October 31, 2019 – BCC Work Session

>>They would like to call the meeting to order us a work session parking tobar 31th Halloween 2000 the following. First thing on the agenda is an award for the great kcl us yeah.>>Good morning commissioners could be said any better the great Casey. Ellis is retiring. After 28 years with manatee County but also an additional 10 years prior to that. But the supervisor of elections office that’s trying to think of what to say what came to mind is that you know Casey is the face and the voice of our citizens action Center.>>She’s the One of the first one to it here on our phone when you call into our main switchboard and the most interesting thing for me over the last 3 years is of had an opportunity work day to day with Casey and with evil on an and now was Sherry and obviously Debbie and Lucent all the other folks involved with with the switchboard here the citizens action Center here and now now the new move over to public safety for 3, 1, 1, and I know that was a difficult decision and especially for Casey to have to make a move about 3 weeks before she retired, but I will have to tell you that the entire group came together and worked so hard and have made that transition and spin my honor and pleasure in every aspect of my career here to the county to work with Casey some want to thank her for all those sure thank you and I want to I want to turn it over to Jake’s our am who is now the I’m in charge of your 3, 1, 1, center where our citizens action group us moved.>>Good morning commissioner subjects our acting director of public safety, it’s not every day you get to celebrate retirement, someone is only work for you for for Casey will be extremely mess bias and public safety by the county administration didn’t really buy everyone a man to County government. She’s one of the most dedicated hardworking and compassionate people I know 38 years in college and experience working for the county. Let me say that again 38 years, she’s lived here all over life and is deeply passionate about me at the county and its citizens. Which first started she worked for the supervisor lead sons and she remembers them being excited to have 60,000 registered voters in the county. And yeah. 38 years later over 250,000 registered voters in the county. After 10 years with the elections of supervisors, Casey moved to the citizens action Center, another and for the past 28 years there, she has been a respected mentor to many in the county government. Her enthusiasm for customer service is best summed up in the fray, she likes to say give them what they want and not what they asked for. Cases been committed to finding what our citizens truly needing connecting them with solutions. And if you ever pastor in the hallway, you may have noticed she is always has a smile on her face and her positivity and optimism are contagious and so is her impeccable work ethic. I’ve also been amazed by cases in comparable knowledge base, she serves of the well as a wealth of information during the 3, one implementation process which he’s been involved with from beginning. One of her last the most important goals with the county was to have 3, 1, up and running before she retired, and she was able to see that go through. Now Casey is looking forward to spending more time with their grandchildren she has 3 of them to in Jacksonville and one in Tennessee. I’m sure she will continue to cultivate the many lasting friendships he’s made with their co-workers here manatee County. Just really had a lasting impact on everyone she’s come in contact with and she has made a profound difference in this community. Casey thank you so much for all you’ve done and all the people you’ve helped me to counties a better place because of you.>>Thank you all it has just been an honor to work for manatee County and its pen down. It was my calling to be a liaison for the citizens, the residence, the visitors with the county. So many people would call us when we had read Tiger, whatever the issue was they are calling from all over the country and being able to reach manatee County and speak to a real person and find out what the real situation was it was much appreciated by them and I felt like I was really doing something that was needed so being able to transition from the citizens action Center into the 3, 1, 1, call center will provide the same services but it will be much easier for the citizens to reach out and get us. They’re not going have to wonder how to reach anybody when they have questions though just 3, 1 one and they’ll get the wonderful voices of Debbie lose evolve, I’m Sherri so being able to do that has very rewarding. I’m the only other 2 and that I had something that was almost his reporting was when Sherry and I worked together to get the 2, 1, 1, call center of it right. So we’ve been represented manatee County on the and that is a wonderful service to because when people reach out for social needs social services. They have an avenue that they can go to that can call 2, 1, one and find help with whatever social needs that they have. And now the has 3, 1 one to get us, so I feel like I’ve gone as far as I can go. Although I did promise Sherry that if she needs me I’ll come when when my mentor Murray did Ray lets left for that next year she came in several times to help me out and just having that anchor to pull up when I needed it was wonderful. So thank you all very much, I’m sure I’ll see you around and hopefully not in the emergency operations center in a hurricane. So God bless you all and I think for Cain said that she really should recognize her has and family because at 28 years of dedication also is required of family. Rigo. This pops my high school sweetheart so that stuck with me for many many years and hopefully we’ll have many more to come now. Thank you guys. Don’t you can’t get the car go>>commissioner servia yes Casey it’s so bittersweet to see you standing there and I remember when rated realists was knowing out of the county and you’re coming in into this position and since that time you have just done this calm compassionate voice that helps everyone and and I know that because any time that I’m anywhere in the county. There’s a problem people say OK I know call Casey on gun case you call in the morning. So thank you for your service. I wish you the best and most relaxing and joyous retirements, but please come back and visit us.>>And I’ve had the honor of working with you for 13 years now plus up before other life N it’s been a true pleasure you are such a kind caring to see she actually holds the medical drawer for all of us. That is still there so. But anyway case I want to thank you and I think if you to you to a lot of people out I see Susan Bro mine back there that if you know she’s here. I saw Ed Hunsicker icy dance land over Area.>>And Le Petit she was going to love it or same area nickel wait a minute you’re retired what you so I just want to tell you what.>>Honor it is to work with you you will be missed thank you for all that you’ve done for the manatee County. Thank you for putting up with many of our difficult citizens. We know Mary from France that. Yes, everybody’s laughing. They spent about an hour with their inner gentleman that passed away that lived over by Sam, it’s this I forgot and so we learned that Mister Weil where for years you sat there for hours and listen to takes a badge of courage so I didn’t want to thank you for all you need to know and you have done and congratulations you guys are going somewhere in the right somewhere on vacation. Well unfortunately, Bob has to stay here to work.>>But I want to go. That.>>Jason lives in Jacksonville. So I’m going to be going back with them that’s absolute can trick or treat with the boy’s Congratulations fold, we love you to death come back. Thank you commissioner trace. Casey I always enjoy our early morning talks that’s rolling around and I do a great job and you’re definitely going to be missed by me. Thank you for your service. Yeah Only for a very>>Believe that you’re leaving I see this all the time when I see everyone retire, it’s like. As we all started about the same time e.>>I’m still here and you guys all get>>you know your job has been so difficult and I used to tell a bomb tie reishi write a book.>>No everything.>>That you’ve seen and you you might want to think the same thing as that people that you have worked with in your patience is believe up all I could never do your job, I’m not sure sometimes I can do this Job. You deserve this you deserve to have a great time, but we also need to come back every now and then and see us and and help us out you know talk to us because that’s what that’s what you’re best at so thank you so much, thank you to your family for sharing. Site wondered if she went home from this job and kick the dog. I don’t know how you how you deal with I’m constantly dealing in the public eye and it’s it’s a tough thing so thank you thank you, thank you and enjoy. Yes, those grandkids, I>>Commissioner ball.>>Casey I was standing behind me just didn’t know so I heard everything you know your name I’ve always said should be patient. is that is truly you I I don’t know how you’ve done what you do. And you’re always calm. You’re always always wondered if you took blood pressure the sun but I did want to ask you that you know it you’re truly a remarkable and I can tell you I mean we’ve had another one that retired earlier this year that I still miss to this day. Mary Ann. But you know what you’re. It’s not going to be the same without you, I mean you are. So much a part of the county so I love it that you’re going to be free to enjoy your day every day your family, your grand kids, I know how close you are to them, but just remember back here you’ll be missed. So have a wonderful wonderful retirement.>>Congratulations this is miss Ellis to me when I first met them their son play basketball for me.>>As good the smartest best of the deal was always so these laurean. Congratulations going so I’m Jason take Arie mom you your family and I know you enjoy your grandkids well-deserving what is it.>>And I have to say thank you for helping the re such a wonderful boy. You were an awesome influence on him, the memories that he has a view and the news get the big plaque still hanging on the wall.>>And I guess you know just to finalize the day Casey you know it’s a heavy one is said your patience up there. It was always refreshing to refer const constituents of mind were hooting and hollering in some value. Down very quickly you found the actions form and I think you know a great late legacy for you is you know, you’ve trained bunch of people to take over your position that we know are going to do the same type of job that you’ve done. As far as handling our citizens are safe all that new a 3, 1 one number and a thank you and like you, the rest of said enjoy those grandchildren and we hope you’re not going to be an unfamiliar face back in the building. Don’t spend too much time over that public safety>>I want to say one more thing when Kyoto’s to Rachael Taft and to make is it because they’ve created such a good Web site that hit that has helped us with our frequently asked questions we can you know so the citizens as the millennials come up more and more than want to go online to find the answers and they can they don’t have to call us they can go online and they can find the information because Rachel’s been so good at keeping everything up just want to say that. So we thank you resent the plaque to.>>Casey and invite all those here in the building and that have come to visit her family and friends. I’m just outside and in the lobby for capon chain coffee while we have our work sessions and Casey.>>Thank you so much. Why don’t I get to treat him alive in there and enjoy your cousin can all cent of cases.>>The next item on the agenda is the peer strain gap Creek watershed management plan project alternatives and already getting lectured and that’s. doing OK we’ll try this again we’re not going to the pier Creek all I can hear you a few.>>So uh I’m not sure who the maybe Tom you are the inner walk us. Thomas police on a skewer now be sure to make sure it’s on in Utah cloud, certainly Sir.>>This morning we will bring this up and to and to a different up presentations we will start off with a they’re strain and then subsequently bought 2 boys Creek around.>>10 30 this morning I’m up Mister chair, it’s not I mean it may be mean.>>That I can’t I mean I can hear that good.>>Of the podium friends Tom thank you. All right, let’s try to me that’s OK thank you.>>And that’s a script introductory YS but all move on first off we’re going take up with a cure stream watershed and then subsequently at 1030 we will. Discuss police Creek watershed first off and just to a start off with. It cannot be not it cannot be over Lee emphasized in either one of these watersheds for pure stranger bullies Creek.>>That any improvements or enhancement projects. Well not entirely so flooding for drainage problems improvement projects either individually or cumulatively, and neither one of these water shirts will typically him the measure in inches not in feet. Yet even inches in either one of these water says can make the difference of property property owners experiencing or avoiding flooding to homes and businesses. First off we will start off with appears drain water said and the consultant that has been involved in the watershed management plan for this particular study is cdm Smith. We will have Benjamin her nest me and Daniel honor gives a presentation on here’s trend. Thank you.>>Commissioners ladies Gentlemen, good morning and thank you for the opportunity to speak with you today, my name has been for Disney. I am a civil engineer with the consulting firm cdm Smith, I’m joined today by Daniel honor our project manager for this effort Mister Ryan Mack who one of our senior technical managers, a it’s been our pleasure to work now for the past 2 and a half years in partnership with County public works staff and swift mud to develop Pierce train gap Creek watershed management plan. So today, I’m going to provide you with some details on the findings of the study and discuss some of the. Alternative flood control in flood management strategies that we’ve evaluated. For this watershed with particular emphasis on the recurrent severe flooding that has occurred over the past few years in the center Lake subdivision. So the pure strain get Creek watershed is about 11 square miles is founded by this yellow line. Excuse that you see here. The watershed is largely urban suburban and developed with a residential developments on the East Side in the north side of the watershed and with industrial and commercial activity going on on the West Side along the US 3 o one corridor is generally bounded by University Park way on the South you can state Road 70 on the North. The general direction of drainage through this watershed is to the Northeast. Water flows through the pure strain can to a confluence with gap Creek itself just south of state Road, 70 that goes under state route, 70 and heads out to Braden River additionally this watershed can flow and interact with the bullies watershed to the West which will hear more about a later on this morning. As well as the wood by you watershed to the self as mentioned this is a flood prone watershed has experienced some significant flooding over the past few years as a tropical storm hermine came through in August of 26 teen and then subsequently August 2017 there was an unnamed storm that dropped about 14 inches of rain over 3 days. Cause a significant flooding to several roads and again as mentions the center Lake subdivision itself was pretty much completely inundated by these events so in order to identify the particular areas of the watershed that might be prone to flooding and the security of flooding as well as verify known problem areas, our first step was to build a storm water model a computer model that simulates the major drainage systems of this watershed we’re able to validate calibrate the accuracy of our model against some of that real world data that came out of tropical storm hermine that August 2017 event. The graph that you see here on the slide. The green shows our model results at the peak crossing a pure strain under 63rd Avenue and the blue is and is real world data from a stage gauge that that happened during the storms as you can see our model compares quite favorably. Also as The couple of photographs you see just above that of the one to the right. That is are modeled inundation air for that August 2017 event center Lake. And as you can see compared them to the act she will inundation a that was observed by those drone photographs taken after that event. Our model pretty accurately reflected. What’s going on in center for that a storm of that. Let’s talk a little bit about the speaks variance in the center Lake subdivision and it’s been a couple minutes on the slides are going to see a few iterations of this craft that’s in front of you right now. So what this graph is showing you there’s there’s a total of 61 homes within center Lake subdivision and the graph showing you for particular flood elevation. How many of those 61 houses we expect to have structural flooding flooding, but they’re finished floor. So for a tenured is ice storm are modeled designs from elation was 13.9 feet and stand that is the low finish for elevation of the center lakes that only one home that would that would flood for 10 your storm. We got a 25 year storm of 14.6 foot flood elevation that inundates 30 5 out of those 61 homes within center like a 50 year storm and just for reference we’ve kind approximate that August 20 17 event to be somewhere around the 50 year event. With the flood stage about 15 point for a that would flood 60 of the 61 homes within center Lake subdivision. Does ice storm elevation this is the one normally is used in in the FEMA flood, plain maps and everyone, everyone hears or one talks about the 100 year event. Our simulated 100 year to size storms age is 16 feet and that would inundate all of the houses all 61 houses and center Lake subdivision and you can do the math on that for that one low House down below 14th that’s over 2 feet of flooding. When the it is a very significant flooding issue that is being experienced within center late. So in order to address flooding concerns not only center Lake but throughout the pure strain get Creek watershed. See him Smith again in partnership with the county and swift might undertook a a rather comprehensive alternatives analysis effort looking at various regional alternatives that could address the flooding throughout the water. Now to start. We looked at using more of what we it’s called conventional routine flood management strategy, so this includes additional storage creation of new treatment on sore foot plane compensation ponds in available undeveloped area or modifying existing Ponce to provide more storage, we also looked at things can Vance improvement so some modest whitening of pure strain can now itself or the installation of new storm sewer that would be able to send water out to either the Braden River to the east or services to the West. But I’m going going direct to hear of right now to that 100 year flood reduction COLUMN within this table you’re going to see that of of this 14 altar is that we evaluate it evaluated, there’s quite a few with numbers specifically of center Lake of reductions in the 100 year flood stage of less than half a foot and it’s really kind of what we found as we were going through this process is that it was a very technically challenging watershed to be able to get a significant reduction in flood stage is even for some rather significant costs as you’ll see in the final call in there that table. So moving forward from there we then look at some, but we consider more robust alternative some large pump stations again that would be able to pump water out to the east or the West. A very large whitening of pure strain up to 50 feet which would have significant impact in in terms of adjacent properties structures as well then once we kind of came to the realization that those themselves. Still had some issues and as well would be very difficult to permit the very expensive. We also evaluated finally one particular all started that really focused on center Lake itself and try to figure out what exactly is it going to take to get those homes out of a 100 year floodplain in that center Lake subdivision. So I’m going to talk about 5 particular alternatives on a star with 8, 9 1314 again, this is kind of our initial evaluation. Where we are look at some gets a pretty big some pretty expensive alternatives that again will provided regional benefit watershed really work point getting us where we needed to be in center leak itself and finally I’m going to discuss what we’re calling a revised alternative 3 which specifically addresses the flooding within center early. So one of the first things that we looked at knowing that center Lake again isn’t it of recurring flooding hits and naturally low lying and you know get barring any significant intervention could be prone to flood again. We did look at the option of what you know what would happen if we bought out those properties and what the costs would look like as well as converting at air into a pretty large gets about 16 acre floodplain compensation pond. And that would. I’m providing regional benefit to the rest the watershed. We discern of that to be about a $36 million effort this is no uh no small effort and while yes it would. You know remote obviously remove all the structures from the flip Lanka’s, the structures with not be there anymore in terms of the regional benefit that we provided as you can see from the from this graph it only lowered the flood stage for these storms to 150 25 by about a 10th of a foot I think it really kind of illustrates again how challenging this ended up being. Again the 16 acre foot plank opposition pond is no small part that’s a lot of storage but the actual benefit that it provides for our computer modeling is pretty minimal. Now in terms of the again this robust alternatives what provided actually the most regional benefit was this one right here alternative 9 and this is a again the large widening of pure strain so this will be looking at the whole length of pure strain get Creek from its crossing at us 3 o one all the way up to us to stop Braden River whitening the thing by 50 feet again this would be a very for close to $42 million by our estimate a lot of which it would go into the property acquisition that would be necessary in order to obtain the drainage easements and the like that too. Accommodate that significant widening in addition into. There’s quite a few structures that were identified within about that 50 foot buffer other side of the existing Creek. That would be affected would have to be removed or demolished or relocated as part of this effort. That again is as we said regionally this was the one alternative that we model that really provided actually some significant benefit for some of the larger storms. It was the center Lake it did provide some benefit particularly for the smaller storms up to the 50 year storm. Report projecting that all of the houses would be removed from the flood plan and that 100 year event though is a bit of a beast and even at a 1.2 foot reduction for that alternative to it still we still have 48 of the 61 homes within the development still experiencing flooding above their fish for elevation. Another all started that we looked at a was to do a wide variety of again some more of those conventional routine. Flood management strategies throughout the watershed citizen clue did a storage pond. Retrofits all the way from Taliban asked up to a close you to state Road 70. New ponds retrofitted Ponce a pump station within center Lake itself to help get water out. A partial flood wall and some gravity and storm sewers out to the brain River and to Sarasota Bay. And again while this did provide again something that you know benefit and good regional benefit throughout the watershed again for center Lake itself its benefits were more limited. Looking at about 78 tenths of a foot. A flood stage reduction which still leaves you then with a good number foam 60 for the 128 for the 50 year storm a that would be inundated. Alternate 14 was are kind of off the idea of trying to look at what we considered a bargain Prix I and by our definition compared some of the other products, we looked at a bargain project was about million. And so this incorporated a couple of again the options that we looked at a subset really altered of 13, where we would widen the channel for Pierce trained by about 10 feet so this one, you know require less property acquisition mostly could be done within existing easements would not affect as many structures as well done as putting in. Some new storage summly large storage pond about 25 acres in around the Whitfield at new area, including one directly across pure strain. From the center Lake subdivision and again our model results kind of showed something similar. Provides good regional benefit center Lake itself still could not where we want to be we’re still seeing it. One House inundated for a 25 year storm a 48 for 50. And all 61 houses still inundated for the 100 year event. As demonstrated I by those for alternatives again this spring to be a very challenging effort to you know implement regional solutions that would provide significant benefits specifically for me the biggest problem area. There instance an early and so working with the county we. Developed a revised alternative. That specifically focuses on on center Lake. And so this that the major component of this is the installation of a flood well that would go entirely around the development. Now obviously we can’t wall off the entrance and put some sort of notes or gate Bridge on it so as part of this as well would involve actually raising in reconstructing the entrance road that came off prospects into a the center Lake subdivision all of this to serve to limit the amount of water that’s coming in. Additional improvements that were included as part of this project we would still recommend having a pump in there in order to be able to get water out even when Pierce train itself is elevated during a big storm. Help keep the roads tries well within the development as well as just the just the houses as part of this we would also implement some of the pond existing pond. Modifications that we recommended in other alternatives to off site any impacts to the flood plain that would be caused by these projects will provide some regional benefit as well as the county’s also propose some regional water quality benefits through the installation of some Apple boxes through the major out falls to provide water quality improvement. That could be considered again regional benefit to the whole watershed so this whole project the county’s initial estimate was about a half million dollars and as they have submitted a cfi application to this to water management District for 2021. And as you can see from this in terms of its goal of for this particular effort which is specifically looking at center Lake this is the one that does the trick. We have estimated through our initial modeling for still evaluating this alternative in general, but our initial modeling that we’ve done on this indicates that it reduces the flood stage for the 100 year storm within center Lake by 2.2 feet and takes all 61 houses out a 100 year floodplain at a cost of about a 100. That $130,000 per structure within center Lake. And that’s the alternate now says that as we performed a to this point for the pure strain get Creek watershed this point we have to entertain any questions you might have. And Chris is working on it to say now.>>Here’s Tom you have some we just did help answer the questions. We’ll start with SEC commissioner, Serbia.>>Everybody’s names on the at T Amazon they’re not on there percent is good 19 to work on. This year’s Everyone as well working every name is on there that it’s just that I’m just letting you know as I can see it. This board that all you have nothing to say. Now this commission a body of say you know what yes I’ll go ahead a mile border, okay taking off the board interesting the solutions they’re in and it looks like to me the only one that Amazingly was the. Have been maybe give us a little bit more information because up you know I was writing questions as you are looking at all the different plans. And you know there there was concern there because number one there have to be a lot to be able to do some of the solutions that I saw earlier. When you are talking about it draining into the Braden River what my this do to the other properties around the Braden River. You know are we just going to maybe try to fix this issue but then we have issues in other areas because of it I think that’s a big concern seems like to me he and I find it amazing that one of the cheapest alternative she showed was the last one. But I’m concerned about a flood wall. You know the bottom line is the people in center Lake. What is their property values, how can they sell their homes, what alternative do they have you know for par probably most of them their biggest investment that they have and I think that’s where the sadness comes in but I would love more information about the let the 8.4 million if you could they be lab arrayed on that a little bit I don’t know. It all came from the time do you have any information.>>Commissioner first off several important valid points to do with this watershed study and let me start off with just rain and boys Creek or the first 2 watersheds in this County that we have actually gone through this extra step to go through an identity Phi improvement projects that can be done specifically through and see these watersheds to improve regional to make regional drainage and proven that’s and particular with her straight we’d certainly focused on center Lake itself. The center of attention from 2016 2017. With respect to him by all means we we had this consultant run that through the gambit weather was channel winding weather was acquisition whether it was regional storm water facilities and last but not least and obviously from this Most the biggest bang for your buck. The most improvement that can come forward is a wall is a flood wall and obviously that is going to be challenging the top because some people and I’m one of them who first reluctant really didn’t like that idea at all I was thinking. Here’s lower 9th Ward, New Orleans legend that uh yeah. Just based on analysis from this water says study and based on well turns that we’ve discussed and identified through the presentation. Each one of these they all have their challenge is whether its acquisition weather permitting whether its design and each one of these that in the long run and obviously the cost to and obviously sticker shock Gore you start talking about projects are going to cost over million and only make an inch or 2 of improvement. It’s going to be hard to to it’s going to be hard for you to about them as a county Commission is going to be hard for us his staff to go to even a southwest Florida water Management District and present as a corporate funding initiative project because the district alone they’re going to look at that each one of these projects to go are they cost effective are they beneficial, not just percent late, but for the watershed has a hole and the one that stands out the most is the last is the floodwall option for center Lake. Provides the most reduction in stage within the subdivision that self and ultimately it is the best ops Chen for those properties and Sara Lee and I can see who’s just come up in a way.>>The library a good morning similar as a public works County engineer. I’ve been doing this for 35 years. In 1988. In 93. When I looked at it and model their own what have you I realized. The subdivision could cold its own if it would stop here strain entering it. So it took a vigorous modeling and backed in the board authorized to funded it was few $1000 and my time. We put the flab gate A year he was my eyes and the years he lived in there the East stalled that he 93 he held up for 20 years.>>Years it was say the flap gate is that your time out there.>>Well that basically what that is is a 36 teams 5 coming from there they can next to the pier straight win that here strain rises water instead of going. Lay kickbacks into the lake. And it rises in the home gets flooded.>>The Big 8 basically it’s just send.>>Full metal plate may hanging on the wall.>>As the water rises in the leg.>>It pushes the gate to open to get out as that Pierce train rises it shots the gate, this just a mechanical there’s nothing to it.>>So he held up for all that till 2016 17 and all of that.>>Early on this studies that they didn’t want to have you basically denied show as they alluded to there was no solution. You spend 50 million here 60 million there there is no solution you drop the flood this much. I came up with this speed a call that the speed bump. This speed bump concept is this.>>4 foot masonry fence, small all around the subdivision could Decker the 4 foot. Wooden fence on top of it make it look like a fence a lot of subdivision have efforts. Then when he gets to the entrance. We do know from the history, nothing from the entry. The entrance of the subdivision on prospect growth never water when in from the entrance. But nevertheless that’s what our calls speed bump put to speed mom right at the entrance to raise that.>>For for our our goal. So we asked them to run it be paid extra to run them out. And he dropped it by 2 feet in literally dropped by 2 feet now there’s catch with that’s so if did the rises that flood this placement has to go somewhere else. So the questions still remain what is that this place man now the water how much we’re talking of how much impoundment order Lake area we need elsewhere to offset that. But there is little bit of beauty about that and that is this. We do know based on the studies and wheat do know all the first floor elevation in the watershed in that area. The now all of them or built one foot above flood elevation that was the latest study so having said that even if this wall causes of displacement of water by yaman which we’re still not gonna flood anybody anywhere where else if you looked at the aerial photo that Melissa it with the drone after the flood. You saw a lot of Saint Augustine grass in everybody’s backyard. All the next door’s although wants crosses St. So you have to demonstrate that to the district. But. In line of duty through working now with the prospect wrote sub, the vision that you all have proved not long ago. Which making fiddler’s greet. That there’s Creek next door says satellite you’ve seen that concept that concept is basically bill everybody up bill the floodplain compensation Lake made a big old guy could be separating it from Pierce prospect wrote we sat down with e developer with a month and we’re getting rid of that cake. The flood plain compensation pond. That borders, the entire Peirce train. If you remove that separation of the pierced rain and flood plain compensation Lake. He created 4 acre feet of storage. I think I need them not their 5 were tense acre feet of storage to accomplish. My speed bump concept now cost. Our respect engineers opinion the cost is to go out there from a son or a guy asking what is a 4 foot wall. Cost to the stall our and the poppers is it 8 million is it. 1 million what is it really need to entertain that. Prospect road as of this week everything is settled that the permit will be issued. So we will get for a cure foot we made sure it’s worth month that put that for a care foot on the prom it. Credit to manatee County. So it’s just going to sit there until we use it. The next one I my eye on is. The industrial park. Pierce industrial park. Pierce industrial park is the same the Senate that build the compensation pond for their devout man. It’s humongous if you look at the area was the biggest late to right on the pier strict. And it holds the water up with the pipe discharging into Pierce great. Keep in mind. My biggest beef over the past 35 years is groundwater table. Hugo develop an orange Grove which historically farmers have no and the ground water by ditching it because Arens Grove does not like its roots in the water. When they go develop it. The concept is automatically ground water rises we’d all be artificially through environmental scientists and all of that are officially the pump them up. When you do that you’re going to change everything in the neighborhood. It’s little bit out of our control because water management district is involved but it takes more pushing and more pushing. Now if he’d removed the separation of that Lake also at think we got again Anna the 10 acres foot out of the hour. An acre foot there for a good that the displacement of the center Lake could be resolved. That remains to be seen, but that’s the concept for up posing to water management district. That that’s the means and methods we want to go forward with the other option you got by 62 homes. By 62 homes is one number demolishing it is another. They are digging, it is an odd and or so when you really sit down and think about it. I’m with look I mean I’m a public service. We’re in public sector, these people didn’t do anything wrong other than raise some money for a down payment and go buy a house. Been done nothing wrong. They didn’t do nothing wrong recall acted Adler on taxes surpass 3040 years. removing it removed that’ll impacts from your payroll that’s where the next generation. And at the end of the day you got 60 2 families that they’re all in the limbo, what to do you got to really put yourself in their and this is just the personal opinion. This is not a department opinion. And I’m telling you but I think they have some obligation. It’s a personal opinion again. I’m not speaking for the department with that that if you have any questions chairman may I continue on with my questions on this.>>To see see a obviously a great idea it sounds like I mean. Staff came up with it I think that’s great. Let me ask you know you mentioned 26 Jean was there flooding when the flap gate was there before 2016 when it was working I know your time that you and I just had a conversation on was there any flooding at that point or did it all start in 20 16 night all or was ordered in 16 A and the 1516.>>MR. Boff a the last major storm event prior 2 2017 2016 would have been back in 2003 to when suddenly the same year we had to failure at the lake mansi reservoir and lower growth through center early that morning we had that slight event back in 2003 and there was no flooding at all. And certainly back for that storm Eva. So as Lou as see alluded to what’s that flap gate was installed. After the El Nino years from the 1990. There was no flooding that was observed and Sara Lee up to the most recent events that occurred in 2016 is 2017.>>And so The wall that you’re talking about that it would take. Has any of this been discussed with the residents to your knowledge at center like I’m not at all.>>A hearing about is that our first day this is the first is entering at the bin they’ve been talking about it among are soft, but we have not let the cat out of the bag or anything no nobody knows.>>Yeah and you know I go to I mean I know every year uh it.>>You know there was always a request for storm water. You know situations our budget. At any rate here we are today and over that over time it’s just gone up in price. So I think it’ll be interesting with the commissioners did you not understand the commissioner understand that everything had been on the board the 7 years I’ve been on the board every time public works has has brought their budget forward they have requested. Money’s in the budget for some sort of storm water help and they never really received.>>The helping it you don’t recall now with the We funded them but anyway what that’s another issue we’ll talk about that’s another issue I can tell you because I remember exact. At any rate I think that.>>You know this is certainly something to look get and and and I’m not the district commissioner misty is but it is this are they in the and incorporated area or the corporate. There were OK well I think you’re right I think it’s very said people you they. But their hard earned money into what for most is probably the biggest investment they hadn’t. You know they’re dealing with this and that’s got to be catastrophic to them, I mean to to think that half the pictures I saw some of the lost everything they had. You know because of so I think we do have an obligation to do something and help them in 8.4 million we could certainly do that do it rather quick. I really appreciate the insight. Thank you MR.>>Chair commissioner Paul Wyman also labrie and see it brought it up and part of there’s a discussion already how. We’re going to obviously to put a flood wall around You’re pulling center Lake essentially out 100 year floodplain. We’ve got to create comp compensatory stories William elsewhere in the watershed. That is where we’ve been looking at our most recent permitting are most recent plans of under our review. But right now it’s the prospect road subdivision project us to the south the center Lake and also looking at those other recent developments in the area whether their peers industrial park where there’s University village to the south on top of us road. Whether it’s Cascades and are up right across from center Lake itself and what can be done. Easily and I emphasize easily just a modified those lakes and those particular developments weather is to lower the can control of patients as those lakes whether Sri move up along on her screen itself. But those are improvements that can done be done through a permit modification with what’s with mud. That can be easily done without high cost. This is just a matter of taking out we’re of modifying aware structure or removing a berm itself there’s no acquisition involved in that there’s no at sexually we’re taking an crane the regional storm water facility out of the existing development that’s and the watershed.>>And on that note my last statement would be thank you Tom, I totally agree with you we certainly take $8 million for other things that really aren’t as top priority is this, so it would seem to me that we could. You know, I mean this is this needs to be done should have been done a long time ago so you know we need to really work on this and make this a priority in getting this done. Thank you guys. We should next.>>I guess it’s just my experience. For some lunch unerring from 4 for 18 years worked for the county and a I this was all simple I love the fact that you guys say this is all can be simple but I know what’s with months rules are I know what it means kupfer cop. I’m sorry I don’t I love your optimism that it’s simple. Participated in permitting water management projects for a long time. And when you’re dealing with copter Cup rules at swift pond. Cox poll. And I hope some folks know what I’m talking about. But we do live in a flat environment. The water management rules are restrictive to take the property out of the 100 year floodplain in effect all of these other properties that have been permanent with water management systems. I don’t necessarily see that is simple I just want to say that right off the bat, but I do have a lot of very specific questions. A lot of this is in context remember 8 million dollars may sound like something that we just have available. But the reality is when we have a cooperate us on the project we come up with 50% of the money and one of the main reasons we haven’t funded. Storm water projects us because we haven’t had a funding source right. So I’m going to ask the question where did the money come from for the watershed management plan that we pay these good engineers to do this study where did the money come from.>>deep into the morning conversation that that just comes out of your annual budget that is part of the solid waste transfers that’s come out of a we have to cause centers and public works under storm water for 6, 0, That’s our storm water its operations and engineering it’s paid for the insurance side. In the storm water operating budget.>>So that’s a question I now we’re going to get when I go to my meetings acts of had your meetings I imagine you have this question. So if I see somebody was asked me this question. Why do we need a storm water fee if we have the money in the budget to do this already. Wheels why do we need a storm water fee if you have some money in the budget already to do that.>>Some sorry I was answering where did the money for the study. Got the answer correct and that is my question that was only like. 2 to 2 to $400,000 a month for over 2 and half year cross 2 budget cycles. And OK so so $300,000 and our water study status. Studies typically there’s one going on at any given time. Here’s how it’s averaged in this case was fast-tracked and you were able to get to go on.>>Commissioners I believe this one was requested by the board for us to do.>>If I’m a>>the to study started it before the flood. You are just doing their warship management study you got but when the 8 major drainage basins the on the handful.>>Buffalo Campbell. Brain River and we’re doing Mill Creek right now.>>The game plan and.>>Hope is to have a study for all 28, so we see started that before the flood at a tune-ups 750 50 cooperate the funding. Then the flood hit. After the flood hit be did the work session. Explaining what happened to that flood. And during that work session me suggested that we will be have these 2 study coincidentally. Ongoing right Pierce train them bullies what only add to it at 2 it has seen. Look at options of his C I P so that’s how this study came about the there were already ongoing until the flood came in 16 and and.>>everybody>>an Undated and then we came back we report what happened and this is a.>>Expanding on those scope so this the in the money was not that for the study itself. I don’t think anybody at least I’m not advocating right y’all bless 8 million expenditure are nothing but a myth thinking we’re on the right half let’s get prospect going that creates acre foot with a wall not will OK when you create for a cure feat for a care feet just for a layman person in the audience. One a cure is 43 1560 score feet one a cut foot means you got 43 1000 100 square feet 43,000 it holds one foot of water. I got. For that the right now so if I could get the other one accomplished go to the developer who already developed this see how much I get out of that. If if you don’t spend a dime. You created for a cure feet so that water that going to send a lake some of it not goes to this 4 acre feet that you just created for nothing.