Newfoundland and Labrador Votes 2019: Dwight Ball wins second term as premier

34 thoughts on “Newfoundland and Labrador Votes 2019: Dwight Ball wins second term as premier

  • Enjoy your Liberal party . Guess your not ready for change . Hopely by oct you all will get off your butts and vote .

  • To everyone bitching out the people of Newfoundland, how about you all get your heads out of your asses. The Jackass Liberals are the ones that called a snap elections not following the fixed election date laws giving the opposition a huge handicap. Not even the PC party had all their candidates ready and the Liberals had the largest war chest. The moral here is to get all your facts before you shoot your mouths off you ignorant fucks.

  • Who cares about the politicians, They're just the tax farm management for the Zionist concentration camp known as Canada… The Crown are the Farm owners.. Farming Human Beings…. When was The Crown elected by Canadians through the Democratic process? They stole this land through Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, Every Canadian is a slave to private foreign bankers and The Crown, The Governments job is to make sure everyone's life is being converted into the bankers pocket. They wouldn't be politicians if they weren't screened at the lodge first.

  • Well done NFLD!
    Can't trust any party to do right by the people when they have a majority.
    We in Ontario are paying large for the Anti-Wynne vote.
    PC majority is just screwing us over at every turn. It's like having our own Trump tard in charge.

  • the mentality of the maritimes is tainted..they can't seem to get out of the fog of leftwing thinking..bad economy doesn't seem to make a difference in their thinking..

  • I can't believe people still voted for Liberal Crime Family members after all the scandals, corruption, treason and theft by the Lieberal Crime Family.

  • Michelle Remple for P.M. U.S.A. WATCHING what you guys are doing up there . Change your government or enjoy the suck like the E.U.

  • WTF is wrong with you Newfoundland? Honestly do you hate yourselves? A vote for any liberal anywhere under the grouper is a vote for him, snap out of er!

  • See what happen when you inbred. The Gene pool is all screwed up.maybe we should send all the illegals there.

  • It's interesting how sometimes you are searching for some cute dog videos and then suddenly discover yourself diving deep into Canadian regional politics.

  • Liberals can only fool those who are way out of touch with the rest of Canada as Newfoundland and Labrador.

  • So Newfoundland and Labrador agree that the budget can balance itself and the Liberal will fulfil their promise.Wake up you people.You have to work for your own destiny.

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