Pack Of Coyotes Surround Dog Walker In San Francisco’s Presidio

KPIX FIVE’S EMILY TURNER IS AT THE PRESIDIO WHERE THESE CONFRONTATIONS HAVE PROMPTED SOME EXTREME REACTIONS… EMILY? kathryn lasater/lives next to presidio” they weren’t afraid. they weere aggressive and thats, that’s scary.” Kathryn Lasater isn’t alking about crooks or robbers- she’s talking about this: (show picture) The coyote that attacked her dog, oscar, yesterday in the Presidio and the pack of them that surrounded her after. take sot “three of them came out …screaming like a crazy person.” She and Oscar are fine, but they are shaken up as are many in the neighborhood who say the ever-present coyotes have gotten more aggresive in recent years. They want the Presidio Trust to remove the animals before something worse happens. take sot debbie mcmicking/lives next to presidio “i think it’s just a matter of time until one of them darts out and grabs a little kid.” Right now it’s pupping season, and the animals are more aggressive when protecting their dens. The trust wouldn’t go on camera about the ‘recent activity,’ as they put it, but does says it is looking into it. They posted signs weeks ago warning park visitors and closed trails that are near dens. jesse block/ lives near presidio “it’s like the by word of the 90s, cant we all just get along? ….need to respect that.” But that’s not an option for Kateryn and Debbie who say they don’t want to wait for something worse to happen take sot “ive gotten all sorts of feedback….children and our people.” A TRIO OF HORSES IN SAN JOSE WERE APPARENTLY THIRSTING FOR A TASTE OF LIFE IN THE FAST LANE.

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  • Don't walk your pet's in the area! Quit saying people matter most. Humans are the invasive species. To build in one of the few remaining coastal habitats was moronic. Let me guess, Feinsteins sly husband's deal. How to become a multi millionaire… You moved into a wildlife habitat! Protect your pet's and kid's. Take them into one of the many lousy parks or neighborhood's your state's community planners crammed in. You destroyed the entire city. Cemented and polluted everything. If you dare murder these ecologically vital animals, your RATS, MICE, SNAKES etc will invade your home's, vehicle's and yard's. You people know the risks, yet keep bringing dog's to the area. That's called "baiting." You are serving your dog or toddler, up as bait for hungry animal's trying to feed and protect their offspring. Move away and let people that respect wildlife to move in. I feel terribly for the pet's of these moronic people. It's as if you brought your dog out onto a freeway, then bitch how car's are coming after you! Maybe the pet's need to be rescued away from these morons. Shut the walking trails down. Problem solved.

  • Common sense- do not walk small dogs in heavily wooded areas during pupping season. Anyone who believes that legal action will result in some judge ordering wildlife to be killed does not belong in the Presidio! After all this unreasonable complaining, what was the Presidio's response? Trail now closed to the public. Nice job!

  • The coyotes are thinking what a great place to live…
    In the mountains we had to stalk and chase our food….
    Here they deliever it to us….
    Humans are right…
    City life is good….

  • In my Area, WE KILL ALL of These Pet LIKKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Predators are KILLERS!!! Yotes, Bob Cats & Foxes Go Down Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No use for these Killers Here!!! GBTC&TP…Amen…PS Green Heads Suck with this We Just Have to LIVE with Them=LOL!!! KILL Em' !!!

  • Shoot the son of a bitches. I've killed more coyotes than I care to remember. They are ruthless hunters and they will not stop at attacking dogs, they also attacks humans just as fairly

  • you little dog owners always exaggerate things. your little dog was probably yapping at them acting all aggressive like most of these little monsters and egged them on

  • They aren't attacking to protect the den area….the coyotes are being more opportunistic to bring home the groceries to feed their growing families. Use bear spray, walk in large people and dog groups. Several people carry long broom handles. Coyotes won't attempt to go for many people and dogs that are in a large groups ! That's too risky to them.

  • Get a breed like a Kangal or Caucasian Ovcharka, Maremma's, etc. breeds meant to deal with wolves and coyotes. Then let's see those coyotes try and attack them. Good luck with that, coyotes…good luck.

  • Unfortunately the sheer number of abandoned and stray Chihuahuas and other toy breeds has created a new abundant food source for feral cats, coyotes and predatory birds. A friend and neighbor had her 5 pound Chihuahua seized in by a bald eagle while they were on vacation at their cottage. The attack took place in the middle of the day in front of her entire family and several friends. The attack was over in seconds. The Chihuahua was never found. Unfortunately humans have transformed Chihuahuas into “living toys”, “dress up playthings” and “couch and fashion accessories”. In essence Chihuahuas have become the ultimate welfare breed; endlessly helpless, manipulative and needy. Pity those for whom knowledge is of no benefit.

  • When you walk your dog stay away from areas that have a high concentration of predators. Always take your pistol with you and be prepared to use it.

  • Equal force is needed there’s not a shortage of coyotes when a easy meal is available and because they are predators they have to be controlled the people in California thinks they can talk to and reason with them like they have proven time and time again

  • Wtf in live in the desert and the coyotes here almost live with us. U can see them walk and the streets and we don't care. But then again we have wild donkeys out here

  • Instead of controlling coyote populations we should be controlling human population. We are the nasty, disgusting things that are destroying this planet, not them.

