Off-leash walk with German Shepherd/Spacer bez smyczy z Owczarkiem Niemieckim

Beautiful afternoon I would say sunny, but sun already set Pheasant Sun set here, but there it’s still visible in the east mountains There’s Major A stroller Mr. All sniffing & marking his area everywhere & there’s those huge fields & meadows to which we came The biggest in the area Come on Major, we’re going up there & we’ll see where to go further A great place for walks with Major Away from people, away from other dogs I haven’t seen deer-roes here Cause it’s long way to the forest There are forests Here’s only some trees So let’s go Major Because it’s really super place for walks I’ve got water in backpack, so We won’t die from thirst There must bust water during long walks Come on let’s go Such a beautiful view Is anyone seeing Major? Where have you been? Closer Beautiful autumn colors we can see in mountain forests & on all trees I’m living there somewhere I see my car Oh, I see the lake Where Major swam when it was still warm & there’s Major who’s digging again But this field is already ploughed More, even a cultivator was here But Major’s still playing a farmer Come on further I see place where we’ll go on the other side of the expressway, to those fields There’s Major Yes Major, we go there To this viaduct There you are Very good There’s no mud, we can go Yes Major, on the one side there’s quite, peace & field and on the other side we’re still hearing this road Just don’t care He saw I’m standing I go, go Maybe you’ll go here? Good Major, good doggo What you feel? Which smell you have found? Are you playing a farmer, Major? Are you grabbing a corn? Come on Major, we’re returning to the car Slowly night is rising Yes & closer to the winter means faster end of the day So we’re going to the car While we’re seeing anything It was a good long walk, right Major? & again he went into corn Come on Major, we’re going to the car Good dog, he knows what’s going on Thanks for watching & see you next time Later

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