>>I certainly appreciate that I think that is something I did sit down with with my nicely their representatives here and I’m grateful that they’re here for this discussion and I did sit with sit down with them and talk to them about the regulations that we have in place that allow us to do that the fact that it’s unknown flooding the area so we can ask for that additional retention that is the additional standard that we have in manatee County. So once again growth kind of takes care of an existing problem, I want people to understand that growth is not always the problem some time it is the solution. But I think that when we talk about money we have to very clear about the need for this otherwise there’s not to be a need for storm water. If in fact we have all the money in our budget $8 million to write a check right now and we’ve got no argument with the public that we need a storm water tax I I didn’t want to make that speech but that’s what I heard here and I think that’s problematic. He’s so.>>All right, I’m going to go on or I’m going to move on to the wrong way or not. You need to use been talking after share it with commissioner benac obviously right now we’re talking about one watership we’re talking about pure string when we’re talking about a project we’re looking at the projects and improvements associated with this particular projects that can be done for.>>One water ship. As a ceilidh to there’s another 27 water shes him antique County we’re only looking at and discussing the permits and peers drain and boys Creek. There at the remainder of the watersheds in this County we easily could have a series of work sessions on every single one of these watersheds of imprimis SEC be done on every single 1, 1, of these watersheds and take 8 or 10 million and times it multiply it by its 28 are 25 or what if the magic number may be we’re easily talking hundreds of millions of dollars worth of improvements. County wide that need to be done that could easily be funded through option. Number 2 of the stormwater utility fee.>>You got a member I asked these questions and I state these things to be a little bit of Devil’s advocate because this is the process that work and we better be ready to answer is correct. Before you get my meaning anyway so I already have 3 I do want to ask I do want to ask because I think that something for the public to now so center like did flood before we put the flap gate and it’s not like this first flood we ever had was 2016 every matter this development I live in this the area this area has flooded Prix.>>8892.>>I mean I think I know why why center like why does it have this flooding when the subdivision immediate to close the to the south forest. Whatever it is.>>But that at the time of its construction or design the the existing floods studies that we have got a stop north of that. Way North and that flood elevation was a lot.>>Lower so.>>As engineers basically they we all utilize base best available information.>>And they looked at the map the map reflected that.>>Property itself is in the attacks on our dry zone. so.>>the the elevations we’re not used or. Or had any effect on at that the reason we would like to do all the water ships studied and we want to know what those flood stages are so we don’t repeat mistakes like this that’s the main reason that and other the reason you want to do you do want to have the water hsus study as you know FEMA have reduced there expenditure on the stop the studies and also you got to keep in mind of FEMA is basically.>>And the insurance industry which looks at.>>Coming not be the numbers to bring in bigger pool of people to pay premium. From that stand pointed to short cut on the study money scarce everywhere, but so they do shortcut day like one of the examples back in those days came in a 92 was there we’re using old swift material. They were using channel com figuration and mile apart. Do you really need to go every 100 feet every few 100 feet have that figuration in the model I want to have you. So when you use and then on top of that there were using regression equation regression equation right off the get go which generates how much flow provides has a 50% plus or minus there so. The 50% high side FEMA light said because it brings more people in the pool. In the flood stages are regulate at that and it’s higher stage you’re putting more lands in that floods on you putting more land in the flood zone, somebody goats get to fly. Mortgage. They automatically that pulled in NAFTA pay flood insurance. So that’s why we want to do more studies I really think and I think environmental our Rob Randall Gregg a C a they like it too because we have to address he and the elves and water quality. So you need to have that tool in order to address both a lot of issues where should people build high should they build worship the subdivisions configuration shapes Sen sizes and Lake levels and all of that the all of that comes into play if you have a steady. If you don’t everybody makes assumptions you’ve been in the business we all make assumption, it’s good or bad nobody intentionally makes a bad assumption, but the make assumptions and assumptions in the design if you don’t have the details study will put you in a bad spot.>>To reiterated her I like simple things what we said in the previous work sessions. Senator Lee didn’t do anything wrong. The developer didn’t do anything wrong and just like SIA said it was the best available information so they built according to that plan within I forgot the exact detail, 2 or 3 years of that being approved and or construction started a new for map from FEMA was available that actually had a base flood elevation for the territory and where senator Lee was in every one that’s built since then as now different that information is what sealed meeting was not available at the time and center Lake was.>>Plan approved and I remember the bats remember the mass well, the FEMA maps before you had you know the firm determined was little. Sweetly line how much a stunner been planner I’m not a son Lynch near but a little squiggly line to be determined right that was what was happening here and so what you’re saying is you do have to have a steady and I’m just going to ask the samsoe manatee County standards. For storm water management that are imposed most are basically Swiss months standards with the exception of in the watershed are known flooding area like this where we have the additional half inch rate reduction correct.>>Summarize mission or by just with their in our neck. And they are sticking with thank you Thomas or start a been act with respect to Manson County within those areas start identify this flood prone areas, which Pearson boys Creek are our 2 primary or 2 examples of manatee County acquires that to post a moment runoff the flow coming out of those subdivisions up to a 25 year storm event this reduced by half.>>Thank you and that of course did not apply to this subdivision because it was prior to that regulation bring in effect.>>We started implementing that regular relation back in 19 97 in>>and then I’m not use any opportunity and have we looked into any funding from FEMA. Repetitive loss mean to have these programs and the names of our skating Washington we heard from the family guy. We just did a project where we got funding for a flood mitigation project. Some technical term I can remember what it is.>>Commissioner benac actually this was an interesting investigation and research on. On the flood losses on on the property is what then center Lake and. Out of those 61 Watts Terrence center Lake we could only find a handful. That for stopped every reported flood losses beyond 2016 2017. And there might even be one or 2 of those properties and Sarah Lake that could even be called her a padded loss that would even be eligible for FEMA funding so what staff is pursuing that President Lee is it proper to funding initiative through swept mud to split the cost associated with any drainage improvement like as we’re speaking of 40 flood wall or such for center Lake.>>And the half that were required to do under co-operative Sunday, the fire 50% would come from what fun from the from our same solid waste fund that we’re talking about the money is I imagine if we’ve applied for they permanent we probably have already had to allocate the funding for that effort.>>This is one of your occasions where staff made a decision given the urgency of the matter that we have applied for something as a concept. Operation without a plan for your funding opportunity it’s one of those things where to get 50% of something you don’t have you might work harder to get the other half and given the urgency we had a deadline for this season’s corporate-funded applications was with mud. That puts us available for money a year later so we we’ve got ahead of it it’s not something we routinely do. But in this case it is not a designated piece of funding.>>I don’t necessarily have a problem with that I will just say the with where’s Creek. But that has cost I would hope we would you know hindsight is 2020 as we like to say we will look back at that and realize that lunch you talk about buying significant land and doing that kind of a study you probably got a triple the cost from what you richly thought it was and that’s what our hindsight was so and that’s not what you’re recommending I guess what you’re recommending this number 3 Al turn it IV again I would be very concerned about the permitting I I think removing it from the flood plain will. Take a lot of work and especially given us with months rules and you know it it’s something we’re going to talk about that because holding back all of the water releasing it all at the same time at the highest flood stage I learned from Millard Yoder, but that is a problem and needs to be talked about. Second you guys know that I’m just an engineering issue.>>If I may add I don’t want to. A bad news, good or bad news, I’m not quite positive. The guy get 100% approval from swift.>>That remains to be seen so what I’m saying is is that can rushing to this be submitted. Go along and see how it plays out. Because one of the concerns the district might throw a fit about or they have already alluded to is that. It’s a localized flooding issues. And localized flooding issue they don’t fund everything is a localized flooding is she right to me.>>And that and that that that high that common has been made so that remains to be seen how we land with the district on the funding side. We’re not giving not return 18.>>And will play along to see how it plays out.>>But that really remains to be seen is not done. Money is not in the pack to it’s not guaranteed return a and OK we’ve got to get 4 Million.>>Uh I don’t see it that way at They’re off. I mean, this prospect role that been working on it for 6 months, you’re loaded to how difficult it is to pull permits and this and that I mean I mean you literally went out that to the district with their high up sand met several time been doing e-mails on phone calls just to get to this stage so nothing is easy I agree with you nothing is easy, but you just need to be persistent. And. We are persistent a all I’m saying is. So if not funding is not a 100% guarantee.>>To thank you it’s good to know that we’re doing it because sometimes we can talk with people as well to make sure that we get our fair share of the co-operative funding when I was serious when I said all flooding is local because. And it does affect downstream your water go somewhere right. The water from the site go somewhere and affects properties. Downstream. That is a regional issue. And when you look at the flooding that occurred 2016 which I did well as is only a 50 year storm. That’s a little shocking to me to hear that that that was only a 50 year storm not even a 100 years to permit I just was like closed.>>Well uh you know you’ve been in business too long and I know you remember saw that in the old 100 year was 12 inch. When I started backing 85 or 84. Late it, the 100 year be.>>Came 10 inch rainfall and the 10 inch has been in effect as Mac fact.>>Up to right now but right now all the the statistics and graph suggests he should be 12 and a half. They had and this study they have done is to 12 and a half if I recall right. So we’re not talking about apples and apples need. The flood maps you have is the result of 10 inch rainfall, this study the word on is it well and a half inch rainfall.>>If you if it makes you more confused, let me just say in 16 they got 16 inches of rainfall.>>It was it was a lot longer due ration and what have you. So so there is there is that probability statistic since storm water design. That make said to friend and structural design. You much know if you could put on an i-beam before starts breaking apart are failing. Storm water is not like you there are there are statistics and there are our picks experiences and what have you how. Mother Nature behaves how the grounds behave and what have you.>>normal pool again normal Lake. I’m I’m a true believer keep the lake levels as low as possible. Because you’ll be amazed. How much ground storage you have ground is just like a a brand-new swans you by to wash your dishes when you have it in your hand rise, so light them what have yes and as you drop it in the water you pick it up is soaked all the water.>>The ground as exact same thing as this fund when you raise the ground water table you soaking this funds read that groundwater table so when it rains there.>>The water has nowhere to go down war.>>But a-rod the sheet flow and runs off off the property. I my recommendation is that allow staff to pursue it not necessarily saying. Let’s throw 3 8 million at it, but let’s just pursue it, let’s see where we end up and and the whole deal with it and had to comes I’m sorry being so vague on that end of it, you have>>thank you so much all of you this has been very very education on. I actually love these 5 or 6 or 7 star. Work sessions that we’ve had for the last year. I love because I I really want to make my its decision on information that’s correct and and try not govern about that. Betsy I love your questions, good job because I mean I would think to ask any of those my in my city last year entire city they got the bat Apple says so and I think that’s the flapper I mean the flapper system and so that’s in this what you’re talking about. Well it worked till 2016 maybe this too basic. Why don’t we reinstall it and make it was your fault and that and the baffle the flapper whatever you call now. It just got too much and we just have to think of something different.>>Commissioner we have one more.>>Essentially what happened then 2016, especially in 2017 is pure strain over top that.>>OK subdivision there wasn’t a Philly or the flap get itself the flap, gay work fine we’re fine up to a certain point. OK once we get past that point and then this case what 2000 something appears during just overwhelmed try the subdivision itself. It was a matter of the of any of the drainage system and Sarah Lake failing was just a matter of too much water. Too much volume and the stage is raising too high and the area I stepped in.>>All engineering in my city I heard they were going to do this and we have no drainage system we just have a swell system.>>And I’m actually I have 2 men in the last year we’ve had major.>>For storms.>>The water’s gone out and hasn’t been able to come back and accept with the tides come and that’s a whole nother deal. it’s a so work a long time so congratulations on that.>>Maybe swift months looking at when you’re saying local issues because you have one area one subdivision that was built to certain standards of them right across the street you have wanted in flood. Something can that’s why and nothing in the surrounding areas affected that much to me just for me listening that’s what I would we have been budgeting for the studies for years because I remember in 2006 Steen when we push to do to come up with a solution you guys recommended that we combine and so I do remember that we’ve been working on a few years and I want to confirm again it comes out season can or somebody you don’t have to get our for some it can just confirm that comes out of our utilities and that’s how we’ve been managing because we haven’t had a fee to do this and that’s one of the big. Plus a storm water fee is to be able to do the other 27. Drainage basins cracked this is so much information that I can even make a decision and I’m going to can’t wait to hear from the president because I recognize a few that have been here before. I need us professional engineers and you guys to come up with a solution with it to us I want to sit up here and give you direction because you of course we’ve got all of that cost and you are looking at the lowest cost one. But even you said let us see what we can do with the state. So I’ve got to sit here and give you direction but I am going to say that to keep us maybe give us more frequent updates the I love your reports and look when Sherry makes you do where has you to report just to keep us in a look that what you’re looking at a public records so the citizens know the reason why we’re even here today is because of the 2016 storms. The reason why we’re even here today talking about storm warning fees which we talked over many years but actually we’re this far is because of this flooding incident all over the entire County and the people that came to us and said we we need we need to do not something that the $200,000 we have uh done in our budget for a study and over 2 years 400,000 they want action now so this is a this is the crux is why we’re all here today and some of you were here and so we’re here today to move forward and I’m going to rely on you guys heavily I appreciate your history appreciate all your knowledge not put appreciate our consultant who you guys are the ones who can help us make the decision but again we’ve got to take a look into the budget and the costs and how we’re going to fund it. So I appreciate it not to make any payment to do.>>Mister chair commissioner with more and. Very good points. But just 3 of we have to size for this work session today, there is no. There is no recommendation from staff to proceed today on any specific option. Staff is certainly moving forward with an application of corporate funding application. On the wall option just because it provides the most bang it provides the most benefit. Based upon the results that have been identified from a consultant as far as the moment goats.>>And I’m aware that I’m just telling you I’m not going to do Thank you thank you. Good job guys, I’m hesitant to always my I’ve always been taught let the water go where the water wants to go to you know basically you’re taking it and going taken in Iraq. Oh and that’s always creates a your sense of Avengers I have to kind of look more at understand the cost. I’m very hesitant because 10 years down the road you start getting enough, you know the wall starts family and his gets tough Dow maintain it much more maintain. But I would think some kind of cooperative with the insurance and FEMA and now the House is flooded. I understand repetition but I’ve always been taught that the water go where the water wants to go and you’re you think you know we’re going to want to go after you die get up, but it always kind of does what kind of wants to do. thank you for the excellent presentation and I really appreciate all the conversation up here because I think it’s been so valuable want to start by saying.>>35 years of experience and a heart for community service SIA. Thank you so much because it. It’s one thing to do an engineering study and come up with options, but it’s another thing to have that local knowledge and that history in manatee County and understand it to the level that you do. So I appreciate so much. That really does underscore the importance as we see another one retire today of all of the valuable knowledge that we have here either I agree very much with what I also heard from you which is your personal opinion that the residents of center Lake have done nothing wrong. They have done just what my family did. We bought a house and that was the biggest investment in our life if we continue to in everybody pays for it pays their taxes and then things change that are beyond their control. We do have some responsibility to help them. Thank you for seizing the opportunity and looking at projects that are in the House right now and saying how can we get more storage out of what’s in here because in the water said and taking action to get that done and I’m assuming that’s impact fee creditable that additional storage. Normally require a did.>>Dealing out wheeling though and down on that.>>They had issues with the It was kind of a exchange of our expertise 4th him getting a prom that care foot Sturridge you’re getting it free and clear. No exchange of funds but you are hey now you had alluded to.>>Early for that approval, you wanted a sidewalk. From prospect grow gone to the the school to the south.>>So we’re paying for that were pain for.>>I extension of a pipeline from.>>Their main storm water Lake in the middle. 2 prospect wrote for what if day what if they would be the day you want to do something that prospect role so we’re gonna put this water Act. So we are given little bit of credit for that pipe for the future prospect road expansion and the capacity they have in their Lake. I don’t envision those numbers be a humongous number but the acre foot of storage is free. It was it’s a free proposition right now.>>And I want to echo what that’s he said that this Paul and I think everybody agrees it’s not some all, but we are on the right path and we have a responsibility to find solutions to every roadblock that comes up. That’s what we do that’s that’s what County government does best so we’re on the right path. There are going to be challenges but we’ve got to find ways around them. What I want to leave you with is and you know this we’ve seen flooding in this area since the 80’s and now we’re 2019 and as we look back and we realize how the problem sochi changed over the years, I want us to look forward and to the year 2040 and anticipate with your knowledge what’s going to be needed then. Because we’ve got to really plan for the future. In this instance because it’s not going to get better. It’s only going to get worse. I think we all agree with that so what we do to mitigate the problems that worse seeing that are ahead of us.>>Are just you know throw in my $0.2 in the end you know, thank you you know when but I it’s interesting to me I think Tom brought it up. How few other residents there have made themselves available to FEMA and the different programs that they have out there as far as reimbursements getting a history that if the House I think is flooded 4 times. FEMA la times will come in right of a check and buy the House so I think maybe the party the solution is you know for the county to educate them even more so that every time that we do have this incidents that you know that you know FEMA is out there to help you know offset some of that and there’s also always the ability to buy flood shirts, you know just because you not in a flood zone doesn’t mean you can’t buy it and it’s pretty recent will sell a I think that’s along with all the other stuff we’re doing I think there are other avenues potentially that we need to educate those people in that subdivision you know that to protect themselves in the event of another. You know. Horrific brain storm like we had in 2016.>>see a question I just want to make sure understand and know that you and I have talked before about that the studies, you know the watersheds and so forth when were they last gun. Safe care strangest that when I mean when was that last time.>>92 is the fee months that he the last study.>>So official.>>The report is that and then there’s been couple of development shoot com that she did it for his own little of the ball and man I don’t think I’d be in the day on things for my that or us.>>Commissioner Bob with respect to pure strain.>>About all of them what we just talk about it because I know you all are working toward that now what.>>We have today what staff has to date the lies were utilizing the 3 existing water show states that been most recently done in the past decade which are gamble Creek. Boyce create I mean it’s awful Campbell Creek but looking out for a Creek and Britain were. Outside of that we’re relying upon 25 year floodplain data for the firm. The information from the flood insurance rate maps maps that day back to the 90’s or to the 80’s the on that reliant upon down. which is an example about a week or so ago on near all we have high failure out near desoto mall. I’ve got a map that shows us where our drainage infrastructure as that map dates back to the early 1980’s if not into the 70’s. Word of the land upon right now in this County a lot of information that is obsolete outdated and it it’s going to take a watershed management plan is going to take washes states like we’re doing with bullies keep Creek and Pearce train to provide us modernize best able after the series.>>The reason I asked that question I thought it was a something that the public really need to know because I know Tom we’ve had these discussions that the water studies had not been updated. Perhaps as often as they should with all the growth that we’ve seen and it doesn’t agree with Purcell and I was going ask that question actually about water flow. You know we I mean we talk about building a wall in and I like that idea it seems the most. Logical when you when you look at it, but at the same time you know what are kind of finds a way to go wherever it wants to go and the flow of the water I mean it’s elevation it’s there several things there that affected so. I was concerned about that as well another question I guess this one is actually just for me to know because I’m being asked this question and I’m not sure of the answer I think I know that I want to make sure I’m right so I would look at the county attorney’s here impact fees. I have a lot of residents that want to know why. Impact fees or storm water is not covered by impact fees can or can they be I’m not sure. You can help me with that.>>Mister chair and commissioner the county does not have a separate impact fee for storm. We do pay for were some improvements storm water improvements with impact fees when they are associated with. And with the runoff from roads.>>It’s so.>>That may be what’s confusing them where they’re they’re hearing about is talking about using impact fees and impact the credits for storm water. It is our road impact the program that is funding those and those are for retention ponds to handle the runoff the furry a surface of paved roads. It does not serve subdivisions or other properties within the case.>>Let me want to talk yet let me change my my question it might be easier. Can impact fees for Florida statute be used for storm water.>>Generally that’s what I’m getting asked generally know unless it’s less that storm water improvements for County roads are fairer.>>So OK so it could possibly be in some for some areas with that our roads are OK that’s pretty limited up because that is a question I’ve heard that’s come up several times on I came up in a meeting I was in yesterday. So that’s why I was asking.>>See let me ask and I’m probably going to put you on the spot, but I got a reason for asking and I know you know what I missed you mentioned this and it is so wonderful to have so much experience and knowledge. That so many in public works spring-like you with all the years in your great engineer. We’re blessed to have you I think we would all agree with that, but in your opinion. The studies that we’re looking at doing and I know we try to to wait until we get the 5050 I get it. But at same time they’re they’re pretty important. I mean we probably this by question how often should we be doing this with the growth we’re seeing in this county in your opinion that all depends how rich you are ideas.>>Well definitely should do it more often read it is a 90 well.>>And let me say that this goes back to Earth. I guess the history also a thing the history is that in summer around if I remember right 2000 or early in 2000. This type of topic came up what we did was we commissioned the my fabulous CBN back then also. To look at of all of our watersheds look at all the data as we have. Prioritized those waters shared as to which one we should hit first. Or look at for right or deal with first right. So that was called base umpire to stations study the Basin prior to stations study numerate it all the drains from top number one.>>Flooding problematic area all the way down to the bottom which is 20 6.28 or whatever that was we had.>>Being using that study from the 2000 that’s why are you getting these studies. The way they coming across which one we should study first it’s not just a coincidence it was it was is started the brain or of it Buffalo can now gamble that’s what we’ve done those. Bo Li’s MP years there were Ron on top priorities. That’s what we’re doing enough thing this year Tom’s got several Them because 3 your gottwald.>>We’ve got actually as part of this year’s proper to funding applications which first off I can’t go off without saying. And a significant. Thanks and. Monday shun for can come who is sitting in this office who is are silent guy of public works no because he put his nose to the grindstone he’s written these applications he submitted to the district for these project improvements and for these 3 water says states that we happen coming on that we’re asking for a corporate funding and what we’re looking at to do next. For next year’s co-operative funding cycle which governing Board of sweat my would take up. And summer of 2020 is basically let’s take a big bite out of the apple and go and do. Might just one of watershed let’s take big portions of the county. Let’s do as far as North County. Let’s go from rivonia down towards the unincorporated areas near Pompano out towards Paris and pick up slaughtered, rain and some of the other daughter water says that we talked about recently and our hearings that we’ve been having flood problems with then let’s go jump south of the river, let’s pick up areas that extend from unincorporated areas they extend from anywhere near Tropicana or any where even near our public works office and extend that out East. And let’s pick up any other watersheds that we haven’t picked up such as milk ump’s millcreek we’re doing right now, let’s pick up some of these other water says in that general area. Then let’s hop out even further out he’s let’s pick up portions of the county that weren’t we know we’re experiencing problems with now we know that developments coming let’s a pick up top and sloot that happens to be the answer of course and that the of this County that our neighbors to the south Sarasota County have already mold more than once they’re modeling twice.>>And the reason I’m asking these questions guys is because I know you know we’ve had a lot of meetings a lot of discussions with different in my district out East and had you know a lot of this has come up and I just want the public to you know that nie said this yesterday when I was interviewed. But by the media. You know I praise public works you guys have just been wonderful, I mean Chad comes in takes over you guys work together is a great team you’re really looking in doing a lot that. Weep skews me that we probably. Should have looked at and done a long time ago, but we we didn’t end through no fault of this board or because I know these are not new things that you all talked about and I know that I just say thank you for taking the bull by the horns so to speak in and coming forward. And doing what you’re doing because it’s really really important and I would just say that I agree with what you’ve heard some of the commissioners say you know center Lake. They didn’t ask for this and and we do need to make that a priority and I know some people up on this board was talking about funding sources well, you know we can talk until we’re blue in the face about funding sources but the bottom line is we could have already looked at this head we prioritized. Things a little bit differently than perhaps what we’ve done a mean you know, yeah we can do some bonding. I hear that all the time it’s true we could infrastructure sales. Tex you know we change sound like it’s you know, it’s commissioner said oh we’ve never do that well some have a in ways that for some things that I don’t know is it really the priority or should this be the priority there’s a lot of questions there but whatever the case may be that this board as a whole makes the decision and the majority rules the priorities that have been made asked can’t but I think you guys are are going in the right direction Jen and I thank you because a lot of people in this County depend on you guys doing what you’re doing. And I’m you know we will see changes because of it because we are our I mean Lakewood ranch now has. The number one selling community in the United States number one and you know you talk about Lakewood ranch but we’re seeing growth all over the county. It’s not just Audi you know thank you for all you’re doing and when I say you guys I mean I mean Chad as well all of you you’ve really been a great asset to me I can tell you to thank you. At this point before.>>Head on to the next one we need to take be a 10 minute recess because we’re having some come you are issues up here. Take public comment at work sessions like but they We will after we finished the next subject because these are both comparable subjects are OK in the same discussion that we just heard for the last hour and I think on the bullish. Part of that issue so at this point will recess for 10 minutes just because we’ve ever ties the MS. Separate presentations there might.>>The people here that are here just for Pearson, not planning on being here for bullies we would request you would take to set a public comment. Thus that the consultants are different. It consultant or a consultant, the difference and we did ever ties missed 2 separate 3 and the case will open this up for public comment strictly on the pier strain. Gap Creek watershed management anybody from the public that like to come down and talk about.>>That specific. Nobody would talk about it. Come on down you know 3 minutes.>>Good morning Ken Piper and a resident of parish on good morning commissioner. My my comments are necessarily directed just appear rain but it’s it’s all of these projects that are going to end up coming down the road. I think all all the supply. All my comments apply to all of the projects. There there’s a statement made that story of the water is In my experience and thus not experience in Florida by any means but my experiences that’s not free that’s a regulatory taking and I know if you’re something if I’m in that 10 day the area are the 4 acre area I certainly want to be compensated for that even though it is a temporary taking Mr. Clegg’s going to know more about that than what I would. Now you know that the big elephant are really in the room that nobody is discussing. Our district assessments to take care of this. Instead the proposal is that all of us pay for it out of storm water fee. And the gorilla in the room is the fact that a lot of people and homeowners associations are already paying assessments and I know everybody wants to ignore that. But by the time we get to the Lakewood ranch town hall that he made a lot of people screaming about that. You know another thing and by the way I want to Tom over here and I didn’t get it last night or through the dialectic method. I don’t. I’ve I’ve learned a lot and he is very a very knowledgeable man and he really tries to get the information out to the public, but you got to go talk to him. I mean you know if you don’t talk to him then and then you can’t get anything out of it, but there haven’t been any priorities established here for for any of potential everybody we’re proposing use $5 million a year year out of this all of this new storm water fee but we have no idea. But the and the as for projects we’re going to be working on. It is 5 million enough maybe maybe it isn’t enough. And one and we can’t I don’t think we can do anything with option 2 on that storm water fee until we have some kind of an idea as to where we’re going but the one thing that be comes obvious us This impact you’re proposing now that’s only the beginning because with 28. Potential studies here. And I mean some of the singing I mean 10’s of millions dollars for each one. Um yeah, you’re not you’re not going to take care of those out of a a 5 million a year now that the other thing that is. OK thank you can’t. So any by the next front is anybody else from public alike forward see nobody will close public comment and we will now to our 10 Min recess to get the computers up in the past. Call a meeting back to order will now.>>to go with the Next which least Creek watershed management. Thank you Mister Yes, we know we will not pick up with the a boys Creek watershed management plan and discuss the project alternatives that have been identified by our consulting team which would be judged. Tech consultants. Inc I’m sure today we have Tom Hempstead and Mark all I know it’s getting so what I’m going to begin the presentation. Mister chair and and commissioner said.>>First of all like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to come and present so this this project and and our our study findings to you today. I’m also like to thank the sun port from that we’ve received from from the county and in particular can Cone all the heavy lifting he’s throughout the project and does the bell. At the gun Garcia with with list with swift might. And all of the the support that she has provided as well. That currently are watershed a study status as we’ve completed our existing conditions analysis and our draft and senators analysis. Our next steps will be to finalize the alternatives analysis and then delineate the flood Plains for the watershed area. As far as the overview of today’s presentation I’m going to talk about first. The of the description of the watershed and briefly talk about our existing conditions analysis since spend the bulk of the time talking about a flood mitigation alternatives. To briefly to to describe the watershed that the watershed is within the black outline area that you see on the map. It’s in Western manatee County. Generally the bullies Creek flows from the north end of the watershed to the South and Southwest out to Sarasota Bay. Some characteristics about the watershed it’s about 9 square miles. It’s it’s very flashy and that’s a mainly due to the nature of the watershed its its urban and built up and a lot impervious area many sections of the creature bench analyze and so when it does rain and and rains hard that the creek has Tennessee to come up very quickly. They’re also a lot of lower a low line areas in areas of older development that are built very close to the creek and these areas are these developments are subject to flooding. Also because of the built out nature of the watershed they’re not a lot areas left that would potential areas to be used for flood mitigation. And there are some across Basin flows between the get Creek water shed and pure strain and the bully streak watershed based on arm. We did a a detail does this in conditions model The and the top rate picture you see one of our engineers on the field measuring one of the large culverts so we we make sure that we got survey information covert information throughout the watershed said have have an accurate model to base our flood Plains and our the improvement concepts on. One of things we that low which is very important is to make sure that your modeling is accurate. So we actually use the August the extreme rain event this was discussed earlier the August 2017 event that caused a lot of flooding up and down. The creek, this is a picture shown here of Magellan drive south of like Brendan and on the top right corner, the small in said map the blue areas are the areas of inundation based on our modeling and we could see based on this that are model results are very close to the actual flooding that was observed. This is a on the left is a photo half of shady Brook village also during that August 2017 events and on the right. The area blue which almost covers entire the entire map is the the area that our model showed would be flooded during that event. These things match a very This is that Creek where across the 17th Street court East. According to the photos that we have any information we have this area actually did not flood and our modeling I’m also confirmed that so that this is not an area of flooding so. Based on the information that we are able to come pile and develop model validation that we did our model it was is considered accurate. From the modeling and based on County staff input we identified 6 areas of of focus for a flood improvements. O 5 of the 6 areas ardor Oakley along bully Those include the Pennsylvania way area the shady Brook village condominiums and Danny drivers on the other side of the creek from shady The area around Lake Brendan the Villa del Sol mobile home subdivision into industrial commercial properties between 53th 63rd Avenue. There was one flood focus area which is the new doors subdivision which is to the north of Billy Next to or on the West Side of Pennsylvania Avenue. So looking at the results of existing conditions model. You can see the the numbers in red on that table those are the flood deaths above the minimum a building elevation within each focus area so taking shady Brook village for example. Structures in that condominium complex begin to flood during the 10 year storm event which you know to put it in context says is actually quite a bit smaller than the 100 year almost half the size of of the 100 year storm event and then as you get larger storm events the 25 5000 year that flood deaths existing conditions for the deaths as is as as much as 1.6 feet.>>Above the minimum building elevation and it should be privilege area.>>Similar results actually in the other focus areas.>>Along a fully overall throughout the entire watershed within the focus of areas and other areas in the watershed there are backup there are 256 a structures in the 100 year floodplain based on our map. So before we get into the flood mitigation alternatives that we evaluate its want to talk up a brief Lee about the evaluation criteria. First of all you they’re modeling year-olds how effective is the alternative that is being a presented a implement implementation considerations is the alternative permissible. Can you get the land that that is needed to construct the alternative and what are the a potential environmental impacts that this alternative may have. That any alternative needs to be cost>>you can’t it as was discussed early can you know this build anything new has to provide more benefits than it does costs.>>One thing about Billy Street that many of you may know is there are actually we’re zoo.>>Or or walls.>>Within the creek and these these Weir’s they act Shirley obstruct some of the flow in the creek and reduce the overall creeks can Cassidy so any improvement to make. An improvement to reduce flooding along the treat should. Include some either removing some leers or modifying the weirs in the creek. The county has been very proactive with this and has already submitted a a a.>>Water funny Nish initiative application to swift mud to remove. The the remove one of the weirs within the survey Country Club and to replace so the furthest West we’re with an automated where that could be opened prior to large storm events ordering large storm is to let the give to increase the capacity of the creek and also replace that the lake Brendan we’re with an automated where. A couple of things with alternative would a a nutrient removal baffle box on Pennsylvania Avenue and also extending the reclaimed water line to the soft core so that that the golf course could use reclaimed water instead of water from the creek to irrigate the golf course. So are we model alternative a look at the benefits that it would provide from a flood standpoint and so what we found is that the reduction in within that with the shady Brook village for examples about 0.2 feet. During the 100 year There’s some homes and Pennsylvania way that also flood they would see a benefit of about 0.4 feet during the 100 year event as you move further North up the creek, the those benefits decrease to about 1.1 feet. Just by removing the you be able to remove about 25. Structures from the 100 year floodplain and the cost to do that it is about $22,000 per structure. So were with this alternative that we recently looked at is what would what would be the benefit if we also dredged the channel and created a consistent slope. And along that the section that you see where it’s kind of a light light bluish green color. So that your there’s a contest consistent slow to the to the everything else and see the same just just doing some dredging and what we found is you get to about another 10th to to tense of a foot of flood reduction. And your number of structures removed from the 400 year floodplain goes from 25 to 33. So I used a cumulative benefit of of adding dredging to that. In order to try remove additional structures from the 100 year floodplain along the creek. We looked at a regional storage alternative this would build off of the removal modification alternate that have already talked about. So this alternative would construct about 41.5 acres of ponds. Within the areas that you see outlined in red and rednecks to the creek. These are areas that are currently do not have any structures on them so they they would no less expensive more potentially available. To be acquired that they in areas that could potentially provide a flood storage. The overall cost of this alternative is what would be million. So looking at the improvement that you would see from this alternative the flood reduction does increase significantly by spending this additional amount of money. During the 100 year event you still see quite a bit of a structures would remain within the flood zone. But overall the number of structures that are moved from the flood zone goes up to 91 from where we were about 25. And but that Costa also increases the cost per structure goes up to about $74,000 per structure. So moving on the one area that’s not directly at the creek to me doors subdivision within the subdivision of a star modeling their 18 star pictures that are within the 100 year flood zone, I’m the alternative that we proposes to construct at a 2,660 foot. Dual 48 inch pipe from 9th Street to the West to Pittsburgh drain. Which are modeling show the Pittsburgh great actually surplus a flood a can Vance capacity so we wouldn’t be impacting them downstream. And the cost of this project is million. The reduction in flood death year for the 100 year storm is a 0.5 feet which you that may be a first class is a look like a whole lot, but it does remove 9 of the 18 structures in there this of sow division from the 100 year, a flood zone at a cost of about $222,000 per structure. So just to kind of recap an overview of the alternatives that I presented. First there’s the of alternative remove or modify Weir’s within the creek. And then in addition to that ad flood improvement or additional flood storage areas along the creek and the areas you see in red and then up there for the for the area number 5 the meat or subdivision create a diversion pipe from a Pennsylvania Avenue over to the Pittsford ring. So some additional alternatives that it I’m I’m not going to go into in detail that we did look at we actually looked at several and these are the more extreme alternatives that just based on our analysis did not look to be cost effective or would be extremely difficult to implement, I’m one of them being the widening of the bullies treat widened by 40 feet. I’m at a cost of million. Many structures would be removed from the from the flood zone, but many so many of those will be removed because they were they would be purchased and done as opposed to actually you know lowering the stages in the creek enough to. To remove them from the from the flood zone. Looked at a at a pump station and flood wall specifically for the shady Brook village that would remove all of the structures within the shady privilege condominium complex from the flood zone, I’m the 100 year flood zone that the cost of that would be million. I’m at a cost of $609,000 per also one of the issues with that is. The that many and complex is in the flood plain so there would be flipping compensation issues. It’s also in the floodway which would make the the implementation. A 3rd thing we looked at his buyout of flood pump flood prone structures and other than a very few structures. I’m buying out just simply by now structures did not appear to be a cost effective solution. Our modeling it confirmed the known unsuspected for a problem locations that the kind of the county has within the police Creek watershed our recommendation is to continue to move forward with the cfi application that’s been submitted to the test with mud. It is necessary in good first step to helping The the flooded areas along Felice Creek. And then to additional after that. Including regional potentially the pencil the Pennsylvania. Avenue flow diversion. The project for the need or subdivision. And a final this conclusion based on our analysis that is that mitigating the 100 year flooding for done the most vulnerable structures along the creek. I’m just did not appear to be cost based on our analysis so for us our next steps will be to finalize there are alternatives analysis and then move on to the floodplain delineation a portion of our project. Which normally the footprint elation come first, but because of the urgency of getting to the alternatives we got that first. For study. So I think I already did the knowledge into the game. So with that I thank you for your attention. Welcome any questions.