Newborn Puppies: Birth to 2 Weeks

There is something about new life It fills us with joy and wonder. It is innocent, sweet, beautiful. Puppies are born with their eyes and ears sealed at birth. They only have the sense of smell and touch. Newborn puppies are unable to regulate their own body temperature, they will become cold very quickly and they can fade and die. They huddle together for warmth, and will cry loudly if separated from their mother or litter mates. Their cries bring their mother to the rescue as she nudges them closer or moves to position herself near the distraught puppy. Did you know that a newborn puppy needs their mother to stimulate them to urinate and defecate? This is why a good mother will be constantly licking her newborn babies. She knows that without her doing so they could become sick very quickly. When a puppy begins to cry loudly they are uncomfortable, cold, hungry, have gotten lost away from their mother or litter mates or need to relieve themselves. The newborn puppy sleeps nearly all the time. All of the energy is put into simply growing and gaining weight. They are awake for only brief moments, nursing for a minute or two than going back to sleep. When they are hungry they cry and seek out a nipple, usually waking the entire litter as they pull themselves around trying to find their way. Very quickly there is a squirming mass of bodies all looking for something to eat. They learn how to make their mother’s milk release by tugging and making little hungry cries. Once the milk releases they become still, pushing with their forelegs against their mother’s body, their tails quivering straight out behind them. The changes from birth to two weeks happen slowly. The newborn puppy that pulls himself along like he is swimming Will start to look like he is crawling by the end of the first two weeks of life. He becomes quicker at moving around and loses the fragile look of a newborn as he develops a chubby little body. Their eyes begin opening around a 12 or 13 days, and their ears began opening right around 14 to 15 days of age. The first two weeks is filled with eating and sleeping, the next two weeks a lot of physical activity and attempts to play begin happening. It is a fun time developmentally. See this amazing time in a puppy’s development on our next video in this series, the young puppy, two to four weeks old.

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