Pit bull, rottweiler put boy, 2, in ICU for two weeks

MIGHT WANNA BE MINDFUL OF ROAD BLOCKS. IN SW ALBUQUERQUE MATT HOWERTON KOAT ACTION 7 NEWS. A LOCAL MOTHER SAYS IT WAS LIKE TUG OF WAR, WHEN TWO DOGS RIPPED HER TODDLER FROM HER ARMS. THAT BRUTAL ATTACK DIDN’T END, UNTIL OFFICERS SHOT AND KILLED THE ANIMALS. NOW, FOR THE FIRST TIME, WE’RE HEARING FROM THE MOM WHO SAVED HER BOY. WE WARN YOU, THE STORY MIGHT BE TOO SCARY FOR CHILDREN. UNDER THIS 2 YEAR OLD’S T-SHIRT…IS A LITTLE BOY’S BODY COVERED IN SCARS; JOSHUA’S HEAD, ALSO MARKED WITH CUTS FROM A GRUESOME DOG ATTACK LAST MONTH IN RIO RANCHO. Christine Ball/MOTHER: “It was relentless” CHRITINE BALL SAYS SHE WAS HOUSE SITTING FOR HER DAD… WHEN ONE OF HIS DOGS … STARTING ATTACKING JOSHUA. SHE RAN TO HELP AND THE OTHER DOG TURNED VIOLENT TOO. Ball: “When I grabbed him, that’s when the other dog, the boxer pit decided to jump in and join the Rotweiler.” BALL TRIED TO SHIELD HER SON. SOT Ball: ” They were biting through my ribs my shoulder my back.” SHE MANAGED TO RUN BEHIND ROSE BUSHES. Ball: “But the rottweiler dragged us out of the bushes and that’s when he grabbed Joshua by his skull. And started pulling his skin away from his skull and at that point the pit bull was pulling me from the legs.” BALL WAS TERRIFIED. Ball: “It was like his body was in a tug a war between me and rottweiler and I was concerned tha tin trying to pull him that he might come apart.” BUT SHE DID HOLD HIM, AS HER OTHER SON GOT HELP. Ball: “One of the officers scaled the wall and shot the pit first then the rottweiler and it was still attacking us so they had to shoot him again.” that’s when they rolled me over and saw I had Joshua underneath me. BALL SAYS JOSHUA’S INSIDES WERE LITERALLY RIPPED OUT OF HIS BODY. Ball: “they said he had so many wholes in his intestines they lost count.” CHRISTINE SAYS THE DOGS NEVER SHOWED AGGRESSION BEFORE… THEY LOVED THE DOGS, THEY WERE A PART OF THE FAMILY. Ball: “My dad owned these dogs for eight years they were raised in a loving way.” nat of boy playing JOSHUA IS NOW HEALING WELL – BACK TO PLAYING LIKE A CHILD SHOULD. BALLS SAYS THE HARDEST PART…SHE NEVER SAW ANY OF THIS COMING. BALL ISN’T SURE HOW LONG THE ATTACK LASTED; SHE THINKS MAYBE 25 MINUTES. SHE WAS IN THE HOSPITAL FOR A WEEK. JOSHUA WAS IN THE I-C-U FOR TWO WEEKS.

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