Picking up our Golden Retriever puppy & our first week

Hi everyone welcome back to Itty Bitty Family Blog. Picking up our Golden Retriever puppy. Golden retriever puppy. Bringing puppy home. picking up our puppy First week home with puppy. Puppy Check list atrocious because I think all day and I
just wanted to give you guys a little boom he had her house she did so good
the first few days. Cute little puppy potty training and he wanted to party in
the house would be outside for 40 choosing a golden retriever puppy. So cute puppy. adorable puppy. rods that that girl but but he didn’t
have his first night here he cried and golden retriever puppy cried all night but then I was thinking
we gave him the blanket throw all over his letter that he had because we got to
recoup behind so we had to write but no golden retriever puppy I don’t show I wasn’t happy that you
enjoyed the video

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