Our New Golden Retriever Puppy, Triever!

hi everybody this is Jerry from Jarriel
in-display glad to be back I was a video for you
today’s video is our new golden retriever and his payment of dreamer
have a good day and I hope you enjoy our video more to come by
licinia I’ll be starting to get used to the
sound oh there’s food I hate that he’s not jumping it up a feed every where’s
my feet coming out of your hair but then you don’t have to cook dinner
oh yeah I guess feed them I guess yeah didn’t think that schmoopy I think I heard something growl they really clean them hands up we’re gonna take number seven sadly
which one is this cuz we got a lot of pictures of him look
at us on the other film it’s too hard to really know I know quite a like oh those
Judy are a little lighter than this one I think
please you guys are looking like eight baby no baby yeah this is their first time that’s her puppy duster babies

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