Picking Up Our New Puppy Maple the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This is my puppy Maple This is the first time she met me You can also follow Maple on Instagram @MapleTheCanadianCavalier Surprise and Play! We’re getting the puppy tomorrow First time getting a dog Yeah and I’m gonna show you all the stuff Here is a create This is Sprinkle’s cage. Last time we got her last time When we got our kitty cat Sprinkles right? We used this crate and now we’re gonna use it for the doggy Yeah And we put a pipi pad in there Yeah see that? It looks nice and comfy in there And this thing. We made kind of like a little bed with a laundry basket and some some blankies. These are actually matress protectors Yeah And also we’ve got some toys Like that We also got a chewing toy When I have it in my hands, the doggy will chase me all over the house She’ll chase you all over the house? You think so? Yeah And we also got a poopy thing It’s a Kong A Kong It’s to put some treats inside and that’s to keep her busy on the ride home. She’ll chew on it and get the treats out And we’re gonna set her up over here in our living room Because our living room still has this kind of ugly tile but I’m kind of glad we didn’t change it now because if the puppy pees on the floor, it’s tile so it will be easier to clean and we have a special product to clean. So we’re bringing, poop bags and a leash The leash, you put it right on the doggy and then you can go for a walk with it. Yeah it’s a harness and a leash and a poopy bag Who’s gonna clean the poop? Uh, papa because he’s the best cleaner in the whole wide world The best poop cleaner of the world Awesome … we also got some wipes Those are doggy wipes in case the doggy is dirty We also got some pipi potty Pipi pads, training pags And we also got some food Those are the treats to put inside the Kong It’s Soft Puppy Bites And we have some plastic bags in case we need to pick up some throw up or poop or pipi pads Ewww Here’s our pipi pad we made We used a lid of a container And we taped under here we have some newspaper and then we put on this pipi pad on top and we stuck it on so that when we stop on the way back home, since we do have a couple of hours drive, the puppy doesn’t have her shots yet so we don’t want her going where other doggies go because she might get sick. So we’re gonna have her pipi and poop over here Ewww And then we can just pull off the pipi pad and replace it and make it clean again yeah So the puppy is going to be living in our living room at first We’re gonna be getting a bigger crate We covered up the plug outlets with some painters tape because we don’t have protectors but we just want to make sure the doggy is safe I can’t wait to go next time tomorrow To go pick up our puppy Yeah I can’t wait It’s a beautiful fall day and we’re off to go pick up our puppy Hi everybody I’m Christian Today, we’re gonna go get the dog Maple And then, we’re gonna also get her and just put her in the cage and then we’ll drive her home I can’t wait to get my puppy Puppy! Oh! There she is! She’s so cute! Hi What did you say you’re gonna name her? I forgot Maple Maple … he switched it from Pupkin to Maple Ok so you want to sit I’m gonna show you how to hold her ok? O your chest like this You’re gonna put one hand on her bum and one hand on her chest like that so she can’t squirm out of your arms ok? One down One hand down Hold her nice and tight ok? She’s so cute! Hold her tight Christian, hold her tight. She can’t fall OK, oh my goosh! So how do you feel? It’s great! Getting Maple Can you hold this sweetie? Yeah See Maple? Hey Maple! Maple! What you doing? What’s she doing? Hey, Maple! Welcome to the family! Welcome home Maple! Welcome home! Welcome home little girl! Are you happy? Maple Argh! Oh my God! Oh my God Maple What are you doing on the couch? Maple! Here, Maple is meeting Christian’s brother for the first time. He is not too sure about the dog. Even though she’s just a little puppy, he’s kind of scared of her. And he really doesn’t like it when she tries to jump on him. Oh look at the ball Oh she’s got it Sit! Stay! Sit! See? Maple! Oh good girl! Good girl! Give it to me! Maple! Maple, come here Good girl! Now it’s my turn Sit on me Awe Sit Awwwww Oh my gosh, she’s so cute! Christian is so happy with his new puppy Maple. If you enjoyed this video, give us a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

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