Our Gender Reveal Party (with Puppies!!)

– Okay, Jill, get into
baby making position. – What is this test? – I think you’re having a unicorn baby. – Is this like some
witchcraft or something? – Yeah. Twins?
– Yes. – Censor this for the children! (bright upbeat music) – What’s up, you guys? – Hey.
– And welcome back to Clevver Style. The Clevver aunties
are here, Sinead and I, because as you know, our
Clevver baby mama, Jill, national treasure.
– Yes. – Yes.
– Is having a baby. – And today is an extra special day because we get to be a part of a huge office-wide gender reveal. – It’s happening later on
today and Jill is so excited. – Honestly, I really thought that she would have told us by now because remember we threw her that epic, incredible, baby shower? – Yeah, remember? Oh my God, we’re gonna be
aunties to the Clevver baby. I love this so much. We’re having a baby! (laughs) Oh, hell no, the baby is
like, it comes in parts. Okay, if she’s not gonna tell
us ’til the end of the day, there must be something we can
do to try to figure it out. To crack the code. – Yeah, well, we could
interrogate her, one, but we don’t want to
stress her out, you know? – I don’t have any zip ties to tie her to a chair, so.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. But there are these old
wives tales that you can do that are supposed to predict
the gender of your baby. And some of them are kind of weird. Some of them require your pee-pees. – Your tinkles, your sprinkle. – Which I don’t think I
feel fully comfortable asking from her. – Oh, I feel fine, let’s do it. I feel like we should
also do an office poll. – Yeah, and maybe we all have some sort of gut intuition type thing. – Yeah. – But mostly I want to do the wives tales ’cause I feel like that’s way more fun. – Yeah, and just because
I’m trying to (laughs) see how we’re gonna convince
Jill to pee in a cup. (laughs) – Okay. I feel like I should just
start maybe Googling. So the first one that comes up is that Chinese gender prediction chart. I mean, honestly, looks
really complicated. Look at that. Interesting.
– What’s next? – Yeah, I guess boys give you dry skin and girls bring out all the oil. You know what? That’s not actually that far off. – Jill’s skin is impeccable. I haven’t noticed either or. – Yeah, it’s like it hasn’t changed ’cause she had perfect skin before. And of course there’s the morning sickness and your cravings. Take two tables spoons of baking soda and mix it with your urine. The test is said to be about 80% accurate. – Dude, I have something to confess. I have this baking soda
(laughs) weird addiction. I’ve got a handle on it
now, but back in the day, I used to eat it, first of all, because I was obsessed
with laundry detergent and that was the closest thing. I was like, “It’s edible.” And now, I just do a thing
where I put it in my mouth after whiffing laundry detergent and then I spit it back out. That’s why my teeth are so white. – Please don’t tell me you’ve been eating Tide Pods at one point. – No, I never did that. Nope.
– Thank God. – The consistency isn’t right. – This might ruin your baking soda thing ’cause it says that if the solution fizzes after you’ve mixed it with your pee, you’re having a boy and if it remains flat you’re carrying a girl. – We could definitely do that one. We just need to get her pee. – You just want baking soda.
– Yeah. – All right, honestly,
this goes on for forever, like foot growth, feet, more feet things. – No feet, no feet. – Yeah, I don’t like feet things either. So let’s just print out
this whole list, and then– – Print it out.
– We’ll see what we can do. But let’s start with polling everybody. All right, let’s do this. – Yoo-hoo-hoo!
– You guys. Guys.
– Hoo-hoo-bubububu. (group laughs)
That was my alarm. This is important, this is
gonna be important information. – So Jill’s doing the
gender party reveal later on and I wanna do a poll to ask you guys what you guys think the gender’s gonna be. – You know what I’m feeling?
– What? – I’m feeling twins. – Twins? – Yes, I’ve just been
like getting twin vibes. – I’m gonna go ahead and say
I don’t think you’re right, but I respect your opinion. – Thank you.
– But if it is twins, what would you think the
genders would be then? – Yeah, I think one each. One boy, one girl.
(bell chimes) – Again, just write it down.
– I can work with that. – Just write it down.
– I can work with that. – Write it down.
– I got it. – I’m feeling girl.
(bell chimes) I feel like Clevver is
a very feminine energy that we’ve got in this office and we just need another fierce girl. – I’m gonna go boy.
(bell chimes) – No! – I’m thinking and feeling boy. I don’t know, I just picture
Jill with a little boy. – Okay, you guys–
– Okay, so far, the girls have it. – Yeah, appreciate your work here. Love you guys, thank you very much. Goodbye.
– And if you can trap some pee from Jill, you’ll help us out. – Yeah.
– Got it. – Woo-hoo-bloop-bububu.
