New Puppy!

Hey guys! As many of you know, I have a dog named Marley, and, um, you may have seen him in a few videos here and there but recently, I just got another puppy! YEAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! He’s a corgi, and uh, I haven’t thought of a name for him yet, so I’ve just been calling him Marley… the corgi… (hello future teddy :)))) and he is such a cute and lovable puppy, but for some reason, ever since we got him my other dog Marley has been acting up and misbehaving. For example, I came home and I saw Marley tearing up all of our trash in my living room and he knows better, he knows not to do that! Or like now, Marley is the only one that sleeps in my bedroom because he’s potty trained, but ever since we got the new dog, I’ll wake up and find a poop on my floor. And, I don’t even know how he did it but he somehow managed to get onto a table that’s two feet taller than him and knocked over a vase and cracked it on our floor. *glass sounds* (ouch) BAD BOY, MARLEY! *plop* *lock rattles* So, I don’t know, he’s just been acting like crazy- (scratching noises) -like crazy lately- (scratching continues) and, and even like now look he’s just scratc- he keeps scratching on the door and I’m trying to film- I’M TRYING TO FILM, MARLEY! I think he’s probably just jealous of the other dog but I don’t understand why ’cause I show him just as much attention. Sometimes, I just wonder like, “What is going through his head?” Marley: No no no no no no, not the cage again, I didn’t even do anything this time! *sigh* Hey, Hey, hey you! I know you’re just a puppy, and- and maybe we got off on the wrong paw, but, do you think you could help me out of here? I, I’m– Teddy: Shut your dirty little snout, you filthy mutt. Marley: Umm, wha–? Teddy: You might’ve been the only dog before, but this is MY house now! Marley: Well actually, we’re both kind of just sharing– Teddy: Why do you even think you’re locked up like you’re at the pound right now? Marley: What do you mean? Teddy: You actually believe that there would be a treat lying in the middle of trash on the living room floor for no reason at all? Or don’t you find it a little strange that you’ve never sleep pooped before, yet every morning you wake up and there’s magically another piece of poo there? And are you that stupid to believe that a vase would magically fall off a table coincidentally right next to you??? *ceramic shatters* Marley: You- You were trying to frame me! Teddy: No, Marley boy, I was trying to kill you! Marley: You’re evil! Teddy: Yes, Marley, Pupp-Evil. Ryan: Come on, Marley the corgi, let’s go film a video! *Marley gasps* Marley: I have to warn Ryan! How do I get out- Well, maybe if I start digging, I can get out of here, but- *dramatic pause* Oh that’s right, I can just push it open. *running sounds* Ryan: So as I was saying, I- I just don’t- I don’t know what to do with that dog. Like, I’m really hoping that it’s just a phase that he’s going through right now, I can’t like, just return a dog because my other dog doesn’t like him It’s like, two brothers and- (Marley yaps) the older one is jealous of the younger one and it’s really it– Dammit, Marley! What now, Marley? *gun goes off* *Ryan gasps* *stares at gunshot* Oh my God! Marley, this whole time, you were just- -you were just- You were trying to kill me AND Marley the corgi! BAD BOY! Marley: What the f– TEEHEE! But in all seriousness, I did get a new dog, as you can see. And he is still nameless, so if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments below and they will be much appreciated. But yeah, that’s about it, so make sure you subscribe to our channel. We post new videos every not as much as we would like to. Say goodbye, Marley! Say goodbye, Marley the Corgi! Bye bye, Spiderman! I mean- Vincent Van Gogh painting! Yeah, I love Jenna, so- TEE- We already did that.

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