Picking Beginner Pet Lizards : Crested Gecko Diet

And the last guy we’re going to talk about
as far as diet goes is the crescent gecko. His dietary needs are a little bit different
than the other two. While the main staple of his diet is again going to be for the most
part crickets, just like your other two, not nearly as much as the other two probably.
You’re looking at maybe again one to two dozen crickets a week, not a whole lot. And you
can supplement that with a little bit of mealworms, the occasional wax worm, preferably I might
squish the heads on a mealworm before you give them to him, the it just for me it makes
me feel a little bit better about feeding them off, have to worry about them causing
less trouble for the crescent gecko. Where the crescent gecko’s dietary needs are a little
bit different is they can also get baby food or what’s also called crescent gecko diet,
which is a powdered substance you mix into a gel and offer to the crescent gecko, and
you can do that you do that on a daily basis, maybe offer the insects every two or three
days. What that does, is that it’s going to cut down a lot of the cost for you and it’s
also going to be good for him in general. You could you could mash up fruit rather than
giving the baby food but it tends to be a little bit harder to do, and with me personally,
it’s much easier just to give him the baby food.

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