– Hey guys. I’m sorry to disturb the peace. Something very serious is happening and there’s going to be a
gender reveal later on today. We’re trying to crack the
code before that, y’all. – So Emile, girl or boy? – I think a boy. – Okay, all right, all right.
(bell chimes) Next. – Hunter? – I’m gonna say a girl (bell chimes)
just to go against Emile. – Okay.
– I like it, I like it. Okay, Mottie? – Team girl, period.
(bell chimes) – Team girl, period.
– Hell yeah. Ravette? – Oh, I think we need
girl energy around here. (bell chimes)
– Yes. – Little girl, baby girl. – I feel it in my loins.
(Ravette laughs) – Susan, what are you thinking, girl? – I think it’s going to be… A girl.
(bell chimes) – All right, Maddie, what’s it gonna be? – What am I wearing? – Girl.
(bell chimes) – Okay, perfect. So the only other
question I have for you is why didn’t anybody tell
me that there were bagels? ‘Cause that’s freaking rude.
(group laughs) – [Maddie] Oh yeah, help yourself. – Okay, let’s go get Jill. Let’s do these old wives tales. – She’s gonna have to pee in a cup. – Dibs on not being the one to
have to ask her for her pee. – Oh, I’ll ask, I don’t mind. – Oh, Jill!
– Jill! – Hi!
– Hello! – How are you beautiful Clevver baby mama? – Are you busy?
– I never trust either of you. – What, what if we were just coming in here to say
– I don’t know what you mean. – hello and see how you’re doing? We’re not, but, you know. The party is hours away. – Too long.
– I’m so sorry. – We’re gonna crack the code. – Yeah.
– Okay. – I know you think you’re
being slick but you’re not. Have you been drinking a lot of water? – Sure, yes. – That’s good, that’s good. – Might want to fill it up again ’cause I need you to pee in a cup, ‘kay? Come on. We’re gonna do some old wives tales. – Perfect.
– Unnaturally. – Follow Sinead.
– Okay. – Got her.
– Wait, wait, what? Okay, okay. What is going on? I see a clipboard. – First of all, I would
just like to point out that we did not zip tie you
to a chair because first, it was gonna be an interrogation, but Sinead said we shouldn’t
do that to a pregnant person. – Yeah, no, I’m just
looking out for you, girl. We have a lot of things planned actually. – Okay, I’m so excited! – Now Jill, we’re doing old wives tales to figure out what the
gender of your baby is. – Okay. Wait, do you guys have guesses or you’re gonna use this scientifically?
– Oh, I guess we should tell you that we did
poll the entire office. – We did.
– Oh, okay. – Boys got four points – Okay.
– And girl’s at eight points. – Yeah.
– Okay. – I think it might just be because like, 15,000 vaginas work
at Clevver, you know? – Yeah.
– That’s true. It’s like we’re all on
the same cycle, like– – We feel the girl energy–
(Drew laughs) – Yeah, for sure.
– ‘Cause it’s just right. – What should we start with? The baby’s heartbeat?
– Yeah. So that’s why–
– That’s why you stole that. – I didn’t, I didn’t steal it. – Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, mm-hmm. – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sonogram in person up close, it is beautiful. – All right, so the
heartbeat on here is 153. – Okay, so this chart says, if it’s greater than 140, it’s a girl. If it’s less than 140, it’s a boy. – Look into her eyeballs.
– So… The first one says it’s a girl. We’re keeping track. – [Drew] So for cravings Jill. – [Jill] Okay. – What have you been craving? – Donuts are the number one thing. I kinda love donuts always
but there’s just something about them that’s extra appealing, and then just breakfast food in general, like I’ve been going to IHOP. – It’s funny that you say that, Jill, because according to this chart, if you’re craving sweet
things, you’re having a girl. – You know I’m obsessed with donuts, but if you can recall, I said, not once throughout the entire
time that I was pregnant, did I eat a single donut
because I was mortified, and embarrassed, and ashamed, that I was actually grossed out by them. – That is so shocking. – Okay, next. Do you think you’re
carrying your baby high or are you carrying it low? – Sinead, what do you think? You’re the expert in this matter. I’m not sure. – It’s not necessarily hanging low and it is kinda taking up more space. Where you see the bump is in the middle. – This is good news, you know why? According to the chart, if you carry it high,
you’re having a girl. If you carry it low, you’re having a boy. This is going the way I want it to, okay. Morning sickness, have
we been having it or no? – I’ll get really hungry in the mornings to the point where I almost
feel nauseous over it. I’m like, oh my gosh,
I need to eat something right this second, but I would say I really have avoided morning sickness. – So you didn’t throw up at all? – I have not thrown up. I’m loving this.
