Our Service Dogs Went On A Second Date! ft. Drew Lynch and Stella!

Don’t guide me into any poop! oh god! [Drew laughs off-camera]
Molly: Ahh!!! [Intro music] M: Gallop’s girlfriend Stella is here! Are we gonna go see your girlfriend Stella? Yas, so exciting Where’s your girlfriend? Where’s Miss Stella? Oh my god I have a tail wagging, there’s a tail wagging D: Hi Molly, I’m going to hug you right now
M: Hello! M: Look he’s like bowing to her like, “Hello princess Stella” Okay Gallop stop bein’ silly [D laughs] M: Aww yeah! Puppy play time! [everyone laughing at a happy Gallop and Stella] M: So, um, they’re on another date and, um, they’re here to play but But I think one again Gallop is into Drew and oh and Stella’s into me. Classic. Date 2.0 and the same thing’s happening Ooo-oo can I try my harness on Stella? Stella do you want to be guide dog? Hmm? It’s gonna be- Shes like “Wait what uh no.” It’s gonna be so big on her. Oh my god look at the belly strap. [D laughs] M: Look at the belly strap it’s literally like just– D: Let’s see how well she does
M: En avant [forward] Does she know French? oh she’s doing good! L-Let’s see where she takes you. To me? *everyone laughs* M: “Uh daddy what’s happening” En avant [forward] x2 D: T-Try German M: Don’t guide me into any poop, oh god… aah!
[D laughs] M: Virage [turn], come on now D: T-There we go M: Gallop I would let you try on her vest but babe I think you’ll feel a little fat. So we’re about to film a video for Drew’s channel. [snaps fingers] Him. [snaps fingers] That one. M: I mean it’s really Stella’s channel I think
D: Okay M: Stella.. she stole my heart. She’s so cute you guys. I like so approve Gallops choices in life dating this one. Gallop’s sleeping, as per usual. Are we surprised Stella’s like perky and alert So I’m about to draw on his channel Oh, Stella’s about to draw too. Stella’s like, “Can I, can I?”
Are you left handed? Are you left- left paw? Do you guys want to see me draw? Link below. D: S-So excited
M: Link below I don’t know how Stella feels about this. But Gallop recently got I’ll show you guys first recently got a new t-shirt and he was thinking of potentially getting Stella a matching one Gallop’s going to put his on and he’s going to take her and she can pick out her own shirt M: Gallop, come put your t-shirt on M: Where’s your arm hole? D: Here’s- wait… No here
M: Did you just steal one of his paws. D: No, no. Y-You put his head through the arm hole M-Molly! His head’s through the arm!
[M laughing] M: I’m blind! Does nobody understand the struggles. D: Oh…I’m- I’m exhausted.
M: Like Stella’s gonna look great in this is she not? And then the two of them strutting their stuff down the street together like, “yea we’re a couple.” Hashtag Stellop. D: Right? Stellop and Drolly
M: Was it Stellop? D: or Molldrew
M: Meow M: It’s just you’re really mixing up the letters because M: there’s really no other good way to get a ship name for us
D: Yea We don’t ship well together. We’re only friends cuz of our dogs D: I’m not even friends with her, I don’t care. M: I’m friends with Stella and Mesa. Drew just happens to come along sometimes. D: I have friends. Mesa: I have a friend! Molly: Lets take the poochies on a date! How great is this it can go right over his tee shirt M: So he can work and represent his problems
D: Look at him Anyways let’s just go to The Grove D: Go to the- Go to the- Grove to the- Gove to the go M: Grove to the go! And we are on our way to The Grove So down here, we have my poochie woochie. And then back there, I don’t know where she is. What am I vlogging? [Molly’s mom laughing] Molly’s mom: That’s lovely it’s right on top of Stella’s face Molly: Oh great! That’s exactly what I wanted in frame This is working out perfectly. Well there we go we got the whole crew including my mom and Mesa. right Mesa & Mom: Hey guys
M: They’re laughing at me but that’s okay We’re here! x3 Molly: Stella are you excited?
Molly’s mom: Stella’s excited! M: My babe’s gonna to treat you He’s gonna treat you real nice cuz hes a gentleman We’re gunna go get Stella a teeshirt so her and Gallop can look like stud muffins together Look like a real couple. Matchy matchy. M: Lets go, lets go. Let’s treat your girl! D: Look look look they got uh..
M: I can’t look M: I can’t look
D: Sorry sorry, I realize, sorry D: They got uh alright
M: All sorts of g-. M: Oo this is the one Gallop picked apparently. What’s it say? D: I heart food, dot d-dot, 2 dots and then no, like I really really heart food. It says that it’s a s-size six? I dunno.. M: Should we try it on her? Let’s just try it on her.
