Our puppy is sick… (bad news)

Gentlemen we’re serious right now something terrible happened this morning, Alissa and I found Paris, He was throwing up and he was shivering and he was just visibly very sick What Wow..Wow..Alert I got my fucking hands tattooed East on the right West on the left East is where I grew up and West is where I landed idk. Romeo Lacoste. Thank you for those fire or just gonna Hop right into this vlog. I have a couple videos stacked up the loose change video uploaded today insane videos really It was a really what Jesse crushed it and basically all the stock is sold out. It’s looking like a wild success I’m very already sold all that shit online too? Yes All right Romeo gave me this whole piece. Yes. I was there till 4:00 a.m.. Getting this done, bro. There’s time well-spent incredible Yeah, that’s fire But this vlog is gonna be lit it’s always in let you guys who know you guys already know trippy Reggie my homie He’s the next big thing. I’ve been saying this for a minute now. I swear by it He invited me to his private listening party for his new mixtape. I’m so excited like I’m genuinely so excited. He’s my Guy got two packages today, I’m gonna show you guys what those are now guys Oh, my god supreme Louie Vuitton jeans those are heat And then my favorite silhouette of all time the Vans skate high MTES guys. Just imagine this plus is okay Just imagine that try to take that in I’m up to something you guys know. I’ve been super into shoes lately This is gonna. Be insane. It’s gonna take a while, but just remember I said that for the hardcore Mofos does that see this video and how lippisch it is you guys remember? I said it here right now first So there’s a ton of people here. I guess it’s at capacity, but Milo trapeze managers know me He’s gonna sit us through the back. See you guys in there. Mix tape again drops on October sixth I think I’m doubtful this video after that sorta Lauren vo. Yes, you check them out to My favorite by far right next big thing telling you to read It’s a new day that means we need foods to set the tone. Let’s go first there’s a cat dog and they have to travel across the country to save a turtle go The Adventures of Lenny and Leo a cat and a dog who traveled around the world in search of their friend Tony the turtle Jump in the adventure this Friday on banks, Channel, hahaha It’s not even a full day after launch and everything on the site is sold out holy and guys You know I’ve said it a thousand times at this point, but I have to say it again Thank you so much. This shit is crazy. I’m not gonna be talking about loose change for a while I’m gonna be doing drops Periodically we’re gonna space them out like kind of a lot a month two months in between so that’s it There’s no more loose change available to anybody to buy I know I’ve seen it on Grail the eBay and stuff getting resold at ridiculous prices which is crazy But it is nice because it shows me that there’s a demand for this shit people that I love it so much It’s so dope guys season two is So much doping than season one, so just make sure you guys go to the website and sign up for the newsletter So you guys are emailed and notified as soon as the next line is drop its fire seriously ten times better than season one I’m so happy with it and you guys are just gonna have to wait to see so the homie just pulled up in a Mustang This dude is crazy got my day bought it, but boy John just pulled up. What’s up, man? What’s up? It’s like I know like I would I Just thought your car was glad to throw it into a vlog that’s hilarious, dude. It’s on both sides. Dude. Where’s my name You guys are fucking crazy alright guys party’s over gentlemen more serious right now something terrible happened this morning ELISA And I found a Paris this morning our little French puppy He was throwing up and he was shivering and he was just visibly very sick obviously your freak just the fuck out Just got and the first thing we obviously did was rushed him to the doctors And his eyes were like half shut he did if I could describe it in any words obviously I didn’t pick up the camera and record him like that’s the last thing I was like trying to do if I could describe it in words It would be like a cold his eyes were like half shot, and he was just shaking and normally he’s up Jumpy bounce he’s super. Happy little puppy This was obviously just very different so ELISA rushed him to the doctors, and we just got a callback about him having Aspirational pneumonia I called the breeder right away that I got him from and she didn’t seem too alarmed about it It’s not life-threatening or anything which is nice But just the thought of him being a cologne at the doctor’s look really making sad obviously and there’s the father can be well It’s just the thought of him being in any kind of pain sucks So we’re going to pick him up from the doctors that we dropped him off at we got to bring him to another one that Can take him overnight and monitor him over all right, so we got Paris back from the vet Stung up a little a little walked half of her thing in there. He’s not doing so good guys Yes, no Paris You guys know him and love him And this is not him his energy super down what you thought he’s gonna be so excited to see us but he’s just like head low and Need this so much this much sad So we’re bringing them right now to another hospital, and they’re gonna keep him overnight. I’m gonna make sure he comes on I hope so this sucks. He’s literally like our sons. Yeah We’re just in the waiting room for a little bit, so Alyssa viola. Tell me what’s on your mind No worth what listen That’s funny that you are actually put that in so that just came in he doesn’t seem to too concerned with this again It’s really really common So that was a little bit scary that he said was like 95% chance that he’s good And we’re never gonna have to look back and he’ll be over covered as normal You know it’ll take about a week for my cover from this It’s basically a good dog be cold, but 95% isn’t a hundred percent and like even like 5%. It’s kind of scary I don’t like something bad a lot, and I don’t want to hear that. I don’t wanna think about that Let me show you guys where he’s at and then wide open No ELISA don’t cry get better and you’ll come home. Oh He’s okay Back at the house. Yeah, it was pretty whacked like today’s been pretty shitty I love you guys too tell but I’m