– Why are we doing this? All right, we made it home. – I know what you’re going to do. – You know what I’m doing? (excited gasping) All right, guys, you win. You win. You guys asked in the comments, you told us multiple times. (car chiming) Seatbelt. All right, you guys have
told us so many times, get Lincoln a dog! Get Lincoln a dog! ‘Cuz he’s wanted one for a
long time and I’ve said, no, but the truth is, we’ve
had two dogs before. Let me just tell you really quick before we get into me– There’s a fly in here. Get out of here, fly. When Leslie and I first
got married, we had a dog, a little Pomeranian, and
when Leslie was pregnant with Lincoln, the dog
would always bark so much that I had to sleep in
the guestroom with the dog and I didn’t like sleeping
in guestroom with the dog. That wasn’t really– I guess it was my dog, but anyway, we found another family for it. So, we got rid of the dog
right when Lincoln was born. Our second dog was a good dog. I let Lincoln and the kids and Leslie pick out whatever dog they wanted. They got a big, black
dog that shed everywhere and it bit one of London’s
toys and she got sad and so, we gave it to somebody else. So, we’ve had two dogs and
now, here we are again, a few years later and
they have been asking for a dog for months. For months. So, today’s the day. I let Leslie and Lincoln
choose which dog they wanted. We have a friend that has a little puppy, it’s super cute. I’m gonna go pick up the dog right now. I’m gonna bring you guys along. We’re getting a puppy. Oh, boy, why are we doing this? (upbeat music) Okay, are you guys ready? Are you ready for this? I don’t think I’m ready,
but this is the dog. – Are you ready? Say, hi. – [Dan] Does it say anything? – Hi. – [Dan] Is this a good dog? – Yes, a very good dog. – [Dan] Why does it have a giant bow on? – Because we thought it would be so cute to put a JoJo bow on her. – Oh, no. All right, this is the
dog that the kids want. Do I just hold it? – Just hold it, but carefully. – Okay, I’m holding it. I got it. I got it. – You got it? – Okay, I think I’ve got it. Tesla, door, open. Okay, all right. Thanks.
– Thanks. – Okay, dog. Yeah, I know. I’m confused too. This is not a good idea. Oh, you’re okay. You’re okay. Whoa, don’t fall. And what kind of dog is it? I don’t know. We’ll have to ask Leslie, but driving is really hard with this, so I’m putting the camera down. All right, we made it home. I told Leslie to come out
so she can give it to them. It did pretty good. It’s soft.
– Hi. Oh, my goodness. Hi, you. – He’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die! She’s so cute. Oh, what a snuggler. – [Dan] It hasn’t made a noise at all yet. – That’s good. – [Dan] Okay, you ready? All right, buddy. – I know what you’re gonna do. – [Dan] You know what I’m doing? – Hi! – He knows what’s happening.
– What? How do you know? Okay, I wanna surprise London. Oh, she’s so cute. Isn’t she so cute? – [Dan] London, Claire, where are you? Come here, I need your
help with something. – Okay. – [Dan] Lincoln has something to show you. (excited gasping) – [Lesley] Don’t scream. Don’t scream – Oh, hi. – Here, just wait. Let’s set you down. You can do whatever you want. – Hi. – [Dan] Just don’t pee or poo in my house. – Yeah, anything but that. – [Dan] What do you think London? – [Lesley] Claire, everyone is here! – It’s so cute. Thank you. Aw. (excited gasping) – Did you just go and get it? You drove that long?
– Yeah, I just went and got it. – I love you. – [Lesley] What do you guys think? Should we keep her?
– She’s amazing. No, we have to keep her. – I think so. – [Lesley] I think we’re just
gonna try her out for a day. – [Dan] Can you guys teach
it how to be potty trained? – Yeah.