>>thank you for the presentation, it’s great that we’re looking at solutions in this area that again historically was built prior to any in you said that in your presentation historically was felt fryer to these kind of studies being done at old FEMA maps. The squiggly lines right there in the real have a defined flood elevation is that yes, many of these.>>Areas were built a long time ago prior to current storm water regulations. You know like if you build a subdivision now it’s going to have upon the treatment pond for flood control and also water quality control and when you look at a lot of the areas along the leas Creek these areas is discharged directly in 3. So we don’t have any any on site flood control or water quality control obvious this drainage ditch just you know they have it or should it just lets them drain into the creek. Directly it’s it is a different time with places where Bill.>>And you know I I worked at the county in 1983 and I can remember Danny drive if I don’t know I can remember when I worked in the planning department Danny drive.>>Was flooded. It was in the floodway it’s one of those curvy things right along the creek and I was flooded. And since the early 80’s, so that’s my personal experience that situation you are not recommending the dredging right is a it’s not one of the project’s a look and for corporate funding, the dredging or is it.>>May can speak well before King gets here. I say I do think the dredging is a good idea it needs to be costed out as we we in nearly model that last week but that doesn’t uh because it out, but it does look like a a good idea too incrementally improve stages on the creek.>>And I so my question is about dredging is where with the materials go I know we’ve run into that problem with dredging where’s Creek is a great example, but other dredging we’ve had situations within the material storage is one of the big issues.>>The yes well. commissioners a priest been hearing all the. Could is I think getting firms from the other staff. But yes, the the dredging material would typically under the county requirements it gets hauled to a landfill. That’s been our policy. I also handle the. The Senate now fall projects. For the county as far as the. Set that the dredging that’s associated with that that material also goes to the landfill for disposal. This would be a separate. Activity in the wood included under the cfi that we see it this time around for the 2021. What you saw there with the 2 years as you probably already know as the off of course, the golf courses been grandfathered in as far as why did they have in years why are they the only golf course probably in the county that you news a fresh water supply and that’s because they were there before the regulations were in effect even the district’s plan to make it that is that the parties permitting doesn’t But it is an restriction. In in both these Creek that we would like to address but at the same time we can’t. Discount that the golf course relies on that water. For their golf course. So we’re working with them and see it. And touch their board. And trying to come up with a solution that could benefit both the county. And the golf course.>>Yeah and I do have a kind of the broader question>>paying for these uh you know kind of neighborhood of Khalid improvements affecting a specific area. So that’s a question that we’re going to get you know the sace to improvements should be included the storm water taxes should there be something else I’m kind of curious. If any of you know, I’m a beast with my folks know when Philip the creek I’d also be corrupted so major improvements. I work for Wilson, the last time we just some of them.>>I don’t recall if they were paid for by a county wide storm water tax or wasn’t paid by an assessment for folks that lived along the creek to you know because I think>>understanding is they have the watershed specific. So they have the storm Monday Tilly fee but projects within that particular watershed will be Creek is that they want those people within Philip e crea get a special assessment further improvement projects.>>Yeah, and that’s something that I think we need to consider just saying that for myself at this point. Are use mention the 41 and a half acre pond. I wrote on the question where where we could you do a 41 and a half acre com.>>Bring that back up on the power point.>>Maybe showed it would back to fast from her home.>>Commissioner that there were several locations along the creek. That we looked at for that for that pond. It is shown on the map. In the presentation, there’s there’s like I think for 5 different areas there you go. So near the number for you see the area outlined in red and then north of number the number 6 there’s a couple other areas outlined in red. Those are areas that are are undeveloped that could acquired and used for flood storage and I believe. Part of the area north of the number 6 is actually already County owned. Property. But it’s not the majority of of the area that there would be it there would need to be a significant acquisition.>>All right and again I wrote down the question and I know she had a Burke at shady she Burke has looked into. Some funding from SWAT from FEMA and again.>>At some point I would like someone to tell us because it’s a fake to me what the options are what FEMA options have 4. How do you get repetitive loss mitigation how do you get other flood mitigation again I’ve I’ve heard this I’ve heard about it, but I’ve not other than we did have something on the agenda last time where we did do a project and I’m Kara I’m a call product Florida cannot remember where it was but I think we need to know what possible and I tell you something I heard Washington that scared me and I heard it again for Marco Rubio that FEMA is looking to pass more this town to local government. You know this idea that seem as the savior for when all of these natural disasters. But what’s happening in California could help but think gee I think I’ve been at flooding the fires but I don’t know that’s a great under a comparison alternative, but you know that that we have to be cognizant of FEMA looking to push more of this town not have more resources. Expecting local government is I was we were told to be first just local government to be first to so that’s something we need to be cognizant. But I also want to make sure that we are applying for anything that we can apply for and I don’t know if we are. Others speak that briefly and without.>>And specificity it is something where we’re looking into there is a part of a millions of dollars available for the state of Florida. So competitive that prioritize but their harmonies a. 75%. Cost share ♪ so we are looking into that for center Lake we’re looking at it. It’s a good first start to see what you know what what we can do to. You know seek some of those funds for some of these kind of projects that’s great can you are great, you are great. But I really appreciate that.>>Because a you know it’s important we look at whatever funding that’s well again we’re talking the taxpayers how are. We’re making the most of the money in Iowa said that that one of the main reasons for needing storm water funds and this is why wasn’t a cop plant since 1989 right was because we know that there are these competitive bids, you got to have money in the game we have to have. You might say some Yes commissioner of the neck. Were speaking strictly of shady Brook.>>Representatives and some of some of the presidents of shady Brook have actually met with brought Several up there. Medication puzzles that they are pursuing which even include use as to contain the flooding. So as to provide additional flood storage during any of these major storm they are 3 busy in their own internal private drainage system to see what can be done as far as either upsizing or even the ideas that been brought up the center Lake about floodgates things that that’s where they are up actively promote they’re actively pursuing those improvements as a as a community themselves. And also I would also bring up it doesn’t necessarily need to be an H away or condo Association or even apartment complex it that can Flood mitigation each individual resident, each individual homeowner. Can flood proofing a medication, France through FEMA, however, and some cases that funding comes after the event not before the event so that there are some caveats of course with Grant or opportunities and certainly the county we’re looking at those that opportunities are also available through the district through our cooperate funding initiatives. Well that’s great and that’s it like you really upon its I think that’s and it’s no secret that.>>These areas in the existing an area we’ve looked intensify because it makes sense and so many ways but this is a shoe we’re going to have deal with it would have to get creative because this is what makes sense and we’re P want to live they want you know younger people I should say plenty else they’ve all its pressed concerned that they want to live in these more urbanized areas where lockable where the resources are available. So we have to keep that in mind last question do we have anyone who is serving as a representative on the switch but for some reason I heard we don’t even have representation on the board for manatee County and getting a know that they can see right now have a vacancy I’m concerned about that I mean you know we. I have to admit I served on the base and board for I don’t number almost 9 years seem like. And then Basin boards went away. So I’m concerned about representation for manatee County.>>We do have a couple representatives here from swift my and before her do some I wanted to mention the other aspect hasn’t been directly brought up with the watershed study is what water quality. We are working Rob Brown. His group to join the 2 together as far as. We flood engineers, we want to move water out as fast as we can we like low water tables and we want to move water. It’s not quite how things work with water quality and the funding mechanism now with the water management district is that every flood mitigation the project has to also include some water all the elements so that’s why you’re seeing water quality included. It is the water management District. We got to a stage he’s ardley governmental liaison. And quite honestly they really are helpful to us and storm water.>>For the record Dennis Ross, a service that government affairs manager for the water management District and to answer your question which of the neck. I’m John hands like who previously served as the main to County representatives stepped down due to health reasons. So there is a vacancy right now for the manatee County are represented seat and and as you know our board has a few vacancies right now, but we are currently except accepting applications through the governor’s office and I at mean that the man T. Chamber of Commerce where is that where that and I know they have possibly had some candidates who have been looking into this in May. But as of right now there is no current manti County representative on the board.>>Thank you and I met with then us they’ve done a great job and I can’t remember her also just about just about this. That without such as well they’re very great resource as for us and I would encourage any of you if you want to to talk with them and understand what the district doesn’t and how to help us to meet So thank you and thank you. She anybody else on the board.>>Yeah, OK well, and and not to be duplicative but my comments are pretty much the same that I’ve already stated in and that is I’m so appreciative of the study this is my district these are P people that did not ask for these problems it’s not there. And impose solutions which is our obligation to do we need to be looking way out into the future as much as we possibly can. Assuming that our assumptions are based on some scientific data I know you get too far out and it’s hard to do that. But thank you for all of your efforts.>>Mister>>when we speak up next steps obviously one of those next steps and the board is actually request the staff look into it. training standards that we have in place today and looking in the future as far as the storm water standards what can be done in the future, especially as we have we’ve been talking about before. What we are utilizing as far as following today. We’re reliant upon as we are as we talked about with some of these water systems. We’re relying upon outdated information where lion reliant upon either crafts and. Tranche intensity meiling drainage rainfall accumulations to drive the smallest water says studies that date back to the 60’s and 70’s 1960’s and 1970’s. What we’re looking at today and what’s been implemented with these 2 and with our most recent watershed studies is implementation and use of what is, but well known as no at was 14 which is an updated. Radar generated rainfall accumulation tolls based upon A’s think it’s just for my own bread, a square mile bridge. Up the rainfall estimates there are generated from the National Weather Service based upon the rainfall accumulation day. And that sweep that as we brought up before what we see today for a 100 year storm event. Certainly different than what we’re design and modeling for a 100 year storm event right now today different project comes in through to the county and then subsequently for staff review. 100 year storm is a 10 inch rainfall event. What no outlets 14 says is that number should be higher should be somewhere up near 12 and a half inches. To take it a step further what staff is looking at now and we’ve already had to cut couple just come through. On the land use hearings is to not only look at a single day story event but that to take a look at a multi-day stormy that and actually in all actuality D o T is Ari requiring that a longer stay highways. D o T requires a whole gambit of different drainage a story of S to be modeled whereas County and swept, but we’re just looking at a single day’s story about whether it be for a 25 year storm or a 100 year storm for the Russian all of our our bar runoff. Calculations and also our flood plain mitigation calculation so that is part of the equation that staff is looking at that we will be coming back to this board and the future on is what we can do as far as to implement hire a requirements and our standard it’s based upon stormy that’s and then we’ll take a look at the other. Fast that’s as far as storm water standards whether it be for water quality uses of other practices to do a storm water management.>>Thank you and be forgive up the floor Mister chairman I’d like to recognize I’m John Lindsay and the audience. He has just done an immense amount of work and coordination with FEMA and on behalf of shady Brook and so I would like to ask you a question John is there anything else that you can offer in this discussion be valuable for the for the board to hear because if there is I’d really like for you to come up to the microphone.>>Good morning commissioners. I’m my name is John Lindsay on the property manager of shady privilege. First of all thank all of you. The response from manatee County government has been incredible and the storm water Department see a you guys have really been on top of that. Intense situation for us and thank you, I mean what you what you’re doing in just putting this plan together. One of the things that’s been discussed is a FEMA funds. There is a representative from FEMA for name is Melissa Woodbridge she’s a vice president of operations. I think you can be a big help. Because there should be repetitive loss funds that I know. Or I guess I’d say I believe a shady Brook village in particularly qualifies for. And that is something I’d be happy to send some information to misty and to the storm water Department to system in following up.>>Here and we will have Mister Lindsey at a future meeting to specifically discuss the what they’re doing to mitigate flooding at shady Brook and the bladder system I believe in the 19 yes, yeah.>>Just as John urban still alive. Who John urban the developer shady Brook.>>From my understanding know fell from its not I I actually spoke to one of his daughters. So unfortunately I think he passed them.>>I’m not that you are you get letter says Sunday’s done Anna Maria a child’s did when he did that village to get that credit. points of a 0 footprint carbon a child’s has that little place.>>Those 100 New York building with their son’s Blatter system under there. Yeah so I remember when they first got that was a big thing.>>But I’d like to ask our professional staff because I I don’t want anybody to go and no cans here and he spent it all for her. Storm water fee meetings and I we’re here talking about.>>These 2 just these 2 areas that we.>>We have asked to have brought back to us last year that’s how long this is taken this is just 2 areas, I’ve are 27 other basins what I’d like to know from my professional staff SIA and Tom because we we try this point and the stern the median and there’s a lot of the concern in that Eastern counties in the northern counties for the new developments. They already pay for this that this doesn’t affect them. I don’t know if this one area does but how I’ve been educated through the professionals here.>>That it all eventually goes to the rivers are the call.>>I and even though you have retention areas you pay that fee to keep so they’re not agree. Well in the grass and some kind of treatment that event really I’d like to know from the pet professionals to some water always stay there does it go somewhere and I know that’s not.>>Part of just these 2, but the reason why we’re here just concentrating on just the South’s counties because the sit at board.>>Asked that we haven’t addressed the other places in the county and wire up here either and the other major areas in the county that our West and the east of 41. That have major issues because what you’re doing today is something that the ball and asked and it took us almost 2 years to get here.>>Commissioner went more let me start with some that’s far as to last when you brought up. There certainly were is outside of these 2 water says that were certain we’re looking not there we have staff it has actually already pursued and where we have permitting we’re getting close. Santa doing the advertising the fire recall correctly for a drainage improvement project what to do whatever ammonia that’s a prime example of where they might not just be necessarily a tranche improvement project that might be especially with a sidewalk. It might be associated with some other improvement projects for at a certain neighborhood, but it’s where we’re looking at. Utilizing proper to funding since to make drainage quantity and quality improvements to a neighbor the semi said is another prime example of where in the past we’ve had sidewalk improvement projects and say there’s open drain swells along roadsides where we’ve gone through with those particular projects and pipe those particular drainage ditches there certainly a number of neighborhoods in this County where or we can not be for we identify where there’s been a flood prom problems in the past or where they’re identified as hot spots. I’m not only by what is here today our engineering staff but on our operations cent. The other side, the table, the boots on the ground actually physically go out every single day and you they’re clear on the blockage in a drainage Canal or a drainage pipe or go out every single day and to maintain our drainage system as it poll because when we’re speaking of manatee County, whether it’s a private development that’s behind a gate or this existing development that we’re talking about here today which happens to be in boys Creek. It doesn’t matter where to sources whether it’s in a private gated subdivision or an older part town that’s been there for decades on that. All that runoff at the end of the day keep the late son goes into the same drainage system County wide and that kept that County drainage system also that we ends up either and Sarasota Bay Tampa Bay around into the Gulf of Mexico and as we’ve had over the past couple years weatherbys to red tide. The green algae, anything of that sort impacts go beyond just the flooding that we’re talking about today it becomes an economic impact. 6 of the entire County. And our way of life in this in this County.>>The new developments 3 tensions address that too certain site at her that her. 2 nights now.>>With respect to these newer developments in the county base essentially from 1985 onward is when environmental resource permitting through Southwest, Florida water Management District was implemented. So from that time 0.4 from that point forward up to the day any of Any newer developments are required to have their own dedicated storm water facilities to provide water quality treatment and some measure of quantity and the form of that anyway shun to regulate there. The rate of runoff and obviously manse County we take it a step further we for quite a flurry duck shuns within our flood prone areas. But the point in big point to make on any new word to them and this is only designed to withstand or to hold up to a certain point. When we’re talking about water quality at most. Any of these muster only designed to provide water quality up to one inch of accumulation from runoff and some of our are standing for the waters are the puddle water sources likely not your average reservoir. They take it up a little bit higher to take it up to one and a half French’s beyond that point if there’s any Luton loading if there’s any contaminants with and that runoff is being discharged out of that newer development and to the and to our County drain a cyst stumps when we speak of water quantity when we speak of the either the volume of runoff or the discharge of runoff that’s regulated up to a 25 year storm event or equivalent to age 8. It’s getting 8 inches of runoff within a one day period once we get beyond that point which 2017 was a prime example of it because we can certainly speak of boys Creek and pierced rain today but another prime example was out in terror which happened to been the recipient of the highest and extreme intensity of that particular story of a where just that one evening back in August and I have the numbers in front of me. They received 6 inches of rainfall with then one hour and 12 inches of rainfall within an eight-hour period, so not only we’ve we speaking about today. And misty product get point looking ahead because what we’re designing to today. Worse a purse or passing those numbers based on our most recent storm events an 8 inch rainfall in 24 hour period, we’re going to have those defensive for more frequently and we’re certainly going to exceed those numbers were frequently based upon quantity and intensity alone. So what we need to do and and that’s what it discussed earlier about our storm water requirements. They go hand in hand not only do we need to look at where we can do to improve the infrastructure today. But what we can do to improve our relations for tomorrow.>>Thank you and that was actually a long same lines and I was thinking of because when we focus on these existing urban areas that were built out primary late Prix. As we call it right before the flood maps before the storm water required and you know and so we’re looking at retrophin but that doesn’t mean the river clubs of the world at Lakewood ranch is of the world that they’re taking care of the entire problem because the reality is they designed to the standard that was in place. The standards are under review right now at the state level. There’s recognition that the storm water treatment has not been enough. I’ve heard this from the Sarasota Bay estuary program for a long time you know that in fact we can show that we designed these ponds and we grade the property and we designed it so the 1st half inch of runoff goes into this Lake and get help for a little while and then gets let go but is that in fact taking care of the new trance. Oh that’s just a fact so and then there’s the situation well, yeah you retain all of this water on all these ponds but I’m not come as guilty as anyone does I worked for an engineering firm that did it designing to the standards and hold the water in tell ya let it go the same time and guess what happens you get more flooding. Downstream. Because you have more and more these developments doing that so I and I you I’m practicing for my meeting because I know the question’s going to be asked well why why do I have to I I T live in a subdivision that was designed with the water treatment. Well, the fact the matter uses these Donald’s downstream can Vance’s need improvements they need to be maintained.>>And our water quality needs to be improved. That’s why we’re doing it. I know Mister Pipers going nuts why are we doing this. He’s asked me already. Why we doing this so that’s what I think that like to hear if you guys have anything I mean the maintenance alone.>>can Van sus has got to be stepped up as our storm about us get stepped up right, I mean isn’t that one of the big reasons that we are talking about this issue. Even in existing new developed areas.>>We are here to presentation for the results of the studies. I know the storm water fee discussion is key in in several key an integral just as a reminder on that FYI both things that are being presented to the board or for enhancement since the other one is a policy decision that does the fiend such a way that you create the opportunity to have a dedicated annual funding source for capital projects specific storm water that of what you don’t currently have right now so either way you get the enhanced maintenance achieve desired the enhanced funding available to accelerate watershed management studies to enhanced funding for the outfall. This church program and for general are in our replacement that all included in either option an option to you’re getting $5 million a year to be available for capital betterment as a policy decision and that as a policy decision until a policy has been made your not seeing the list we’re just putting together the types of projects that the monies could be used for.>>Thank you and I do believe practice makes perfect so thank you for. Fishing ball. I can’t wait to go to your meeting. I think it’s causing great trust me, I’ll be there and I will speak to my residence.>>You know I. I’m sorry I feel like we’re sitting here and this whole thing is kind of orchestrated about the storm water fee. Instead of really too talking about the problems at hand for the 2 studies that are complete where we seem to only be talking about storm water fate, okay, I’ve said it before I think the storm water fee it’s got its place. But you cannot expect residents who we have deemed to already be paying a storm water fee that does treat the water by the way and you know pays that you’re expecting them to pay the same amount of money for the areas that have not done anything and have no upkeep so in that case and I realize we can’t do this because this is the rules that new developments have to to to do that if you want to look at it that way than just stop making these new developments have to storm water fee for their cds to cover the ponds and treat them. It is part of it so you know what I mean y’all are going to half too address. This issue because you have a lot of residents out East. That do pay ace storm water fee and it’s not for nothing that they pay it it does serve a purpose. So we can all set up here next like oh no. No they have to pay. They’re they’re causing the problem well, then you know what you’re talking about new grow, let’s say you can’t have it one way and not the other way. You got a lot of residents to respond to oh there’s a lot unhappiness out East I deal with it constantly I get the e-mails I can tell you yes I think can Piper mentioned it. Lakewood ranch town hall is going to be a zoo. But even worse even worse is going to be myakka. Perhaps you’d like to do that when that say. You know I think that’s going to be a. Very telling because the people do not understand why. They have been made to pay a storm water fee and now they’re being told oh but you got to pay more because we got to the rest of this. It’s all a lot of its because you because the growth will you okay. I do not understand why this Ford doesn’t recognize that people. To pay out East and some of the new developments and I don’t think they’re all just counties but I could be wrong on that you know they do pay a storm water fee for a reason. It’s not for nothing and they do have a purpose. So we need to take that into consideration. To not do that and you talk. You know what I’m sorry I’m going I want to call it a tax and I want to Kofi whatever you want to call it. And it doesn’t matter it’s all the same. That the citizens in this County have to pay. And we need to look at that and say. Okay they’re already being part of the solution. But you’re not recognizing that thank you.>>Fisher benac yes, what it is yeah well what to say was orchestrated but I have to admit I was pretty busy yesterday and I looked and so we had on the agenda and that’s as far as I got MR. The presentations so pretty sure was a narcan started, but I do think it’s extremely important that we continue to have these discussions about this as we move forward to this is an opportunity and it is important to clarify. What has been done in the past. And why we need the fee moving forward I think that’s extremely important what’s been done in the past. Developments have designed to standards absolutely since 1985 develop months have designed to the storm water standard. I can tell you because it’s with mud has standards and swift but areas of responsibility the primary standard is flood protection. That’s why swift made was key created that’s why they wrote the room, the flood protection. That’s what it was that’s what the developments designed to the standards. Does that mean that you’re going to not need maintenance of downstream can Van sus because you’re in a subdivision that designed to the standards absolutely not. Doesn’t mean that developments by law had to have. A fee to maintain their storm waters systems developed within the subdivision. They were require that’s why we require in our land development code that there be the home owner Association. You have to have that by the loss in place since 1985 to maintain your storm water system. But that isn’t what we’re talking about we’re talking about Van sus that occur outside of the subdivision. I don’t know maybe some subdivisions have. Sophisticated storm water protection that goes above and beyond that date absolutely should be credited for that if that’s the case. These are facts going to have to go by facts and I get it that people don’t want to pay I call that attack, it’s fear tax cuts going to come the way we look at it on a tax bill suspect that X to even though we know it’s a fee. But you know that’s those are facts from my perspective. And I am not an expert in this scenario I do have a lot of experience dealing with that. And you know I got to know so I want to serve on the base and board for 9 years. Representing manatee what’s with not so I do understand what areas responsibility I do understand the losses with that hat and they do need to be looked at but this related to what we’re talking about his not we’re not going to pay for improvements. Inside the subdivisions generally speaking right and I admire on that that I see some people and I you know, I’m just a policy maker so I need clarification from staff federal.>>Mister chair commissioner benac and just to reiterate again what we’ve been speaking about today for Pearson bullies. These are regional approach that sent by certainly all means we’re trying to focus in on the hardest hit areas but would be a center Lake where she brought things of that sort that. Prevalent flaying the most flood losses, the most victims of flooding. Occurred in those particular subdivisions so when we’re looking at regionally we’re looking at watershed by watershed by watershed and we’ll keep on doing this that this is the first of a series of work shops will have in the future. Once we go through each one of these watersheds studies we need to go back and pick up to 3 that we’ve already done on Buffalo Buffalo can now Campbell Creek and bring River that we need to go back and revisit and see what can be done to make improvements region one permits that have had the most beneficial impact for the president’s that those watersheds so whether it is to have a flood wall whether it is to do the regional channel whining we’re not just talking a couple 100 feet we’re talking about miles on end of channel whining whether we’re talking about regional storm water sit facilities or other improvements that can be done to County infrastructure to medicate and to prevent flooding and this County that is the purpose and that is the reason why we are here today, yes we are having these and solar are discussions that we’re talking about because we’re obviously work looking at a storm water fee at the same time. But then again, we’re looking at a storm water fee at the same time because there is no dedicated storm water funding source and that is a lot of the reason why we are as staff are and they aren’t allowed to time on what we can and cannot do because either information is outdated or we don’t have the funding for the resources available to make the improvements in this County so. As always it’s a lovely informational discussion and we appreciate it as staff as much as this County Commission as much as a public does because let’s face it without a flooding event from 2000 16 or 2017. Would we be having this discussion today.>>Stomach 2 more people on the board that we open it up to public comment. You know I think we could beat the subject to death we will over the next 4 to 5 months, I suspect. Come to some conclusion at some point in time but I don’t think we’re going to get it. Resolved today so I just know a misty and then Carol and then we’ll open it up to public comment.>>Thank you so much and just really important and great discussion and I look forward to what Sherry as after each of these workshops when she summer prizes all of this information into a nice memo format that because it’s a lot of information right and and as we’ve heard up here since the night in 80’s since 1985. Joeys are in place and required to take your their storm water systems now cds are another story that’s an optional way that a developer can choose to finance their infrastructure. Some developers do it as some developers don’t but the fact it is if you buy into a CD community be ready to pay the cdd fees.>>That’s just the way it’s structured and organized that’s not for everyone but there’s a lot of benefits that you get from being in those we’ve heard a lot of information and I’ve already hosted my storm water meeting which was excellent. And it’s it it’s very easy. What I’m finding is it’s very easy for the public to latch on to you know government waste our money government doesn’t know what they’re doing it tax and spend we can’t give them any more all those things are very easy to wrap your arms around and go that’s right. I’m tired of paying taxes. But what I want everybody to remember is that we’re all entitled to our own opinions were not entitled to our own facts. Everyone has got to focus on the facts. And then come the conclusions and that’s what this whole process is for so at the end of the day we all make a very a decision on what’s best for manatee County and I’m so inspired some of you you who are with me earlier this week saw a rich are Woods. Speak and he’s a guy who’s written a book now we’re all reading and it’s about moving your community forward. What he says at the end of the day is that you know we have got to as a community.>>If you can.>>Imagined us all arm in arm together we all of this community. We all need to make it. The best it can be and we all need to move forward.>>Because I was born in this area so I’ve been here since 1964. And if you can imagine the changes I have seen the new says 1964, you know we’ve gone through before University Parkway was a dead-end dirt road. A US 41 was a 2 lane road. My dad and I would stop and pick up.>>Colonels every day that we’re cross and us 41 it has changed and if you just look back 20 years ago, it’s changed and when you look back 40 years ago, it’s changed and that’s why I want us to look ahead 40 years because we’re going to be there some of us well some of us all and 40 years and go wow do you remember back in 2,1900 when they were talking about. Water feet so we have got to plan for that future and we have got to pay attention to the facts and try and reduce the emotion as we come.>>To conclusions based on facts. Thank you Kate.>>Commission with more very could misty very the reason why we’re here today is because the people are out here in the audience were here in 2017 to say that we’re not including them is not true, I recognize almost everybody here also Tara was here. I remember Steve lost his car all right Jeff manatee Avenue was floating. I just did that was him of his car. Sunny we’re all here and it took this long to get here. What I’m saying and I’ve said this and I get this every time because I’m really getting upset about this. 2 years we’ve been working on this 2 years every time somebody came before us and in your district in Highland shores that wanted Reggie. We go we’re working on storm water utility.>>Fee or whatever we’re going world, we’ll talk to you later but we’re all working together we’re working on this.>>Our staff bested their rear end to get this to us and then all the Senate comes to us and we actually see the numbers and what it’s going to cost everybody and then we have some walk cleanup here this commissioner had implemented a storm water the in my city and you think it was easy, I know was just the island. That I’ve been through it took a year for the study and that we had to work with the Citizens for about a year to get a tax and now it’s time for us to pull up our big boy pants have said the speech for and make the hard decision whether we go with option, one or action too. Somebody has got to we’ve got to get this done and the next storm these people become back to what we are going to say well you know.>>Every one of us except 2. Brokers say even in Lakewood ranch, everybody at that I never recall said, yeah we’re going to the store might tell you can never set we don’t want it until it’s time to make the big decisions. So this commission will supports something now and I’m going to do one or 2, I’m open I’m going to listen to the citizens. But we’ve got to get something going for these people here today that’s why we’re here there are people in East County too. Not gonna I’ve said this before it really upset me when I hear and everybody wafa now we’ve been through all this and now all somebody else has to pay it Bologna or water comes down in arced too your your water comes to our Paul R they red tide and blue-green algae we all affected everything we do so I’m off my soap box.>>And when I opened up to public comment. Anybody from the public like to come down and.>>Can wall that’s come and I just like to clarify one thing we talk about repetitive loss within here a verified was foot mud while we’re talking. It’s not just that you flooded within your home that you’ve had flood insurance you filed a claim and you had a loss in you receive money. So all those conditions to be counted when we say I don’t have a history of Rick, a repetitive loss. The those are the conditions of means thanks.>>Good morning, Ken Piper again my kind of pick up on my mind the remarks and I think it’s interesting that we’re doing studies are anticipating 100 year storms but the land development code standard is still 25 years for developers so. If the 25 year storm limit is creating the problem as as some of you are saying then we’re not getting ahead of this thing and all we’re just going to keep making the problems worse I think you know something needs to be done about the land development coat, you know another thing I’d like to speak about and this is the million. That’s in that in the solid waste fund that’s being used for storm water now OK we’re completely taking that off the books and all we’re going to save that money for a solid waste a facility in the future. OK 25 years they’re anticipating there build and build another one that’s million over 25 years and we’re we’re totally ignoring that we’re not going to use any of that money for for storm water anymore and I think that is another shame where commissioners. You’ve got you’ve got a resource there and you don’t want to use it. Item along those lines, a president Les we’re using 13 point $5 million for the maintenance for the storm water. You can do twice as much as you’re doing now for million. The whole thing could be done for total of million which is also almost another $10 million in savings. So if you look at the if you look at the solid waste and if you look that the savings that could be done apparently with more efficiencies you’ve got almost $20 million a year to do something with you don’t need the fee at all thank you, thank you.>>One on my foot on your No it’s not there I have my glasses on its not. Scared to take. go ahead. Thank you know just to to comment on on some of the things that I.>>Kurt I’m not I have a big girl pants on. But big boy pants whichever would you want to call him a you know what I represent the people in my district so why and when I hear something well for not on the same with that but if I go to these meetings that haven’t been held yet my district. No one seems to have an issue with this hey I’m there. But I’m going to follow what they what they come forward with because I also pay that fee. You know and and so it will be a double a Grammy for my C D J you pay a lot of things to cds you can call it whatever you want you can call it going through the hla or you call it going.>>The cta they still pay a storm water fee and they take care there stormwater ponds so as you know that that needs to be looked at. My job up here. Is to represent my citizens in my district and I take that seriously and I tried to do the best I can and I can tell you in this instance, the majority of them. Already pay some sort of storm water. It’s put me in a very awkward position very often I mean the the at-large all can say or do whatever you want it’s up to you but my job is to listen. To what I’m hearing from my citizens and they don’t understand or agree with what they’re hearing from the sport at this point. Maybe that will change after the meetings are done I doubt it I know I wasn’t Monday night and storm water was discussed in and they didn’t agree at all. called it a fee not a tax. But the bottom line.