– Now I’m confused, because it says, if you
don’t have morning sickness, you’re having a boy. Which would make sense
if you said you didn’t. – I didn’t throw up once, actually. – And then if you’re
having a girl, it’s a yes. So far it been all girl answers. Okay, next one. It’s the eye test. So we’re gonna have you look into a mirror and if your eyes are dilating, that means you’re having a boy. – Okay, I’m focusing. – Do your eyes feel like
dilate-y or you know, whatever? Is anybody an eye doctor in this office? – Is it looking dilated? – It’s probably been a minute, right? – Okay, I was really focusing,
feeling a little dizzy, but I think there was
basically no pupil movement. – Which means it leads to a girl. Okay, next up, the ring test. – Good, that’s good.
– We’re gonna take this string – Once I cut this, I’m
gonna the ring on it and then we’re going to, like a pendulum, put it over your stomach. If it goes in a circle, it’s a girl. If it swings back and forth, it’s a boy. Okay, Jill, get into baby
making position. (laughs) – Baby making? – What is this test? – Okay, it swings in a circle it’s a girl. If it’s back and forth, it’s a boy. (calming piano music) Get closer to the belly button. It’s going back and forth.
– Back and forth. – It’s 100% going back and forth.
– Definitely back and forth. – Okay, back and forth means boy. I still have hope. We are only halfway through the test. Next is the Chinese calendar. (Drew vocalizes)
– Okay. Wow, wow. – Yeah, basically just match
up your month of conception with your age at conception. – Okay, so then, that would be 32. – Okay. – I found out on April, but conception would’ve been in March. – So, according to the
Chinese gender chart, you would be having a girl. (Drew cheers)
(bell chimes) – Drew, you’re welcome.
– Yay! Okay, next is the Mayan system. – Okay. – You just told us that you were 32. – Which is good ’cause we need your age. – And the year–
– Well, it’s 2019. – Yeah, the year of conception,
you got pregnant this year. – 2019. – Okay, which is an odd number. – Mm, mm-hmm. – I’m not happy about this. Okay, so the Mayan system tells us that if both of those numbers
were even or if both were odd, that means you’re having a girl. – Okay. – And because they were, one
was odd and one was even, it means you’re having a boy.
(bell chimes) – So the Chinese think it’s a girl. The Mayans think it’s a boy.
– It’s a boy. – Wow, this is just confusing. – Okay but still, one,
two, three, four, five. So far, the old wives tales
are telling us it’s a girl. Okay, next is the hand test. – Okay.
– So soft. – Really, really soft, yes.
– You think? Wait, don’t touch my elbows. – I think this is a good sign. – Oh! – [Drew] So, if they’re soft,
it means she’s having a girl, and if they’re dry, it
means she’s having a boy. – Yeah, and I had incredibly
dry hands while I was pregnant. – [Drew] Okay, next is the key test. – We’re gonna unlock your belly. (group laughs) – I’m gonna put this here. – ‘Kay. – And I need you to pick it up, Jill. – With my hands? – Yeah, with your soft hands. – Okay, I’m just gonna pick up the key so I would do it like this. (curious music) – Hmm. Are you sure that’s how you want it? Put it down. – She already did it. – Ugh, she picked it up by the round end, it means she’s having a boy. And if it was by the other
tip, then its a girl. Next is breast size. – Okay.
– Show us your breasts. (Drew and Sinead laugh)
– They’re small. Bigger than before, smaller than most. – Bigger than before, is one
maybe bigger than the other? – Yeah, hmm. – Or like, did one get bigger and then the other one’s been
a little slow to catch up? – Oh, it does feel like the right one is filling out this cup more. – I’m very happy because–
– Okay! – Dude, dude! If her right is bigger, it
means she’s having a girl. Okay, mood-wise, how
have you been feeling? – I don’t know, what would you guys say? – I feel like you’re just a ray of freaking sunshine.
– Normal. To be honest with you.
– Yeah. Like, you’re happy all the time. – But, no.
– What are my choices? – Actually.
– What are my two choices? – Actually, she’s had a couple of moments. – I have to be honest, I hate to say it, but I feel like you’ve been happy. – Yeah. – [Drew] and that means
you’re having a boy. – Interesting.
– And moody is girl. I don’t know.
– But then again, just telling you right now.
– You haven’t been moody. – I was a crazy, crazy
person when I was pregnant. – This is what you’ve been doing, you’ll been telling us
something and then you’ll go. (crickets chirping) (Jill laughs)
– Yeah, she does. She does do that.
– That’s what she does. – Like my brain like, broke.
– Like your brain. Mm-hmm, your brain broke.
– Broken, malfunction. – I’ve been using that excuse
like here or there, for sure. – Okay, another one. So, there should or maybe not, a little line, either
above your belly button or below it.
