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Hi everyone, this is wolfy choo, as most of you guys already know. I’m a pretty big dog person I love dogs and I’ve pretty much wanted to my own pet dog for my whole life I remember when I was little and I pretty much begged my mom to get me one, but the answer would always be No, she would tell me that one day when I’m older and I have my own house I can get my own dog. And guess what? I’m older. I got a house So naturally the next move for me is to get a dog Jordans pretty much just as big of a dog person as I am He’s had dogs for pretty much most of his life But he wasn’t quite as eager as me to get a dog immediately after getting our own house But I kind of started looking around for puppies for sale near buys. Anyway, he both of us love Japanese pizzas and Pomeranians so I was looking for a cross in between and then I Found her I should join a couple of pictures of this puppy and he really liked her. So pretty much I Contacted the owner and the very next day We went on a two and a half hour road trip out to meet the puppy in person And of course as soon as we met her we fell in love there were lots of other little adorable puppies there but she was the one that came up to us and loved us and she was climbing on our laps and wagging her tail and I was just like yes, she’s the one so a week later. We brought her home my master plan worked So yeah, this is mochi mochi as in the Japanese sweet because she’s a little freebie girl And she looks like a little marshmallow plushie We’ve had her for about three weeks now, and I remember when we first brought her home She was really calm in the car And I thought that she was gonna stay that way just this little calm poppy that loves to cuddle you But then she tricked us as soon as we put her down inside her house. She showed her true self She has got endless energy. She could probably run to China and back and still wanna play anytime I see her get into her bed and looking like she’s finally ready for a nap I turn around and she’s suddenly in front of me again with a toy in her mouth But then she’ll get tired and climb onto my lap to sleep and I just die from the cute So that’s my routine I play with matcha until she gets tired and then I take her into my art room and put her on my lap So she sleeps while I work until she wakes up and wants to play again But sometimes she tricks me with this because she’s not normally allowed in this room when she’s awake So sometimes when I think that she’s falling asleep and I can take her in there She actually instantly wakes up and goes crazy like yes, it works I’m in she also likes ripping toys open and gutting them by pulling all of the stuffing out She’s a little hunter and anything and everything is her toy She even goes crazy attacking her bed, like don’t you want a nice place to sleep? Imagine sleeping on a giant dog bed though. He’s so soft Maybe she doesn’t care too much about her bed because she can get comfy in the weirdest places We discovered that she likes music too. Sometimes we put Yoshi music on for her and she’ll fall asleep to it Her favorite food is also pretty much anything. She can fit into her mouth She likes eating her foot my foot her tail luckily We don’t have too many cables or his things that would be bad for her to eat. Lying around speaking another run around No problem. They see this smart little girl We’ve already taught her lots of tricks like sit shake high-five and she has mastered the art of puppy-dog eyes Although she does have her derpy moments like running into doors randomly falling over dipping her paw into her water bowl for no reason and then when she runs out of water She actually gets mad at her water bowl for not having water in it and she barks at it She’s not very good at catch either every now and then so random, they just jump like a bunny as well But even though what she’s tiny she’s still like studying any other animal she meets know that she’s the boss Iclicker there with our new little sister ko de cordoes Jordans parents new puppy She’s the exact same Braden almost the same age, but they don’t have the same parents Just look at her and what she’s crazy here dilate together though. She’s also like this with cats too, by the way we took her to puppy school for the first time the other week and I was expecting her to be the same just like the top dog But she was actually really shy and I thought that we were gonna see lots of other tiny little puppies her size as well But she was actually the smallest by far you Much he loves being outside running in the grass jumping in piles of leaves Disappears thing she’s also like me in the way that she will randomly get the hiccups at any time of day Her hiccups can be intense too. She can even get them in her sleep I do have all those stretches and Pilates type workouts at home and one of MA Chi’s favorite hobbies is jumping on top of me while I do them. Like she’s telling me I’m not working hard enough we were warned that when you first get a puppy you can expect to get Hardly any sleep for the first bit because of they will howled and whine all night But of macchi and we didn’t really get that I think it’s because she goes so crazy all day that by the time it gets tonight She’s just really tired and she sleeps through most of the night. So thank you much E We appreciate that and here’s some more cute videos of Monty for you guys You’re playing on He’s machi a Kong and she’s scared of it Disrespected you came in your house That’s Lucy Anyway, I love my little machi moon and I hope that you guys will too cuz you’re gonna be seeing her around a lot Especially if you follow me on my social medias on my Twitter and Instagram cuz I’m gonna be posting a lot more of those photos and videos of her getting a puppy is definitely a lot of work because they are just little babies who are really needy and they need a love of love and attention from You but once they’re past that you’ve got a little friend that’s gonna stick with you for the rest of their lives You might see I’m actually holding her right now. See hi to everyone. Do you hear her sniffing Oh Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this video I definitely loved making it I hope that seeing machi helped brighten your day cuz she definitely does that for me everyday. Thank you for watching. Bye

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