>>One is I have to listen to my constituents that’s why I’m up here. Everything is important to me from. They had the guy who’s trash and picked You know to to listening to what they’re saying about this storm water fee. Do we have a problem. I’ve never taken away from that we do have a big we’ve known about it we’ve talked about it over and over especially during the budget season. These guys needed to have you know updated water plan years ago. It’s expensive but you know what had it been are private already it could have been done. So to sit back at this point and not really be clear. With the residents in that County on what we’re going to do with this money coming in, I mean you can look at him and say well, you know we’re going to help with this storm owner. That can really tell him anything and that’s what I’m hearing as well because some of the people in my district have already gone to some of the other meetings that have been held and that’s what I hear. So I’m you know, I’m hoping and I know I’ve talked to um. You know some of the guys that are going to be at the meetings in my district and I think they’re going to try and be more thorough on the information that they have and I think that’s important and I don’t think we should. Ask a citizen to be taxed on something that we’re not explaining exactly what we’re going to have we did that with the infrastructure sales tax. We gave him a list this what we’re going to. And you know what we also set up a can committee the infrastructure sales tax committee to make sure that the citizens we’re seeing that we’re spending the money on what we said of R D her little bit. How some of the citizens are not happy that we’ve taken a big chunk for something else that wasn’t even on the list to begin with. At that amount of money so we’re not doing that on the storm water fee to. So the citizens again have to look at us and take our word. I can tell you a lot of my citizens in my County, they don’t have the trust. Because of other things that’s transpired has nothing to do it with our County administrator she’s been great. They’re very leery. So you know, I’m sitting back and I’m hearing all this I’m going to do and feel was what they’re telling me if it changes in these meetings I’ve had a long conversation with Chad about it um you know if changes in the meetings in the end the majority feel that this is a wonderful thing, okay. Because there are issues most of the issues are not in my district I hate to say it, but I know that we do contribute to a certain point to the problems in the other areas, but some of these other areas. We’re like this and having issues before a lot of the development was built out East. I’m not even going to get into myakka. They’re being the most vocal. You’re not going to stop the flooding in myakka they don’t expect you to they’re sitting back going why are we asked to pay a storm water fee. We’ve dealt with this. Ever we get a good rain. The Fire Department out there’s have to go in close roads because they foot storm water is not going to take care of that problem there we’re not going to do anything that stops there. The problem, but they are expected to pay the same fee so oh I think we spend so much time. And we’re all up here except for 2 representing a district in trying to do exactly what the citizens want us to do in district 4 man you need it. And the majority in district 4 don’t pay a storm water fee at all. What that’s going to do to the county as a whole you know again I see it every year we were talking about the budget we’ve got a look at our.>>We need people we need people.>>For storm water for storm water. It is what it is and now we’re playing catch up, but you should expect all the citizens. To pay over and above just because maybe a lot of people say well, you know lakewood ranch can afford.>>You’d be surprised if not all. Well people in Lakewood ranch, a rich, I mean if that’s case let’s look Riverview some of the people they are big homes. So we just got to be fair to all. How we go about doing that.>>I think I know what needs to be done. But we’ve got to be fair to all citizens. You know what I get told all the time we’re going to remember. It’s our job to listen to him so we need we need to try and do that be fair to all.>>You have to listen because I’m one of your constituents I live in your district.>>The fact of the matter is the fact of matter is is the at-large commissioners have to listen to every anybody in the entire County that our responsibility for your everyone in the county gets to vote for us as opposed to you the district commissioners they only have to. You know if you listen to him then we have to listen to the people in their district because they’re the ones about farm so I’m not sure I don’t think I heard that properly. The fact of the matter is that.>>Many most I would say. Jurisdictions including cities including counties surrounding us all of the storm water fee. This is not something new this is not a new idea. This is not something that just came up in manatee County, it’s been an arc on plan since 1989 to implement this and to say that it wasn’t a priority heck. Yes, it was the priority guess what was public safety guess what’s takes the increase in taxes every year that I ever hear any commissioner up your say you know we should not spend the money on this we should be spending on storm watch. And we have spent quite a bit of money on stormwarn and I do want to hear from staff because I what I heard was incorrect that none of the money that is it’s going to the solid waste is going to continue to be spent on storm water that’s not. He did say that he said the night I wrote a break down the 9.6 million.>>The future it for a is all going to a future solid waste I hurt saw Chad shaking, it said no that wasn’t drew fire on Chad you can say you can say Well that’s what I heard from a citizen that that was not in fact you and I agree that we need to have be very specific about what this money is going to be spent on just like the infrastructure sales tax we better be specific otherwise. Yeah people are going to be saying I already my storm water fee and my subdivision or cbd. That’s what’s going to be said and why should they pay it again if we cannot explain that then the people are justified to say. There’s no reason I should have to pay this fee if we can explain that so I would like to hear from that but I do think it totally incorrect to say that we haven’t had priorities in the past. If they were priorities and there should have been a motion night tough on this as opposed to funding something out. You can’t just say well we’ve got a million bucks. We can pay for this we don’t have to have a funding source or we could have paid for this week all the money in the world we didn’t have to have 10 new sheriff deputies. Oh that wasn’t the discussion the ideas that we just had endless funding. Be very angry too if I’m a citizen and county to says we could pay all this all along we just prioritize did we and enough money to pay for all the sheriff’s deputies for all of the increases under mass all of the increase we just had endless money will. Asking for any additional fun and by the way. District 4 because I live very close to that I live in a weird area. Do hate pay through an H O A and cds so to say that there and any storm water fee being paid in district 4 that’s a little broader. So Chad if you would answer the question about the 9.6 million that I heard from citizen, perhaps you could clarify.>>Within the proposal that we’ve provided you and that were taken out of the citizens and the information outrage option one an option to both include within the storm was.>>Program.>>The 9.6 million from solid waste in the 3 million from the gas tax stay involved in both. What they’re used for a slightly different option one because it’s only enhancements in service not a capital all 9.6 in all 3 million are still used for maintenance. An option to for pulling in an extra 5 million with through the fee. So 5 million of the solid waste money can be used for capital. Thank you we’ve only shown it out for 5 years that was our projection.>>Right and I recall that so thank you for clarifying. OK we’re journey to one 30.>>Higher County administrator here whether you’re in humanity County are longtime resident. Our online resident information tool is a great resource to find out more about your property and relevant County services you can get the told directly by visiting my humanity dot or that flash information or if you’re already on our website you can access it by clicking on the resident information tool under the residents tab of the main ♪ navigation just type in your address and click search. The tool below all the relevant information for your address and you’ll ♪ find things like your trash and recycling does. The evacuation level and near shelter.>>There’s your commissioner and voting precinct nearby community resources, their local schools, your flood zone and other property data you can also print page you can stick it on your friend.>>As you can refer back to ♪>>it later. If you want more information about something clicked the related link or you can use the Web site search bar. In the top right corner, the search for your top it. ♪ Hope to find this tool useful and we welcome your feedback. Check it out today at www dot ♪ my manatee dot or that flash information.>>they probably won’t 53. ♪>>This is manatee County. ♪ These are the employees of manatee County. The people behind ♪ the scenes. The people who dedicate their career every day to more than just a job. ♪ These talented people make up the team that will be on building. They ♪ build our community their time is devoted to a people and a place. Their efforts transform the lives of their friends and neighbors. The result of their work is powerful. ♪ Do you see ♪ yourself applying your talents to building a better vanity County. Apply with us today visit my manatee dot org slash jobs to get started. We’re doing more than just work, it’s work that matters.>>My name is Melissa cologne and training officer here with the murder, the communications center I’m here to talk to the guy that bought a free app it’s available to you. If you’re CPR certified post point we’ll send you a notification if there’s a cardiac arrest out of your location and in some cases you may get there for first responders can help save a life going to show you how easy it is to download the app I’m using my iPhone today, I’m already in my app store and I’m going to go ahead and type in the search far post point where there are 2 different apps you have pulse point respond you have polls point D I’m going to show you how post point respond works.>>I already have it download it now want to go ahead and open up that at once you’re here you want to make sure you hit that drop down and that your select in manatee County has your agency once that is done you are all set start receiving notifications.>>The second feature is the whole point 80 at home point need the help you register your 80 with polls right.>>We already have to spotlight whether your school or.>>Small business or anywhere within your community you can go ahead Mister you’re 80 with polls right in the event of a cardiac arrest call our dispatchers can identify in Jersey 80 in your area and even help you locate it for the responders get off.>>The once you’re on that app it will show you patient in the closest 82. The blue dot the red is the evening. It even has further information as to how far it is for me in a picture of the actual a D in order to register an easy you simply gone the app hit the past and started account with them and follow the prompts another cool feature is that it also shows you how to use a d I simply hitting the 3 lines take you back to the menu and selected 80 how 2 it walks you through step by step how to use it 80 in case of an emergency.>>So go ahead tell your friends tell your neighbors tell your family, the town the free app and help us save lives.>>The man at the main government effect will be to send another attack. And that means that they can really see a heart going to see that going to see is that the but I think I think about the current number Holst point is that these each passing the hunt says it will not be blaming the that the app store or place or you find the best deal. I don’t see fit. Plus point the spot 0.8 the minute it we have that is that post point on the line up with this you see them in the game so for the ♪ first time. Yes it was taking on the Isis the Knicks doing. County homeless lacking one of the biggest thing is they feel nice after he sustained massive defeat got in a ♪ dissent thing CPR with that you’ve got some fun. I’m just ♪ the statement you got I I think that the school made those orders but I mean the girls yeah we’ve got some. The thing with that because you know this post point 80 point Evie ICC and you it was just a few miles is when asked you know those little guys in a room you’ve got to The eye. The deceased am. That does not put up with that you that is the time I nobody sent this to not to have ♪ massive time. Not mean that the acts of some eagles says fun, yeah, it is a says the seal so let me guess young when they got these.>>Pulse point yet juveniles I said that the US. ♪ ♪>>The manatee County government is a Florida leader in technology sustainability and innovation thanks in large part to the direction and leadership of manatee County Commission but it’s also thanks to the creative professionals and staff who worked for me to teach and the government the ♪ results of their hard work and dedication can be seen every day across the community. In 2018 the Florida Beach patrol chiefs Association or its top award the beach ♪ patrol of the year to manatee County Marine rescue division. Animal services staff and countless citizen volunteers came together to help achieve the county commission’s goal. The 90% save rate for healthy adoptable animals over the past year. ♪ Our public works team took a big step in 2018 to help the community prepare before severe weather arrives last year public works purchased 5 new sandbag machines to help distribute sandbags to manatee County residents more efficiently than ♪ ever before. In February of 2018 we expanded want to manatee County’s most popular attractions Robinson preserve by opening the mosaic Center for nature exploration science and technology. The nest for short opened in 2018 has a beautiful new elevated treehouse education Center for environmental programs and educational courses for ♪ the public. Many Floridians will number 2018 from one of the worst red tide outbreak to hit our shores in a generation, those conditions in manatee County property management and parks crews in action working sunup ♪ to sundown to keep our beaches and parks clean and clear from red tide debris. Redevelopment and economic opportunity department with door to door during the red tide outbreak, speaking with Island based business owners to learn about their concerns and to try to offer ♪ some help. The Florida library Association presented its libraries mean business award to our local team for providing excellent programs and resources for local businesses and job. Seekers the association also presented the manatee library system with the library innovation award for the 8 oh 4 and librarian arts journal Florida’s first public Library community ♪ generate injured. The bubble. Florida was also introduced in 2018 and has been steadily creating new and affordable homes for lowand moderate-income families within the county 10 projects were approved in 2018 and there are many more on ♪ the way. The county administrators annual report is a brief overview of the exceptional accomplishments of our County government over the past 12 months and it’s a chance to recognize some of the 1800 County government representatives who served this community throughout the year. Look for more great things from manatee County government in ♪ 2019 and beyond.>>The county’s has been on the mat for a while that being the 25th County in the state of Florida which is a purple heart state want to do something moving. Today we’ve actually marked the formal way of saying thank you to those veterans who have been awarded the purple heart we’re at 53 of the signs and all the parks constitutional offices live varys and the public a sensible buildings. I mean it’s going to be there every single day the first watch that door is reminded of all the sacrifice minute. ♪ The Cypriot people walk away and one who doesn’t. The group got to see this.>>things we did. A big thank you goes out. I mean this really drives home how dedicated we are doing. ♪>>Anyone coming through the county business going to the line berries are spending 10 Ares really realize why they have free what recipients and the sacrifice.>>Fema’s nationwide effort to update flood maps means changes are on the horizon for property owners of manatee County. Flood maps are designed to protect lives ♪ and properties by identifying flood hazards and assessing risks. With new flood maps owners of thousands of prop is and manatee County will learn that their risk is higher or lower than that.>>For as the risk changes so do the insurance rates.>>That people’s insurance is is going to be going up the idea is to make. Everybody that has flood insurance. K 2 is great instead of having the federal government subsidized part of their insurance. Syria hears case case.>>Sandy’s Hunter as the flood plain investigator for manatee County flood zone. She says even though fema’s maps are more accurate than ever they don’t take into account where your home is on your property. If a flood plain is not affecting your home directly you may have off sons to avoid paying.>>Well it’s just across the back and if you’re lot not impacted your structure, technically, you don’t need flood insurance. They do have an option of applying for what is known as a letter map provision. They would have provided to FEMA to say my ground is actually hires in same base flood is and I don’t think I should be in a flood zone. The higher you are above base flood the better your rates and then.>>Also participates in a voluntary program called the community rating system. ♪ The community earns points resulting in flood insurance discount. Its importance and now have a new flood maps will be affecting you flood insurance is ♪ mandatory in federally required for most mortgage holders. To find out ♪ more from he said about flood protection and a low heat, your home our business on the new flood maps. Identity got word, flash flood protection.>>Land of the free and home of the brain. Every year we those men and women young and old.>>So answered the call to protect the freedom of this great land. Manatee County’s veterans services is located on the 3rd floor of the county administration building. This division is dead the key to helping veterans and their dependents obtained earned benefits they so greatly desert.>>Manatee County full-time has a little bit over 40,000 veterans that often times as benefits out there available to them that they have no idea there that they even exist, there’s a lot of can.>>Fusion regarding with that tells you what Medicare tells you and what some of the other people tell you Rick Perry. medical services benefits how one affects the other.>>Veteran services parks on an individual basis to clear that here’s a 60 per se conduct, various outreach programs trying to connect with community that independence to answer any questions they may have.>>They they hold your hand and they make it comfortable for you and you know when you ask a question when you run into a question you get an answer.>>Stein master P just father is a veteran of World War 2 he is now suffering from dementia and needs extra care sen-sgt honest placed him in a nursing home he has had a constant struggle to up in the benefits his father so greatly need.>>It’s been a long drawn-out It started out bad.>>Lee as it turns out the services here in Bradenton. Got me over the hump and got us to where we needed to be. Whether you’re 90 years old or like me. The son of a of a veteran who they treated the same a district just like you’re the veteran and they they they do get the job done for you.>>There are so many available op.>>Since for veterans and their dependents. From medical services at the Bradenton be a outpatient clinic Dick to inter months available along with other services at the Sarasota National Cemetery. Whatever you need better and services is here to help you.>>There was a need help like there is about I wouldn’t know what to do he put the effort out. To get me in that the program means a lot to me.>>They really help their people and we all take.>>Veteran it’s something near and dear to our heart we take extremely serious freedom in the pre and where the from those veterans that were drafted by their country of those veterans that currently violent and the world today. We can never forget about the things that we wanted to do for that here in manatee County the state and federal.>>These are the cooler.>>For more information about services Visit my managed to dot org slash Or you can call 9, 4, 1, 7, 4, 9,>>3, 0, 3, 0,>>Also you know you’ve got washed. I’m in it. He got. And for upcoming events and to connect with that and your area like us on facebook.>>Agriculture manatee County is still such a critical part of the economy we think preservation. Respect for agriculture and its collaboration with our local government so the regulatory community. All work together to make the state a great ♪ We had a chance to show folks what it’s like to ♪ actually take sheriff are kind of beginning which is something. And a lot of people don’t get ♪ a chance.>>Before generation Florida vegetable has a county I think that we are huge AG it that we can do to promote that to are seasonal residents and get a better product than them so when they come here, they’re excited about our approach is always do this for us export or you don’t keep it not been here of ourselves that as a whole I think we all have a role to play in that.>>They want to educate him about exporting livestock because it’s a growing business and it’s going to continue to get bigger and bigger. Live the rest the world ♪ wants good rescue medics we we have a superior Gary Allan. So that’s a business that a lot of people would never. ♪ For the expression case. Why they do fly. I like pick a regular So that’s something I want to educate your ♪ audience about.>>All are very excited about the work job that with the county commissioner we’re doing a lot of our children are. Is that we need to learn how to work I understand where their food comes everybody out here is really trying to do a phenomenal job for conserving. Using following best practices that we have and developed world called to say this the least expensive to feed our nation.>>The Fed will stay to learn about our agriculture economy. What some of the issues are here from the farmer themselves and and have a great display of how agriculture. ♪ Easily we saw what. ♪>>and every day. ♪ ♪ It’s experience ever get a This gives all of us a chance to see what it to him. We have with our partners.>>And charlie hunsicker you director parks and natural resources here in manatee County. I liken to invite you out to Riverview point preserve location in northwest parade 10 along our coastline man is in partnership with the National Park Service with the disorder Memorial area. That’s a beautiful place of trails and observation Perry watching and a great place to experience nature in northwest Bradenton come on out and enjoy the. ♪ ♪>>This share your photos and Face.>>The fine line commissioned by the locals. There’s a I’m an ♪>>Hi I’m Charlie has occurred here director of parks and natural resources, I like to invite you to the opening of preserve a great place along close the manatee County with hiking trails an observation tower and a great boardwalk and the mangroves come out enjoy it too. ♪>>As you get out and about this is>>well a persona was not rate your manatee County commissioner for district one. ♪ My family has been a man to County for 5 generations with my fat.>>Family having been in agriculture in my family citrus and tomatoes. I’ve always. Work the land always known about working the land of Boise, no hard and had a lot of respect for farmers.>>And their attitude is something I knew I wanted to do. so I got into some slightly different than the rest of the family with ornamental horticulture and I got a degree the BS from the University of Florida.>>And kept the family tradition of agriculture manatee County going worked very hard and now about a 175 acres under production. ♪>>When the know about a pretty I would open honest I grew up>>I know I have friends that are still here that I went to kindergarten with a pretty sure if you want to know something there’s someone here that pretty much tell you about this I’ve loved this County. My whole family’s here probably have 200 relatives within 30 miles of where I’m standing right now. Just wanted to serve the people of my son is doing such a good job in the work I have the time so I thought to myself you know the about ever going to see what politics are like what services like public service, now’s the time, I’m so young enough to be vibrant and.>>Have a lot of experience a lot of common sense and I thought you know I’m going to give it a try to see what it’s all about.>>I think district one his son sometimes shunted to the side because we’re kind of quiet. We like to stay on our own side of the river. So we have so much growth there now we have a lot of roads and a lot things that just need to be fixed and I know a lot of people and I just felt like a with to get along with people that may be with my communication skills, maybe I can get some of that done and that’s what I’m hoping. So happy to be serving and this one and I’ve been out that a lot of the off the police still have something call the office where there to serve. ♪>>Hi I’m Steve Johnson, a new district 3 commissioner in manatee County. ♪>>I grew up in the Northeast part of the United States. My father worked for bethlem steel the shipbuilding division and as such we got transferred fairly regularly I moved here too manatee County. The Florida in 1976 to go to graduate school to University of Florida. I decided I want to go to another 2 warmer climate that had opportunity so packed our car with our dog and took off and said well we’re going to drive out too California and in the meantime we swung through Florida. And my brother was living in Jacksonville at the time and he said no one should go look at Gainesville University of Florida is there so we moved to Gainesville spent a year there and then a moved to Bradenton and went to work for a little savings and loan. Home for city federal and then like so often happens the bank sold to a a large bank in Brooklyn New York, I worked for them for while and then they indicated like me to move back to New York and working their headquarters and I was like no not doing that ran into a couple local people who said when we start our own back. We went ahead and did it and started Liberty National Bank down the Bayshore area. And I was president seal that bank and we had that for. About 8 years someone John chappy elected to retire from his position as the representative in district 3. Again some people approach me and said hey you need to do this this you know we need somebody on the county Commission and understands finance and uh. You know where we’re going financially in the county and uh you know should be a good way to cap off your careers giving back to the county. I think the thing I enjoy the most is I have for the greatest asset in the world is a heaven huge bulk of friends. You know I love spending time with my friends and doing some traveling when I can of you know trying to keep my 2 children focused and making sure that they’re good citizens and I’m going to be contributing to society district 3 is is one like it is where I believe the whole time I’ve been here district 3 is an exciting district one of the oldest and it’s one of the ones you know we need to keep working on what I try to live every day as is is is is an expression. The gym valve came up with who was basketball coach at North Caroline and died early from cancer and a and he has a great quote and his clothes basically there are 3 things you have to do every day you have to think you have to laugh and have to cry.>>Hi I’m misty servia and on your district for County commissioner.>>A Florida native I’ve been here my entire life and I’ve been in this area my entire life. I was born and raised in Sarasota my mom family within the circus and they would come with Arafat in the winter time and that’s how her family ended up in care of that and my grandmother or who made the Sarasota and open the first time you thrust right known as the House of time when you were raised in the same house or you know if I left to go to college for they when I was at Florida State I was looking for a job just here to my graduation and I had applications that throughout the day and then the county offered me my first assistant. I was hired to be the land development code in fact there and I was thrilled for that position paid $8.70 an hour to have an opportunity like that I was so thrilled. I work from you if you count the 2 years. And working for manatee County was really pivotal in my life because that’s where I met my husband.>>You know we fell in love we have 3 children and so I spent the 1st half my life in Sarasota I spent my whole adult life and manatee County I left manatee County in 2006 and became a private consultant. So I worked in the private sector for 12 years and I really believe that that balance it gives me a great knowledge to be a county Commission because you know having the understanding of the private sector priority and the regulatory government priorities. I put it all together I’m hopeful that’s going to help me Mike they’re one of the things that I campaigned on with creating a committee.>>Which I’ve called the citizens Coalition on and I’m putting the committee together to hear from the residents get their ideas on groom in manatee County and hopefully bring some new and fresh perspective to the county Commission. My favorite thing to do is to work in that the and the and my husband called them my hobby so I spent a lot of time doing that. But outside of that I really enjoy just quiet time with my family and all of us being together. District 4 runs from the university Parkway to court has Road and that is some of that first area that developed in manatee County so with some of the old I look forward to continuing to work to protect and enhance their quality of life because that’s what it’s all about we’re going to grow here, there’s no doubt and we can’t stop it.>>But we’ve got to be able to protect our quality of life and even enhance that we have the opportunity this is paradise overall so lucky to live here.>>My name is Vanessa Baugh and I’m the county commissioner for district 5.>>My husband and I we got married we came here on our honeymoon and I fell in love with it, you know I had to live here. It felt from day one. So 8 years later we did we lived ♪ here we’ve been here obviously ever since they were getting ready to celebrate our 23th wedding anniversary. I am a jeweler by trade and then us a fine jewelry out Lakewood ranch on Main Street when I was up north I was in the jewelry business. So that is truly my background, a small business owner. I started getting involved in local government manatee County unknown 3 and ironically it was for County Commission race in district 5. I had a friend that for commissioner that however he was not successful. But that being said I started following local governments seeing what was going on. And then when the economy started going down I had several business owners asked me if I would consider running for County commissioner which obviously if you live today, I did. I enjoy most about working with local and is the people. So often we have people in the community that have problems they need help in and it’s an honor to be able to work with them to give them a better quality of life. ♪ ♪ I guess the ultimate message that I would have. Is that I always trying to do the right thing because the right thing to do. Being a county commissioner a lot of people of course find fall think that you’re you hear it so often you in the pocket of this person or that person. I can tell you that’s not the case you always try to make decisions that are the best for the majority. All in manatee County and the state ♪ of Florida. Sometimes it’s hard to get people to understand. What you’re doing why but life the loss of fee is if you always try to do ♪ the right thing because it’s the right thing to do don’t come out ahead.>>And Carol Whitmore and under district 6 commissioner.>>Everybody in my family actually had been in jail, but me I was the only one that actually went to college and actually the only one that made up my mind.>>That I was going to make in life and I did I I was not to let anything. Get me down I went from one day to the next.>>Just you know I didn’t have the best role models.>>My lifetime, but I wasn’t I was determined, I was going the able to make it and I was determined that ♪ I had a mission and my mission was to be a nurse and many people. To this tale never um I don’t have the traditional family but I’ve always had my friends and my family and I still to this day. I consider them my family my daughter actually I have.>>Very few close friends that my daughter until a few years back actually really did think they were. ♪>>So I’m you know that that’s how life is and you just have to move you can choose whatever path you want and I chose to make something of my life and not and to help them the people that actually in that position today where I was way back when and that’s I come back from a different perspective than a lot of other people that are in office, I think I was a nurse for many years and.>>The beach Boys were coming to every Island and my girlfriend is actually limits corn a net so she asked me if ♪>>I could.>>The city Commission meets with there to help the Kurds.>>Our forefathers on the island to allow something young and happening on Anna Maria Island at ♪>>the time. So when I went there I knew everybody there’s a spectrum. I got it or suspects started actually attending them. And I decided well, you know I think better decisions and that that I actually got out. I decided ♪ to ride and I’ve been in office ever since 1991. I was city commissioner of homes age for 7 years. And then I ♪ decided to run some air and I was mayor for a half years I was the longest serving America. The successful be good and honorable to other people and I feel early that’s what our mission is in life ♪ this too. Take care of the less fortunate I’ve always felt like that. I believe strongly in all making manatee County best place it can be and I want to be remembered as. Commissioner that had class and. ♪>>The integrity to the government for do what’s best for manatee County. What I stand on ♪ a mine. That nobody can question that no matter whatever anybody ever says>>my door is always open a nice email me. ♪ You know just remember on here doing the best I can for you as well as assistance ♪ to County. And I’m not doing that I expect.>>Hi and that super Pac manatee County commissioner district 7 at large. A pretty much been involved in local government all of my my father served on the city Council and 2 uncles served on the school board. When I came out of college like I said I won’t work for regional planning agency working with many smaller governments of Michigan and and then worked with manatee County. So I’ve always been involved with local government it either has A and M ploy as a consultant or sometimes is the client I’ve always said I was extremely fortunate by manatee County didn’t finish Lee moved to manatee County has was a teacher in Englewood when we first went down he was at lemon Bay. I thought that was Paris. It was such a small community. When I found out how manatee County has planned for growth no building the dam for a long-term water supplies find that water to Sarasota County keeping the taxes low manatee County with that from background and agricultural background, so many more people that were kind of and raised here and make it their home, it’s a very unique place so yeah I loved really grateful that I found manatee County made. You need so many great eat many small business owners people that have invested their entire lives here in manatee County. They also make great employees you meet people who volunteer here here, it’s amazing the number of people but I’m no work so hard to make our communities. To me it was an ultimate challenge to run for office and I’m really excited to have this opportunity I’ve seen good government and I’ve seen not so good government. And I really felt that you know we’re at a time where we have to work very very hard to give the best government that we can to the people. You know to make sure they get a return on their investment or their tax dollars and I think it’s important have business people that have have a kind of position to come in and see if we can’t make things work a little bit better to improve our com me I’m you know we just come out of the worst recession. Florida was more disproportionately hit than many other communities because we’re so focused. You know growth in home building and we need to diversify our economy so I was really encouraged by the challenge of trying to improve our government. Trying to work well to make sure that we protect property values, but at the same time protect our quality of life. This is about me and they know we’re here to represent but we only can represent people when they speak up when they get involved so what I would encourage people to understand that this is a team effort. You know there’s a lot of things going on we only have the best interests of this community heart you know come talk to us call us e-mail as you know there’s endless ways to in touch with people meet with anyone that has you know ideas things that they want to talk about I would encourage them know come to our meetings one a little bit more. I know a lot of it is now new shown mundane but I’m a lot of it is says 7 future so I would encourage people to please come talk with us get involved, find out what land use is all about how things are going to change how we can improve things.>>Okay like to call the afternoon session work session to order one agenda item today retail pet said that sales some. Opening comments for the audience, thank you all for coming. So it’s good to see public involvement as we go through some of our deliberations although as you know. Today they’ll be no decisions made this is just strictly informational the with Fayed the presentation that was off by our staff on the research and they have done once their president Haitian is finished, we will moved to the public comments and under public comment you’ll have 3 minutes to come up and speak at t a rhodium their own and will be held to a strict 3 minute I have here about. Give or take about 40 people that have signed up. So if you do the math there that’s about 3 hours talking so don’t feel that you have to use all its a 3 minutes. If you would meet with the person in front of you you can just say I agree with the person that just spoke, and we won’t hold that against you. Once we finish with the public comment. We them will a move on to a commissioner comments and my goal is to have this meeting a journey by 6 o’clock tonight. So everybody can get home to hand out candy to all your Halloween. People as they come by that’s kind of where I’m going with the agenda at this point. So with that I would like in a do turning Palmer who has some opening comments. Thank you, Mister chair.>>Commissioners you’re about to see and hear a presentation by assistant County attorneys and Morris and Kate Zamboni assisted by paralegal Florence wall. This presentation is a culmination of hundreds of hours of work by these dedicated County attorney’s personnel all this work effort and compost statutory case law and regulatory law all research both federal and state. It included a number of meetings and interviews, the examination of hundreds of documents to include local ordinances and the examination of e-mails and letters from interested citizen. We expect this presentation will take about 30 minutes. This of course is a county Commission work session. No official action of any nature can be taken today. Thus there will be no motions know seconds and no vote as the county Attorney’s Office has no agenda. We are here to present information any professional respectful act her attorney and unbiased way. Thank you Mister chair. At this time I’ll turn it over to assistant County attorneys and Morris thank you Mister Palmer.>>Chris County in turn. I’m sorry I can get real close center. Can you hear me now 7 are. I seated to my left is caves and bony also the assistant County attorney Ernie and to my right is D sour are acting director of public safety. You today about the regulation of detail, pet sales.>>So this first slide this is just to give the board an overview of the topics that we’re going to be covering here today.>>These topic their face on the boards com and questions at our April 23th board hearing regarding the region, they’ll say look pets, specifically as it pertains to dogs. I want to talk a little bit about what a puppy mail is. Kate is going to discuss the Fed a law and regulations that apply to commercial breeders and the sale of dogs I will then give the board overview of Florida laundry tell pet sales. Specifically Florida’s pet lemon law. This topic is going to be followed by a discussion of the ordinances that had adopted by other Florida counties and options for this board to consider. I’m also going to talk a little bit about manatee County and provide some statistics on or animal shelter. And finally give.>>The board an overview of the Pentland for Sarasota County litigation. So this first slide, what is a puppy mill. In our research we determined that there is no federal or Florida legal death mission that exists for a puppy male often when you hear the term puppy mail. You typically think of a facility or an operation with hundreds or thousands of dogs how and there’s no legal standard, how many dogs are how many puppies make up a puppy mill. Depending on who you talk to and what their position on this subject is that the definition a puppy male wildly varies. We were able to locate one case where a judge from Minnesota back in 1984 to find a puppy mail as a dog breeding operation in which the health of the dogs is disregarded in order to maintain low overhead and maximize profit. It’s this proposed definition is the most calm common one that we were able to identify and it’s consistent with how the Humane Society, the animal legal defense and a number of other animal welfare organizations to 5 a puppy under this definition, some of the common conditions that may be present and a puppy mail and include wire cages such as depicted on the photograph and the slide. You’ll see photos of cages stacked on top of each other. The dogs are living in dirty and unsanitary conditions. They don’t have any protection from he called or rain. The dogs typically receive little to no veterinary care and the mothers are Pratt every heat cycle and are usually euthanized humanely or inhumanely when they can no longer produce puppies at the dogs typically have mad at overgrown toenails skin issues I issues and most commonly dental issues. So with that back ground I’m going to turn this over to Kate is going to give you an overview of the federal regulations that apply to breeding facilities and the sale of dogs. The animal welfare act commonly referred to.>>As the a W a is the only federal law that regulates the tree men of animals that are bred for commercial sale used in research transported commercially or exhibited to the public. The e w a regulate activities that either take place in interstate commerce or foreign commerce, or that substantially affect Interstate or foreign commerce. The link to interstate commerce is important to establishing the federal government’s jurisdiction to regulate in this area. Activities that so Leah Kerr within intrastate commerce or that do not have a substantial effect on Interstate commerce fall outside of the scope of the a W a. The United States Department of Agriculture known as the USDA is charged with enforcing in implementing the a W a as a result, the USDA promulgated the animal welfare regulations. These regulations contain the details of what is required under the a W a. The USDA is animal and plant health inspection service known as a fuss has an animal care program that can out the agency’s responsibilities under the AWS the animal care program has approximately 200 voice of which a 120 are inspect jurors who oversee entities licensed under the a W a. So want to talk a little bit more about what those regulations cover the animal read welfare regulations implement the requirements of the a W a by setting out specific minimum standards of care for animals as it relates to dogs the animal welfare regulations govern things like housing facilities, including indoor and outdoor facilities. The size and materials and enclosures transportation conditions, sanitation and pest troll ventilation nutrition and water requirements daily exercise and socialization requirements as well as that Mary care. One of the main requirements under the a W is that regulated. Cities must obtain a license from the U s t the license is valid for one year and must be renewed each year. As a condition of attorney teaming a USDA license the licensed entity must comply I with the animal welfare regulations, stay and or its and they’re subjected to mandatory inspections conducted by the USDA. The USDA conducts routine announced compliance inspections of all licensed entities to make sure they aren’t hearing to the federal standards and regulation as the USDA also conducts focused inspections based on public complaints are allegations of unlicensed activities. The USDA is published an animal welfare inspection guide that provides guidance to its inspectors on how to handle certain types of violations. I won’t go into the details now but just say that you know there our categories of non compliant. Incidents pending on whether the violation affects the health and welfare of animals. During routine inspections. The USDA reviews the premise sees the review records has been shape actress practices that Mary care programs and animal handling procedures to ensure animals are receiving humane they’re the frequency of these inspections is based on several fact jurors including and entities compliance history for example, facilities with a higher risk of animal welfare concerns and violations arcs inspected in more detail and more frequently the USDA is goal is to inspect these facilities every 3 months, but it pending on the nature of a violation a follow-up inspection can occur more frequently or less frequently. Facilities with no history are minimal history of violations are subject to inspection. Once a year or in some cases every couple of years, there’s generally the USDA tries to inspect all facilities at least once a year. Though there is no regular schedule again these are intended to the UN announced so you would expect one to happen the same month every year. In 2018 the USDA BP where did that it had conducted more than 10,000 inspections. Now I want to address who is subject to the a W a. Contains examples of the kinds of and if these that are required to have a license. The a W A and I’m going to discuss the 3 that are highly it first. There are the pet wholesalers this is a free a category that includes anyone who I cells are traits pets in wholesale channels. This is an entity that sells animals to someone else who will resell the animal. The purchaser could be another dealer, a broker or a retail seller. There is a an exception for this category for entities that are small-scale op a nation’s meaning make gross no more than $500 a year in income from Hull sales, sales. The key here is the wholesale sale and hence the substantial effect on Interstate commerce. Next to the commercial ice, the commercial pet breeders. These entities freed and animals that are sold at wholesale to fall within the scope of the licensing requirements, the pet creator must have 5 or more breeding females on site. There is an exception to the licensing requirement for breeders with if you are fewer breeding female set out to discuss on the next slide. The commercial pet breeders are subject to the USDA licensing requirement if they sell their animals in interstate commerce through wholesale sales meaning their buyers are not the people who will be keeping the animal as their pets. And then there are the pet retailers and private shelters are rescues historically these entities were not subject to the a W a because they do not engage in wholesale sales. The Senate ease either sell or adopt out pets to someone who does not plan to resell the animal. They are transacting directly with the pets, new owners for more than 40 years these entities did not fall within the scope of the a W A and the theory was that all retail sales Kurt in person and there for the purchaser could personally observed the health and well-being of the animal and there was no substantial effect on Interstate commerce. But that was before the Internet provided an alternate method of selling pets to the public. In 2010 the USDA conducted an audit that found that more than 80% of sampled breeders we’re not being monitored or inspected to ensure the overall health and humane treatment of the animals. This was resulting in some buyers receiving unhealthy pets, especially dogs. These unlicensed breeders are selling pets over the Internet and claiming the status of the retail pet store which removed them from USDA oversight under the a W a. With the Internet sales and sometimes they’re referred to as blind sales. The buyer does not personally observe the animal prior to purchase and this was never intended by the original regulation. In response to this finding the USDA revises animal welfare regulations in 2013 to require that Internet based businesses and other businesses that sell animal site on seen must now be licensed and inspected by the USDA to ensure the pets they sell to the public receive minimum standards of care. And now I’m going to discuss 4 categories of entities that are exempt from the a W a these exemptions reflect activities that either do not Kerr with an interstate commerce. Our foreign commerce or have a small effect on Interstate or foreign commerce. So here we have the retail pet stores and private animal shelters are rescues again and remember from the last side these entities are only subject to the a W a if gate and on line or blind sale as traditional brick and mortar pet stores, private shelters and rescues continue to be exempt from federal licensing and inspection requirements under the a W a as long as the sale or adoption of the pets Kerr isn’t a face to face transaction where the owner seller girl physically present this reflects the typical retail sale of animals that was never intended to be regulated by the federal government. The second category here is for creators who engage in direct said House breeders who sell dogs at retail directly to the public are outside the scope of the a W a to qualify for this exemption, the animals best be bred and sold on the same premise ease and the transaction has to occur in person. Again the key here is that the buyer can physically handle and personally observe the health and welfare of the animal before purchasing it. The type of entity that typically falls within this exemption is sometimes referred to as a backyard breeder they do not use middlemen to Southern and malls and they do not sell animals to retail there’s only to the person who plans to keep the animal as their pet. It is important to realize that this exemption applies regardless of the size of the operation. There is no limit to the number of breeding females on site and there is no limit to the number of and most old. So these can be large scale breeders who sell animals directly at retail. And they are not required to be licensed are inspected by the USDA. The 3rd exemption is for hobby breeders these are small scale breeders who sell their animals at wholesale. The federal government limits this exemption. 