– Yes. I have a tiny faint, maybe
it’s coming in hot soon, from like down here to my belly button. This is like, a little
TMI, but do you see it? – Aw, I do see it!
– Oh my gosh, yeah! – And its not like, oh my God, too much. Censor this for the children! But yes.
– You kinda have it above your belly button.
– Really? – Yeah, like.
– No! – Yeah, what is that, Drew? – I’m like, okay, I might
start sweating, I have to put my clothes back on.
– I see it way more prominent on the bottom.
– No, it’s, yeah! I’ve noticed it on the bottom. – Yeah.
– What? Yes.
– Oh, it does, I see it. – Dude, it’s–
– It’s more prominent below. According to this, if you have it below your belly button it means
you’re having a girl. – [Jill] Okay. – [Drew] And above is a boy. – [Sinead] Just circle the boy. – This next one we have to
take you to the bathroom. – Yeah. – And I’m gonna need you to pee in a cup. – Actually, I like, really have to pee. – Oh, good.
– As you like do often but– – We won’t watch. – We won’t – Okay. (laughs) – All right, you guys, we’re walking to the bathroom right now. Jill is ready to pee for us. – This is the weirdest thing
we’ve ever asked you to do. – 1,000%. – Definitely, but like,
because of all the weird things I’ve asked you to do. – Right. I’m gonna need you to pee in the cup, as much pee as you want. – Okay. – But save some for the other cup. – Two cups. – Or if you wanna pee
on one and then pour it. – This is– – It’s gross.
– Okay. – Do you want us to run the water? – Think of Niagara Falls, okay. – All right, I’m ready for science. – Hold on.
– What happens? I got my two specimens,
they’re here on the floor. – I’m gonna need you to pour this baking soda into one of them. – Okay. – Not like the whole box. – Yeah, save some for Drew,
she wants to take it home. – I have two cups. – Okay. – It started with an
quick outer layer of fizz and very quickly died out. Nothing much happened. – Well, funny you should say that because if there was no
fizz, it means it’s a girl and if there’s fizz, it means it’s a boy. Okay, next. – The Drano of it all.
– I’m gonna need you to take this Drano. Be careful.
– Okay, gee. – I’m allergic. – What am I looking for? – You tell me if it’s like, the same color or if it’s a little brown. – Okay, I would say, it has turned into like a
lighter more neon color. – I think you’re having a unicorn baby. – [Sinead] Brown whatsoever. – No like, murky brown? – Not brown. – Because if it stays the same color, it means you’re having a girl and if it’s brown it means boy. – [Sinead] Oh, wow. – [Drew] So you’re having a magical girl. – Drew, what are our results? – Okay, tally. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, 10. 10 wives tales point
toward you having a girl. – Dang!
– Ooh. Interesting.
– One, two, three, four, five, six, and six points
toward you having a boy. – Also interesting. – Between this and the office poll, seems like you’re having a girl, Jill. – [Sinead] It really does. – Okay, well. I’m so freaking excited and I can’t wait to tell you guys. So like, should we do the party now? – Please, God, please, yes.
– What, yes! Let’s go!
– Let’s go now! (overlapping shouts) Okay y’all, the wait is finally over. We did the wives tales, we did the poll. – That’s right. – And everything mostly
came out to a girl. – That’s right, it was
leaning towards girl. So now, we are ready, we are waiting. We have the entire Clevver team back here. – Hi, friends.
(group cheering) – Everybody’s excited,
we’re just waiting now for the final word that we can go find out what the heck Jill is having. – Jill, please, tell us. – [Jill] You guys, you guys! Okay.
– Yeah. – [Jill] I’m ready! – Oh my God, she’s ready,
she’s ready, she’s ready! – [Drew] Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. – [Sined] Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. (suspenseful music) – [Group] Oh my God! – We’re having a puppy! (overlapping screams of excitement) – Oh my God!
– Take a puppy! (overlapping screams of excitement) – I cannot tell you how
happy I am that it’s a girl. I wanted her to have a girl
from the start of this episode, to the start of forever
and it’s happening. Little Clevver girl, yes. Jill, first of all, congratulations. – [Sinead] Congratulations. – I’m so happy that the Clevver baby mama is having another little Clevver girl. – Clevver’s newest fan coming soon. – You guys, give all the love
in the comment section below. – Yeah, and now that we
have the gender confirmed, we need some baby girl
name recommendations. So drop them down in the comments, okay? – Like this video and subscribe. And just love each other. – Yeah, we’re gonna go
and play with puppies. – Yay!
– Bye! (group cheering and cooing) – Best day ever!
– Oh, hi, baby. (camera shutter clicks) (peaceful upbeat music) (graphic whooshes)

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