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Hi Friends I am Harwinder singh Grewal,Owner of Grewal Pet Shop and Farm There is a good news for you Now you can find our website in new look and you can open our website you can do shopping anywhere in India we will deliver at your home Hi Friends. Today is topic about Which i show you live video delivery of American Bully In that video ask me Again and Again I went out of the bag with Puppi Every puppy in a bag Which i can use simple language So that how it open Why it is important i will show on that video But again and again ask me questions it is very important opening and blasting So that child independently take breath,and same theory also use in human being After , that bag In that child of americal GOD Which called Garab naal in hindi that is attach with dog and cutting of that why is imoortant why knock out is important before cutting There are two or three reason which i explain you in simple language Firstly you have approximately little bit be quick half inch arround with thread which is normally at our home thread is available which is use in sewing Or you can use any other way with this binding then you should cut some people ask me question, why tie something from that where dog eat place of child dog for eat through of hot which is similar in human so there any thing like liquid or blood nothing come out from thats why tight So that inside thing has stop After that cut out that thing and left only half inch you can use seasor Or blade This thread and blade should be new And clean So these two thing i use on them So that knock out ANd cutting is important which i tell you then after that ask me question which that bag for female Some my friend ask me what they should eat or not to female No and never beause That is not a good thing which bag is with that we should never give to female dog because it can be infection to female then after that infection will increase that they have not digest some time we will go to hospital after delivery So be carefull please do not eat them Please throw it far from female dog or dig in soil You should keep puppy clean Like i clean from soft tissue You can clean your puppy with any other thing please clean properly like blood After that give them to their mother so that they will clean with that way when they will clean puppy has a lot of heat,warm which is most improtant for new born puppy After that you know very well how i open with way and after that you can give them to their mother and wait till proper delivery has done more and more puppy successfully and live after that you can give them That time puppy are so crying then you can give honey slighlty in his mouth so i make this video and in this video you have to answering your question SO firstly this is a thing do not give to female for eat please give me thread please give me blade blade which is near you firstly you can cut the thread then be left some part tissue paper this is a male then honey is available in your home of any company i have now dabur honey so what is use of this now i will see you now with small finger next one NEXT Now this is a last This honey is so important because till then mother not give birth to all puppies we do not give milk then this puppies will not crying they can take rest some time for 5 hours 3 hours and sometime 24hrs now all became silent they will rest in winter we will cover to maintain temprature for circulation of air we do some changes in fan of the month competition who give five star we will not judge them you will judge that i will give 500 Rupees gift voucher from AMAZON COMPANY And second change which video or picture i share in facebook account who will be more share and comment and who will be topist in whole month And third who will send us first comment i give them 500 rupees gift and then who take more like from other and give them more thumbs up as compare other i will announce three winner in every catagory i will give 500 rupees gift voucher every end of this month Many many thanks for watching our video if you like our video please give us more thumbs up if you need more information about dog please comment us and subscirbe our page so thannkyou very much friends…

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