2 breeders. Have no more than 4 breeding females on site and only sell their puppies that are born and raised on their promise ease. Finally there’s an exemption for entities that are run by state or local government they caught a public path around here in manatee County we call it the county or an animal shelter. Because these entities are exempt from the a W a they are not legally required to comply with the animal welfare regulations and and the USDA does not conduct inspections of these facilities but that does not necessarily mean there is not some kind of state our local oversight, it would depend on the jurisdiction where those entities are operating it simply means there’s no federal oversight so this is just a job an overview of the federal rules that apply I’m not going to turn this back to and to discuss Florida law.>>Chapter 8.28 a Florida statute has to specific sections that part came to the sale of animals and I’m going to talk a little bit about each of them here today. First section a 28.1 6 this prohibits the sale barter disposal of an inch animal when it is known that the animal has a contagious or infectious disease prior to the sale. A violation of this statute may result in a fine or criminal penalties. Next section 8 28.2 9 and this is commonly referred to as the pack lemon law. As it relates to dogs a 28.2 9 require specific tests, vaccines and that inspections that must be conducted within 30 days of the dogs entry into the state and within 30 days of any sale. Any dog that’s offered for sale must have a current official certificate of veterinary inspection. That’s to verify that all of these vaccinations took place. The seller and that that must retain a copy of this inspection for one year after the sale. Dogs that are offered for sale may be subject to inspections from the USDA or from any local law enforcement officer. Dogs cannot be sold that are less than 8 weeks of age and the statute also contains a number of consumer protections and warranties if the dog is later determined to be unfit for purchase. For example, the has a contagious disease or has some type of congenital or hereditary disorder. The state attorney Ernie has the authority to enjoin that is to stop any via the leader of a 28.2 9 from the future sale of dogs from its promise us animal rescue organizations government operated animal shelters and hobby breeders that 3 less than 2 letters or sell less than 2 20 dogs per year, whichever is greater are exempt from a 28.2 night. And currently Florida does not have any law the bucks that specifically addresses puppy Mills or that addresses commercial breeding. This next side, this is a chart to give the board a visual of the information Kate night just provided for you. It’s a synopsis of who is regulated under the a W A and he was regulated under a 28.2 9. Going line by line first the commercial breeders and his case talked about those are entities with 5 or more breeding females who sow to pet stores are packed retailers. They are regulated by both the a W A and a 28.2 9. Going to the next line direct-sales again those are your backyard breeders they are not regulated under the awl and they’re not regulated under a 28.2 9 unless they sell 2 letters or 20 puppies per year. Whichever is greater. Going next a hobby breeders and again that’s for our last breeding females that are on site they’re not regulated under the a W A and they’re only regulated under a 28.2 9 and they sell more than 2 letters. Our 20 puppies per year whichever is greater. 2 private shelters are rescues no oversight by the a W A and last they engage in online adoptions and they have no oversight by a 20.2 9. And finally retail pet stores, they’re only subject to oversight by the a W a Gage and online sales and they are regulated by a 28.2 9. Next I’m going to talk with the board about what local counties and cities are doing. Again this is another check our to give you all an overview of of some of the ordinance is that we were able to locate. As you can see there are 3 common approaches. Florida counties and cities are taking and so I’m I’m going to cover each of those in a little bit but just to give the board an idea so out of the 67 counties that we have 27 have adopted some type of pet retail sales ordinance and of the 400 and 12 cities that we have 69 have some type of ordinance on the books in reviewing the county ordinances. We identify 3 common approaches that these jurisdictions have taken first of course is the outright ban of the retail sale of dogs there’s 5 counties that have taken this approach. The second type of ordinance is a retail sales ban but with the grandfather clause for existing pet stores within their jurisdiction. There’s 3 counties that have taken this approach and then the 3rd type of is the adoption of additional say retail sale regulations. And we found about 19 counties that have taken this approach. Back in April you all asked for options of what the board could consider and so to give you those options, I’m going to go through each of these 3 approaches and I’m going to use certain counties as an example of what this Ford Center. So the first ordinance option again that standing the retail sale of dogs from pet stores, the 5 counties that we were able to find that have taken this approach are listed on the slide of these 5 counties Sarasota is the only one that had a pet store within its jurisdiction at the time it adopted the sales ban. The common regulations for this type of ordinance is of course the prohibition of the retail sale of dogs and has stores. Any existing or new stores may only show case animals for adoption. You’ll see this commonly referred to as the adoption based business model in the ordinances. All stores are required to post a certificate of source showing where. Him the Dom with the dog was acquired from this either must be posted in front of whether they’re offered for adoption or it must be given to the owner at the time of the adoption and this certificate of source is it that you will hear me reference and every ordinance that I talk about here today. And then of course there’s the hobby breeders are exempt from each of these ordinances, an animal rescue organ as a tions and shelters are exempt from this type of ordinance. That second option are the second most common approach that we identified that would be an ordinance banning the retail sale dogs from pet stores but inserting a grandfather clause for existing stores that sell dogs at the time the ordinances and acted. There’s 3 counties that have taken this they’re listed for you on this slide. First was Palm Beach County in 2016 followed by Hillsborough and most recently Marion County. Their ordinance is set to go into effect November of this year. The common themes for this type of ordinance any new store that wants to come into this these particular counties and sell dogs. They must go with the adoption based business model grandfathered pet stores are subject to additional retail sale regulations by the counties. Phil’s from Palm Beach County specifically they adopted their own minimum standards of care that grandfathered stores must comply with and the standards are largely modeled after the federal animal welfare regulations. All counties require the pet stores to obtain a license from the county. All counties require the pet stores to sell dogs from USDA license breeders. All of the ordinance Inc to the warranty requirements of Florida statute, a 28.2 9 are they require that the buyer be provided a copy of those warranties. A certificate of source is either must be posted or provided to the buyer at the time sale certificates of action the inspection must be provided to the fire at the time of sale and the grandfather pet stores are subject to inspections by the county. Again hobby breeders an animal rescue organizations and shelters are exempt from these ordinances. The 3rd option for this board to consider is to adopt an ordinance with additional retail sale regulations. And again we were able to find about 19 counties that took this approach there could the but based on the search terms that we use these are the ones we’re able to identify. I’m not going to address all 19 ordinance says but I do want to cover some of the examples that we saw and the different approaches within this 3rd The first example, a number of counties simply adopted the vaccination requirements and consumer protections that are set forth in Florida statute, a 28.2 9. And there’s 4 counties that we identified that took this approach and they’re listed for you on the slide. One of the examples of the language is posted for you that’s Walton County that’s literally all their ordinance says. And the benefit of a dock during the language of a 28.2 9 is it now gives the county the ability to him force those vaccination requirements in the consumer protections, so it’s just an additional layer of oversight for these entities. Brevard County is another example of this type of ordinance and this was talked about at the April 23th board provides ordinance encourages existing or new pets stores to go with the adoption based business model however it still allows pet stores to sell dogs as long as they’re from the USDA license breeder an animal shelter or rescue organization or from a hobby breeder I’m from alright ordinance requires a certificate of source to be posted in a visible location where the dog is sold. And it also requires the pets sort of provide the buyer with the dogs that certificate of inspection at the time of sale. The 3rd example that I want to discuss with you today and this is the for final example, this is Miami Dade County’s ordinance was adopted in 2014. Pet stores are required to comply with it and the dates minimum standards of care for animals, this covers things like housing sanitation. Nutrition its really modeled after the federal animal welfare regulations and it quite detail. Pet stores are only permitted to sell dogs from minutes sources that are identified in their ordinance and they’re also listed for you on this slide. Miami Dade require to certificate of source be posted wherever the dog is offered for sale. All puppies that are off and for sale must be microchipped and they must receive the vaccination is required by a 28.2 9. Prior to the same well all pet stores are required to in a license from Miami Dade County and they are subject to random and mandatory inspections by the county. Miami Dade also adopted regulations for breeders better look he did in their County. Readers are also required to follow their minimum standards of care and their minimum standards of care includes specific requirements for breeders for example all breeding females must be Mike a It limits the number of times a female dog may be bred in the year. And it prohibits the breeding of a female with known or obvious hereditary or congenital diseases. If a breeder is licensed under the USDA. They can not have any direct noncompliance violations from the USDA and 3 years prior to any sale and they cannot have documentation of a refusal of What that means is they try to an boy to avoid inspection by a USDA official. All breeders to include hobby breeders must be licensed with the county. Breeders to include hobby breeders are also subject to County inspections. Hobby readers are exempt however from complying with Miami Dade County standards of care. An animal shelters are completely exempt from their ordinance. And then of course the final option that this board has today is to maintain the status quo and to not adopt an ordinance regarding the retail sale of pets. This next slide is to give the board the visual of what other counties are doing. The red indicates counties that have adopted an outright sales ban the green are counties that have adopted a ban but they grandfather in existing stores. And the yellow indicates the counties that have adopted additional retail sale regulations. So next I just want to talk a little bit about manatee County and one issues we are dealing with here. First off we only have one USDA licensed breeder within the county. That is not for dogs, it’s for gecko’s we do not have any USDA is we do not have any USDA license commercial dog breeders with in manatee We do have 2 stores that sell dogs at a commercial store of course both of those are palin’s we have Palin Braden 10 which has been in the county doing business for about 20 years and we now have Palin Sarasota which was operating in Sarasota County for 16 years and recently relocated to manatee County this year. And we do have our own County run animal shelter. We pick up about 4,000 dogs per since 2015. Of the approximately 16 1000 dogs that we have picked up 29 were purchased from headline. Of those 2922 were immediately return to our picked up by their owners. The remaining 7 were picked up right away by a breed, specific rescue for adoption. And the majority of those 7 were Huskies. Dogs that have been purchased from Palin have not spent any significant time with him our shelter they have been they have not been adopted out by our shelter to anyone. The majority of the animals that we haven’t manatee County animal shelter are pit bulls or there’s some type the pit bull And these are typically the result of the backyard breeder. And today we do not have any type of ordinance on the books that pertains to retail pet sales. Final flight for you all today, this is just an overview of the Pentland for Sarasota County litigation at the April 23th board hearing you asked for me to give you some highlights of what occurred. As you all know in January of 2016 Sarasota adopted an ordinance banning retail pet sales. Hobby breeders were exempt from the ordinance at the time the ordinance was adopted Palin was the only pet store in Sarasota County that’s old dogs at a commercial store front. In October of 2006 Steen Palin filed a 9 count complaint challenging the order and it’s 5 counts were dismissed against the cap o ne at the hobby Peter exemption, however, was found unconstitutional by the Sarasota Circuit court. The parties ultimately entered into a stipulation for dismissal of the remaining 4 counts on The ordinance the pet retail sales man was never in forced by Sarasota County during the pending it was not in force until after 7/1/2009 teen and that was a condition of the stipulation for dismissal Sarasota County agreed not to enforce it until petland closed its doors. So that concludes our presentation were available for board questions if you all have any thank you.>>Thank you, has spent yearly at this point we’re going to open this up now to go through public comment. Again you’ll have 3 minutes a good job guys very good really good. Good good. And I’m you know like I said you don’t have to use all 3, 3, minutes if you don’t want to nobody will hold that against you, I’m the first person up to is a Natalie Jimenez. I said that right is not tell you a kindness to chairman may I please.>>Interject before public comment starts and may I request that for every person that speaks that they tell us if they are resident of I don’t know any or some other place that’s a good idea so he’s able OK. Do you guys have contains reportable might.>>I’m also Mister chair and were not aware that there are there other individuals on the 4th floor that my the we have overflow there even though the seats are completely full. if anyone’s up on the 4th floor and they’re expecting to speak they should come down to the area now.>>Yeah, you’re welcome to come down we have plenty of seats at the moment.>>Okay good evening Board of commissioners money to tell you he minutes her you guys doing today. Today I would like to talk about my health since read with relevance to the bullpen, the institution. I started working at Headley and on in February can’t I believe it was the 26th if I’m not if I can remember clearly. And since then I just. Everything my life has basically fallen apart burned into my it was not even a month now half after a started working at Pella and when I became very so to begin with the whole story I was at school. And I had this massive pain in my in my abdominal area and it was to the point that I cannot take it anymore. I was very and I was just in very severe pain that I cannot take any more. I was then rushed to the hospital of Lakewood ranch. And they had decided that it was appendicitis with I doing in a cat scan. And he just like that they did a urine test needed a blood test, but that’s all that they did. A couple hours later they had sent me home and they looked at my mother and told her if it gets worse bring her back. With that being said my mother took me to the pediatrician the very next. And when they had a choice to make. It hurt very badly to that point I did. I did tell my head back and I did yell because it was the most excruciating pain that I’ve ever had. So from there on I was taken to Sarasota Memorial Hospital. I can’t give you a. The big time frame that I was there for but I believe it is.>>For 4.>>3 or 4 days I should say and they did a lot of tests they did. They did a cat scan they did I judge Aaron had college That they didn’t have test to find out that I had camp Le of actor in my system camp live actor did uni is a bacteria that can come from. Animals it can come from. That’s not cleanse correct. and all that fun all the sweet it was just it wasn’t in a pleasant. Journey Sir at I had lost 16 pounds within a five-day period. And I’ve since then have a lot of trouble getting back my way since and I’m starting to now, but it’s been since April then I have been sick I was diagnosed with killing Barry Sanders. Which a disease within the nerves that can cause numbness making cars Lake. Complete control of your your concrete shocks the country stinging pain and I can tell you that that is the most painful thing it’s gotten to the point where I would just be relaxing in my>>I can’t read my mom’s in the other car and you get your time cell so amazing. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, 3 minutes are up from a pre she ate you and of course I apology no no I don’t think you for coming down coming. We hope you feel better.>>Take the next person is Tracy Lipton. Followed by maybe wants to stand behind ers AMERI loopy.>>Oh and don’t forget their counties to forget. Just state your name and that Tracy limit in a resident, a man T K I’m a resident of Sarasota County OK. Thank you you think you have 3 minutes. Well, the question is why pass recounts pet sales ordinance here are a few reasons, Helen ignores Florida pet land by not refunding money when legally required to do so most people don’t even know there is a Florida law that Leno’s birth fuses to honor the law that land misleads consumers by telling them they do not buy from puppy Mills where we have proven otherwise of government documents and humane society investigations. Local shelters rescues are overflowing the county is still euthanizing far too many dogs selling dogs by the hundreds, if not thousands from out of state males. Ryan counter to our 100% no Cal call the residents do not want these test or to continue to dark puppy mill trade in these counties. Those that oppose the ordinance for those that profit from this business, the puppy mill industry is their meal ticket. If moyes up at land are mostly young part-time people who can easily find a comparable job veterinarians and pet accessory food store that stores are advertising all of the time for help. The owners of Pat land can make a living by selling everything in their stores minus the pup is exactly as all the palins in Canada do and just as the Fort Walton Florida Palin has been going for 11 years, but it is the greed and selling a 150 our puppy for $4,000 that has driven them into this room tonight. Dog factory farming is a dirty business and in Bob’s the abusive torture of thousands of dogs. Especially the pair of dogs that are caged in red until they die or are killed. Enabling puppy mill outlets it’s not something manatee should be doing. The antibiotic resistant viruses hospitalized petland employees and others is a direct result of the reading of the breeding conditions in those smells Headlands lack of concern by continuing to buy puppies from those sources hard fight there’s a saying among lie among lawyers that goes if you’re in the business of selling not essential product. And you can’t sell your product without causing substantial harm any should not be allowed to sell that product. Thank you for your time, thank you. We’re not trying to put pet land out of business. What asking them to delete.>>One product line, there is plenty of money and supplies and grooming. These are the facts according to the world pet Association. Retail operating performance report of 2018 that still as with animals reported 240 $6 in total revenue per square foot. Well pet stores that sell only dry goods report it $403 per square foot. The business category with the highest per sales transactions was pet stores that sell only dry goods. Rachel the general manager pets, plus the 12 years said with a good business model and the right product mix you can make anything work. From the American pet products Association. 69.5 1 billion spent in the US on pet products in 2017. That amount went up to 72.5 6 billion in 2018. Other pet supply stores in manatee County, a very success without selling puppies or kittens they partner with shelters and rescues to provide their adoption apples. Echo Foundation provides grants for animal welfare. Tech o u S a. Got 60 million 22 you name it contract for the San Diego Padres baseball stadium, which amounted to 2. Billion sit 2 million 700 thousand dollars a year profit. That smart USA since 1994 has given 400 million to us nonprofits in grants to help animals including rescues and shelters in manatee County. 0.5 million shelters, rescue pets have found homes to Petsmart adoption center is. Provide emergency relief assistance, this Petsmart USA to 330,000 pets from Hardin disasters, including manatee County and regular like does this is like what we have with the Hurricanes. Right now I’d like to. Thank the store’s the pit supermarket has 3 stores in Bradenton perks of pets opened 12 years. It’s life naturally in Palmetto pets plus in parishes open 12 plus years bone at the cheating University Park is open 11 news. None of these places sell pets. They all use rescues and I have to say one other thing when I was the president made to put society that’s what didn’t have any animals and those empty cages and we got them to take our cats. And we went every weekend with dogs from animal control well and from the main society and show them the first year we had opted out of the 2000 animals on 14th Street which is amazing and I mean there’s so many purebred animals out there so many purebred rescues.>>People that need a purebred you know it showed a breeder. This is how I feel a thank you thank you for.>>Sue cold sea.>>You so much for taking all this time to listen to everybody on this issue and sickle see I have lived in manatee County for 37 years. I am co founder of animal network and I have served on the board or Commission of Animal network Ford never mind. I have taken a leave of 6 months leave of absence from animal that work, I’m here as a citizen representing only my opinion not a note into that never. From pet Lance corporate website Palin is different from other pet stores as they do not sell puppy mill dogs or cats. The company works together with local shelters and rescue centers for the adoption of dogs cats and other rescued animals. And he adopt a pet program which the plan initiated in 1998 the company says that hundreds thousands of animals have been adopted into permanent loving homes all adopted animals are spayed or neutered and some locations offer microchipping as an extra safety measure contrary to the information on their corporate website, Helen puppies are not spayed and neutered prior to sale. Many back many I’m sorry manatee County shelters and rescues adopt out state to pets. With current vaccines and health records man ever shelters, rescues and citizens myself included have worked tirelessly for over 20 years to invite friends and availability of spay neuter surgery for our community. Many of the county also provides funds for Spain, it or for low income citizens. So why are we all going to these efforts inexpensive allowing pet stores to sell pets that are not spayed or neutered. And then they can be bred producing. More cross streets that end up in the shelters and rescues. Regarding the October 25th letter Sheila Ghosh of Casey. Who says to meet the growing demand for dogs, many shelters and rescue organizations are importing drugs from all over the world. Remember that the those numbers that she’s citing also include Americans who travel overseas and back with their pets. Those cuts are counted and that number. Also I would like to have someone asked her how those statistics apply to manatee County that’s a a big assumption that there’s they’re coming into manatee County which to my knowledge they’re not so thank you so much, thank you. A deaf ear off. Good afternoon and chair commissioner grampa.>>Thank to yeah. A state your I I can send you a name is heavier.>>I’ve been a resident here since 1970 that’s a while. But at any rate I started out in the rescue business 15 years ago, Lisa Johnson was the tech and humane society who taught me most of what I know that’s scary. It was a scary time because I grew up in a farming community and we did things differently because profits part of it but good Husbandry was part of it to I’m not seeing good Husbandry with the people that are shoving these pets on the people we’ve got one guy we just took him a copy that this guy 90 years old one adopted a yorkie. They bounce off the wall when they’re 4 years all much less for months. Does he couldn’t handle it he just couldn’t handle it. Plus he slipped on a puddle that happened sometimes too and he got hurt, so they pass it on to a relative low, she wasn’t much younger they ended up finding us and we do 400 animals a year. Julie and I and a couple of Foster’s almost all poppies and kittens a couple moments of course are in there. And I’m thinking to everybody keeps saying animal services only has pit bulls. Can you tell the difference for an American bullet of people. Can you tell the difference when a white lab and the people. Because they’re all in the mix to all of these years Oscar back to Wolf Tom which is what none of us want to go back to Wolf Tom when the prehistoric days, he can tell the difference everything is classified, it’s got a square had it must be a pitfall that’s not the case. So I just was wanted to talk about this man for a while to support copy was almost 5 months old. It was over 4 months when he bought it. And their models says get him out the door for their 2 month-old 8 weeks get him out the door. Well that wasn’t very valuable it for didn’t compete with all the little windup toy puppy is so he only pay $700. For a puppy had to take to the vet because it had a cold. And end up giving away. So I’m looking at it from the people perspective as well we screen the people that adopt our poppy us and we screen we watch the puppy if the if the people walk in and love on the puppy in the puppies doing this. We’re doing this of his nose up in the air. They’re not going anywhere. The public record anywhere. The puppy has to fall in love too so that that’s good Husbandry and I’m not seeing good Husbandry and the stuff that I’ve been seeing lately that’s it that’s it mostly what I had to say the other comment I have to make this just comes from a business perspective. I think if you go with their option number 2 that grandfather’s one corporation is the only one I could sell poppies in this time get ready for the lawsuits not get ready.>>Thank a thank you are naked girl On. Next stop is a and a cook. That after her Elizabeth Voight.>>Thank you for your time this afternoon I am a cook and the editor of the new Barker a florida-based lifestyle magazine for dog lovers I live in safety Harbor. Heading into our 14th year of publishing. We cover stories from around the state were advocates for pet adoptions with a soft spot for municipal shelters like manatee County animal services. We also support a person’s right to choose a reputable breeder if they’re considering purchasing a puppy. One thing I’ve learned for sure. No reputable breeder would ever sell their puppies to a retail store. Period. We have researched the subject and we’ve done feature stories on puppy Mills we hosted the Florida screening of the documentary dogged by dog. That takes aim at big business politicians and enforcement personnel like the USDA. For allowing the abuses to continue at puppy Mills. I have read countless number of books on the subject, including rescue dogs. Written by a private investigator who went undercover to it expose the abuses going on puppy Mills across the country. All motivated by money and greed. We have interviewed people who have unknowingly purchased sick puppies from a retail store they’ve told us about the thousands of dollars spent on trying to help their sick puppies I’ve listened to their stories of heartbreak after their puppies have died. We have also done stories on the breeder dogs found being kept in horrendous conditions at large commercial breeding facilities. The owners of these facilities don’t care about the dogs, they only care about the money. Time and again as they are written up for violations and slapped with spying with fines. They snubbed the system and continue their vile exploitive business operations. Obviously what we want here at manatee County. He is the same as what almost 68 other Florida municipalities believed enough in the facts to do. Banned the retail sale of puppies and kittens the only way to help stop the abuses by stopping this up try and demand at the source. The puppy Mills. This movement did not start as a means to set up regulations it started to stop the retail sales of puppies and kittens if you don’t want to vote and a ban don’t vote for regulation. You would only be perpetuating the pervasive movement that protects bad business. And gives the consumer a false sense of security that they’re somehow being protected. There’s no such thing as regulation for pet store sales regulation is unenforceable and will mean nothing to your constituents. You need look no further than Hillsborough County for current proof. Other than allowing the retail sales themselves regulation is the second worst move a government can make regulation could hurt our ability to keep own rules on this issue during the 2020 legislative session and inadvertently supports statewide preemption and that’s not just for puppy sales if you don’t want the ban please don’t vote for anything else Iris speculate asked you please vote this up or down. Thank you thank you, I’m Elizabeth.>>I am fairly new to this I came today with a has a need you to state your name. The vote. I’m a resident of manatee County. Yes okay, you called my name so I thought you knew my name, but that the court out OK I see all right I came today.>>With a friend to ask you to support her and I of find the topic to be very interesting and I would like to use my time to just asked the the legal team a question is that allowed now now okay all right so my question would be then if I were allowed to ask the question. It’s.>>Give her a>>the US 50 USDA okay who is overseeing the the regulations. I I have questions about it and I just did a little online research. I’m not as you know the the knowledgeable expert up here, but I just really wonder whether or not there. The organizations that really is able to control all of this and regulate all this and I’ll tell you why because my concern would be that the board might vote that. Well if we put more regulations into place or we had the USDA, you know do a lot of oversight that these things will will work out well if the retail sale and my concern is is that I don’t think there is I don’t think you can pile on all these regulations that are going to actually make this a perfect sale at the at the retail level. I don’t feel there. Retail sort stores are puppy Mills puppy Mills as is up would you in you I think said earlier I just really bad breeders and so what we really need to do is is make sure that that we take that readers out of business and I’m just really worried about this. organization perhaps you might consider to be a solution as part of this so as my that the previous speaker said please vote effort down on this because I don’t think that there is a middle Road in terms of regulation on this. That’s my point thank you very much. Thank you very much.>>Kolenda Anthony. Then followed by Taylor than aqi.>>I’m going to Anthony I’m a resident of manatee County and a registered voter. I just like to make it known that we who support the ban have nothing to gain except protection of the animals. And if you are shopping for other products that suppose you had a builder. And selling new homes every ties with granite counter tops but they were Formica. Windows advertised as glass or plastic. Floors advertised as wood lemon law suits would be filed and the community would turn to the county with the question. Why have you permitted this builder to do business here. The debate here is not do you want to pass an ordinance we do that all the time. The issue here today is this is animal abuse and the fraud involved as important to you as it is to the people you represent you’ve seen the evidence that selling puppies commercially commercially. Also known as dog farming is incredibly abusive. This is an indisputable fact ignorance is no longer an excuse. Now we know better dog farming we have proven this disgustingly inhumane continuing the sale of this product in any way gives it you’re seal of approval. Consider the 1000 or so volunteers in this County who keep the Humane Society animal services, the sanctuaries and all of the rescues up and running every day 365 days year we’re the ones in the trenches with sleeves rolled up doing the dirty work. We call it God’s work and we’re proud of it and we do it with love and the only thing we care about are the purse and details that wag the clean in total ban on selling puppies would be the best way to acknowledge and appreciate the value of our to the county and the lives we safe. We contribute to the quantity of life skews me the quality of life in manatee we support the county. This is the time for the county to support us a clean ban is the best way to keep manatee as an oak Hill County please give us your support please stop the sales of what the stores call a private. Thank you for listening, thank you very much.>>Taylor then followed by a Terry that’s early.>>Is it overhead or pass out.>>Hi my name is Taylor banki I’m I’m morning. The phrase right here in manatee County so their the commissioners my name is Taylor been a key and my job here at healthland rating 10 is to work closely with our readers daily from booking with their puppies working with our veterinarian and there’s going on or burger chips to ensure that all of our readers are exceeding our standards I’ve given each of you a copy of our pet land breeder pledge. So you can see what we expect from the breeders that we choose to work with here have also handed you a letter sent from one of our readers that we deal with on a daily basis explaining what being a breeders like I’ve also handed you a photo book that she has sent from us that has her Kennel the dogs puppies and their families and as well. To him it may concern, I’m a USDA 5 star read or hear Missouri and my family works tirelessly and our dog rating adventure. This is a summary of what goes into raising healthy puppy animal rights activists worked tirelessly a convincing the public that we’re big sloppy Hicks of sit around raking in big bucks at the expense of our dogs. I’d like you to take a moment to learn what actually goes into being a responsible breeder I saw most of my piece of brick and mortar pet stores, start at stores. I have pre screened to ensure that they take excellent care of my babies and find them loving homes. Activists claim that no response for whatever sell to a pet store, but I must disagree as most tours take superior care of their puppies and coach their new owners so that their puppies transition into homes properly. The activists have never set foot in Mike and all in order they learn to care how my puppies are raised raising dogs tie make my living and it’s my family’s livelihood so why would I not give them the best care possible I’m a brief I have more well things applies on hand that I have clothes in my closet. I have vaccinations in my fridge, the warmer on my hands in veterinarians on speed dial a puppy up in my living room holding tiny little lives that need extra care and the breeders so when bad weather strikes Iran headfirst into this and 2 they can all to ensure the safety of my dogs. My calendar is full of vaccination better point and I work 7 days a week 365 days a year regardless of holidays. Many people would understand how it feels to have invested hours upon hours into week puppy they also in understand the joy it brings me when my hours of hard work has paid off to have a joyful little fur ball to like Nancy, thank you. I’m a preacher who has hand-fed a puppy every 2 hours around the clock doing whatever it takes to ensure striving survival. I agree to that in a 63 days takes on a whole new meaning and I’m still excited by every new life. I have reached the first breath of life into a puppy that’s refused to breathe on their own and not role. I’m not dumb and caring or criminal I take great pride and responsibility for every life I bring into this world and my greatest joys the puppy going to their new home whether it be with individual family or to a pet store who gives them great care until they find their soul mate that comes to take them home and animal lover, a nurse and midwife a heavy labor customer service rep photographer and probably an operator now her in for nation is in that. But I just don’t want to give it out for safety reasons.>>Thank you very much. Charles Farr calf.>>I think though that afternoon commissioners my name is Terry pass rally I live in manatee County. How much is that doggie in the window. That I won’t sing That was a very popular song when I was a little kid in the early 50’s. Who could resist acute place for poppy rolling around with its me it’s no one ever heard the term puppy mill it was but that was when they were being created. We have presented our comments to you for several months in the hopes that you will pass an ordinance banning the sale of poppies in pet stores, specifically Pat land in our County. You’ve been provided with videos photos and loads of facts describing not only the condition of the copies of the store were puppies of died after her purchase or even store employees are puppy owners contracted illnesses from the puppies. I always want to remind you of the source of the puppies the mommies and daddies who live in there in time our lives in her effect breeding facilities never able to leave wire cages often without food and water exposed to heat and cold temperatures living outside and allowed to go without necessary veterinary care. The USDA is responsible for enforcing the laws which would prevent this misery. But sadly it doesn’t happen. Please remember the photos you seen of those creatures suffering for their entire life. One picture I saw will never leave me. I wasn’t sure if I was looking at a dog’s face. And then I realized the face was totally covered with and gorged ticks the so-called breeders on these farms won’t waste money providing flea and tricked a tick prevention and in that case the treatment to remove the tax. If that dog was a female, she’s mounted by the male who lives in her Cage every time she goes into heat. Of course the loss of blood to the ticks eventually has her die a slow death. I hope you realize that allowing these facilities to continue all over the country. Hundreds of thousands of mating dogs constantly Nick Clegg didn’t abused results in puppy Mills being the cruelest thing we do in our country. Banning sale of puppies that Pat land gets rid of the demand and we’ll add us to the list of surrounding counties who have passed ordinances. To stop stop the sale. Remember Pat land may continue to operate a pet store business. As so many do so employees will not lose jobs. I thank you and remind you that those animals, innocent creatures experience pain and fear justice we do. Thank you thank you. Next to Charles. Now be followed by Tom to Sylvia.>>A good afternoon commission is my name is Charles Farr crowded in manatee County. Note that of the 319 retail pet cell ordinance in the US proudly 64 or in Kent Florida. 99% of the 3.19 demand a complete ban on the showing of puppies and kittens the reason is simple nothing else works 6. USC transparency is no longer there was a time when inspection documents reposted on their website USDA inspections no longer available without the time delays after requests. This makes it virtually impossible to track the violations of the supplies to the stores in real time and good farming is simply inhumane and being USDA certified is not the Good Housekeeping seal of approval that the stores like you to believe you have she natural photos from USDA inspections, yourselves. It’s so effective compromise rodents those of us concerned with animal welfare would welcome it. We have jobs hobbies and families of the for participating in those activities as opposed to being here. No compromise ordinance across the country or and Florida has worked here today, the same as EU commission is our to make manatee a better community. The sisters and their attorneys we’re here to line their pockets. The name of this business, the business of selling puppies as a product is great you see the good in the lawlessness the not refunding of money to the Fusion to pay pet vet bills, you’re choosing to on a Florida pet Loo it she’s a girl and in the animal abuse, sending a cheap puppy from a tortured mother who digs or one price. She’s a goodwill grandfather us and give us more regulations, they know they can happily be a monopoly, why you cannot monitor them and it will be the business as usual. We are consistent and have no skin in the game as a matter of fact some of us have taken off from work to be here. I haven’t I’m so the should have had to pay for the government documents we show you we have an investment in this community. I wanted to be a decent community with decent businesses we’re asking for your help and taking said, thank you, thank you Sir.