Paw Patrol Pups Helps the Play Doh Puppy Vet

– [Kid] Family fun for everyone! – [Man] Paw Patrol, the
Play-Doh puppy’s injured. So let’s look at my pup pad. Here’s the Play-Doh puppy. Look, he’s not feeling so well. We need to go and help
him out, okay Paw Patrol? This is a special Play-Doh adventure. Let’s roll. Marshall, we’re gonna
need your special E. M. T. rescue pack to help the Play-Doh puppy. I’m all fired up. And Chase. Yeah, Ryder. We’re gonna need you and
your spy chase gear to look at the perimeter to make
sure no one is watching us. Chase is on the case. Okay, Paw Patrol, let’s roll. Look, we made it to Play-Doh puppy. Hmm, Marshall. Yeah, Ryder. We need you to use your medical pup pack to see what’s wrong with this puppy. You bet I can. Let me just open up my pup
pack and we’re ready to go. And, there, we’ve got it. Let me do my scan. Thanks, Marshall. I think he as a couple
band-aids we need to put on him, we need to give him a
shot, and I think we can make his tongue grow, too. And then when we’re all done we need to give this puppy a bone. Marshall, that’s a perfect diagnosis. That’s exactly what we can do. Paw Patrol, let’s roll. Chase. Yeah, Ryder. We need you to keep a look
out in case any kitty cats or somebody comes to try to
keep us from helping this puppy. You got it. Chase is on the case, with
my super spy gear, that is. Sorry, Figueroa, but
you and Itty Bitty Kitty are gonna have to come back later. Meow. Chase is on the case. Rubble. Yeah, Marshall? I need you to bring some
Play-Doh over, okay? Rubble on the double. You bet I will, let me get go get my digger and I’ll get some Play-Doh. What color? Let’s start with white. Okay, Rubble on the double. All right, here’s a
thing of white Play-Doh. Good job, Rubble. We’re gonna use this to make a bone. Bones? I like bones. Yum, yum, yum, yum. No, we got to make it for the puppy. Look, he’s excited. He’s moving his head and
even his tongue is growing. Whoa, he’s trying to lick me. He really wants that bone, Rubble, so let’s bring over the Play-Doh. I’d like a bone, too,
but here’s the Play-Doh. Rubble on the double. Rocky, look at the back of the puppy. Yeah, Marshall, what? That’s a spot for you to make a bone. Can you put Play-Doh in there and see if you can make a bone? You bet I can. Green means go, and so
does white Play-Doh. That rhymes, go and Play-Doh, ha ha ha. Hey, I think we’re almost done. I’ll just push it in
just a little bit more. All right. Yeah, that should do it. Let me use my claw here to see
if I can lift up the Ply-Doh. I think I’ve got it. Okay, Marshall, we made our doggy bone. All right, now we need to make a band-aid. I can help with that, too. Rubble. Yeah? What do you need? We need some stuff for band-aids. Can you help? Rubble on the double, you bet I can. Let me go get the stuff. You sure? Yeah, we’re sure. Okay. Okay, here’s the brown Play-Doh. Good job. Maybe you should get
some blue Play-Doh, too. Or green, something for the bandage. All right, Rubble on the double. Marshall, what about this
purple-y glittery Play-Doh? That’s perfect, Rubble. Put that in, too, we’re
gonna make our band-aid. Rubble on the double. All right, Rubble, use your scoop to try to get all the Play-Doh in the mold. You bet I will, Rubble on the double. Let me put a little there, a little there. All right. [Groans] Good job, Rubble, I
think you almost got it. Use your shovel to lift
it up off the mold. Rubble on the double, you bet I will. So just get it and kind of lift. Yeah, Rubble, like that. Hey, Marshall how does that
look, how does that look? Rubble, that’s great. Now we just need to give our puppy a shot. A shot? You’re gonna give me a shot? No, Rubble, that will only
hurt for a second, the puppy, and then we’ll put the band-aid over it. Oh, okay. That’s what we’ll do. But I’ll be the one t give him the shot, but I need green medicine so you need to bring me some green Play-Doh. Rubble on the double, I’ll
go get more green medicine. Here you go, Marshall. Good job. I think Chase is gonna need some help with Figueroa and Itty Bitty Kitty. Oh, Chase is a good dog. He can do it all by himself. If you say so. Here’s the medicine. Thanks, now I just got
to put it in the needle. How’s it going, Marshall? Ryder, it’s going great. We’ve got our medicine, our band-aid, and our bone for the puppy. Awesome. Yup, now I need to give him a shot. Then I’ll put the band-aid
over it and we’ll give him the bone and he’ll be all better. Wow, Marshall, you certainly
are a good rescue dog. Thanks, Ryder. Okay, here’s the shot. Don’t worry, pup, it won’t hurt. We’re just gonna put a little Play-Doh inside of you to make you all feel better. So, there it is. See, it’s going inside right like that. A little bit of a shot. Don’t worry, you’ll feel better real soon because we’re gonna put a
band-aid on it and everything. I think that’s about enough. Awesome job, Marshall. You got the band-aid on the puppy and he’s doing better already. Now it’s time to give him his bone. That’s right, Ryder, it is. You’ve been such a good puppy. Here’s your bone. Ryder, can I have a bone, too? Can I have a bone? Can I have that bone? No, Rubble, this is for the puppy. He took a shot so he
gets a brand new bone. Can I take a shot and get a bone? Only if you need one. Oh, okay. Well, maybe I’ll need one later. Maybe, Rubble. What do you at home think? Do you think Rubble
should get a bone, too? I don’t think so. Not until he’s brave like this puppy here. Hey everyone at home have
you ever needed a shot? And if so, when they were
done did they put a band-aid on it like we did for this puppy here? Let us know. And also, right there, right by the puppy, it says subscribe here. So, subscribe to The Engineering
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if you’ve ever needed a shot. Bye. Bye. I said that, Rubble. Bye. Paw Patrol fans, check out
one of these four videos. It features Egyptian
treasure, a balloon caper, Paw Patrol trick-or-treating,
even surprise eggs. Just click on the video
and a new one will appear. Have a great day.

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