Paw Patrol Fidget Spinner Game with Skye, Marshall, Hatchimal Collegtible Surprise, Flipazoo

Hello, everybody, it’s me Ellie Sparkles! Welcome to the Paw Patrol Spinner Game. Today, we’re using our new fidget spinner
to play the game. But it’s not any spinner…it’s a Paw
Patrol Spinner. Awesome! We’ll use this spinner to see which Paw
Patrol pup we play with next. Let’s see who’s in our game: we have Marshall,
Rocky, Tracker, Skye, the villain Mayor Humdinger, and our special mystery character. Who do you think the mystery character is? This mystery character is a German Shepherd
and his favorite color is blue. Press the thumbs up button if you know who
the mystery character is already? Alright, are you ready to spin our Paw Patrol
Spinner and find all the surprises hidden by our favorite Paw Patrol pups? Let’s Go! Here goes our first spin. Wow…look at it go! Spinners are one of my favorite new toy…it’s
so much fun to hold the spinner in different ways. Let’s see which pup it will land on first. It’s starting to slow down…and it stopped! Oh boy! Our first character is Marshall! Marshall is the fire pup from Paw Patrol. He loves to put out fires. But He’s also very silly and he likes to
joke around with the other pups. Let’s see what Marshall has for us today! It’s a Hatchimal CollEGGtible Blind Bag! Awesome! These bags have a special tiny Hatchimal egg
inside. And here it is. Woah! Look at this egg! But I don’t know what animal is in the egg
yet. We have to rub the purple heart on the egg
until it changes colors! Woah! It’s hatching! Look how cute this little guy is! It looks like a green bear, but he has a tail
like a monkey. So maybe he’s a monkey bear! But look! He has wings too! His wings are so shiny and silver! So maybe he’s a monkey bear bird….hahaha! Alright, it’s time to spin our Paw Patrol
Spinner again. Doesn’t it look so cool when it spins around
so fast! It landed on Marshall last time, let’s see
who it lands on this time. OK, its starting to slow down. And look! Our next character is Skye! Nice! Sky is a pretty puppy with pink goggles. OK Paw Patrol fans, what kind of pup is Skye..the
snow pup or the pilot pup. Let me know in the comments. I wonder what surprise skye left for us. Cool! It’s a Shopkins Season 7 blind box! There’s two boxes inside for twice the fun! I can’t wait to open it! Speaking of that…let’s do it now! Pink or purple, pink or purple…I think pink
first! What’s this? It’s Tara Tiara from the Princess Party
Collection! That’s so cool! Tara Tiara is gold and she makes me feel like
a real princess! I love her pink jewels. She looks so sweet and royal, just like a
princess would! Now, let’s see who is in the purple box! Woah! It’s Chloe Clown Shoes from Fancy Dress
Party! This Chloe Clown Shoe is rare! She is white and purple with a pink shoelace. The bottom of her is red. I wish I had shoes like this! These two shopkins we got are really cool! Together, they make almost a whole outfit…almost. OK, there goes the spinner again. I can’t wait to see who it lands on this
time…Tracker, Rocky? Either of those pups would be so much fun
to play with. OK, it’s almost there. And it landed onn….the mystery character. Awesome! I can’t wait to see who this mystery character
is! Remember the hints? This mystery character is a German Shepherd
and his favorite color is blue. THe mystery character is also a police pup. Do you know who it is now? It’s…Chase! Did you guess the right character? You’re so smart. Chase is a police dog who is good friends
with Skye and Marshall. What could Chase have inside for us? Let us see! Oh wow! It’s a Cars Mashem! The red box is the same color as Lightning
McQueen but I don’t know who is inside! Awesome! It’s the brown truck Smokey. Smokey is an old race truck who used to win
a lot of races…but now He helps Lightning McQueen become a better racer. This Smokey is so squishy, and he is also
extra stretchy. Honk Honk! Vroom Vroom! OK, let’s spin our Paw Patrol spinner for
a fourth time. Wow, this was a really fast spin. You can hold these spinners on any of your
fingers…or even on your elbow if you want to be really silly. And this spin landed onnnn…Tracker! Cool! Tracker lives in the jungle and drives a Jeep….that’s
why he’s called the jungle pup! He has super hearing and loves to play with
all the other animals. But he hates the dark. That’s okay, the dark can be scary sometimes. But grown-ups can help you not be afraid. What toy do you have, Tracker? Awesomeness! It’s a Despicable Me 3 Mineez! These guys are so cool and you can even hang
the container on stuff. What kind of minion could it be? Woah! It’s a cro-minion from minions through time. Give me a thumbs up if you like minions. This minion looks like a caveman, and he has
a big club. His outfit looks like it’s made of fur and
he has a bone in his hair. Aww…he’s so cute! Minions are always so silly, they always dance
around and do silly things with each other. I strong, I lift rocks, I am cro-minion! Hehehe, silly minion. And there goes the Paw Patrol spinner again. We only have a few more spins, so let’s
see who it lands on this time. I can’t wait to open more surprise toys. OK, it’s starting to slow down…and it
landed onnnn…Mayor Humdinger. Oh no! Mayor Humdiner is one of the Paw Patrol’s
meanest villains. Mayor Humdinger is not very nice, he always
argues with everyone, and he likes to cheat. Oh yeah, and he always has those mean little
kittens around. What could Mayor Humdinger have today? I hope it’s not something mean. Sweeet! It’s a Paw Patrol Keychain blind bag! It could be any of our favorite Paw Patrol
pals inside! I could never guess which one! Cool! It’s Marshall. This Marshall looks just like the one on the
show! He has a red hat with a paw print on it, his
red vest, a flashlight on his hat so he can see in dark buildings, and a red jet pack
that helps him reach windows to save people from fires. But Marshall doesn’t just rescue people from
fires, he also uses his x-ray machine to see if people he rescued got hurt. I love how this Marshall toy can snap on to
all of my favorite things, like my backpack! Bye, Bye Marshall! OK, it’s time for our last spin. Wow, this spin is super fast. Let’s see who it lands on this time. I don’t think there are any more mean villains
left, so we should get one of our brave pups this time. And ittt’sss. Rocky! Rocky is the recyling pup.. He likes to save the earth and he is good
at fixing things and cleaning up garbage. He has good ideas and uses a claw machine
to pick up garbage off the ground. Let’s see what surprise toy you have today,
Rocky! I can’t wait! No way! It’s a Flipazoo Blind Bag! Flipazoo are animals that turn into other
animals! There are so many different kinds. Wow…it’s so cool! An orange seal! This orange seal is cute with his little orange
tail. But I wonder what he turns into. Amazing! It’s a purple penguin! I can’t believe it. First an orange seal, and now a purple penguin. Seals and penguins both like to live in the
water, but they can go on land too. It’s so amazing that this Flipazoo is two
toys in one! Awesome! It was so fun playing with the Paw Patrol
fidget spinner with you! It’s like it never stops spinning…woah…woah. I can hardly wait for next time! Bye! I hope you come back again so we can have
more fun and find more surprise toys! Are you ready for another fun video with me? Let’s go!

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