>>And then after him is Aaron lost on the so those are sort of counting. He only speak as a concerned citizen applause, I don’t have all the facts or research away. It is wrong for that land to sell a The account as dogs and cats be put to death for every day at the animal shelters because on Kerry and EU responsible ways of reading them. As a society I think we should do better and stand that they suffer just like eyes and beer, your pain a bit else and people say they love the dogs and they should stop teen as a business anyway. Life is not a product to be sold at a store like a shelf know, thank you so much, thank you thank you. an issue of Kaye then after.>>For her is Crystal leave.>>Cause I’m a resident manatee County for the past 9 years I try to keep the short because I actually met with all you guys before and I’m giving that packet of information. I I’m here to because I can care about animals and I care about kids and I care about the future of pet ownership. I really feel strongly that people should have options when they’re selecting up at getting a pet is such a huge responsibility. I think people should have the freedom to to have that works best for them. Some people want to small especially if you have kids I have 2 young kids and a large dog is not going to work for me and my kids, I prefer small dog. And you’re just not going to find that manatee County animal shelter. The majority of dogs at the manatee County animal shelters are large dogs specifically pit bull mixes and on this is not going to work for me and my family. Breeders and pet sellers are regulated by the state and the Fed are government and Florida’s actually really lucky because they have a really it really strong cut the lemon law which is part of Saturday to 8 to 9 and we’re really lucky to have that law here Tex animals that protects people it holds bestsellers accountable. And. It’s a good it’s a really good rescues are exempt from this law which I would like to see changed I was actually surprised when I started researching this that rescues are unregulated they’re absolutely no consumer protections know how certificate requirements for rescue animals. this is this is concerning because a lot of these rescues are now importing animals from China South Korea. Turkey says it hurts Russia we just had a lot of dogs brought in from China into our state and this is scary stuff because there’s all kinds of parasites and diseases that they have in China that we do not have here. And I really fear for kids in this community. I fear for the safety of them, I’m here for public health, I work in public health, I’m a a medical professional. I’m a licensed dental hygienist for the past 15 years. So I would like to see rescues how to the same standards as other pet. Sellers. I would like to see them comply the same standards I think I’m force and we have a double standard in our state where rescues are exempt from everything and has sellers have to jump through all these hoops it’s and I would like to see regulations for rescues such as how certificate requirement its full disclosure bite history bite history disclosure for people who adopt. We don’t know the history of a lot of these animals they’re moved around from shelter to shelter we have no idea show that that’s it. I’m Thank you.>>Christophe followed by Stacie maza.>>Good afternoon commissioners, my name is Krystal Lee and resident manatee I think pretty Speakers before me on. Covered on some of the things I can say, but for me the bottom line link corporation is not committed. In the to be in the business of animal welfare. Their goals like almost all the operations is profit. At the expense of intelligent and sentient beings. I think it’s pretty much common knowledge that the USDA is still to this day. Family. In their job to inspect popping those in a timely manner and 20 force on violations, they’re still not doing it you can go online and even. Today C horrible stories about USDA not doing their job. So we can’t depend on them to know that we’re getting healthy that are coming to these retail stores. So the banning of the mass production and the selling of sentient beings and a horrible conditions. Is not only of movement whose time has come. But it’s a movement that is long overdue. And it’s happening and it’s growing in this country. So County commissioners have a question for you it’s not a question of if we’re going to discontinue the man asked factory farming of sick puppies from mass profit. So County commissioners are you going to lead in this movement. And do the right thing. And discontinue this heinous practice, a factory farming Pa peace. Or you can be followers because eventually. You got a caved overwhelming pressure down the road it’s going to happen it’s not a question of if we’re going to band retail selling copies. It’s not a question of if but when so it’s up to you. To deciding it do it now or couple years from now. Stacy that’s OK after her as Robert.>>Mark hello or something close to that. A good afternoon.>>Many mistakes seem as a Coca is born raisins or so I now have a live in manatee County for 15 years. I’m just here today to ask you to support the ban. died about 7 years from a shelter. He was a parent, I’m out of popping them. He was one of the breeders. I could I’m sure you have all the you know the history and how these stocks are treated. I saw 2 but having to actually adopted one you don’t see. Of everything of the world that because they’ve lived in cages other lives. Everything they’re afraid of because they put in cages is so I just wanted to come up here to let you know that I’m you know. My my paycheck does not from anything to do with dogs, I’m a small business owner here in manatee County. I’m just here to let you know that. To ask to please support this ban. Should be categorized as intimate cruelty there’s there’s no other there’s no other word for it and it’s now a felony animal cruelty is now a felony and puppy Mills. They really knew categorized for that we need to stop selling them like products. So that’s it and I think you have a good afternoon. They thank you very much. This one’s good man see Johnson. And she get that one right.>>It’s Robert Morrow to and I’m from Sarasota I won a million dollars in the lottery. I’d be up in DC donating to my legislators and convincing them to do away with puppy Mills but I haven’t so I’m not I’m here working locally to shrink the impact of these dog farms. Isn’t that how democracy works. Our most powerful tool and this fight against abuse and fraud is the truth. In the past 6 months we’ve proven with a pet land puppies originate. Every word has been documented. We have used USDA inspections with photos and Interstate purchase receipt. We’ve proven that that land warranties are worthless consumer contracts are contrary to Florida pet law. You do remember to local attorneys had sued to get his deserve a refund. We had to do a copy of that lawsuit. Unable to dispute the facts that land will distract not sets talk about importing European puppies but the sold on the Internet or on craigslist everything but nuclear proliferation all meant to take your eyes off the subject that subject in this room today is none of these things the subject in this room is selling puppies in stores from dog farms. Unable to dispute the facts that land will distort some call them lies. One Golden oldie we only buy from the best of the best and I and I visit every one of my suppliers. Well since you’ve seen the pictures of their suppliers and corresponding inspections either peddling condones these conditions or they’re lying about visiting. Which is it and where is the proof of these visits. That land may bring the video of a pristine Kennel which I believe your show made by their advertising department dip at land bill discount for marketing purposes. What’s the address of his Kennel on the video or the pictures you are shown. What is USDA name and certification are and where is the proof. That land is met are irrefutable proof of profiting from animal abuse and consumer fraud in manatee County. And the responses distraction and distortion. Commissioners the question in this is that what type of community. Not one that condones animal abuse in the name of greed. Thank you can thank you.>>Nancy and then the Joseph triplet after that afternoon to just 2 years. My name is Nancy Johnson. I live in Lakewood ranch on and they cdd for supervisor in Lakewood ranch and I also on the main board the ID a on the supervisor. And I would like to take us. Different from just dogs themselves. We heard the first speaker today talk about 2 diseases, she’s a young woman. I would assume her health was good. Those are but the on WBUR a and Campbell of actor of the are both potentially deadly diseases I worked in infectious disease in pharmaceutical marketing. And I worked with top infectious disease physicians throughout the world as part of my job. And I can tell you that if someone comes into one of the Pentland stores and there are dogs that are infected. A person that has an auto in and disease rheumatoid arthritis lupus. Psoriasis M S and there’s countless more now only do they have an auto immune disease, but most of the room are in in our oil on him suppressive drugs which makes their new systems much much weaker. So that the body doesn’t attack itself. What happens if one of these people comes in even just being in the shop they could probably be contract one of the diseases or even worse if they took one of these pour abused puppies home. What are we doing what is the potential damage to the we are doing not only to these poor abused animals but to human being yes and I mean I really hope that we put the ban on thank you very much. Thank you.>>We have a melting pot of a community. That’s right. No more says MR. Johnson’s>>my name is Joseph triplet I live in manatee County I didn’t plan on speaking today have just came came with a friend, but saw some comments about the rescue dog places, I’ve had several several rescue dog since living here since 2003. I had a marvelous experience with both of them had a small pool a Ricky the racing dog. Now to another the other dog actually I think one of the dogs is that land and Sarasota originally and I was the 3rd person ended up the dog. My son is that a miniature schnauzer this day. So I’ve had a good experience with rescue dogs. I haven’t had a bad experience with what Pat land that I know of.>>Judy followed by Tim Golden. Good afternoon commissioners. My name is Judy sell tracked and I am I’m a resident of Hillsborough County, however I have then the legislative liaison for the manatee Kennel Club for the since 2008, I’m also officer, I’m also the chair of the Hillsborough County animal advisory, many and I am the vice president of the Florida Association of Kennel club’s and I am the regional coordinator for a rehoming organization, a national one. I’d like to talk to you today and thank you you’ve taken my speech but to the Lady who does gecko’s also does flying>>write that winds were want to talk about freedom. It is a freedom of things that we are granted as American citizens of where we would like to purchase our companion animal whether it comes from a responsible breeder those are the individuals that I represent we adhere to a code of ethics since 1995 we have reduced the population of a KC dogs and the United States by limited registrations and fickle rescues and our local animal shelters and our pet stores. This is a freedom of choice and then we need to talk about equality is it is it equal to be in a pet store that is doing everything right we don’t do that. 2 people in prison. We don’t do that to people who are driving on the street. We only do this to the people that are doing wrong. We’re living in a community or in a area where we’re guilty and were innocent until proven guilty. We have found. Rescues are popping up one of the one of the unintended consequences of the pet store bands is that we found that many retail rescues are popping up and it is true, they are importing we do have according to the CDC, 1.0 6 million dogs that are being imported into the United States and they’re bringing diseases that we have never ahead here in the United States. So the models of the retail rescues they’re opening up the pet stores because they’re 5 oh one C threes and they can adopt the animals for any worse from 702. Several $1000. The last thing that we should all be talking about us standards of care. A W a has improved the standards of care in the last 50 years, Purdue University, the American Veterinary Medical Association, let’s look at those improve the standards of care of any animal that we have in the community whether it comes from a pet store owner. A rescue or whatever and wherever this animal comes from. We all owe it to each other and not to fight like Ford and General Motors we should all be in this business together to take care of our animals, thank you thank you. There’s Tim Cook.>>Good afternoon and thank you my name is Tim Golden and I live in Libya in Hillsborough County and the president of the Hillsborough County Florida dog fanciers Association. And I spent a little over 2 hours reading a script today that I’m just going to put down because there’s. I heard something early today. Then that I can’t get out of my head to your assistant County attorneys said that and the last 4 years a son 30 animals out of 16,000 dogs. Have come into your animal control who are traceable back to Pat land. And it’s my understanding correct me if I’m wrong but every single one of them got back home. I don’t think that’s something that we should Klaas over. You know in in 19 in 2007 I started getting involved in Hillsborough County. The euthanasia rate was over 80%. 82% of the dogs and cats that came in Hillsborough County were killed they built their own furnace. Business was some of that. And it wasn’t the that the animals are not coming from pet shops there are coming from responsible breeders they’re coming from irresponsible owners who are having their pets spayed or Notre they’re coming from irresponsible owners who don’t realize that a commitment to have a pet as for the lifetime of the animal. They don’t realize. And and a lot of people didn’t realize that we could work together and come up with a solution to the problem in the years. Since then I’ve been the chairman of the animal advisory committee in Hillsborough County I’ve been involved and rarely a breeder myself. In the years since 9 out of 10 and those who come in animal services in Hillsborough County pet Resource Center in Hillsborough County are given a new lease long healthy and happy life. It happened because we work together. I have to say a lot of the people I’ve heard talking today, don’t seem like they want to meet in the middle. You know it’s all or nothing you know it’s my way or the highway. And and I think. I think you should be concerned with a couple of things one is in the St. Petersburg times yesterday which is only this paper we can get help for County now. There were 53 advertisements for cars trucks vans suvs even anti automobiles there were 58 advertisements for dogs. You should be concerned with the thousands of dogs coming to Florida from Florida. Coming in to manage to County from other areas. Of then graders who are not restricted to regulate it 5. USDA and who are subjecting our our animals. Our our people are livestock or wildlife to potentially deadly diseases. Thank you thank you. Next up is Diane Roberts. Then after that Cynthia. Good afternoon. My name is Diane Roberts and I’m a resident of pills for County and a member of manatee Kennel Club.>>What I was going to talk about a little bit to some of the diseases that are being seen in the US in recent years. A rabid dog came in from Egypt effected sic states requiring many people to go through becks and back seats because of that United States had eliminated canine rabies however in other parts of the world it is still very prevalent. From dogs coming in from.>>Say.>>The Caribbean islands multiple docks. This had been eradicated in Florida over 30 years ago and there had not been any infestations and over 50 years it’s this required USDA. Us Fish and Wildlife Florida Department of Agriculture meaner. Consumer services and Florida County to prevent this crew are to be eradicated to keep their terror educate the screw him. Florida key deer and if it got into the livestock, it would cost the cattle industry a lot. Could even cripple it totally. Brucellosis Cayman. From what the dogs come in from South Korea to Wisconsin. They were diagnosed with a strain of brucellosis that had never been in the United States. There was also a lady that was transporting dogs out of Mexico. That actually came down with brucellosis when a pitch that she was transporting aborted her puppies. So it can go to people. There’s a new strain of distemper. Cornell University Health Department has diagnosed. It had never been found in the United States before or it came in on it with a 12 week-old scheldt EPA P that came from Korea. Once again a population of dog, so your bread rescues shelter dogs, whatever can be affected by this. There are no vaccines for that disease. Canine influenza I know you guys remember when it affected the greyhounds. That can they canine influenza came in from North Korea came in with and South Korea. It came in with this dog’s the rescues bringing in the meat dogs. H 3 N 2. Had only been in Asia up until that time now it’s considered epidemic in the United States. And I never produced pronounce this one right. Milla doses. It is a disease that affects livestock. Can also affect people. It manifests is a life threatening blood Street. And pneumonia. 27 people were affected plus all the people that were involved in the imports of the rescue. Thailand, thank you very much.>>Cynthia con good afternoon commissioners. I didn’t think I’d miss it that>>I’m I own home in manatee County and Sarasota County and I pay taxes in both, but they won’t let the vote in both still.>>If you’re commissioner who after 6 months remains on him rest with the facts regarding the animal abuse and fraud involved in the business of selling puppies and I have failed you and I will address the other commissioners if you’re a commission are concerned about those issues and are trying to find some type of compromise ordinance don’t I’ll explain why only a complete ban on selling puppies is the only workable solution. The county to the north Hillsborough in 2017 tried the grandfathering compromise. Let me describe to you where Hillsborough is now now and how that County is running in circles. Hillsborough animal services is called pet Resource center or PRC. The PRC has in addition to their full workload. Become a many USDA but without us to and so the county. The PRC goes out to the stores in specs and then makes foi requests for USDA inspection reports, the PRC will wait 5, 7, or more months for the USDA documents and they will be turn to the store more delay. Sometimes documents cannot be found because the store orders puppies using different corporate names. One retailer when presented finally with an inspection violation. Requested additional time to review the document and then they make untested. So while this door with all these delays continues business as usual the key Downey is running in circles chasing their tail. The PRC was and contact the county Attorney’s Office. An additional department to continue to pursue the requirements of the ordinance this cycle can continue with more and more administrate of work for the county costing the county more time and money from multiple department it’s at this very moment. The Hillsborough commission is scheduling a review of this grandfathered ordinance. I’m thinking. And I don’t have the S P. That this is not the result manatee County is looking for. I’m reminded of the acronym K I s S. Sometimes things are simple black or white. Right or wrong, good or bad just keep it simple. And sometimes these choices are so easy. Selling puppies from dog farming is bad. It’s wrong and we can end it in manatee County right now. A simple ordinance to ban the retail sale of puppies is all that is needed. It’s the only forcible ordinance with the least expense to the county. Thank you. Thank you.>>Next is Kate mcfaul. Followed by Sir.>>I miss nurse on mines, Kate mcallen resident of Leon County Florida. Yeah I want to thank commissioners and tell me what more survey and been act for meeting with us and thank commissioner trace for talking to us on the phone. I’m not the Florida State director for the Humane Society of the United States. It’s a base in Tallahassee where I work hard to pass animal Park action legislation. I travel extensively throughout our state working on animal protection issues. In Tallahassee we’re working to pass puppy mill legislation on the state level. But that is going to take time. Meantime cities and counties as you know are saving dogs in protecting the public from passing ordinances like the one you are considering that will reject the importation of popping up pops into manatee County. Throughout the discussion of the cruelty puppy Mills a Casey often comes up. Why does see a Casey fight against better welfare for talks. It’s simple Casey is not an animal welfare organization. It’s a purebred dog registry. Sustained by dog registration fees. Because of their financial dependence on commercial breeders a qc regularly lobbies against basic animal welfare bills. For fear will cut into their profits. They heavily promote and defend pet stores is a sales outlook despite the fact that they encouraged the public to only buy from responsible breeders with a visit and meet the parents of this one of the parents of the pops so far this year day Casey as oppose bills that the tissue S another animal welfare groups supported a bill in Kentucky to outlaw the sexual-abuse of animals. Casey’s action alert states while these measures well, intentioned innocent parties could lose possession of their animals. They posted on Virginia that would have prohibited the tethering dogs in extreme weather. They post a bill in Iowa and major pumping all state that would require commercial breeders to provide common sense state care standards to the breeding dogs they posed a bill in New Hampshire, there was strength in the animal fighting laws. Casey testified it’s unlikely someone would mistreat we treat their animals inhumanely just because they were convicted of fighting cocker game fell animal fighting is not an egregious form of cruelty I think to differ so in summary organization is not about protecting animals. You have a important to set decision a discussion in front of you today, we respect that and again I really appreciate your time and meeting with us from the humane side United States and respectfully urge you to afford with a complete ordinance banning the retail sale of pets here manatee County. Thank you.>>Followed by try and talk loud enough that people can actually hear it because I’ve been trying to hear everybody else. Anyway, I’m bill Lowes and the county resident voter and business owner. I’d like to jump back about 8 speakers to the woman who said why are we punishing that land when they’re doing everything excuse me wrong. On I made a huge mistake I sat on my computer home watching youtube videos of dog rescues. And all of a sudden they became targets for that land advertisements. One of them shows a Mommy looks like a ship Sue and her for poppies rocking through a beautiful of Greenfield not a fence in sight. This is it true even if it’s in a good breeder this is not how they live. Then another ad shows that they are USDA certified breeders well go on the USDA. Website and you’ll find out that they haven’t done a certification inspection in 20 years, it’s so hot how is anybody going to be USDA certified. They move a store out of Sarasota where they’re being chased away into manatee County but servicing Sarasota the border and we get stuck with another pet land store and they send people out on the corner twirling signed up the sale property sale and I once are an accident on 34th Street because somebody look at that guy waving a sign and hit hit a car in front of them. I don’t think that’s legal I think signage doesn’t allow for them to put signs up like that. So no Pat Lam isn’t doing things right. So please. Pass the buck passed the ban this time, it’s very much time. Thank you. Thank you.>>Everybody’s because lot of us>>Barbara Barbara Cook followed by Leno hair.>>Speak louder an afternoon commissioners, I’m my name is Barbara Cook have been involved in the sport of dogs rest Q and A local manatee Kennel Club for a couple of that OK it’s my educational perf and professional background as public health what County. Sarah so thank you. Ask you to please keep freedom of choice in choosing a pet and keep manatee County residents and their pay cut safe. There is good and that everything whether it’s rescue or retail. Just want to show you a photo, something good and rescue this was actually. 3 week-old puppy that my family and I and our dogs racing bottle, fed every 3 hours got up all night and took care of the great one to write home, however unfortunate Lane that’s not always the case and rescue since is unregulated like that stores I sent to the commissioners a 10 page list, us morning of headlines and all just hit on a couple the headlines are own chronological order. This is just from 2019. 2009 to September Port St. Lucie County puppy even by restaurant shelter. June 2019 Jacksonville chill child mild an animal shelter. 2019 June but over time shelter sell traffic dogs from China. For those that are asking you to be really important jobs Hernando County 6/9/2019 to people bitten days after dog rescued. One is when do we ever hear of somebody getting mild or killed. But dog and a pet store or or 2 hours or days after they brought the dog calm so the public health consequences from shelter and rescue pets. Not only are physical injury maulings that can be fatal, but also the introduction of serious diseases such as rabies and canine influenza which actually killed the credit food, few friends of mine starts. I ask you please to not take any measures that restrict choice by compelling residence retailers took 10 pet solely from shelter, rest could just Jim Peters instead a batting new regulations and first ordinances we have. The ordinances on the books why bring in new laws from are not even a person with starting on the book so I would say just leave it the way it is that the consumers to side with their pocketbooks where they want to get their pets. Businesses wouldn’t be thriving if the rent residence, it wanted but their cell on those people aren’t here but obviously this spoken with their wallets. The businesses are open maybe one those people are educated when they stopped buying that those dogs from land or elsewhere. Maybe those stores will close on their own but I don’t think it’s up to the government to close on or force and the clothes. Thank you very much. Thank you.>>Len Leno.>>They’re very comes. If you’re done thank you for allowing me to speak today on Leno heroin from holmes beach I’m I’m here to uh to congratulate this body.>>For all the wonderful work you’ve been doing in this.>>Whole animal round for that.>>Past many years and this 6 years You allowed me to interview community leaders. Each one of the then members of the of this they’ll this body and some shelter folks and you you wanted me to find out for these community leaders and and others anonymously what did you think about the idea that this County would move. And long ways forward in protecting a the public and protecting our animals and so I did honestly I found a. Over 93% of the folks that I interviewed said yes this County should move forward and that that included putting money into this project and so your your constituents were very much in favor of this. And that that was that 93% I found only one person and the rearview who thought it was a bad idea. Since that time the animal network folks asked that we put together a a a a group of. Rescues and shelters and so forth and come up with some some plans on what can be done and uh that that group included Nacion bishops and manatee County humane society, a catch course the county itself Lakewood ranch in and and many others and at that time, we were thinking could we raise any money to get this whole thing. Done and during our interviews we said he has folks to think the reason million dollars they could raise 2 million 3 1 Million. And our the amount was million. The vast majority of the people and for the question. Your community leader said all we can easily raise million to get this thing done will says that time look what Nate says is doing so quit bishops is doing so quick manatee County humane society has done and look what you have done. I want to congratulate everyone for stepping up and getting this kind of stuff done. And and I urge you to a. Implement this but this band because to to not do so just works against your best interest and all the investment that folks have made in all the days and nights that that these rescue folks have put into a protecting our public and our animals and in the end Sir is like a was a new beginning and that is this whole thing is about pain and suffering as about caring and it’s about loving and just this story that we can put together. tell folks that this is a kind of County that does care does love and does that empathy thank you.>>Thank you very much At this point we’re going to take a 10 minute recess were about halfway through the slips I have so I think everybody could maybe stand up and stretch their legs walk around the block.>>These take their seats we could start start this up again. Take that next next person up is Laura Minnelli. Comes got are asked for a minute a about that genna Jensen she here.>>Yes she was just outside in the lobby. She did Oscar moment. Marilyn Weaver. We want time to get here.>>This miss on Maryland Weaver recently moved to perish from Bradenton so I’m a certified manatee County constituent and they vote and I have a legal humane voters, and we’ll vote as well. Let’s talk about the looming shadow of a lawsuit. The only relevant lawsuits happening today regarding puppy stores is the class action against the park is and pet plan. This is a lawsuit regarding the spread of the camp below back to bacteria from pet lamb puppies so by the park is owners. Pat Lang on University and that a breath. And you heard that from the young lady that person will champ. Over 100 people became sick with a life threatening disease from handling their puppies. It was the CDC that designated the DNA of the bacteria and sourced it back to put the no puppies. Mill Pentland denies using. Some people might not trust anything else that we would have to say after them, however if we’re talking about Pat Lam threatening to sue our County we don’t have much to worry about. That would never happen and this is why. Our County attorneys have precedent. Pentland has never won a lawsuit against a ban on selling puppies as a matter of fact, no pet store has ever won a lawsuit against an ordinance banning the sale of puppies not one. Phoenix Arizona ordinance upheld by federal District Court. Cook County Illinois ordinance upheld by federal District Court some ice Florida ordinance upheld by far the district Court Chicago, Illinois. Ordinance upheld life federal District Court. East Providence, Rhode Island witness upheld by federal District Court upheld on appeal by first circuit. Palm Beach Gardens, Florida organs uphold in Florida State courts. People in this room may debates who won the Sarasota lawsuit. But the results are what count. The result was. Sarasota will never have a puppy sold in the store again. In manatee County should ban the sale of what that stores consider a product. Allies being a puppy. That stores need to return to selling pet products, the consumer, the animals. Well all be better off. Thank you for your attention.>>Thank you very much it’s Jenna Jensen back. We understand. Then a second chance. All 3 minutes to really apologize.>>So yes, my name is Jenna dense in I work at the Humane Society United States on the stopping else campaign. I was asked to be here today as a national expert on the puppy mill issue I would like to think that who had to leave a little early as well as her mother Vanessa you can be here today so bad that she was unable to come she had to work. However she wanted me to make a few points. I do want to make it clear Vanessa or excuse me Natalia did get camp of actor while she was working for pet land. Campbell of is the reason that she now has Poly your apathy, I’m saying that that is now affecting her ability to breed walk and function as a normal normal healthy that she was before when she started to work for pavement. She contracted the disease when she was cleaning the Kennel she was 16 years old. 18 year olds are only allowed to clean the she said that protective gear is not required to clean the kennels and Vanessa excuse not using the This woman. I’m Natalia average on a few words that she wanted me to say I’m she said these people do not care about these poppies they’re very very greedy and in my opinion don’t have a heart. I think and then she said before I started working at Pat land ASA think wow how cool it would be to work there. Now it is one of the biggest mistakes of my life to work there. When I was walking here to the county Commission chambers she had mentioned to me that it was a dream of hers to work at NASA and that dream of hers is now completely out the window on because of the nerve damage she from Campbell doctor that she will not fully kept back. So in addition to that I would it was mentioned here today one of the ladies in this room goes and visits the breeders herself. If she goes and visits the breeders herself then she must have gone and visited a breeder in Kansas that I’m Pat I’m bringing 10 sourced from in January of this year. This breeders are horrible 100 puppy mill report to for having dogs on wire flooring for having excessive feces of this facility for having dogs are extremely underweight and this is a breeder that they source from this And in addition to that. It was also brought up that the more than 1 million dogs are being imported into this country. Also wasn’t mentioned that of that one point there 6 million vast majority of that number are people’s own pets and they’re traveling with their pets into this country that was not mentioned and that is also in the USDA. as well. And I wouldn’t lastly just like to state that there is no way to regulate this. Regulation is dependent on the United States, a culture United from of agriculture. The standards of care are basic survival standard chief heard that today. B.>>The enforcement is extremely lacking since 2016 citations by the USDA.>>Look sorry old and I’m It’s okay, I’m here to answer any questions and thank you all for your time today and I sincerely apologize for being late to>>It’s Lord us back in touch and somebody personally season finale. Karen thanks star. Anchor store, I’m sorry, yeah. Good afternoon carrying her star.>>2 years ago Hillsborough County commissioners passed the retails sales ordinance which was intended to regulate USDA breeder violations unfortunately Hillsborough County grandfathered in 3 pet stores. Hillsborough commissioners assured that consumers would be given breeder information. Animal advocates warn that it would be difficult because of USDA privacy laws. Throughout the 2 years Hillsborough has only recently been able to obtain information on just one reader from one store through poyer requests to get this information it took 5 months from request to reply. From this one USDA inspection there were 490 3 dogs and puppies in with one breeder here are some of the violations. A pregnant great Dane that was excessively thin with ribs and pelvic bones visible. 2 German shepherds with air lesions one air partially missing with wet dark sued. The Bulldogs squinting with crest on eyelids opacity suggests eye injury. No bedding in 94 outside shelter this winter temperatures were below 35 degrees at night. A severe Ian Husky with 10 piles of old pcs turned hard and white enclosure. A German Shepherd in a cage ready to have poppies on wire grated floor with cake feces on her upper back and cake feces all over the wire floor. And other dogs raised on wire floors with puppies legs falling through the holes. I think I’ve showed you that picture the for a very large number of cockroaches in mom a house too. Chronic ammonia buildup from urine in the well-being building which is where the dogs have their puppies. Obviously Hillsborough County’s ordinance has not prevented the sale puppy mill dogs nor have they been able to provide information to the consumer know County can. Pet store profits on puppies outweigh any finds that may be incurred from the county. Now Hillsborough has to address the situation again. They have discovered anything less than a complete ban on the retail sale pop uses and forcible and an effective let’s get this done once an off in manatee County for the sake of the dogs in the sake of the unsuspecting consumers that walk into a pet store please, let’s pass a complete ban on selling puppies from pet stores. And one further now we’re not here to talk about Chinese dogs or screw worms. We’re here to stop in the trafficking in of puppy mill dogs Fox thank you for your time, thank you and I’ve got proof of everything I say which have already given you but if you wanted again here does need to pay.>>Steven been aqi. Up next followed by Stuart David.>>I a speech in there. So you can follow it because with my ex and I don’t if you lost in translation. All of the bank’s days. So it’s a scene that would what counted. Okay. I’m Stephen been a key a live in district 4 in manatee County under a pit Lane Bryant and which has been in business for 20 years in district 3.>>I think the employees with an average age of 25 something college something Gates or made some appearance that all of what they do and where they work. But then you say has been designed and built around unique business model of sitting puppies hundreds of thousands of dollars are invested in tuck uh not department to keep a baby’s is comfortable and healthy as possible for our customers. People say just change a model look at Petsmart and Petco doing great to see the puppies well that is a further from the truth but the and the man’s burden and it could mess of debt to compete with the giant e-commerce companies. You can buy anything today and have it delivered to House tomorrow for cheap and any brick and mortar store. The articles received shut up it’s much as of a billion dollars in debt and had to buy 2 to come to stay in business. It has had to completely redesign its stores with significant online presence as well to stay afloat. It meant discounts no affiliation to pit and closed all 100 plus stores and filed for bank see online is killing the mom and pop store study. Do we really want puppies to be sold online too. That is precisely will happen if stores, a force to stop selling poppies and shut down creating a because under United will head to by medics contraband when any recourse or protections will vanish flood County’s residents. We have customers constant complaining how he was scammed online puts in a puppy and never receiving it or docked in a dog or puppy but have spent thousands of dollars on victory and have no repeal recalls. Rescues shelters, breaches and pistols really evatt OS ever it then expects you to have that human animal into action to see if you’re the right fit for the puppy. Was the USDA, a trusted resource with a different breed a negative report but considered incompetent but a Brit is given a clean. If the main society condemn and demonize anybody that the main to United States Department of culture 5 starting compliance shunted in price the breeders with clean inspection records for going above and beyond what is expected from them. Breeze shows and carefully using the same Jewish the a speech patfull the main society used to compile and released a horrible 100 list, he said one major difference we visit a loss of the previous kennels take pictures and video to so transparent. Readers who establish programs for socialization excise for Britain, it’s protocol for skin coat now and dental hygiene read is that 2 years of USDA inspection records with no direct violations or any minor infractions that do not affect the health of the puppies we receive. Do you want the USDA to find infractions do we expect to be just to create these infections can be continually improving of course it did not comply and it’s a pittance to not biased pit that is not part of the problem. We are in fact part of the solution.>>When Stewart David I live in Sarasota County good afternoon. Commissioners and happy Halloween to yeah. I’m retired CPA in my long career I don’t ever remember it countering the retail business was such a high profit percentage as a puppy store. Who will sells products for thousands of dollars the cost them 100, but if you go and buy $3,000 kitchenaid refrigerator that justice. It cost him over $2000 in the business model gets even better for the puppy mill store but the story because if your refrigerators lemon you get to replace me. But many people who buy sick puppies they don’t return because they’re emotionally attached. Kitchenaid and jessops and most businesses can only dream of such a lucrative business model. That’s why dog retailers push this massive public relations this information campaign. They’re desperate to keep this business model because they make so much money they don’t want to just sell pet products. I was here in May and I handed your copy of an opinion piece written by Pam Bondi Laura Trump and congressman Matt Gates in Brian mast. I hope you had a chance to read it it was a shocking a shocking and scathing indictment of the USDA puppy and conspiracy expected puppy Mills. If you did read it you know that USDA standards are pathetically minimal and worship the USDA allocates very few resources. 2 enforcement, I’m sure that if these for conservatives who believe in limited limited government we’re here with us today. They would encourage you to pass an ordinance banning the retail sale of dogs so would burn Buchanan who co-chairs the animal protection costs caucus in Congress. Now in May I talked about my visit to USDA inspected puppy mill. I won’t speak today in great detail about the horrors I will witnessed you already know about the cramped and stacked cages with multiple dogs in each, no betting with the urine feces falling on those below. All of this is perfectly legal the puppies they’re the lucky ones they receive a get out of jail free card within weeks after their birth, leaving their mothers behind to and or lifetime a lifetime of appalling conditions. The reason many puppies are sick is because the mothers are in such for health got only due to the living conditions, but also from bring bread over and over and over again. Ask yourself does it fit does this fit your definition of Dominion some of you might be thinking that I should be making my case in Tallahassee or in Washington D C. But Pam Bondi Laura Trump and congressman Buchanan Gates and mass can affect political change on the national Florida level. I know I’d be wasting my time unfortunately, the buck stops at the local level which is why hundreds of cities and counties have passed laws banning the retail sales dogs. Desoto County has ban the sale of puppy mill dogs, it’s to the south Sarasota County to the north Saint Pete here almost surrounded and if you don’t stop now manatee County will become the puppy mill capital of Southwest, Florida. Thank you thank you.>>And next up is Brian Winslow followed by Stacie Stewart.>>Say hello my name is Brian Winslow I appreciate you get the name right. I’m from Dayton Ohio I work for the pet lean corporate office and normally when I talk to legislators. Council members. You talk about my personal visits with hundreds of bridges that have been too because that’s part of what my job but actually because of my involvement in the debris, the world. I want to talk the puppies that don’t come at there has been a rule change and how puppies make their way into people’s homes over the last 10 years particularly. And partially because it’s for good reasons. 83 to 85% of all dogs United States, I’m not saying this County but in the United States or the spayed or neutered which is really really good. But it changes the availability of puppies for families and there are pockets the United States with his big voids of a of supplying his pockets where there is overseas pi and oversupply usually is that the people and pit bull mixes that were discussed earlier. But there’s a growing of a a shadow dog economy. the first thing I want to talk about the show dog economy is someone already mentioned it earlier but I don’t want me to convince you the best thing for you to do is suggest Google your favorite breed of dog for sale. The shine near me the shot puppy yorkie your keys in Grayson County and what what you’ll find is a whole host of at a state players. That are investing in Google adwords in this town right now and why are they doing that because there’s demand and the demand is not being met. And a band really does not make a lot of sense because of the demand for for puppies out there. The second part of the retail of that the shadow economy is the growth of a retail rescue which is already been been addressed and I’ve I’ve given you 2 articles one by the Washington Post and the other by the Huffington post. A involved undercover investigations of rescues going to auctions and then when the auctions can supply enough puppies for the rescues then those rescues move directly to the breeders who are at the auctions. The 3rd part of the the shadow economy is the growth of the foreign imports which has been discussed already multiple times today. But this leads to a regulatory concerns so much and read that these ladies are discuss the USDA is a a couple years ago because of the growth of these 3 new channels of getting puppies into people’s homes. They have re issued. What’s called a Tech note that we the couple words from it. The animal welfare act and associate regulations requires a USC license for anyone and then front seats for companies such it up. The USDA is really looking into narrowing those 3 forms of that. Thank you Sir, yes, states. Stacey and then followed Brad Parker.>>Hi good action in Miami Stacey still it I am not a man to contra president however, I am the attorney Ernie for pet land. Sarasota and I do not have any comments at this time, however I wish to reserve my time if you would have any questions for me and now or late in today’s session. Thank you thank you.>>After Mister Parker’s. Mister Doerr Doris I think genia Mrs.