
at least one hundred and fifty years ago or more, In England. During the 18th and 19th century,
sport “bull-baiting” or fighting against bulls, was at its peak, and
dogs were bred to excel in this fatigues. The same type of dog was also
used by hunters to capture dams and by butchers and farmers
to dominate and control unruly cattle. The APBT is a very athletic dog that stands
for its resistance to fatigue and pain, with his stubborn perseverance in
overcoming any challenge. Although the APBT race was once used as a symbol
US national courage and pride, It is currently controversial by
the use made-given in clandestine fights and the negative publicity it has received
in recent years. SIZE AND WEIGHT:
HEIGHT TO THE CROSS: The height at the withers of males can range from 38 cm to
48 Cm, and in females, from 35 Cm to 45 cm. WEIGHT: Despite what many people believe,
the APBT is a small breed of dog to medium high, finding the weight of males
which can vary between 13 Kg. until 27 Kg., And females from 12 Kg. To
23 Kg. One can have a pure specimen APBT weighing three to four kilograms
above these weights, but of course He would have to be fat. American Pit Bull Terrier.
Standard FCI 11. History.
It is with certainty that James Hinks, who was the first to standardize
the type of race in 1850 selected the egg-shaped heads. The race was exhibited
for the first time in its current form, in Birmingham in 1862. The Bull Terrier Club was formed
in 1887. The real interest in race It is that the standard says truly
purpose. “There are no limits on weight or his height, but they must give the impression
maximum substance for size of dog agreeing with quality and sex. It is a dog vigorous, muscular constitution,
well balanced and active with an expression keen, determined and intelligent. A feature
unique is that his head no depression fronto-nasal (stop) and has the form of a
egg. Regardless of size, males should
look masculine and feminine females. Courageous, full of spirit with an attitude
loving and fun. Balanced temperament and obedient. Although estarudo, it is particularly
friendly. SIZE AND WEIGHT: There are no weight limits
or height, but there should give the impression maximum strength consistent with traits
Distinctive and sex.

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