Pet of the Week: Percy the Poodle

MIX WHO LOOKS A BIT LIKE A HOT MESS RIGHT NOW, BUT ONE TRIP TO THE GROOMER WILL CHANGE ALL THAT. HE’S A LITTLE CUTIE PIE LOOKING FOR A HOME. HERE’S NEWS 5’S DEVON WALSH. TRT: 1:51 Hello there! We are here at the Mobile SPCA for our PET OF THE WEEK and this little dog is just a little ball of fluff and is so unique in his coloring. Joining me now is Janine Woods. Hey there, Janine! —Hey Devon! I have never seen a dog that looked like this. —Isn’t he a cutie pie? I bet that when you get this dog groomed, he is going to change colors. …..And I say that because if you look underneath here, He’s got this dark hair on the end and in here, it’s light gray. I guarantee you when you take this dog in to be groomed and they bring it back out, you’re not going to know that’s your dog. That’s a good point! You know, it’s almost like the puppy fur started out black and under there is that lighter gray. —I’m telling you, this is going to be a multi-colored dog! What is he? —He’s like a little Poodle mix. He’s only about four months old so he’s still very young and he’s going to stay very young. He’s a Poodle mix. He needs regular puppy training but he’s a nice little puppy. You know, it’s so funny because he looks like a little Grandpa but he’s not. He’s only four months old! You’re just so young! —He’s got a nice long tail which is kind of cute. Oh Yes! …And he’s so soft! —He is soft! You are going to be a handful and a half while you get trained. —Yes, he is going to be a handful and a half but he’s really, really cute. He’s just a fun little puppy! Of course, I love anything with Poodle in it. I think those are the Greatest dogs. They’re smart and they house train fairly easily. —Yes! They’re very smart! You know, Terriers and Poodles. Poodles are yours and Terriers are mine! So, what is his name? —This is Percy. Percy! —Percy. Ok, well, it’s summertime so people may have a little more time on their hands to work with a puppy because it’s going to take time. —It’s going to take time, but not a lot. If you crate train them, crate training is the ideal thing. Absolutely! I want to see a picture of Percy when you get him groomed. I want to see what color he is! —We do too!! Alright, well Percy is our PET OF THE WEEK right here at the Mobile SPCA. Thanks, Janine! —Thank You!

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