>>I’m a Brad Parker, I’m a resident Cobb County Georgia out of business in manatee County. I want to hop up and say you know I really appreciate everyone in the room, everyone’s passion. You can tell that I think everybody has the same goal. Everybody loves puppies and dogs they want people to have pets and they want them to come from good breeders. Unfortunate that passion keeps us really you can hear when people speak up here if you’re on one side people completely would say that and vice versa. So never got to work together we do the best that we can do we really work hard to work for the best readers that we can find we visit it’s kind of painful to hear people be so. Against the breeders that we work with and they’ve never met him, I’m not even sure if some of the people have even been to a breeder but they have these images that they’ve gone off the Internet or. Provide to them from their at the end of the I applaud you on the work that you have to do and I wish you guys look in deciding what you will do and if you have any questions for I percent able. Thanks thank you.>>I would say good afternoon but I don’t think it is few days. A name is Virginia Doris I am a resident of manatee County I own several properties in manatee County as well as several businesses. I’m also the president of the manatee Kennel Club. And even though our illustrious humane society evidently Casey. I would like our commission to actually Casey beak has in the last year they have put 2 grants one for $5,000 to the manatee the sheriff’s Department to replace one of their canines and one to the city of Bradenton just this last month for $5,000 to replace their one of their canine this and just fear knowledge manatee Kennel Club has paid for the rest of the canines as well as 3 others so there has been no cost to the county it has all been done by are hard workers that put on the shows that make the money. I’m in a I’m in a Casey. Reader of merit and have been for several years. And we are inspected by Casey have been several times they are very diligent they went over our kennels with a fine tooth comb as well as all of our records. We ship dogs and have sold dogs all over the world my code reader myself we have dogs in Australia, the Philippines, China, Russia, England and those are just a few of the locations. We have also imported a few dogs from Europe. And as much as I hate to say it the United States is the dumping grounds for Europe’s crack. There is nothing when you come into this country that verifies that the health certificate that those animals have actually belong to those dogs. If you travel to Europe with one of your dogs. That is not the case you have to have a microchip everything has to be verified by a that Marion. After the microchip inserted in it not you do not take your dog into that country. And I can tell you because I saw one returned. Very expensive as it was going into crops. We have the lemon law in Florida I think what we need to do is enforce it. That’s the main thing we are not enforcing the things we have with USDA. And if you think over 1 million dogs came in from Europe has come Canyon pets with people I’ve got a couple of bridges, I’d like to sell you is that is not the case they are going to rescues we have 700 that went to Sarasota in 4 months that were imported. We had the 70 dogs from Korea that flew directly into Tampa that came in with a virus that infected dogs from here to California. I myself had one of those dogs that was not infected. But actually was. In association with one of the infected dogs and it cost me over a $1000. I have every dog in our Kennel check to make sure they were not carriers. If you put up in a thing for the pet stories you need to do the vest use as well because they are not the answer. They are a problem, thank you.>>Next up this Denver star followed by Matt power. Good afternoon. I’m Deborah star. I’m a voter and resident of man, the county I apologize for my outfit, but I came from the shelter working with dogs so I’ve got a lot of what experiences I want to go back to real quick and no one’s talked about. My first job out of college when I couldn’t find a job was working for doctor pet center. And so I have experience with what a puppy in a pet store is like. We would get sometimes you know in good shape sometimes not in good shape.>>They come in really small and if they don’t sell.>>They get really big and nobody likes those teenage gawky puppies so when I was really listening to the story about the breeder and it was really beautifully written I’m up reader and I love my puppies I really believe that, but what she doesn’t picture is the next thing when she sells to the pet store and now that puppy lives in a cage. Day after day until someone comes to buy it. And from my experience 95% of the people who bought those puppies did so on an impulse they would be at the cash register in the gut.>>I wasn’t even coming in to buy a puppy. Are they screamed when I do adoptions up at the shelter, I’m talking to people and making sure that that dog is the right fit and I can tell you from the rescues.>>They’re doing the same thing they are crazy they do home visits, et cetera you go into a pet store. If you’ve got the money you’ve got the puppy and then you can buy $700 worth of stuff that goes with the puppy so it’s a different experience. I’m a little confused about why a Casey is so adamantly attacking rescues right now because. I have a dog that front. It’s been a breeder I have one rescue and one Doberman my husband wanted a purebred we went to a breeder and you can still get what you want. So I don’t understand why by banning pet stores dogs have anything at all all to do with a Casey dog so maybe I’m missing something. One of the things that I refer people to is I love Lee app called Pathfinder. You can find anything on Pathfinder. You want to small dog there’s no shortage of small dogs within 50 but within 2 the 5 miles is a 115 on Pathfinder that’s just Pathfinder within 50 there’s 239 small dogs and within a 100 there’s 442 small dogs. There’s 531 dogs in general within 50 miles and 2100. Within a 100 miles so there’s no shortage there’s this whole story pour me how can I find a dog if I don’t find it at the pet store is just not true. So don’t vote on that there is freedom you can get whatever you want wherever you want it just doesn’t have to be an impulse buy in a pet store for a dog that’s living in a cage and his parents are living in squalor. Thank you thank you.>>Good afternoon Commission money’s, not powers. You know, and I’m a lifelong resident meant County. You can hear from both sides had just one hit a couple things it’s not often a call this the trifecta for you guys so trifecta because you have the overwhelming majority of community support. You have the legal standing support and you also have the right thing to do support and call a trifecta. So it’s very unusual. A couple things I want to point out find myself instead. Especially when it relates to the Sarasota County which I think our neighbors right here did all your work for you, so you got to do is just pull the trigger. But accurate there’s 9 counts in terms of the lawsuit. 5 counts were dismissed the 5 counts were dismissed on what’s called summary judgment. And if yes much of calm with that is just mainly they were dismissed on the merits as a matter of law. There’s no other question so. Where you’re standing is your fun. The other 4 my opinion I think Sarasota got wrong they should have pursued it got their summary judgment and got their training fees and costs back instead of Willian dealing about the other 4 for the specials are okay.>>In there are.>>97. I think 97 municipalities with so sort ordinance 62 plus 62 and a half of them are they know band I see you’re just be joining what is now the standard. So I don’t really think this decision is difficult. You’re going up or down there’s a lot of reasons why up or down but in the day anything in the middle. It’s not a forcible there’s nothing so what who’s going to pay for their inspections and so if you find something wrong. How you gonna fix up who’s going to pay for what the consequences are there is not because the law doesn’t provide point so I’m here to say if you make a decision supporting up or down on it. All right, let’s let’s say that they saw. Thank U next year’s Tod Bowman.>>Can’t mess up Todd and Todd Time J moment. I think it was meant to lend to believe he was that’s what I thought of that too but it is it no it isn’t a that I know his signature.>>Not to read or apparently jewels Pierce. Wow okay we’ve we went.>>It’s and again we go back to Laura these if weather.>>Floridas Florida smelly.>>Now they only know her she’s not here she’s not here okay with that actually includes all of our cards so the next question is if there’s an anybody in the audience that would like to come you’ll have 3 minutes, you love them to come down to the podium state your name. What County are resident enough.>>Good afternoon. Sorry for not filling out a card money into the secure. I’m a resident of manatee County. And actually nothing word out written down. I wasn’t planning on speaking after listing everything I’m just going to leave it at this is. Commissioners we solely and collectively gone through so many animal issues, ups and downs with this I’m just asking that you vote up or down. That’s it keep it simple.>>Thank you we worry about 3 hours OK is there anybody else that would like to come down so some of>>good afternoon commissioners, my name is Wendy Smith, I’m a resident of manatee County. It’s a few you may remember him in a tourney but I’m also very involved with animal welfare I’m an adoption counselor for Labrador retriever rescue of Florida. One of the greatest rescues in the whole state. Um I don’t know people are talking to some of the people time how rescues are dirty business and they’re making a bunch of money, $0.94 out of every dollar that is donated to lab rescue goes back to the dogs. The great rescue. I also work with men racer and have also volunteered with animal services. More recently I became a guardian ad litem for manatee County which has been a really interesting thing and would love to talk about that Sunday because we really need more volunteers. In the course of doing that I’ve had several things where I’ve had to attend. Things on behalf of my baby I have a baby can you believe it at the baby I thought I would get a child I would take places and do things with but I think we have to be and um I went to visit them served the mother with the baby in Sarasota and an observation place last week and the mother was brought to this event by her new boyfriend. And I got to talking to this young man who I’ve never met before he doesn’t know anything about me other than that I’m the Guardian ad litem for this baby and we were talking about what he was going to do with his life because he works at Walmart and he’s a smart kid and our time a different things you can do it because I used to think I wanted to be a vet Tech but then I worked for 4. He didn’t know anything about me this was an unsolicited series of comments and I said really windy city will you know East given shots and stuff like that. But they didn’t care if they sold dogs that were sick and the people that work there all they cared about was money. And they didn’t care if they sold sick knocks this is somebody who doesn’t know me from Adam and had no reason to tell me that because he did not know that I would have any vested interest in having that information made me really sad and I don’t have any reason to believe that he would not been for me the true sense. There was no agenda. We were there for the baby. So that’s all I wanted to say thank you very much.>>Thank you very much for coming down. Thank you for your service.>>To her job. Anybody else. There’s somebody coming down.>>Hello my name is Melanie mckeever and I’m a resident of manatee County and I vote. Every time. I also work in animal rest Q I a volunteer at the shelter and a volunteer with a local rescue I have a prepared remarks I I found it really interesting listening to all of the speakers and the issues and so the issues that have nothing to do with the topic today and I hope that you be wise enough to a filter for those issues because many of them have have nothing to do with what you’re talking about today. But I do urge you to ban the sale of puppies and kittens I wish we could ban felt of all live animals. A retail sale the conditions that they are raised in and transported in and captain is also important but let’s start small and go with the puppies puppy Mills horrible places and when Palin says they don’t buy from this place is there live and they’re just flat out lying, it’s it’s not that’s that’s how I feel and I hope that you all join me in that feeling and and to ban the sale of of puppies thank you thank you very much.>>I have many was the killer Taylor has born and raised in manatee County. He thinks it’s OK but I feel like I’m obligated to speak for land because it’s my life I’ve my first day working there was 4/5/2017 that days stuck with me for years.>>And.>>This is always. I love these puppies like I’m the assistant general manager now. And I take care of these puppies every single day. And it’s such an amazing thing to me just last week we had this puppy come in a bargain terrier sweetest thing in the world as soon as she came in the door read read it to me late in my lap and rolled over for a belly rub. She remembered me. And it’s just the sweetest thing to take care of all these puppies and have them know that I’m still there for them I still love them and I remember them and they remember me. I can’t speak for any other pet store I can only speak for Petty in Bradenton and I know it’s an amazing place and I support it. 100%. Thank you thank you.>>Anybody else would like to come down. See nobody we will close public comment and move on to commissioner comments and we’ll start with that mission with more. OK thank you thank you. Mister chairman.>>No heat here I had before sorry.>>I said I would shut up to after public on Philo we says out really work by the way to get into the quad think yeah that’s the only way you guys got anyway I’m I first I want to I never met and new Barker but I read your magazine all the time and she says also it’s nice to have a name and a face I want to think and Katie in Florence for all your hard work.>>I very much appreciate Jake thanks for being a wallflower there today. She didn’t really do much.>>Nation and I want.>>I also want icy melody actually think Scott Melanie she’s helped me out her husband they walk my dogs, my rescue dogs from an animal shelter that are under 12 pounds.>>And for like 5 years or since my husband’s been sick, so every day they come twice a day and thank you very much, I appreciate it. So anyway, I prepared something to because I do better when I read and I don’t go off base. So I want to read something and I presented to for the commission to consider place. OK want to I want to thank to the commissioners that of state today for listening to your constituents. This issue has never been easy for some previous board members as well as the current board members in 2011 the demand sorry about that is when a second in 2011 the demand for working to achieve no kill in manatee County was just as difficult as today. At that time you made society chair, Jill hulu low and many here main or husband doctor khloe was the chair of the Humane Society. Mary Lou be that you saw here earlier that said she was from Sarasota County was also on the maid’s side in lived in manatee County them. They came to visit me and asked if a commissioner with consider supporting the animal community to work towards know count. They brought a picture of a dog picked up across the street from manatee hospital with its mouth taped with duct tape and ears cut was pair of scissors this dog was uses a bait dog for fighting, I great to take on the challenge as no one else would even speak to them. During the 2011 budget hearings 2 former commissioners question funding to move no killed forward the next meeting over 200 showed up to take to these very chambers and the budget was approved with funding over the years a few high profile incidents, Kurt that brought national attention to our County. The good thing was out of all of these terrible incidents, there was a state law passed the patties law Florida statute, 7 67.1 3 counties and cities transfer jurisdiction over peels of animal control determinations from County to the circuit court our very own legal department about this idea to take this to the state to change the law thanks to our staff and former assistant County attorneys she fell there and all the others for helping us through this process. We have passionate animal supporters that helped us achieve where we are today and it very few. There will never be happy unless we fail as a cow Bonnie and animal welfare. They have physically threatened staff that are just too trying to make a living and never wanted to be part of serious threats to them and their families. Those people are probably not here today and what they are. But they will be watching ready to bash all of us. No matter what we do. I am here to say failure is not going to be enough action finally with the sports health we have a cheese no kill with over 90% in 2018 2019 set we use save rate since 2011 and we continue to do it out to do so to keep our data consistent. I’m asking the board to side today to direct staff to draft an ordinance if we do nothing we’ll have another retail that store that allows the sale of puppies and kittens before the year is out millions of square feet of commercial retail have our been approved in North County with the pick tension of this happening. I’ve heard comments appear from some of you that need to be clarified by me. This is my passion to help the less fortunate my entire life, I’m still work and as you know as a nurse because of this passion and many of ask these very questions I’ve heard comments up here what about the children of manatee County to put this in perspective manatee County us-funded close to a million on our kids since the children service tax was approved which are very own County administrator develop in the 80’s this tax was fun has funded homelessness for kids Pirates, children programs programs for abused kids grade level reading children food programs teenage pregnancy peer programs and mental health and etcetera. This year alone our budget was million in programs that we as citizens voted on including myself I voted for this to give our kits the support an advantage in life where they may not have that they didn’t have this tax. I’ve also heard commissioners up here say what about all our legal counsel time. There are hundreds of important issues that are County attorneys have been very involved with over the years that are important to some and maybe not all with many hours of Council time examples I can recall all writing this is migrant housing with commissioner pack last spearheaded and moved into an artist’s it took many years. Commissioner class also hard work on the cross the mansion and the implementation of AIDS Council of manatee which I was also about with her on that. The nudity ordinance that attorneys have been working on since before I came into office well over 15 years, the beer Dick Lamm that took many years in the Corps is this the Southwest to the Southwest tip that took over 5 years to get finalized. act with our legal and put since the 60’s and 70’s until this very day. I’m only one I’m only want to prove that has attended that attended a meeting.>>Lasting 23 hours over few days on act with major legal involvement and threats of lawsuits. Long bark point for 1100 citizens attended and legal was in it every step of the way until one 20 am the land development code rewrite that has taken a few years and hundreds of hours of staff in our time to get approved not too long about please don’t tell me that there there this is an overly large amount of legal time when I have action just a few that I recall off the top of my yet those comments temps may have some site those comments have may have may. Merritt to some but it has no merit with me. I heard what about free enterprise I support free enterprise and all be unable to make a living I don’t support a product. We’re living creatures are sold the document in mass lark and documented mass large amounts of pumping kittens in questionable living conditions. There there’s too much documentation on the terrible can do this is where these puppies are cutting those freed that cannot be denied. I want to retails pet stores to prosper and we support them. We have many in town that do just that I don’t support one product that headline sells but do support the other products they sell. We have readers in Florida and other states that so you’re bad grades of citizens which to buy them citizens go to where the animals are by their dogs and cats I have cousins as you all know, and headline is actually brought it up that it bought from cut plan and that’s their choice. I hear commissioner say they’re sick of hearing about this issue I agree pass an ordinance that the entire community supports and we won’t be back yeah if you don’t move forward, I have every right to bring this back again and well as long as I’m in office, I’ve been told by commissioners and leadership positions in the past that I was never to bring up health care the animal welfare well that didn’t go well I’m still here and we’re finally funny consistently indigent health care and we will get an ordinance passed I’m Sharon this issue I France a wire to taking this passion with the kids in our County and I have and that was it department of Childrens and families last year and said let me help you effort to work with senator commit at which is now commissioner Dieter personally with the state to help some of the perceived dysfunction in the program asked him to get with us in a meeting with Nancy never happened never coming back. I only want Tucker that’s actually work at turning points with the homeless and visit there regularly delivering medical supplies from the home health company that I work for today, I’ve been appointed last month by Senate president obama to serve in state elders affairs advisor part I’m presenting an agenda quest that a citizen actually brought up in our last meeting at a board meeting coming up regards elder sexually offenders that may living facilities for the elderly. Our very own congressman Buchanan has been an animal advocate for years and is courted by the National you main society. He’s proven it and is moving and it by moving legislation he is currently the co sponsor of the wolf act well 4 of our welfare of our friends. HR 1, 0, 0, 2, 2, takedown of puppy Mills by preventing USDA license facilities. And she did the license Reno process and continue to operate even if they have violated the animal welfare act. He has been working on this since last year it’s not a political thing has been working on this for a few things it’s going through the channels now. Our congressman recently got the House too prove to make animal cruelty a federal felony pack that it’s going to the Senate now and I’m bringing otherwise it DS to him now and from always picks up the phone and lessons. My point to all of this is to answer some of the commissioner’s comments that have been totally incorrect with the misperception that our community and myself care more about animals. Then the human beings in our County. I hope I have cleared up where I stand in my role as a county commissioner. We need to do something today in our community will be here every few months with my support to let you know that we are on the right side of history manatee County. We were the first County in the state to pass a no kill resolution. This very commissioner crew. 2 positions this budget here for a volunteer coordinator in the Kennel worker. You proved a full time that you’ve also approved $8 million towards the cost of a $10 million shelter. You do care about are animals and staff they were that work actually at the shelters. Manatee County continues to be a caring community for our children, the elderly and yes, our animals. If you want this to go away and do something let’s move forward and support banning the retail sale of puppies and kittens and manatee count a citizen today said are we going to be leaders or followers. We have followed on this issue for years now watching to see what other counties are doing watching to see what Sarasota is doing. Now it’s time to take the lead for our citizens. Sarasota County has been or is that we could use this template and I would recommend that commercial establishment, the pardon at this is commercial establishment, 2 retail stores assigned to. Right now they’re defining commercial establishment, what that means. It says show me the business which is open to the public and then engages in a pet retail sale. I would say at pets sale of dogs and cats. That would be my recommendation so again I am asking that this board and if anybody has the will to day what we don’t we’re not making a motion today we’re not making any action. But I would love to have a consensus from the commissioners that we have give our staff direction to come back with an ordinance to ban the retail sales. Of our animals in the end pet stores that set Commission Serbia. Thank you I want to thank our County Attorney’s Office and everyone who’s been a part of this this has been an outstanding workshop.>>I think that no one can say that they’re leaving today without having learned something. So as I said this morning, I’m a commissioner who likes facts. I really do and so I’ve done my even.>>I’ve been in the animal welfare world for more than a decade DEC and so I can say. Helping in volunteer with the Humane Society in Gulf shore animal League and others so I’m really happy to talk about the subject so the first thing I did is we were lucky enough in Washington D see to get the phone numbers of the leadership at USDA. And so I called them and I spoke with doctor Elizabeth gold entire. Betty that he is where she and I were a betting she is the acting. Administrator. The animal services USDA. I think that’s what I don’t. So I asked or 6 questions but then we had a nice conversation to although I never got to Betty’s.>>And she is a veterinarian with 30 years experience. So she’s worked in the private sector and she’s worked for the USDA. So I asked her. When the questions asked what’s the biggest challenge what’s your biggest challenge working for USDA, she said staying current with all the changes in the industry. I asked her if you could make a change in the industry up with Pete and she said I wish we could do more. I wish you could be more proactive. So today I heard from our County attorney’s off this that the USDA has a 120 inspectors. Now Betty told me that they have a 115 inspectors so so just.>>The difference but I looked at what that.>>Means in terms of the number of inspections that they do so they they look at about 10,000. They call them 10,000 commercial or puppy Mills a year and that means that anywhere from 83 to 87 inspections per year per and Specter this what is what is happening now that doesn’t include the online commerce and what I mean about that is and I I look at my friend leasachadh sitting out there.>>When she wanted to buy a German Shepherd I believe what she did is went online.>>And found one in Germany and I don’t think let’s assume she didn’t go up there and I think she did and when that talk is shipped from Germany to manatee County. The USDA says alt and that’s because if a person is not there in person and meeting the dog in person, then it is considered a wholesale transaction and the USDA is involved if Lisa had flown to Germany and that the dog it would be a whole different ballgame and considered retail. The 10,000 inspections is not including all of that oversight, so you can probably already see how overtaxed. This industry is they have have a lot of she did tell me about one change that’s pending in the licensing the rule and they want to go from annual inspections every 3 years. Just because of the staff and of course they would not let the PRI problem puppy Mills go under that every 3 years they would continue to monitor them. More often. And they’re looking for increased that care and and physicals for the animals every year that is pending has not been approved yet. That’s great but you can tell this federal agency has over text I also want to address that I heard today that 29. Pentland dogs ended up in our shelters. And then of those there were about about. Kyra United back with their own and about half its not half as you have the number one issue or so. Commissioner Serbia that the statistic is too 29 that were. And so what that means is the dog.>>May have been running around loose in the neighborhood.>>It may have actually made it to the shelter, but of those 2 the 9 that are animal services division ever came into contact with 22 and were immediately returned either on site. Winners at our shelter.>>And the remaining 7 went to a specific. Rescue like should see rescue yet simple there’s a number of private rest.>>The organizations that specialize in specific breeds and so they will monitor our shelter and when a dog comes and that is to their mission or to their breed. They will calm and they will take the dog and then they will adopt it out through their agency.>>So what I took away from that is that some think of very low number I’m out of the 4th hour 1000 or so dogs and we were talking about but I think a better way to measure it is for us to look at what percentage of the dog sold at petland ended up being touched by it animal services so I I think that that’s maybe>>statistic What I’ve done here.>>I will also tell you just a little bit about myself OK so I am a capitalist I’m a pro business person I am proud of our state of Florida that we are so pro business and we don’t have a state income tax. So I’m you know, I’m of a principled person who believes an good business man, I’m not a reactive an analytical person and. I just have a problem with businesses that hurt people Paul and I think about the massage parlors you know that’s one of the things that are brought forward to this board and now we’re working on regulating because that causes problems in our society. And I always look at good business people and good entrepreneurs as people who are are looking for better ways to conduct business and always changing with the times and and with with what’s important so. That’s just who I am the basic building blocks I believe of society and good business are having good ethics and having on us.>>See and having safety and compassion and I see.>>Holes.>>And this business model where we’re selling these animals that or so and are cared over. I don’t like I’m uncomfortable that were part of that and I I think about how things have changed over history. That’s another thing I like to do you know it at one time child labor was considered perfectly appropriate and now today we learned that that’s not such a good thing. I remember think about domestic violence which you guys know I’ve talked about lately that used to be just the way things happened in the hapless now we know that that’s a relief horrible thing that should never happen. Anyone and we’ve come down those acts. I think about the Greyhound racing that we have you know worked for a long time at the state level we’re finally seeing results in changes to that this is spinal think about You know that T that everybody is drinking and there’s this push back on how dangerous it is that’s another thing that’s kind of this a business model that’s in flux. We’re on the path of change here and I’ve always been very proud of manatee County for being so forward thinking and and really a leader in the state of Florida and I’m proud of that and I think that we really need to think hard about this one. Well I also want everyone to think about how you get a dog today and I’m going to you know use the Lisa example, but you if you wanted a laboratory would probably Google Labrador online.>>And you would find out who was selling them and if I was I’m on I would look for one that had a really good upbringing and somebody with a good history. And I would look to make sure that the breeder was responsible so I I think everything’s transitioning to online that that’s the future and by the way talking Google adds I I did so much good going over the last couple of months and I have to congratulate pet land because every termite Google they come up. There has come up whether it’s puppy mill tolls or good breeders are bad breeders they are paying a lot for those ads, good job. So in my mind the Humane society is might go to organization. They are the leaders and and showing us what is the best way to move forward in this industry. They still today produce that the called the horrible and those of the the 100 worst puppy Mills so for people who say that all these pictures are all done we just don’t do business that way any more business is being conducted this way you know the conditions are horrendous. I’ve been a former member of the Humane Society locally on their board of directors and I I can’t help but think about in a pier which you guys all remember, I mean that that was such a horrible situation and it’s. It’s really not too different from what popping up Wells I’m sorry to say so it was a rescue. She was a rescue, but it was so the parcel they so if we’re not part the change guys we are part of the problem here we have got to continue to move forward and change and do things better when we know that there’s a better way and you know what I’m kind of angry that this is really should be a local governments job and if the if the federal government was doing a better job or the state government was doing a better job we would be talking about this because of 67 counties doing at 67 different ways is not efficient and I don’t like that. But right now we have no choice and I’d like for us to be leaders in this industry so oh I don’t like the grandfathering option that’s bad business is going to create a monopoly. I don’t like the regulatory option. It’s too much bureaucracy. We just just one more thing that we have to add to our budget and monitor and enforcement is going to be horrible. So I think that the only real up Shannon is to ban the retail sales of cats and dogs and that’s where we stand today. And after that if that happens there’s still more work to do we’re still going to have backyard breeders we’re still going to have all kinds of other problems that that’s what we tackle next this is the first step. That’s a lot of information. You know all at one time. I learned some things today and I thought about some things that.>>In the last month or so with this issue that I really hadn’t considered before. And you know that commissioner serving abroad about that Snape years. Makers was local and unfortunately there are people in this County that knew about it. And I hold them responsible for that because it was appalling. At what went on with all that I mean it it was terrible and so I sit back and I think about puppy mill sand and you know nature’s what any better they were doing the same thing. An appalling conditions for our poor little. Some call it, you know to make sure your pets like that they’re your children are now lost 9 in July he was my son, he’s my child. So yeah I I agree I think that something we need to do something but my the issue is and I’ve talked to to some here at the county and I’m not so sure that what you’re looking at really solves the problem. Number one I don’t think it’s it’s really a local problem I’d rather see the state tackle it needs it needs to be the entire state. A Florida. I said that last year I said that the year before and the year before that doesn’t look like maybe that’s going to happen any time soon I understand that but at the same time you know all we want to talk about today has been petland. We have rescues. That don’t do a great job. There’s no regulations. Out there on anybody and all we’re talking about today is this company that sells docs who does have some regulation on him so I would need more information, I’m not so sure that we’re looking at this totally that may be the way we should. You know I think. We need to make sure it’s more than just retail dog sales that are taking place and and make sure that we cover this the best we can I don’t think that we need to put in. You know neutering and all the stuff I mean we don’t need to be going there at this point but I think we do need to look and say are we. You know doing the right thing afford to look at petal and I think we need to look at some rescues. And have regulations there so you know we know that our animals in this area in manatee County we are getting treated fairly in the way they should be in let’s make sure and that we’re doing the right thing is that it just looking at one company. We need to take it. I think the step further I think for me was some of the things I’ve heard today. It gives me pause. I think we need more information I think we need to slow it down a little bit what we’re doing here today and not say no we’re not I do it but sit back and say you know maybe we need to look at this a little bit more in depth. Than what we’ve done today. That’s just my thought thank you commissioner of the neck.>>It’s been a tough and since I’ve been elected to suspend and Hsu from and I have believe it or not trying to read everything that first see it’s not been easy especially the perfect book that we got of all the injuries sorry it you know there is no doubt that we want to stop the mail. I would say they don’t want to stop puppy Mills. Now I’ll confess when I was a kid I wanted to have a Daisy Hill puppy farm that’s what I want to do when I was a kid because I had an opportunity to raise pretty span. That they were the cutest dogs in the world a little bit crazy, I grew up with hunters in my family that’s what we always had a hunting dog whether be a lab or whether it be a Brittany spaniel and we always got it from a breeder in Michigan. I love love love going to pick out the dog from the breeder always did that that’s just the way we did it, you know, I don’t know if they’re a Casey registered, I think they were then my parents would send the dogs get trained, you know to be come a great mission hunting dog and that’s what I grew up with. Finally when I moved to Florida got rescue dogs, my first dog came from the ship. Greatest much in the whole world. And my second dog was state dot which when my friend and it’s also my daughter’s a friend we had to take that dog on the issues, but he came it’s mother little tear early, a 3rd dog from canine castaways. So I’m never since I’ve been a grown-up had appeared on but prison guards was just something that I was not was extremely cool. So this. Yeah and singing you know how much is that but that doggie in the window stake, my kids when they were little to go play with the dogs have happened it was something to do. This is the one for the road. Back in the day and go take him in there look at the docks somehow I was managed to come out without buying a puppy I know how that and that is but I do know people that have that plan dogs and they love that. They love that somebody up here said that that wasn’t possible. Not true I know people that love happened is I think that’s wrong to say. I think that we have got to continue to work to change the definition of dog from being property. You know it’s not property. It’s a family member I think we need to change this at the federal level I also called Betty that’s I tease your show the caller was about to me center name was Betty when she called me back and we had a good conversation shared much of the information. A 30 year employee because I told her I said our community is facing this issue and all we hear is how the USDA does not do their job. Do you think about that. And she admitted that they should get the numbers for the saying about the amount this it’s a deal with how they’re trying to shake suddenly they’re trying to step it up I did not hear the thing about going to the 3 years she did not tell me that. Sheet I I said to her look I can tell you that this pet industry but what is the United States America’s like similar to the economy of some small countries people are so passionate about their pets. And the federal government on board with she cannot. We cannot have these Pa, the mills and other states where there farming dogs it makes no sense at all to treat talks like this. I don’t know that we catch we don’t talk about cats much I’ve never been much of a cat was had one but will its called akt and it was just there, I’m not even sure where the Katy came you the truth, we’ll just have one that was called Kitty rules.>>I’ll just confess it was well taken girl second even say we got it from. But at. I think we need to focus on some of the facts and I’m going to read one. Has ever been shut no pet store has ever been shut down in any County in Florida. So we have some that have adopted ordinances but they either didn’t have they and so thats or a grandfathered in the stores so we would be the first other than Sarasota in Sarasota before the legal process was done mainly because they got let go out of their lease and they knew that it was coming.>>But the legal issues were not totally resolved. So we would be taking that on as a first in manatee County is that a fair statement.>>That is correct of the county’s only Sarasota County had a pet store within its jurisdiction when they enacted the ban. Of the Florida litigation that has taken place for different cities and counties challenging a retail sales ban. They have never gone to the ultimate concrete Asian meaning that the stores have gone out of business. They’ve filed notices, a voluntary dismissal. Well, no Florida case has ever completely resolved all of the claims has been raised against that city or County.>>Manatee County commissioners if you take this on this fan. You will be fighting that battle and we will have to deal with the consequences no one else is done. I am not prepared to do that on behalf of all of the citizens that I represent managed to come and what I love for Palin to change their me and no longer sell docks. Yes, I would love that do we need to do something about all of the people that are breathing and it’s something called a backyard breeders that you know all due respect I just think that response people I don’t think they do it on purpose I don’t I don’t know I you know we go out. And I’ve gone out into the community and try to get people to bring their dogs in for free spay and neuter that’s important. Thinking about it I think the think about bringing their dogs I think they’re just irresponsible. Dogs do what dogs do right, you know when you just let them run free they’re going to they’re going to have puppies maybe some of them think it’s cool to breed them and so I don’t know, but I think we have you know 4,000 dogs a year that costs us a lot of money a lot of thanks. You know, the wonderful volunteers people that work I’ve done it I’ve fostered a pit bull. That dog want to sit in my lap up and that was. Barry I will tell Foster people get a pit bull that can be very very very sweet dogs be careful obviously get a small dog reaction a child at home but. We’ve got so many issues to deal with. This ban is not going to stop those crazy is that. Dogs that are causing the problem at the animal services there causing thanks for our citizens. I get that urge you all you ate happiness you hate what’s happening you think if we manatee County adopts a band that it will have an impact. I don’t believe that. I just simply don’t believe that it’s true and I know you tried to do your asked I you know I like the idea more regulation and ready to go do that. I listen to that I’m not going to do anything I’m not going to support a ban. Sale pets, so that we put our existing business out of business when I have not been convinced that this is horrible this disease. Now we have portable diseases come into this community, you know I told people that I go to the gym right next to the Atlanta. And I didn’t realize that what was coming, I never knew what was coming all of cinema. I walked right by their you know to go to the gym unlike some of his and get my picture and you know I can. Ago was not happy when I saw that they moved in the manatee County because I knew how contentious issue that’s what’s going to happen, you know we ban them here they can move somewhere else. They’ve got a business model that works for him. Do we ban we’ve banned the tanning booth that’s next door. The headline because people die and tanning booths nope. We don’t they don’t ban it and do we don’t put businesses what somebody said home builders. We don’t have any control over home builders doing shot shot the home building that’s not a county responsibility. You know you get the wrong countertop come the manatee County Commission to fix it. You know this is this is that too she knew an issue the state word of and I would be ecstatic if the federal government were to crack down and not allow dogs to be bread and puppy Mills I would. The state the feds I would be ecstatic, I would be willing to work on that issue but I’m not willing to pass a pep band and take the risk for all the citizens and I’ve talked to quite a few in manatee County that have supported my position on their behalf. I know sometimes we hear from people that ever passionate and that’s what happened today and I appreciate all of your passion, but that’s I got to tell you I’m coming from Chris. You elect me to direct second summit. I that’s where I’m coming from.>>I always low following that she has now I have to give a very long it now because I’m pretty much in sync with where she is that you know again to me to be you know pioneers of the ones that get killed, you know and for us to have to go out there legally and try to set them put together this ordinance that we don’t even know how enforceable it’s going to be a will with stand the different tests secondly, you know it it I don’t need it to you know, obviously I have a daughter in the rescue business, you know when stand this isn’t going to stop it. She owes it all just going to sit there on line and they’re going to buy in from Kansas City Germany, so you know it’s it’s you know if the if the county think they’re going to solve it by banning it in a going to happen. They’re going to find other ways to do it and then you know I guess coming from a good business back them like well from the president we are going to band puppies so maybe next year we should banned goldfish and the fair because don’t most of those end up in the toilet. 3 days later after your>>that really you know, I mean it’s.>>Isn’t that animal cruelty to those Florida Florida but it is you know, but I’ve learned a lot.>>And in on and I appreciate Carroll’s passion on on the thing that I just can’t you know I just can’t buy into. Doing ordinance that is going to band.