People Thought This Dog Was Guarding Her Owner’s Grave,But One Rescuer Uncovered A Unexpected Secret

when a rescuer heard that a stray dog
had been spotted in a cemetery she headed out there right away and sure
enough there was indeed a canine guard keeping a lonely watch over a gravestone
then however she realized what secret the dog was hiding and all the pieces
fell into place in 2015 animal lovers across the internet were moved by a
heartbreaking photo that quickly went viral the picture in question originated
from Serbia and appeared to show a grieving German Shepherd in a cemetery
naturally that it was assumed that the grave in the photo belonged to the dog’s
departed owner the emotional response from the apparently sorrowful dog was
heard across social media but something about the story wasn’t quite right there
are however plenty of accounts of loyal dogs guarding the final resting places
of their masters so was it not possible that the German Shepherd was doing just
that well science has debated the truth of such stories for a long time one of
the most famous accounts comes from the 19th century and concerns they
supposedly grieving dog named Greyfriars body this sky terior allegedly stood
vigil over his owners grave for 14 years right up until his own death in 1872 and
there have been many more tales of grieving dog sense any dog owner will
tell you that their fur baby can feel love but this has also actually been
confirmed by experts including professor stanley coren of psychology today’s
canine corner core incites research which found that dogs have the emotional
development of a two-year-old and so are capable of loving their human owners yet
although the evidence seems to suggest that dogs can indeed grieve for people
it turns out that the Serbian German Shepherd wasn’t one of them in fact
through misinformation or fed translation the rumors of the dog’s
grief were incorrect regardless though this mysterious pooch seemed to be a
stray and was in need of rescue the call for help was answered by a keen rescuer
an animal rights campaigner a woman named Venza mihailovski
hence me alone she headed to the cemetery to meet the stray intending to
take her off the streets and sure enough she found the dog at the
gravesite as touched as she was by the dog situation however Niccolo she didn’t
picked the dog up straight away instead she observed the creature for a while to
see why she was in the graveyard yet if the grave didn’t belong to a previous
owner of the animal what on earth was going on well for one thing
Nikolas Keys observations revealed that the dog wasn’t sitting over the
gravestone rather she was under it the stray had dug a little cave around the
gravestone which she kept returning to it eventually moreover Michalowski found
out why in fact the dog had given birth and the
little cave that she had created was a den for her litter this was also the
reason then that mommy dog was hanging around the graveyard she was simply
being attentive to her pumps so it was pretty fortunate that mEagle oh she had
taken the time to observe the stray yes if Nicole oh she had just rescued the
dog straightaway the puppies would have been left on their own and it’s unlikely
that they would have survived without their mom after all despite her limited
resources the stray had been attentive to the puffers and had done her best to
provide for them an injured user called fake to pay who had in fact initially
revealed the secret of the graveyard dog commented on the mother dog’s efforts
you can see the den she created and just how compact it was read the post from
August 18 2015 well it wasn’t ideal it was the best she could find but the
original post further revealed that despite the canine mama’s best efforts
the pups were struggling for survival the puppies were very frail and were
lucky to have been found fake to pay wrote on injure still thanks to me
galovski that day was the start of their new
lives Niccolo she took the furry family in and for the first time in their lives
perhaps they were safe the cold graveyard cave was replaced by a warm
bed and a soft blanket and not only did they get regular feeding but they also
received expert medical treatment fake to pay meanwhile contacted me galovski
through social media and managed to get some information on the dogs apparently
they were each given names while they waited to find their forever homes the
mother dog was simply called mama to reflect the loving maternal nature that
she’d shown to her puppies even when she’d had so little herself
she was quite the lovely mother to the puppies fake toupee posted on August 18
2015 and it appears she’s very sweet towards humans as well unfortunately
though the original post explained that her life before the graveyard remains a
mystery what is known is that momma had Chu girl pups
called Eli and grace and two boys named Freddy and boomer faked to pay said I’m
not sure on Eli’s personality but it appears she’s a sweet little girl grace
is quite the stunner in my opinion looking quite similar to her mom Freddy
was described as a serious gentle and kind puppy who would be good in a family
he’s got such a sweet little face wrote fake toupee little boomer meanwhile fell
ill with a parasite called bebés see at kennis body proved to be a little
fighter and thankfully he made a complete recovery fake to pace imager
post also revealed that since their rescue neither the puppies nor their
mother had been adopted it’s unclear whether that situation has changed since
September 4th 2016 we can only hope that they’re all now happy and cared for in a
loving forever home tragically meanwhile the big-hearted Michalowski
has since passed away and her Facebook account is now memorialized her loss
will be felt by those who lives she touched both human and animal but she’s
left a wonderful legacy not least of course these sweet lovely dogs who owe
their lives to her I hope you liked this video if so please hit the subscribe
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