– Um. – [Dan] Can you keep it alive and feed it? – I think that we need to
work on that, but yeah. – You’re the cutest. – [Dan] Okay, Lincoln, what
kind of dog is this, even? – [Lesley] Don’t hold her
by her neck like that. – Cava Poo Chon. – [Dan] What is it? – Cava Poo Chon. – [Dan] What does that even mean? I’ve never even heard of that. – Yeah, I haven’t either before this dog. – [Dan] What kind of dog is it? – It’s a Cavalier Spaniel, a
poodle, and a Bichon Frise, so it’s a Cava Poo Chon. – [Dan] What’s nice about this one? Why did we get this one? – It doesn’t shed, it’ll
get to be 10 to 11 pounds, and they use them for therapy dogs, so they’re really docile
and sweet, but still fun and so, I think that
it’ll be fun for Lincoln and for the girls. – [Dan] All right, what’s the dog’s name? That’s the question. What are we gonna name it? – Tesla
– Tesla – Tesla? – Yeah. – [Dan] So, it’s already been decided? – Yeah, by me. – [Dan] Are you girls okay with that name? – Yeah.
– I think it’s super cute. – [Dan] Okay, Tesla it is. After the famous mathematician. – [Lincoln] Or the car. It doesn’t like the bow on it. – [Dan] Yeah, get that bow off of there. – [Lesley] No, it does like the bow. – [Lincoln] It hates it. – [Lesley] It does, it loves it. – [Dan] It hates it. – It hates it.
– No, it doesn’t. Look, you guys didn’t see– Let’s see.
– It does not like the bow. – You guys wanna see
where she’s gonna sleep? – Where?
– You guys didn’t even notice. Mommy put some–
– Dang it! – No, Claire. – You’re really, like–
– Mommy put something together – Really sneaky.
– I’m so sneaky. – And awesome. Come on, come on. Let’s go, come on. (upbeat music) – Oh, cute! – That’s gonna be her bed. We’ll put blankets in it. – [Dan] That’s the bed. – Oh, it’s so cute. – It’s so cute. – Aw! (kids giggling) (upbeat music) – [Dan] Are you gonna let
it sleep in your room? – Yes. – [Dan] London, what’s your
favorite thing about the dog? – She’s so cute. – [Dan] How are you gonna
teach it to be potty trained? – I’m gonna wake up every two hours. – [Dan] Two? I thought you said three? – Two or three. – [Dan] Two or three hours and do what? – Take it outside. – [Dan] For how long? – Mommy’s gonna do it.
– I’m gonna do it. I’ll do it!
– Who’s gonna pick it up, though? – [Dan] London’s doing
it, Claire’s doing it. Who’s doing it? – I really don’t know. – Who’s gonna pick up?
– I feel like we’re confused on who’s taking it outside every two or three hours. – [Lincoln] Come on, let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. – [Dan] Now, it’s working. – Okay, come on.
– First ever walk. – Come on!
– Can I please come? – Come on.
– Come on, let’s go. – I’m not pulling it yet. – Come on, come on. Come on. – Wow, dad.
– There we go. – Don’t drop it. – [Dan] It’s running, it running. – [Lincoln] Stop! Put it down! It really doesn’t like this. – It’s okay, come on. – [Dan] First walk. Let’s do it. Let’s do it, come on. Come on, dog. – Come on, come on. Come on, come on. – [Dan] Go Lincoln, go! Bye. There goes the actual Tesla. It’s a lot faster than this Tesla. This Tesla does not like going on walks. – It likes being outside,
but just not going on walks. What if we put it in
some sort of bin thing? – [Dan] A bin thing? – Yeah.
– A bin thing that has wheels? – Yeah, go ahead.
– Like a skateboard? – [Dan] Do you have a bin
thing that has wheels? Now, you’ve got it. – This way. No, this way. – It just doesn’t like the leash, I guess. All right, day one of having a puppy. It’s been fun. It’s a good dog. It’s cute, it’s fluffy. – It’s so fluffy! – We don’t know how to take it on a walk. Lincoln thinks he has a pretty good plan for potty training it tonight. It’ll be interesting to see how they do it every three hours getting
up, crate training it. We’ll see how that goes, but so far, are you happy with your dog? – Yes. Very happy.
– Very, very happy? It hasn’t pooped in the house yet or peed, so I’m happy with it so far. That will change, I’m sure, at some point. – You won’t even have to clean it up. – [Dan] I don’t? – You just have to play with it. – You heard that on camera. I don’t have to clean it up, I just have to play with it. Deal, Lincoln. Deal, deal, deal.
– Well, maybe sometimes.

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