>>That sales, you know specifically dog the manatee County at this point I don’t. I think it’s the government’s job to us government’s job. I have a friend that works in the USDA and I talk to him and he told me the same thing that you all and when you talk to the USDA what he said with just under funded, you know, we know we know the puppy Mills or make no mistake about it. He said you know car to Congress and get us some more money so that we can you know we have the powers to police. You know the puppy mill the industry we just don’t have the funding to hire the people to do it and you know that seems to be it common theme in all all of the government type of thing Betsy appreciate all your comments because now I don’t have to go on any further commission with more.>>I’m very disappointed to hear some of the comments appear, but I probably didn’t expect it but a lot of people the community were hoping for different. Unfortunately the reason why we’re talking about Palin us because it’s the only past or that selling dogs and cats so we’re not suddenly now Pat Lam were single and any retail store that sells animals. Again guns if you don’t do anything thing today whether it’s you know I want the ban if you don’t do anything you don’t think that we’ve approve millions of square feet in North County they’re going to get a pet store that sells dogs and cats.>>It may not be pet Lana could be anybody.>>But to say you’re not do anything that don’t want the effect of you know ran father.>>You don’t have the floor and I’m sorry debating trust me you would get me up I interrupted you. I was elected recently by a 100,000 people and I’m sorry about the shooter brought this up in S A and you know, I’m I’m sorry it does because you don’t really like to talk about this any way, but I’m just telling you I’m.>>I have and and I I.>>Told you all the stuff that I work on it’s not just the animals, but we all have I mean you I told you I do stuff with homeless. I do other things this is not I only Bailey with I’m not some radical animal person and you know that but I do believe in doing something right. And these women are here today actually put their money where their mouth is and they worked their butts off to try to get the animals out I’m not against Lou it could be any retail pet store that sounds dogs and cats unfortunately they’re the only ones unity County and to say to say. What I’ve heard a couple commissioners can say I can’t believe it a 100,000 people voted for me and they voted for me because the worst and in health care and animal issues and you all know that and your citizens, they are here today because unfortunately we have a son Halloween and that is nobody’s fault and we all take response bility for being here in Halloween, we’re sorry because I’m sure a lot more people live in here. But we were going to do it in mid October and we had to go to tell her as he so we said let’s just do the next mean unfortunately was this time. But I’m just really disappointed that you of all the years that you’ve been listening to our citizens.>>And made a lasting impact.>>Even listening to our citizens and you just slow law and I know you don’t do it on purpose for you have every right to represent the citizens that say whatever they did to you and I respect that. But. I can’t believe this board would take on a dress a to try to do the band yeah, why can’t we be leaders were the first month in Florida be no kill. Why can’t we be the leaders on this you told me for years up here, let’s wait and see what the other what Sarasota is doing what Hillsborough stunt. commissioners have said that and we waited and now we’ve got to retail 2 stores here that sell dogs and cats because we way because you asked me to use a list wrapped up the told all the rest useless assault weight and we’ll come back and see what happens. So you know what happened to came to our County and now you’ve got the car the North East and south of us. They have total bans you’re not going to do anything if you don’t do anything today. Yes, a P Pinellas desoto and Sarasota have fans every essay to sorry you’re on and I’m just telling you know the thing today North County is going to get us at a pet store for selling dogs and cats and if you all are fine with that then.>>And you know get passionate like this, but to me I mean he’s some commissioners up here you see said that Lynch a minute because your citizens don’t want that and you all find out after this is over I’m sure unfortunately.>>Just to remind everybody, you know we can’t take a vote today on anything. We want to actually have the bacon in this reminding everybody okay Commission commissioner ball is on.>>Carol I wasn’t laughing at you honey I accidentally through ice all over cheri coryea that’s we’re having about not you just wanted to make sure he understood that I now for Cherie got ice in her lap. you know it seems to me that this board is is not. Solid in their of what we need to do here today. I’m obviously it’s work that we can’t do anything anyway. And I feel even more. Concerned and I feel absolutely that we’re not at the point to do anything on this. You know when this came up before we this board didn’t take any action. And we do have a couple of new commissioners now and maybe that’s why it came up today. But the point is. It seems to me. I mean I can understand and I do appreciate that fact that you know puppy Mills need to stop. And I can’t help but wonder why we’re so passionate up on this board and yet we make our priorities are federal and state priorities and this is never then on it never even been suggested to be on why his eyes states I started having on our state no. I don’t recall hearing anything about it when I’m just I’m sorry I have the floor I know I just set but I don’t remember us ever talking about that when we’ve gone up to Tallahassee or to the sea and maybe we need to change that yet and and move having that is one of our state or federal priorities. Um it is important. Puppy Mills need to go away. And I I said this in some of the people that I met with and I did meet with a lot of people on this because I already have my thoughts. But the ones I did meet with will tell you that I said. It’s not going to stop anything if we stop. Just manatee County. They’re still going to be dogs that are abused and true he did so badly at puppy Mills we need to do something about it and I think maybe this board I mean I think we all know that something needs to be done about it. But I think the board could be a little bit more proactive in a state and federal situation and then just saying manatee County that doesn’t solve anything I mean look at Napier years. I just I keep having to go back to that I remember I but there I saw all the pictures I I mean it I was devastated. That we had such a thing and by the way that was in my district as well. You know, I think we’re missing the boat. There’s things we need to do absolutely. But I think to come today and just say that land is not the route to take and I think that Pentland Tennessee’s where this board’s going and I would hide I lay suggest you find somewhere else to get your heart these because obviously you can say we’re going to be doing something. It’s a matter of when and what I think is fair to say, but I I really do believe this is it this should not be politics. This shouldn’t be something that just comes forward to make you know make us look good they were doing that we did put some teeth in it and the only way it’s going to have any teeth is federal and state legislation I firmly believe that I’ve said it every year. When this has come up and um I would hope the sport with maybe look at that say this is the time people there some commissioners here that are willing to go to Tallahassee and to DC Carol you talk about talking to a congressman you can and I talked to a lot of we’ve talked about this as well. Yes, it would be very interested in trying to move forward and do what he could but we’ve got to take him. The same with Tallahassee you know we can’t just go out there and say I need to do some band these probably e-mails oh and by the way you better look at manatee County first. Well we’ve got something very similar is in some of the drug. But it’s very similar to mine square off with a flying schools. So you know I I applaud this board and having a very Frank and open discussion and I think the county Attorney’s Office has been fantastic. I think the interest of the community is deaf Lee here. I think Pat land has an interest obviously and what is done. And I think if we would all come together instead of trying to tear each other apart. Maybe we really could get something done. So why don’t we all work together on this and say we’ve got some issues. How we perceive what County if any has the county commissioners and I think there was a commissioner I think earlier. I mean you know how many of really gone on the state level and the federal level and and lobbied to do something on this I don’t know maybe the county Attorney’s Office can answer that for me I’ve never ask you that question.>>And I think we would know who stand around to doing you haven’t heard or seen nothing about that happening have you and now you are looking into this I guess okay now I mean some states have taken up upon themselves to try to regulate readers that operate within their states and of reference the state of Ohio and I think the Humane Society with an educated Meehan and on that state so they have beefed up a state statute to try I think the goal there is to make sure that puppy Mills don’t operate within the state of Ohio and then. Al how successful they’ve been in enforcing it in implementing it I couldn’t tell you that have to be more than just one state, I mean it’s going to be all over the country right and you know USDA is good.>>Have a lot more money to enforce that obviously I mean I know you know it’s ironic because in DC it that’s a misty May and let me tell you as soon as you know secretary of USDA we went well. Gabby to talk to so you know there are issues there obviously and maybe it’s something we need tackle a more on the federal and state level so I would help and I can see that. You know this board were very sensitive to what’s going and on and we need to find an answer that work. For all of us here in manatee County and maybe that’s something we need to look>>Here in commission of I’m follow-up to your This hasn’t come up yet, but it might be somewhat responsive. 2 states have adopted statewide bans the state of California and the state of Maryland. And that’s settled puppy Mills so that you know it’s similar to what’s being discussed here today to ban retail said Wells of dogs and cats dogs and cats. I’m on a statewide basis and so in those 2 states, it’s it’s preempting that field for any local action. I will tell you though in the state a flaw in the state of Maryland because that one’s for a relatively new. There is a lawsuit pending. Filed by number of pet stores against the state of Maryland. They filed that lawsuit in US District Court for the District of Maryland in August of 2019 and the state responded with a motion to dismiss and that happened in reply briefs yet to that but I’m obviously that’s still be and that’s still an active litigation. And mom on the topic of litigation. I think one of the com enter said there had been no a square a pet store was successful in defeating an ordinance that’s not a 100% In El Paso Texas. A pet local pet land franchise challenge in ordinance adopted by the city wasn’t even a complete ban on the retail sale of that’s that the goal of the ordinance was to remove prof incentives from the retail sale of dogs and cats and so what they did was in plan price controls. So that the prices couldn’t be above a certain out again the goal is to trim of prof And in that he’s the local pet land franchise was successful. In detaining a temporary restraining order. So that’s not getting to the merits. But that’s as far as litigation go at that point the city and pet land reached a settlement. And that’s how a lot the scene to get resolved. Um there might be some sort of early decision that’s not quite to the merits like in Sarasota and then there’s some sort of settlement that resolves the market.>>Clearly I can tell you I can I couldn’t help but sit here today and think about buses. It’s full of people heading up to Tallahassee and lobby in the Legislature is up there the legislators, I mean that is forceful that. That would definitely again got please forgive me, I’m saying this but that would certainly get their attention so. You know I I really think that something we perhaps should look at and all work together as one to get this accomplished.>>Thank you. I don’t disagree with that lobbying effort I think that you know that’s a great idea. And I just want to be clear I’ve nothing against Portland Maine, one of the landowners lives in my district and seemed to be a very astute businessman and and the other one I met with and also seems to be a. You know he’s in business but sometimes business when you when you’re looking at something to be regulated to the lens of business where you’re making a profit. It’s not exactly the clearest view so everybody needs to remember that and business this is about to make a profit period. I’ve worked for It’s the bottom line always in business and regulation has a different goal so.>>Everybody please remember that I like your goldfish example. No I don’t it’s not.>>But I would never flash a light at here that the happiest day of my youngest son’s life was after the fair about oh 8. 8 or 9 years ago when he came home with a 3 foot long gold this us that wasn’t a he won the John a prize that know what to do with the fish right. They sense it home with my son 3 foot it will test it and flush it down the I went to. And begged them to take and they said they couldn’t because it wasn’t from their distributor and I said that I’m going to leave it outside your door and they took anyway, yeah I here’s here’s my challenge for everybody up here and I said this morning we got a plan for the future. We have got to think about not today and not these stores that we’ve got a plan for generations from now we’ve got to think about what is this community going to look like in the year 2040 2050. I promise you in the future retail sales of cats and dogs going to be banned. I just see if that it is the future. So maybe we’re not ready to stand out there and be a leader today, but I wish we were because it’s the right thing to do. It’s the right thing to do and we’ll get there eventually and you know what the losses are going to cost more money. Well we have more people here and more stores. Make no mistake I would adopt the ordinance today with that well the Klaas because it would save us from the legal battle. But I was told by everyone don’t do that. I wish to thank you.>>I was told that I would love to I mean I it’s Halloween was granted on my Holiday um yeah. So yeah I I’d be fine with that I think I said that before but I was told don’t do that because it’s there so horrible in Hillsborough County which by the way does not have an outright ban Carol they have grandfather.>>And she said no and so now this does not have an outright ban they have standards according to them map provided by our County attorneys. And I say it’s the bait a little bit. We just need to have tax relief debate. Carol I know how passionate you are about this issue but just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I am necessarily wrong are not representing my citizens and unfortunately when we have these debates that is how you portray it that some how I am not doing what I think is best for all the citizens of manatee County and I just a great effort to turning points over to turning points. Many times in the duck. Well I’m I’ve done it with my a quite a group of workers are broke that down earlier and I thought I can bring it up.>>The challenge may still So I’d be fine with say I don’t want any more cuts to turning point.>>Mister chair for the record could we have to clarify the Pinellas County situation to me. So as reflected in that palace.>>County regulates retail sales. They don’t ban it. But the city of St. Petersburg to most palace County has made up of local municipalities and the city of Saint Peter’s phase. I did. So commissioner was corrected at that, but I will also state that the city of St. Petersburg did not. A store actively engaged in the sale of dogs and cats at the time and that the city adopted its ordinance.>>And I do think it’s important to recognize that this is the state of Florida. There were these lawsuits will be. It hasn’t been fought on a county level yet I think I made that point you know an outright. Closing requiring a store that was legally permitted to comment to the county start doing and I said I was kind of horrified when I saw that they were actually going to move in right my neighborhood. But I’ve been in there to be in full store I walked around and looked at the dog. I talked to a couple that were buying a miniature schnauzer and I asked him. I said I’m a manatee County Commission and um I uh we are debating this issue right now in our County. I was walking by my way to the gym. I said I just want to ask why are you looking at buying the stock hear why would you not go and I just googled miniature schnauzer when someone said that Google I found a really cool place it looks like the solemn our to an with with with them all the time. A little brain dead by now. And I thought that looks like a really good place but when I talk to this couple. They said they didn’t feel good. Buying a online they didn’t know where it would be coming from. They said it was very difficult to find this little miniature schnauzer they said there’s not a lot of breeders they felt that they were getting something with the guarantee. Here’s what they told me. And they don’t hold their little dog that they were looking at us so we can fight and said oh no it’s way too expensive I set out to do that and then I went into the gym and I came back out and sure enough there they are holding the dog holding a bad mold and stopped ice wind and I said you thought the doctor. There’s a lot I got an a.>>Said that they gave us a military discount and they give and I said well again.>>Why did you feel the need to we’ve been looking all over and the guy just reiterated to me I didn’t feel comfortable getting in on crack. Yes, I’ve read iterated this story to almost every rescue person that I’ve talked to every every person that believes in the band I should say and they are kind of horrified by this story I said, but that’s what they told me I told them they probably could get it it from another reader but that’s not what they wanted to do at you know what. By regulation and force people to do what we think is right. But that’s my belief so I know Carol’s going to continue to bring this up God help I think. Every single person how they feel about this because otherwise all these people are going>>over and over and over again so I’m just begging you please let us know what your thoughts are I’ve been pretty.>>Probably way more open.>>Next time I see down.>>Commissioner Bellamy or so I’m just going to be very honest of the torn. The be a quite great to be quite honest with you. The young lady who came down. Identified herself as a breeder. And I kind of took ownership of a little bit of that a breeder but her passion about what she does and how C feels about taking care of the regardless of what you do in any industry going to have good. You’re going you’re going to have that and the reason why I’m torn is because some of these individuals this to the lifestyle and ice spoke with the legal I’m doing great as far as what of some of these individuals this is the way the feed the family. And this is the way that seen the child in school work with us in mind. So what the way I look at all of this is we do have a lot information I mean I have 10 different packets year.>>crate twins you know this from the Humane Society of these folders and all these photos and the horror stories and every is there’s always 2 sides to every story. Yes this to Rio. And the elephant in the room.>>I think that we are not really being.>>Honest with ourselves but we’re not going to be able to control someone in this Fortunes about it and I do think. Win really can change directions. This is unite and come together. And go to the state and the federal people and say hey listen. We want to be a leader. Yeah we want as the leaders in our Carol we want to assistance on how to make sure this right is not just takes place this panel, whatever our next steps are in manatee County but across the state, but we also know there’s a lot of work that needs to be done there’s a lot of facts that need to be brought for.>>And the emotional the most in the past and.>>That’s that’s unrealistic we talking about business to be honest with you because you have to look at the bottle you look at the bottom line. And the impact in S this this kind of work I am I mean I’m I’m torn in if we don’t get a whole bunch of e-mails of dollars. You know people are going to you know come up with their And I am the commissioner I will say this I am the commission of this in a more concerned with with on the homelessness and then the pet owners met by selling some of the people take aim is there you are going to have this same passion. When it’s time for us to talk about the homelessness and I’m concerned you know about Holmes veterans and things like that you know, and I want a room full when we go back and we start talking about with the enemy, but it was the hidden known about want to talk about it that’s what I want to talk about all right torn to to be to be quite honest with you I think we have a great legal team.>>And Kate Kate you think you are. We have a great legal thanks for leaving me what I honestly my my question would be.>>How does it look for us to come together with facts taking it to the state and the federal level. So we can really put out teeth in the state. That’s what best that’s what my question would be I’m sure it’s not going to be easy says I want to be easy. But we’ll put it sounds. Are we are we are we have to tell it honestly. I am but I am I am I am a for debt particular challenge I really I’m up for that, but it would tell us and I didn’t like a lot of the staff that with at at Pitt plan. And I think it’s a lot of misunderstanding and misinterpretation we’re not attacking you all. We are not attacked with we’re not attacking you all is this the individuals that do thing unfortunate and estimating, and though those are things that we’re trying to make sure that we address and I think that needs to be clear from what I can see it on the tax I’m not attacking. I don’t think it was a few are taking off. So I’m not I’m a little torn I think oh we shouldn’t trust in our legal team to identify the facts and how we can take the lobby and made was that put us all out next platform, it.>>But his honor but for excitement on that on the federal level. We never talk about that you need to start and a cake commissioner trace.>>I thought I was on the am I going Part of the number 2 for the candidates to agree summer to cover some hasn’t talked the talk well go ahead, talked in a while. Place Carol I want to talk to are going to be short. We already know I mean I felt that um the board that the stick I just want to go with the state I act she when we were doing the no cow it was I went up I was on the board them that’s what that’s he was on that for the state court and we want to put know on the on the state platform.>>And I brought it up at the meeting and ginger turning to snow tonight her to fact she was the attorneys for fact them. And she said OK this is going to be no problem so we went to go put it on and some guy in a cowboy hat and boots came up to me and said listen honey you can attack can’t shoot my dog, I don’t want to swear to God as my witness he was a county commissioner from somewhere in the middle of the state. So if you think this is an easy issue. It’s not. Also you main society when I met with them. there are some bills going through now for some kind of protection with this. That path that represent Pat Lam, so they are work to make sure that things like this don’t happen. So I do want to be straight. OK, I’m passes because I’ve learned you lose your lives. But I’m not I don’t want to leave without some kind of 2 d a well to not a deal but. How to come about so that we don’t have any. Because tomorrow plan or anybody, but I mean any any pet store can go to where we approve millions of square feet of commercial can go anywhere in the county now and open it up and sell dogs and cats any pets or can and I would like to thank you all can agree I would rather you discuss something if you can’t agree with that total ban look at something and then people are going to be totally ticked off and they just want to complete and that it could happen here and I do not want to leave without some direction to our legal counsel to work on something to make sure no more happens so we don’t have a number 3 and I’m not talking palenik could be anybody. We have parish we have a pet so they can start selling dogs and cats tomorrow. If we don’t do something today that’s going to happen and it’s going to harder in the future. So if you all don’t want to do a complete ban, I’m total totally up to listen in and giving direction even though I don’t support it, I know I lost this battle and I’m a big girl and I will pull up my big boy chancellor and I want to try to work on something that we can get our heads around it for people to support to do some they I don’t want to leave with just say no let’s bring it up and next year I want to do that.>>Commissioner trace I want to bring it up next year come agree with the French I talked with everybody that asked to speak with me a met with you all. I had always had a problem with putting a license business making them change their model and I told them that I always thought the problem is not headlamp per se that USDA is probably the only percent actually experience is USDA. My daily weekly monthly basis.>>I have found them to be a fairly once again going pretty good. But so I think the of the fight is not with manatee County is with the USDA do they mean more people yes. I do not like to put licensed business out of out of a. I would vote right now that the him puppy Mills and there’s one Amanda County I can ban I made that up to right now. So that’s not the problem that I’ve always enough, yeah I did that on purpose, I’ve always been kind though that pet land and you often I said this last time we met and I think that was a year ago, thank you very much. So you have to to get the are we so I think you keep said and that are buying from licensed or whatever get 1 one person. Planet network lehnhoff or when that plan to let him when you go out of business Journal. Take one of them with the a lot of us.>>They were your by your poppies yet saying or doing got awful things well shown that you’re not doing things. I mean I don’t understand we ought to be talking to get together and come up with an agreeable situation and got to work together but it’s like a you know, you know. Hatfields and mccoys so.>>I you know I said oh really be much I mccoy well on got older so I don’t understand why you can’t do that other words go to some of those take on the kennels I would think one person can represent the group then go look and see what you’re doing. And then a bank if they come back and say those are really really bad readers then maybe we should put out of business. I don’t know, but uh oh yeah I think we should regulating the USDA and trying to get them the more help, although they certainly seem to have no problem with. Tomatoes in trees. Certainly have a good relationship with that you matter you right Be buddies. Let’s tackle it.>>The sheriff Serbia and then we’re going try to wrap this up.>>And just out on where we get these but inspects or 5 ice is a member to night I got no down the street know I just want to comment on commissioner, what Moore’s comments because I wanted in my opinion if this Ford is not willing to institute a retail ban that we should do nothing today because regulation is going to be too cumbersome and too expensive for this County. grandfather is going to create a monopoly so I implore you all that maybe we do this sit and wait routine which I a time which we’re moving forward to what you re leading.>>We’re not ready to do that and that’s fine I you all have heard the expression big wheels turn slowly a government as a big wheel, but the bigger the government the bigger the wheel.>>So the state government is. Will be dead and buried before anything that or so there have been that yeah I just him for you to we others to do it or not do it, but that we can’t there’s no. Half pregnant, there’s no in-between right there’s no mission of the neck. Yeah, I would like to plan folks perhaps both the owners if they could answer just a couple questions and I know you guys are you guys are in the mode where you’re fighting for your life here. But there were a couple things brought up that I I would like an answer to and one was policy that you help with. How promoting rescues and help roaming adoptions and I know there are cats that were done one time and they aren’t done anymore can you tell me why our past plans don’t do that that was one question why are pumping and snow do it and the second one is if somebody does. Return a lemon dog which I hated Sir. 11 kid, I don’t how you have a lemon dog. What that word yet what happens to that dog somebody asked been asked these questions I’ve got to ask him if you don’t mind answering. I would come down they have to come down to the. You have to come forward to the podium. He can only ask questions at this point per our our rules. That would they got to answer the question first.>>I’ve been in this route 20 years of Brad Parker, a cup County resident. I’ve been doing this about 20 years and my Georgia store. We have to do rescues every as the climate has changed and it’s become extremely more aggressive over the last 5 years of pet retail bans. That the divide again that I talked about it you just kind of knife with that you know it’s so I actually purchased a store in Somerville and we were doing rescues and then we added puppies and this is the head of puppies all the rescues didn’t work us so it’s not that we said we don’t work with you is they don’t want to work with us so.>>We would gladly host rescue. At our locations. I’m sure I’m speaking for both of doors wide We’ve approached with raising donations and we actually did donate a lot of stuff to the manatee County shelter when we shifted, I’m seeing a lot of just pallets and pallets and off it and all that was so we’re absolutely willing to work together. The pitch limit law actually says that. That option to return the party. I want to say that it’s on. Don’t they have to sign something this on warranties when they bought it at the same that to statute the statute is number. She knows that you know is that these are the options it is an issue with the poppy that is going to fit the law for the peppy lemon poppy they can bring the party back for a full refund.>>We have to give him a copy of the Liberals they can sign as well saying that if it finds the puppy unfit for sale you can return it. You don’t go and hide in office and.>>The hope is that it I think put your questions what do we do with the puppies happens right at that so it depends on what the issue is you that the goal is to find the puppy a loving home. You know in over the years and I think of examples you know where a dog would be diagnosed with diabetes. You know, and we would put it back in the store and disclose that and sure enough somebody with diabetes would adopt it you know so just depends on the situation, but the goal is always to find it up. And sometimes it’s a worse condition. We go by the recommendation of a veterinary in with what we should do. So.>>If I were to come into your store looking to buy a dog could you tell me where exactly that dog came from.>>Yes, it would have the documentation provided to you as well.>>And if I said, but I want to know that this is really a good breeder can you tell me is there proof that this is a good breeder can you prove to me that it’s a good breeder.>>Depends on the breeder on what condition would have so if we had the content the videos the pictures that we’re taking ourselves viewed absolutely show you that um if we didn’t have any of that content you know you have to take us at our word you know that that we’re doing a good job. You can absolutely take the information and bring your contacts reader go meet degree if you wanted to but as you were discussing before. A lot of people just don’t want to do that they’re looking for a way that can go in they can research different breeds find the breed that works for them make an educated purchased and at a family member to their family and that’s what we provide so.>>Well and you know, I’ve I’ve spoken in favor of not closing in now, but I will say that I would personally promote anyone to get a dog from a rescue. Before they go purchase a dog.>>That’s just the way I feel so by all means that’s absolutely their choice see that’s the factory. You know is on first and who’s on second. To shows Carroll on my Street and your question everyone on us action he didn’t just say an obviously or plus interest and it had a question for him that’s no I have a question for This I hate to a one to ask you guys this but I think centrist and then we’re trying to have a really open.>>Discussion here. One thing that I’ve heard a few times and I’ve heard it up on the sport before is that you guys have people when they buy a little puppy a little they have to sign a gag order I’d like to hear your side of that and is that true or what is it or help me understand what that might be.>>I can talk to that because we had issues with that. police these a 3rd party company to handle any just so if you can imagine running a business with 30 employees if somebody has an issue with the puppy they called the store and they talked to a new 18 year-old employee that didn’t release speak to the business and we’re still learning sometimes they’re getting this information. So when it came to the health of the animals we. Hired a company to handle that for us and this is a company that used to own pet lands. They started this 3rd party company because they saw a need to help it lands with that solution because no matter how good we are puppies do get sick. They do have issues and we have laws that we need to follow the need to be followed precisely incorrectly for the customers and for the puppies. Over the years that 3rd party company did have customers you can call the gag order or or just if we do this for you then you can’t ground bash is basically and this would be situations where we are going well above and beyond the Florida However, when we. In my business I didn’t want that to happen found out that it was happening got with a 3rd party companies that absolutely we do not do that anymore. And then since then we’ve actually decided to bring all of that and House so we don’t work with their party companies anymore. That’s when my seasoned employees and said listen. I want this to be handled by the family by the group. they call herself and directly now and if we have issues we take care of it and under no circumstances or people signing documents where they can go say whatever they like to say about it.>>I’m really glad to hear you say that because I mean I’m in retail well as well and I can tell you I mean I’ve never gotten any customers sign anything like that because if they’re not happy, it doesn’t matter what they’ve signed they’re going to change the way. So I’m glad that you’re not doing that any Mark thank you for answering the question not. You needed to defend yourself on that one said thank you.>>Thank you guys don’t have a question but I think get a message and this is for 2 there are some petland stores that were in various cities in Florida. That move that what they had close so Deerfield Beach had Atlanta open and when the law passed was closed Palm Beach Gardens head to stores, one moved one closed Delray Beach had a story our and that moved out of the city Wilton manors which I and where that has had a store and that closed highway wood they moved out. So I got that from. Michelle last row. An alliance for animal welfare whatever, but anyway, I guess it must be watching where they are. So that’s the that’s what I just.>>I I don’t know if that’s true or not and it is you know I have a copy of it and you even in.>>Yes to gay every city because they’re so many of them and so we started it, we beat a very conscious decision to remains focused on the counties that most similar and the situated to you know just know there’s a big difference between city ordinance in a county but yeah.>>We said that there weren’t any side just wanted to clarify that we know.>>I think yeah I think we were pretty clear in our presentation that there is only one County that at a store operating at the time and adopted its ordinance we really didn’t look at it on the city by city basis so.>>I would add though for the 55 cities that we identified that had a retail sales ban. Had stores at the time the ordinance was an act. And regarding the city of Delray Beach one of the pet stores that was within that jurisdiction when they adopted the retail sales ban. It converted itself to a If you could tell Rosie is rescue you’ll see a very well written article that sort of talks about the problems with an acting a retail sales ban you now have the bad act actors trying to operate anyway that they can and now acting as if their rescue but still doing all of the poor business practices. The ordinance was supposed to solve.>>And from the I’m getting consensus of the board that they don’t want to do anything right everybody.>>I mean that’s you Now answer that you know, I’m my thought at this point is know the legal staff did a great job they came back with basically 4 options. You know we can’t make a decision on any of those today. But why not at that maybe our next schedule, a meeting where we can actually vote on something that you look at those 4 and then we vote them up or down so them and then at that point they will have some.>>So you want to do this sure why not you know you see all nice thing. Yeah. All right OK so we’re going to have met our next regular meeting will vote on it. What about the But I mean you know on a regular me ever going on a regular meeting, yes, thank you. and we have to vote it up or down even with that at some point we do know weed out people I know, but I thought we Consensus at all the work I just ran. Fine I’m just trying to throw I don’t get this over with. I mean how pretty much kids are going to take you do daca kids from there where you live and to give out candy at the crime stoppers.>>Um yeah, I mean typically when we have a work session we try to come to a consensus to give direction to staff on what to do. Carroll would like to do something. I would be fine with that except for I’ve been told not to do that by my constituents. If you’re not going to vote it up. Do regulations don’t do. The grandfathering so I listen to them.>>Wasn’t a whole ton of people but the people I talk.>>Do about this that are passionate about us, adopting a band only if you can’t vote for the ban don’t vote for anything somebody else told us that as you sit here today. So I’m listening to that. I said I don’t want any more retail pet stores to come in because they may not it’s not easy to follow these guys uh no where they’re sourcing their dogs from are wonder when a truck shows up whether or not the dogs insider OK I saw the truck parked out front Palin of freaked me out one to go look inside and see what was going on so I just at. Torn so, but I want to give direction to staff I don’t want to make everybody come back here and here is the Bay to get that’s ridiculous says I’m gonna say based on what people asked me to say I am for option for.>>Not good for you know who do nothing nothing at parties lezion out that seem to be the consensus. So we’ll go with that but should not a not a 100% consensus But to say that.>>Yeah that’s the direction we’re given the legal department chairman is it.>>Possible at not to bring it up at the next meeting but they have. Discussion of the county Attorney’s Office and perhaps Nic is there about really tackling this on the state and federal level.>>The King has to Asia with everyone to try move forward, this is women in the fact that we have to work with from the state okay, yeah, no one and no reaction I feel pretty good idea. No preemption okay with the working on now.>>Charlie hunsicker your director of manatee County parks and natural resources, you know manatee County has over 30,000 acres of natural areas that we maintain and protect one such area is out here to miss some point we can see much of the water, the land and the natural history that is part of this Island come on out and watch his video for some of the things that you might be missing. ♪ ♪>>As you get out and about to visit our prisoners. Please share your photos and experiences with us on facebook. And charlie hunsicker you director parks and natural resources here in manatee County. I liken to invite you out to Riverview point preserve location in northwest parade 10 along our coastline man is in partnership with the National Park Service with the disorder Memorial area. That’s a beautiful place of trails and observation Perry watching and a great place to experience nature in northwest Bradenton come on out and enjoy the. ♪ ♪>>This share your photos and Face.>>The fine line from nation father local stations, there’s a I’m ♪ an team that board.>>Agriculture manatee County is still such a critical part of the economy we think preservation. Respect for agriculture and its collaboration with our local government so the regulatory community. All work together to make the state a great ♪ We had a chance to show folks what it’s like to ♪ actually take sheriff are kind of beginning which is something. ♪ A lot of people don’t get a>>Before generation Florida vegetable grower has a county I think that we are huge AG it that we can do to promote that to are seasonal residents and get a better product than them so when they come here, they’re excited about our approach is always do this for us export or you don’t keep it not been here of ourselves As a whole I think we all have a role to play in that.>>They want to educate him about exporting livestock because it’s a growing business and it is going to continue to get bigger and bigger. Live the rest the ♪ world wants good rescue medics we we have a superior Gary Allan. So that’s a business that a lot of people would never. ♪ expression case. Why they do fly. I like pick a regular So that’s something I want to educate your ♪ audience about.>>All are very excited about the work job that with the county commissioner we’re doing a lot of our children are. Is that we need to learn how to work I understand where their food comes from. Everybody out here is really trying on the job for conserving. Using following best practices that we have called to say this the least expensive to feed our nation.>>The federal state and learn about our agriculture economy. Some of the issues are here from the farmer themselves and and have a great display of how agriculture. ♪ Easily we saw what. ♪>>Then every ♪ ♪ it’s experience ever get a This gives all of us a chance to see what it to him. We have with our partners. ♪>>The collapsing of structures.>>I says contractors every 2 years have to take continuing education they’re up to date building code revisions.>>And options so there’s there’s codes that we follow to make sure that the the life safety, the homeowners are kept in mind that that everybody is protected that there’s no no damage to the property would occur. And and making sure the liability always falls on on my shoulders.>>Even though I’m license contracting doesn’t follow codes and holds homeowners liable is it really breaking any laws it is technically a misdemeanor. To do an license contract.>>But sometimes we do hand out citations if they’re caught a second time. It is a felony in the 3rd degree and they can be processed through the state Attorney’s office.>>Facing fines up to $5,000 and the possibility of being arrested but unlicensed contractors can also hold you liable you can be fined and taken to court for aiding and abetting unlicensed activity if you decide to hire one of these individuals.>>Unfortunately manatee County we cannot assist to any fraud that you may have come across with hiring when these people a contract between the prices of the day job and owner is null and void there’s nothing I can do to>>Welcome to manatee County. The home of award-winning beaches like Anna Maria Island. ♪ Powder ♪ white sand. And picture perfect sunset. ♪ ♪ Manatee County is a great place to work and play. Are you ready to make the move. ♪ Discovered the beaches of manatee County for yourself and when ♪ you’re ready. We’ve got a job for you get.>>Work with us at manatee County government you’ll be doing more than making a difference in your community. Our full time employees are offered an exceptional benefits package, including a unique wellness plan. ♪ Generous paid ♪ time off. Tuition reimbursement and more. ♪ Working with us in public service also may qualify for pslf.>>A federal program that can forgive the remaining balance on your ♪>>direct student. Imagine a career that transforms your future family. And community. Begin with us by visiting my manatee dot org slash jobs. An Explorer career opportunities together we’re doing more than just work. It’s work that matters.>>That manatee County government we’re dedicated to the professional development and growth of our employees. The vibe instructor that workshops online training for the manatee County learning management systems as far as the leadership Academy, which talks or staff recognize their fullest potential you’ll gain a better understanding of your strengths. Build confidence to succeed in your position. And acquire new skills for the future when you work with us grow into your career with manatee County government CR available opportunity that my minute to dot org slash jobs.>>Sometimes we tend ♪ ♪ make sure you check your list to see if they thought. ♪ Water ♪ in damages. And a watery also stresses your plans. Both can catch. No one needs a few plants, some plants like lots of water and others like very little. ♪>>For more information of programs offered visit www dot manatee that I I F a S time you know the air.>>Get to your destination with manatee County area transit where it’s easy to ride and cat is manatee counties from your public transportation providers with easy to follow routes and schedules and that will get you where you need to go safely and efficient all and kept buses and trolleys are handicapped accessible. This is www dot and cast doubt work for routes schedules and video tutorials I had a right and manatee County area transit the words.>>The ride. They would like to call the meeting to order. So work session. Tobar 31th Holly. 2000 the following.

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