Hello everyone! Welcome to Sandra Cires Art! You’ve been asking for so many days “Sandra, do the pause challenge! Do the pause challenge!” And I’m like “But what’s the pause challenge?!” For this I’ll invite Karim! Slowly, slowly. Sit! Down! Karim! Karim, if you don’t listen to me with the “Down” imagine with the “Pause” Down! Down! Pause That’s what this challenge is about! During any activity that I do today, Production will be saying “Pause” And I’ll have to stop until the pause is lifted Did you get it? Karim will help me, let’s see how does it better Karim or me Let’s do it! Karim, now -Hello- Hey, don’t film in here! No, it’s too messy! -Pause- What do you think, dear friends? What should we do to her? I am really disliking this video -I know! These are Titi’s shoes- What are you doing? Don’t be silly! -This is poisonous- What are you doing? Stop kidding You’ll get his socks dirty with my lipstick! No! This is disgusting! -This is really poisonous- [What are you doing?] -Where should I put this?- [Don’t do that, you’ll get my sock dirty] Gross. I told him! Hey, were those dirty socks? We ruined Titi’s sock because this lipstick it’s one of those you can’t remove He’s worried about his sock! [She was putting lipstick on my sock] Titi, you’re worried about your sock, but what if I get a bacteria on my mouth? He has fungus on his feet By the way, I got a message that Amazon sent me Titi’s ointment for feet fungus What if I get fungus on my mouth? [These are the sacrifices you make for your partner, she needed the ointment and she put it on my name] Titi, you have fungus on your feet [Let’s show them our feet, let’s do it, let’s show our feet on camera] -I just had an idea with this, Sandra, pause- -What just occurred to me- do I have to look that way? -Yes, you’re on pause- what did you put on my leg? -hello Karim- |did you call me?| -he’s on the door, he just doesn’t know where it is- -you’re on pause- -go for it!- No! I’ll get bruises He’s too heavy Production, you’re crossing the line -I didn’t think he would run like that- he went from one extreme to the other Karim, pause Pause! -Oh yes- poor thing play! cute little thing! You’re really good at understanding! You’re like a human being! why is it that everytime you’re talking to a dog, you change your tone? beautiful thingy, such a pretty thingy! -pause- what are you doing now? don’t lock me inside -no, if I lock you you’ll get out really easy- don’t lock me inside! what do you want that plastic cup for? why did you open the sink? what are you doing? -bye- see! I knew you were locking me in here Oh, no way! You’ll be the one cleaning up the mess I saw where you put it -play- I don’t like being locked in, but I prefer to be locked in here -I think that if you open the door really slowly, you won’t make a mess- you were not so mean to me I was grabbing this bone to give it to Karim -I won’t help you getting that cup- well, let it there, I don’t care. Look at Karim, he’s on pause! I think he’ll win he does it better than me but now I’ll give him a really high distraction article he loves these bones, so I’ll make him lose look Karim, I have this for you he’s already losing the pause, I knew it the temptation is too big, he’s losing he lost Karim, you lost pause! -pause- -Karim, get it- Oh no are we both on pause? -yes- -go and get it- hey, he’ll grab my hand No, Karim! Look, he got me out of pause! he’s too strong pause no way, with that bone he loses his judgement -what are you doing? coffee?- -pause- -pause, you can’t move- I’m looking at the coffee take off the pause before the coffee spills out stop it! I don’t like my coffee like this! no! take off the pause take it off it ran out of water that’s what I call being lucky, it ran out of water -that coffee it’s just water- still, I’m really lucky this is just water well, american coffee this is pure water, look at this! -I don’t like coffee like that!- ew, that’s ass water -pause- -ha, and you’re frowning- can I relax my forehead? I don’t want to be like this and looking that way what are you doing? hey, whatever you’re doing, do it fast this is a really uncomfortable position, I’ll fall asleep -I’ll tweet something- No, if you grab my phone I’ll get really mad -You’re on pause, you can’t talk- let me see what you’re tweeting! I’ll be really mad -dear friends, I haven’t taken a shower in three days- that’s a lie don’t you put that on twitter! the worst thing is that they’ll believe it -there it is, I’ll do it- -play- don’t check the grammar! they’ll know I didn’t write it because you didn’t put an accent mark on “day” (In Spanish: Día) -you don’t use an accent mark- six likes! what’s that? who’s liking that!? you have to take a shower everyday! oh my God! “Sandra, go an shower!” “That’s crazy! Greeting from Puerto Rico” I am so ashamed! I really want you to do this video on your channel so I can get my revenge -That has nothing to do. Also, Karim hasn’t showered in one month yes, he has to take a shower, poor thingy -pause- close the water! what are you doing next? -what should we do to her, dear friends? give me some ideas- hey, I want to wash my hands, they’ll get dry because of the soap -look at what he have here- don’t you dare, stop kidding stop kidding hey, that hits really hard I am not kidding! turn it off, turn it off! -play!- look, the camera lent got wet -it smells like listerine- of course, the water had listerine! Titi, look at what Production did [Quit the yelling, the Police will come to check what’s going on] tell that to Production [What’s that spot?] That thing splashed -She hasn’t showered in three days- With everything that I have to do, now I’ll have to wash my hair and I was not planning on taking a shower today am I the only one that will get wet on this video? no I’ll get Karim wet now If you think that I don’t like water, he actually hates it poor thingy oh, God Karim, come here come sit pause let him see this his face it’s like a poem look, Karim, you’re on pause poor thingy I feel so bad oh, my baby! he’s going to lay there, look at him. Up! Up! the gozadera started he took a shower! -pause- -why did you do that to Karim?- Becaus he was…well, if I’m on pause I can’t talk -that’s true. Karim, let’s get revenge- -I’ll help you, so you don’t say I’m that bad- I’m on pause -Listen to me, I’ll take your tennis off, I’m helping you- Fine -This is on fire- -on fire- -you’re on pause- -she thinks she got rid of this- -now you’ll see- -we clean it and we’ll serve some…- -ice- Hey, I have no spine now. What’s that? That’s the cup that was on the door -let’s see if you can hold this- that’s heavy, why is that so heavy? hey, my back really hurts what’s that? Look at how perfect it fell -it didn’t even make a mess- I am so lucky, and look, anything goes out of the cup. What was on it? I am so lucky! -you’re still on pause- -hands down- hey, how many pauses have you done today? That’s enough what are you putting on my head? -Karim, come- Oh, no, he’s coming with his bone -Karim’s revenge- this water is so cold! it’s frozen! I don’t want more Pause challenges! And that’s it for today’s video! I hope you liked it! If you did, give me a like, like, like! 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