my dog eats fish my dog he likes to eat yeah he likes to eat fish I know there’s a lot of fish in the sea but you’re the one I’m focused on welcome back to another vlog if you guys saw the last blog we got a new member of our family the little young husky down in the front because he’s new to the family and I like him more than you that’s a joke you’re my friend we asked you guys to comment tell tell us what you think we should name our husky dog got a lot of comment thank you for all those by the way what did you spill what did you spill you spill the Red Bull you big that’s why you’re sitting in the back listen hit that subscribe button if you’re not subscribed got a strong ass family now we have a new dog named Kimberly blue you haven’t followed in my Instagram cuz it’s Chris Brody blue how do you get so many followers so that’s right you stole your dead dogs in what a piece I’m not gonna lie that that is a little I think we’re on the same page there he was I didn’t want to let kong’s page completely die and be a hundred percent inactive rather have Broly here carry on the legacy of young doggy is if stuff kinda but I don’t know I’m just the boy with the dream the point is this well he’s a good dog he gave him a bath his first bath yesterday and flashback now it was super great and we got Burrell he’s super clean but the problem is that fur guy he was a troublemaking little shoe we give him another bath then side note Mike lock his door he’s been locking his door I decided to bust it open look the point is this Broly has some learning curves to do he’s a great young doggie except I quickly realized something about if girls absolutely love him I think it’s probably the eye with them why have I not used him to get laid if I’m being honest just died and you’re using this dog’s Instagram right you’re just an ass this was your idea I feel bad I don’t know if we even shoot the video come on guys okay thank you hit the like button we’ve done this before with Kong Mike actually I picked up girls may remember seeing it here I’m falling for you literally way well while your phones out do you think you could text me not at all what do you do actually I kind of do to be honest on my back you gotta help me get these girls probably you know I’m gonna feed you all the best lot hey let’s test it out right now do you like my dog jokes I swear to God that was good that was good to go warm up come on bro Lee [Music] I rather like your overalls you like your overalls are you from that’s very cool I love Australia tell her that your dog’s Australian my dogs apart Australian actually just uh after she had a problem with dingoes you have a problem with dingoes what about wombats what about wombats Vanek laughs laughs just like a little bit more hey ma’am I see that you’re moisturizing your hands would you like to moisturize this duper by talking to Mike because no one here his name is Broly I think it’s a husky like Siberian I’m not gonna hide now you know now you owe me your phone number [Music] obviously cheesy I’m so sorry I’ve got two girls coming along with a tote bag I love tote bags that bags you you know it’s cute are you cuter you I’m Sal follow-up God uh-huh laughter there’s laughter you’ve broken through the ice I got nervous you just got to say something else after that okay okay okay I pay follow it up with another sentence soon oh okay okay okay you can pat him if you want you don’t have to I’m not making you Jenna oh my god I knew a girl in high school named Jenna it’s funny because your name rhymes with Splenda cuz you’re sweet your name rhymes with Splenda cuz you’re sweet Thanks you like my dog I like my dog I got a question Jenna are you into youtubers yeah really like James Charles yeah he’s dope well maybe we could watch some YouTube together sometime maybe we could watch some Jeffrey star together sometime we got a week to watch every star be honest we could stand here and do this all day but you only have seven days so we should probably wrap this up and can i maybe get your number we like watched Jeffrey star together you’re so kind in the girl and stuff hit me up all right we can watch them some J star you know you’re not old like that where’s your husband oh so there’s a room for me in the picture I love your pants they’re flowy like your hair I love your pants they’re flowy like your hair and your whole vibe is flowy your hair so long like my nevermind I see you later I blew it I blew it I blew it bro I know I see a little seemed a little young and stupid but maybe we could watch Netflix some time with my new dog yeah he’s a husky sure you can pet him only if I can paint you after [Music] did you say something to my dog in Spanish I’m colorblind so ah what he’s really shy though like having to it once he’s really shy like like having to on once is really kind of tough for him you know but I could probably handle it so man you wanna pet him Broly tell them you were you were kinda in the middle of getting this girl’s number i’ma be honest guys I was kind of in the middle of getting that number so no it’s fine it’s fine just as long as she still gives it to me we’re good so hey what’s good okay so you’re dressing all white-looking I see you dressed in white like my angel dog lady God I don’t know what they on what to tell you I know I know I get it right now he’s cute i named him Broly I was gonna name him destiny I was gonna knew him destiny but it Burleigh seemed better because I feel like you’re mine [Music] group settings are usually tough for me not always dogs help so your eyes are helping too I kind of get lost when I look at you [Music] [Music] my dog loves pink you know what else rhymes with pink sing and I think we look good together [Music] subscribe to impulsive ride subscribe bolts I got this boys sorry guys stretching out your quads my dog has quads maybe we could stress some quads together sometimes all right never never used the tree I I just use this he seemed like nice but you see my dog my dog he likes to eat yeah he likes to eat fish I know there’s a lot of fish in the sea but the other one I’m focused on from Russia we’re going to Russia soon you guys know Putin cuz you guys are killing it you guys know Putin cuz you guys are cute and I really think we got off on the wrong foot during World War two maybe we could try again yeah I really feel like we got off on the wrong foot during World War two and maybe we could try again no you’re historic you got some baby right Cupid arrow no just Cupid’s arrow Cupid’s arrow children here got an entire school of fish here okay that was horrible yeah that was not good at all I think I got one number Jenna thank you guys for watching hit that subscribe button my dick I love you love gang also hit up early blue on Instagram he’s the new member of the family he’s at 3.1 million followers it’s almost like you took over a super-sized the camera in a chess setting know we was here stammering appear like a deer when the car come in here in the middle of the row bit of beer you don’t wanna ride but the man hands off 50 grands counting up is when I talk to the fans who I could champ it out with some pin now anybody wanna be friends yeah [Music] I may need to Rebecca [Music]


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