Pig skin Mukbang – Toy poodle Louis, 루이의 돼지 껍데기 먹방.

Today,… Louis got a rolled pig skin and he’s very happy to be on video! 오늘은 루이가 돼지 껍데기를 먹기로 했어요! This pig skin is one of his favorite snacks! 말린 훈제 돼지껍데기는 루이가 가장 좋아하는 간식중 하나. He’s chewing it very well ! 참, … 잘 먹죠! It’ll take several days for him to finish this single roll of pig skin. 한 몇일 걸려요 제대로 하나 다 먹으려면요. So, I’ll show you just first several minutes of his chewing! 그러니, 처음 몇분동안만 먹는 모습을 보여 드릴께요. He was so weak and small when he was a puppy! So , I paid special attention on food he’s eating. 루이가 어릴때 너무 작고 약해서 먹는 것에 신경을 많이 썼어요! I couldn’t imagine he was able to chew on something like this hard pig skin not until he was one and half year old! Now, he is two year and 4 months old! Besides, he’s as strong as his favorite rolled pig skin! 루이가 이렇게 단단한 간식을 먹을꺼라고 한살 반 때까지는 상상도 못했는데… 두살하고 4개월인 지금은 뭐든지 다 잘먹고 아주 건강해요. Here…I tried to capture his chewing as close as possible 될수있으면 아주 가까이에서 찍으려고 애쓰는중. Look at his two front paws holding the rolled pig skin 저기 간식 쥐고있는 두 앞발 좀 보세요 Louis is so much into this pig skin so, he doesn’t care I’m too close to him. 너무 집중해서 먹느라고 제가 아주 가까이 있는줄도 몰라요! Normally, he wouldn’t like me this close to him while he’s chewing or snacking! I’m very …very close to his muzzle…. just..a few inches away from it This means he must like camera ! 평소에 간식 먹을때 이렇게 가까이 있으면 싫어해요 이상하게도 오늘은 괞찮네요. 아..하.. 루이가 카메라 찍는걸 좋아하나봐요 He really loves that “smoked flavor”. I can tell …really… 훈제한 풍미를 굉장히 좋아하는것 같네요. He loves eating …so that makes me worried of his weight sometimes So, I try to take him out for a walk as often as possible. 루이가 먹는걸 너무 좋아해서 체중이 늘까봐 될수있으면 산책을 자주 나가요. Yes! eventually…. he’s stripping a layer of skin at one end Good boy! 아…애쓰더니.. 결국 한쪽 끝을 떼어나는데 성공! He is chewing pretty hard… impressive! 너무 지나치게 잘 먹는 우리 루이! Ooops! Finally, he realized I’m too close to him! He gazed at me a moment Then,… soon… back to his chewing business! Good Boy! 아 결국 절 의식했지만…개의치않고…계속 먹네요. 이쁜 자식… Thanks for watching

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