Our Puppy’s First Bath Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppy

Are you ready to get clean? Yes! Now she’s ready to take a bath guys! Surprise and Play! Hi everybody, I’m Christian Today we’re washing my puppy Maple! |I can’t wait to wash her She’s gonna be so clean You little cutie puppy! Are you ready to get clean? Yes Don’t forget to smile! kiss Hi Maple Are you ready to take a bath? Yes I want to take a bath I want to take a soap bath and I just want to play in the bath and have fun And I’m gonna shake like this Like this We have a bathtub for my puppy and we’re also using shampoo for doggies For Maple She’s gonna be nice and clean Last time she was dirty She was all dirty like … like this She loves to play outside and get so stinky eww We’re gonna slowly put it in This is her first bath so we’ve got to be gentle Yeah You’re ok Maple, it’s ok girl Ok put some more It’s ok Maple She’s drinking the water ha ha ha OK MAple, here comes some more It’s ok girl Good job! Good job Maple! Oh it’s getting so wet You’re gonna be nice and clean The water is perfect! See? It’s nice and fresh! It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold, it’s perfect! Awe, she just wants to get out of the bath So we’re gonna use this container to grab some water and put it on there. We need to be super gentle because she will be so scared. And it’s her first bath yeah ok A little bit on her body Gentle Gentle Good job! Good job Maple You’re ok girl Now slowly put all the water You don’t like it? You don’t like the bath? Maple! You’re having a bad hair day Maple! Ha ha ha Put some shampoo on your hands and then rub it all over her You’ve got to be quick, she’s not loving this bath Now rub it on her Just watch her head and her ears It’s ok girl It’s ok girl You’re fine, you’re fine, OK? she’s shaking I’m gonna add more water, it will help It’s ok Maple Oh she’s shaking Argh! It’s ok Maple It’s gonna be fine OK Maple OK, let’s get her all rinsed up OK, get her rinsed up before she gets cold She’s getting freezing cold! IT’s ok, she’s fine, she’s fine OK, grab her I’m gonna push the bath And you put her on the towel Oh my gosh Ha ha ha Watch out she can start shaking Put the towel over her Argh! Quickly! Quickly! Quickly, quickly before she starts shaking all over She’s nice and clean Let’s dry you up Maple Ok, let’s dry her up Argh! Ha ha ha Nice and fresh Before she shakes again argh! She’s shaking on me I’m gonna give her a treat so she feels better OK Maple Here’s the treat Here you go Are you feeling much better? Oh she’s being nice and calm You’re gonna be nice and clean And you’re gonna be nice and shiny And you were dirty outside and so ew I’m gonna use a brush to clean her It’s ok Maple Whoa! Ha ha ha crazy She’s ok She’s so cute! and happy! Keep it far so she doesn’t get too hot Oh do you like that girl? Yeah, it’s gonna warm you up You’re gonna be nice and dry Maple Whoa! She crazy Oh Maple, you’re gonna look so pretty I love you Maple! She’s so funny whoa! If you like this video, give me a thumbs up! Don’t forget to check out my other videos Don’t forget to subscribe click the bell right there And don’t forget to post on our Instagram And you can check out Maple on Instagram too I’m gonna play with my puppy Maple, bye guys! Woosh! What happened to Christian Maple? where did he go?

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