People With A Fear Of Dogs Meet Pit Bull Puppies

– [Voiceover] Got it? – Yeah. – [Voiceover] Okay, so,
keep that blindfold on. – Mhmm. – [Voiceover] How are you feeling? – Nervous. – Like you’ve blindfolded me. That inherently suggests
that you’re about to do something to (bleep) me up. – [Voiceover] K, are you ready? – No. – Oh my god, what the
hell, what are these? – Oh my god, what the (bleep) is that? (screams) (screams) (squeals) – Oh my god! Puppies! – Oh my god! (laughs) Hello. (laughs) – Hello. Hi. (laughs) (laughs) – He’s so warm. I wanna marry you. – Oh my god, and they’re
so happy and peaceful. – Oh my goodness. I’ve never been happier. (laughs) – I’m so excited. So smudged, but that’s okay. – I thought I didn’t like dogs,
but these ones are so nice. – Obviously, you hear about
pit bulls attacking people and attacking kids sometimes. – I just don’t like dogs in general, but, if I had to like,
name one “evil” dog, pit bulls would probably come to mind, just from what I’ve heard. – You kind of get the idea
that they’re all kind of, quite violent, but, this little guy has barely moved. – I think just like people are, they’re just a bit misunderstood. – Cause these guys would
never hurt anyone, would they? – I guess just from
what I’ve heard and read I thought that pit bulls were bad, but now I am so against that and I want all of these
dogs on me all of the time. After meeting these guys, I
kind of don’t hate dogs anymore. I kind of want one. And I don’t know how I could think that they were all scary. – You’re not mean. No, you just want to be loved. – I definitely didn’t think I was gonna get four pit
bull puppies on my lap today. But this is probably the best day ever. (laughs) I want to take you home. You’re beautiful. (laughs)

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