D: Yeah. Is that offensive? M: Ooh, are these bandanas? [Molly’s mom laughing] D: Nope. Nope. Nope those are Hawaiian- *laughs* M: I’m blind! I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before, but I actually can’t see Which is why I have my dog Oh it’s a shirt! [chuckles] This is not Gallop’s size. D: I think Stella’s a s-size six holy cow. M: Wow how perfection. M: Look at the two of them in their shirts together Molly’s mom: That is adorable! M: Gallop’s going to get Stella some treats fatten her up cuz he likes the ladies slim thicc You know he likes that slim thicc vibe D: What kind of vibe?
M: The slim thicc vibe [D laughs] M: This is my slim thicc like motion. The Slim Thicc.
[both laughing] D: Like uh
M: You know the Slim Thicc M: This is why I actually don’t go to the dance floor because like this is what you’re getting, you know. I can’t even tell you guys how hard it is to buy stuff for a dog. that’s an XL- XXL. So if anybody a good place to get swim trunks. M: He’s curently in the market for swim trunks
D: H-He can wear mine. M: You got a tail hole in your swim shorts? And he’s also always looking for costumes of all varieties, specifically he would love to be a hot-dog or a sushi roll. D: Sushi roll?
M: Or a minion!! M: Okay we need to go get treats! [random chatter] M: You know those moments where they each ate from one end but I doubt we can get our dogs to have that moment. Take a bite. No we’re sharing D: No no, s-she got her own we’re all set
M, to Gallop: Oh okay you can take another bite then. Gallop knows how to please the ladies Would she like to pick like a pie or D: Ooh!
M: Or.. I don’t know what they have Mollys mom: “Pawcakes… …I love Mom Cookie”. D, to Stella: What looks good babe? W-What looks good? You want a hamburger? M: Oh my god a hamburger yes please I want one.
D: N-Nothing on the ground. D: There’s woof c-cream pie There’s munchkins. Oh! I-I call her munchkin! M: Gallop’s not much of a munchkin. D: We should get her s-some munchkins
M: I’m Gallop’s munchkin D: I-I think some munchkins s-she could like M: Gallop what would you like? D: Eyeing the I-I love mom c-cookie M: Awww I mean it’s pretty accurate M: Gallop is the gentleman
D: Oh sorry okay. Wow, that was very nice of him *hinting at something noises* M: This is what Gallop got for himself He saved up a lot of kibbles and bits for this gem right here. And it’s true, I tell myself everyday that he loves me. D: And Stella got a little thing uh c-called munchkins M: They’re so cuute, like me. Well I mean again, something I tell myself daily.
Whether it’s true or not is the real question. M: We’re going on a trolly! [muffled music playing in trolly] We’re gunna go. x3
[conductor speaking in background] D: I don’t know- go? M: I just want my bed and a hot water bottle and a good cry Also I just really want like a cute clip of us and the dogs like riding this and they’re just not moving D: We don’t know man, m-maintenance hasn’t come out yet we-we’ve been sitting here for minutes. M: We’re sitting here- minutes. Minutes!! Like at least 4 of them! D: I-I’m livid
M: I just want a cute clip! This is an extremely low… railing D: You got it?
M: Got it, we’re good, thank you for being chivalrous though The chivalry is not dead my friends, chivalrous? M: *laughs* Are you mocking me
D: No M: Gallop wants to go on the other side
D: Ok One time at this fancy establishment, Gallop had diarrhea in the bush. Nothing to see here people. Nothing- keep walking with you Gucci shoes. Keep goin’. I felt really bad for the people who have to like do maintenance here because I was like “I can’t pick that up.” [everyone laughing] M: It’s so bright But I like that they’re already like not too afraid to pee in front of each other. D: I-It seems soon but yea i-it is- T-They’ve really let themselves go. M: I’m not comfortable enough to pee in front of you yet
D: No, n-no. M: I love the way they just like, sit. D: Oh yea
M: Like well-behaved, M: well-trained dogs
D: Yep T-This is w-well behaved kids at work Stella and Gallop – hashtag Stellop – were just holding paws. M: So I think date number 2 ended on a high note. D: S-Success M: On a high note once again D: On a high note *both sing a high note badly* M: I’m sick, I have an excuse,
[D laughs, clapping] M: You, on the other hand? Not sure what yours is. M: Alright this has been another double date with Stellop and…us. D: And us, Mol- Moladrew D: Mew? Meow.
M: Mew? Meow. M: Ship it in the comments below give this a thumbs up link to Drew and Stella below. M: They’re pretty epic humans. Well, she’s a dog D: She’s an e-epic human. D: I’m a regular.. No I’m just regular
M: He’s a dog? M: I don’t know where I was going with this. I’m sick. M: The end! And Drew take it away, finish it off for us what should they do should they- D: Make sure you guys s-subscribe to Molly’s YouTube channel she’s fantastic. She’s very sick right now s-so I-I have to lead you through this. D: Um, make sure you leave a comment
M: What about your channel? D: Leave a comment below and l-let Molly know that you care about her g-getting better. And give her the thumbs up, I-I think that’s what that was. D: You guys wanna go to my channel you can g-go to
S-Shane Dawson Uh that’s me uhh and that’s it.
[Molly’s mom laughing] M: Okay we love you all so, so much doggies do you wanna say a little something?

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