not in the best mood. She was crying at the vet It was so fucking hard leaving in there Got some good news this morning Tom. What’s So good news We’ll be able to take home tonight. I know that some of that’s gone sometimes They do things to get extra money from the appeal whatever we’re visiting him right now. I’ll show you guys How the little guys doing I’m hoping we could take him home tonight look at this little cone hand look at him Okay patty yeah. He’s feeling better. He’s feeling a lot better. I’m so happy look. He’s like himself again It’s so nice to see that that’s Coney too little Conan amazing nurse doctor just having been looking to possibly discharge him right out So I think we’re good little Paris, so we’ll go home. We’ll bring them next on runnin and stuff want to go home Yeah, you’re coming home buddy. You’re definitely coming off, but I’m so good. Yeah, I’m watching. I’m sorry sir He’s going back gonna put this down Manuel my dog for a minute. We’re gonna reunite. The little guy with his big sister No right, baby. We’re about to make the big reveal to the big sister look who’s back, baby Look who’s back Sniffing his peepee he just peed you just peed everywhere. He’s peeing everywhere. It’s okay. Don’t worry. It’s okay You’re the free pass because you’re sick. He’s high and you think he’s in trouble back home baby. She’s so happy that he’s back. Oh They’re kissing each other Good boy Hey, hey, hey calm down Mom do you happy you happy baby? Oh, yeah, she’s happy, she missed him family’s all back home Everything should be good as long as he takes his medicine stuff. That was a close one so I’m happy I’m gonna get some food now, and I’ll catch you guys in a bit You look like shit Man you look like shit, too Dead man walking Do a baby girl spent the last few hours playing a Paris get in the back now into the swing of things we’re at Walmart Now you know our lives aren’t filled with cool shit sometimes. We better do the boring shit – I’m sure We’ll find ourselves in some dumb shit We can’t go really anywhere without some dumb shit happen all over again. Whoa what the Ease, dude? Melissa’s got a bunch of healthy things in the basket. Yeah, what’s wrong with you sting? It’s not a question mark don’t ruin my eyes. I will yeah see cep ice cream and ease the pain Oh Honestly, dude. I don’t with you, dude I don’t fuck with you all you do is make fun of little kids your raps are wack. I don’t look you you’re bad Guys it’s not all around Walmart employees here actually Much love guys, thank you Walmart wedgies I Have a real issue with this tomato condiment. This is ketchup. Okay. We all know what that is listen. Here’s the joke What do you call an Asian person with red hair a sesame ginger? We don’t need to be in the section front of you know you need to get your ass back to the car You need to get your ass back to the car Alyssa all right here, so you don’t need any of this Alyssa get your ass back to the car No rope no rules get your ass to the car, baby. I got you something. That’s for you, baby. Yeah, you have to pay for Got the brown rice loaded up You know I’m trying to get some you know some Vegetables and whatever these things are in my body you trying to eat some more healthy shit I’m feeling I’ve been getting a little bit chubbier You know post mates everything they’re not expensive to buy the eggs, but I’m gonna need to buy one of these so rice cooker Dude, these things are incredible. Let me get the idubbbz model Now these things are actually incredible when it comes to eating healthy, you know then we’ll wrap this up Check out with all this shit head home, and that was my travel blog man. I’m tired. It’s been a long few days Honestly, just very happy that Paris is good alive and well a little scared me for a second. Honestly look who it is Seeing this month What are you guys gonna do it’s gonna be assholes what it can I use this you want to try it out, okay? Don’t crash it though. Be careful. I’m letting banks ride my hoverboard right now Hey, that’s the homie calm That’s the chicken right they’ll pull back pull back if you brake. Oh, yeah, that’s what’s up. He’s got it, dude Hey, that’s the homie calm for sure yo low-key your boyfriend’s kind of hot when he arises that like Yeah, the show’s late. Huh, I just started daily today Yeah, and you know it sucks like I have no clickbait option cuz usually I use David as my thumbnail But it hasn’t been working lately, so I’m like bringing I’m gonna sit on this and like look to be next to the car and through banks crash my oh That’s kind of fire. Maybe maybe this one thing doesn’t work out. I’ll use that okay. Let’s do it. I’m down I’m down for the quick. Let’s do it for the click bang if we don’t kick out a Walmart This is my clickbait, and if we do that. I’m still gonna put this clip in what if I get it like flipped over? Yeah, and then you’re like looking at me like this Okay, yeah, look up by the camera and just be like this Okay perfect let me get one more. Let me get one more real quick live over here Okay perfect yeah, that’s perfect. Okay, cool cool. Okay get the lid on me real quick Hey, that’s fire, though yo, if I don’t get kicked out, this is what I’m using I’ve it’s not I’m just gonna look like an idiot. Hey good to see you, man Won’t let me come through since a lot. I am desperate firms like comment like I have nothing to do in my apartment, okay? Take care of it All right guys just unload all the groceries. I think that’ll wrap up the vlog. That’s about it That’s all I got for you guys. I’m tired. I’m worn out I be tomorrow I get myself into a schedule and over-read them watch it going I watch it going on 2018 is gonna be a Big year for cloud gang gonna be a big year for me. I’m really stoked going home soon. That’s gonna Be dope my birthday’s really since in like ten days or something And I’ll start plotting and scheming what you guys are gonna get before if that was planned just so long as you guys are here With me that’s really all I can ask for sorry if the Energy’s low outro blow energy Thanks as always Subscribe all that’s just super important just didn’t do it I mean at the end of day you guys can do it anyway much. Love guys. I love you guys so much It’s been crazy shit some pop and stay tuned for more. It’s been more badass piece Cookie That’s perfect that’s something you are

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