Pet Dog Attacks Wild Bear, Saves Life Of Five-Year-Old Japanese Boy

A pet dog living with its family in the town
of Odate in northern Japan is being hailed a hero after she was credited for saving the
life of a five-year-old boy. According to Yahoo News, the six-year-old dog, a Shiba-inu
breed named “Mego” took on a large 1 meter bear when the boy was attacked by the wild
animal. The boy was reportedly walking by a riverside with his great-grandfather when
the incident happened. According to reports, the alert dog barked unusually loud after
it spotted the bear before attacking it. The boy, however, did get minor scratches on his
body. The boy’s clothes were torn and his back and bottom were covered in scratches
where the bear had apparently clawed at him. Odate is located around 340 miles north of
the capital, Tokyo. According to a local police spokesman, the boy was taken to hospital,
but he was released on the same day. The local Japanese media also reported that when the
bear attacked, the child’s 80-year-old great grandfather raised an alarm. According to
locals, Mego was always known to be a calm and timid dog. For the same reason, it came
as a surprise to many when they found that Mego managed to scare a large bear away and
save the life of the little boy. “Mego is usually calm and timid. It was a great surprise
that she chased away a bear. Mego has always been his friend and we have rewarded her with
meat and other treats,” the dog’s owner told the Sports Hochi daily. The bear species that
attacked the boy is believed to be an Asian black bear, which is common in the northern
fringes of Asia, particularly in Japan. While not as big as Brown bears, they are big and
strong enough to cause injury and death to human beings. Japanese authorities have confirmed
that they have seen an increase in the number of bear sightings in the area where the attack
was reported, says Japan Today. They have also stepped up patrols in the area so incidents
like this are not repeated.

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