  • Baseball bat is BB guns , pepper spray. Fog horns. Cattle prods.or a control , patrol man walking in the park traps to get them out. Needed

  • Thanks for the heads up! I'm from mendo and my 2 wolfdogs and I relax in that area when we come down to SF. I guess I need to bring my bear spray with me next time…

  • Coyotes are smart.  One will come out and get your dog to chase him/her and it will lead them right back to a waiting pack.   Once, I saw a coyote at Glen Park.  Unfortunately for the coyote, the dogs that chased it were three Rhodesian Ridgebacks which were bred to confront lions.  They chased up it a rock and you can hear the coyote crying and yelling for its pack to come.  The Ridgebacks were then joined by two German Shorthair pointers.  All were just barking at this poor little coyote.  In the end, the owners finally got their dogs to return and the coyote went on its merry way.

  • Unfortunately you have to kill them. They will attack small children. They also will attack other dogs and cats when they are not hungry. They see them as competition for food

  • Coyotes adapt to populated areas better than almost any other animal- and they don't stay in the areas of parks marked "temporarily closed to humans". If given half a chance, they'll eat your pets, your kids, and unaccompanied female Canadian folk singers.

  • ( Sigh )

    ……Look where youre building your homes, right on top of wilderness hence COYOTE LAND you fucking morons !!

    If youre going to be so simple minded and do that then I say Tough shit…if youre not tough enough to scare them off and make them fear you then you shouldn't have the right to build your homes there.

    Fucking rich yuppy baby back bitches

  • I used to live in the bay area, 12 yrs. One early morning, like 1am, a cat was walking down the sidewalk and one minute later we saw a coyote following the same path. He was going to get that cat. Also, twice they killed a deer right at my door. They've become very fearless to humans.

  • Can we please pay illegals to follow dog walkers in these murderous coyote areas of mayham and blow whistles at the same time they smack sticks against trash can lids. Say 20 illegals to a dog protector pack.

  • The sheer political correctness in this issue in S.F. is nauseating. The official policy is that we have to adapt to the coyotes. As though a city is somehow their turf–because it has some parks? And make no mistake, the coyotes–which breed like rabbits–could be easily trapped and relocated (to the Mojave desert, or at least Orinda), but no, the city officials have determined that they can stay and basically do whatever they like.It's sort of like the illegal immigrants.

  • Do not demonize Coyote please, We live and share together.
    What makes think only human owned the World? Don't you think we occupied the coyote's land?

  • Coyotes in California is exactly like the pig bomb in Texas. The "Dawg Bomb" is a bit different, Coyotes are carnivores. .204 Ruger AR15 works pretty good.

  • Coyotes are not the only animals to deal with mass killings, displacement nor Gentrification executed by the dominant society. The Buffaloes, the Indians, Aborigines, Tasmanian tribes, Black Americans, etc. Whenever the dominant society sees yet another piece of land that they want for pleasure or greed, no matter who is living on it, any inhabitants residing on that land will be eventually pushed out by any means necessary. This is what we mean when we say, "All Lives Matter". Who is next–Aliens?

  • Y'all moved there, the Coyotes were there 1st and so stop walking your stupid small dogs in the wooded areas as if they're more important

  • 19-year-old Taylor Mitchell folk singer from Toronto has died after being attacked by two coyotes in Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

  • get real dogs..pack of coyote wont roll up on a few bullmastiffs..they want your cats and tiny fluffy dogs who cant really fight back..

  • You can't get rid of coyotes. Alot of evidence suggest when you start removing them it makes the problem worse. When pack members go missing females will have bigger litters.

  • God forbid someone loses a kid to one of these animals and learn to watch there kids here in california fucking ditz Californians need to be watch there kids and dogs more often just cause you own a house here doesn't mean there is nothing to worry about ever and carrying firearms makes it worse I think Californians should learn not to be so independent and be co dependent then no one gets hurt

  • They were here first? I would understand if these coyotes habitat have a direct path to a mountain or big reserve. Presidio is right smack in San Francisco city and they should be moved out. Frisco citizens with its diversity sometimes is just stupidity.

  • When the state not doing anything about the coyotes then it’s time to take matters into your own hands. Buy a gun. Not saying go around and shoot coyotes because we do have to share our land but if your in a situation where you have to defend yourself and your family then shoot away. If people did this instead of complaining we can put human fear in these coyotes again and they will leave us alone and we will leave them alone.

  • That guy in the video is a fu*cking DUMBASS!! Like, I hope to God that the guy gets attacked by coyotes and then we'll see what he has to say after that.

  • Coyotes were here first?…Oh !Heck with that!!…
    God created Humans first! We're decide how to control them if coyos become a problem….even if we got to kill'em its ok

  • We have the same problem in Windsor, Ontario, Canada where a parks official wrote to me that the city does not control wild animals in parks.  Hello!  I thought parks were designed for people, not coyotes who are the cities' canines that are off-leash, untrained, and disease carriers, not to mention fleas, ticks, and other uckies!  Political correctness can become downright stupidness!

  • All they have to do is move out the coyotes were their first you're taking their food away now they want to take you away okemos leaves our area attacks will go away

  • Coyotes are over populated throughout America I kill them every chance I get… California is just a bunch of tree hugging liberals if this was the south it’d be a free for all coyote slaughter

  • Gee California where are your guns? Carrying one would fix this problem. When you have a gun there is no reason to be afraid.

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