Pitbull, Malinois and Rottweiler training with French Linen Bite Tug

A bite tug is an important prey drive and retrieve building tool that is often used in dog training. Bite tugs are not as hard on dog’s teeth as solid rubber balls on string. This Bite Tug Made of French Linen is perfect for training and playing with your dog in any weather and season. French Linen is a synthetic material characterized by its light weight and sturdiness. This bite tug is strong and shows minimal wear after a long period of use. It is well-packed with non-toxic and pet safe material. Secure stitching on the edges won’t allow the stuffing to fall out even after a long period of service. This model is equipped with two loop-like handles made of extra strong nylon. They will keep your hands and fingers safe. There are also models with one handles and no handle at all. The item is 2 1/3 (6 cm) inches wide and 12 inch (30 cm) long – perfect for strong and active canines. It is great for teaching targeting and improving bite work. It is also used as a retrieve item or as a reward toy if the dog finds the victim while training for search and rescue work.

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