NERF DOG FAIL (Day 1655) |

(bass guitar) – Hey, what’s up guys! Welcome to today’s vlog.
It is Tuesday, and the kids just got home from school,
they’re grabbing some snacks, doing their thing. I mean Bryce
is going to go outside and play some football
with the neighbor kids. Check it out, rocking the
new hat, super excited to finally have one
of these Get your own. Hoodies, t-shirts, I even
got some merch up in there now, you can get
the logo, shirts as well, those are back
in the store as well, so have it
on the cards right here. Ding. And Tiffany just got back
from the store, and she found something super awesome, for both us,
for us, for the kids, I’d say me too, but
I’m excited about it as well, and the dog. They have these new Nerf dog, tennis ball launchers,
it’s like a rocket launcher, look at this thing, it’s
massive, it’s made by Nerf, and we got a couple of them,
we’re gonna go take Baby to the park, and have
a little fun with Baby. Because Baby gets left
out all the time right? We use the Nerf guns and the
poppers and stuff like that, and she’s always like, she
wants to grab the darts, and grab the balls,
and we’re always like “No, no, no Baby, don’t grab it.” So this is all for Baby. Lemon-lime G FUEL guys,
it’s my favorite, if you missed the announcement on a vlog
last week, I’m officially sponsored now by G FUEL,, it’s a powder-based energy drink, there’s like
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buy one get a free shaker, that sort of thing, use promo
code Clintus, anytime you go to, and you’ll
save guaranteed, plus you’ll be directly supporting
us, so we appreciate that. – I don’t want to. – What, what, what,
what, huh, don’t what? – [Clintus] It’s always fun when
you find a shopping cart in the neighborhood right? Is this from Food City? – Is this what you and
mommy would always do? – Always? No.
Once or twice? Yeah. Just remember if you fall
over, cover your head, (chuckles) – Do not, jump the curb. (screams) (laughter) – [Clintus] Drive-By! (laughter) Aww, look at the baby. – Daddy catch. – [Clintus] You excited Baby? You excited,
we’re going to the park. We’re going to the park. (screaming) (laughter) – She’s not really in a
playful mood, I think honestly the sound of the gun, the blast, scares her, and she
doesn’t wanna chase the ball. Baby, hey, hey,
come here, come here. – [Bryce] Go get it. – No, gotta be lower. – [Sierra] So she can see it. – [Bryce] Come on. – [Clintus] Come here,
come here, ready, ready? – (Together) Go get it. – [Sierra] Go get it girl,
Baby, look it, you ready? Baby? But she goes after that,
she just doesn’t like the gun. Get the ball Baby. – [Bryce] Go get it. – [Clintus] Get it, get it, get it. – [Sierra] Go get it
girl, it’s over there. – [Bryce] Yeah, I was throwing it, – [Sierra] Aww. – [Bryce] I think it
works when you throw it. – [Tiffany] Ready? – [Bryce] Yeah, it
works when you throw it. – [Clintus] Woo! – [Bryce] She’s too fast for
some, don’t tease her daddy. She’s too fast. – [Clintus] Yeah, get it girl. – [Bryce] Here, drop it,
drop it, drop it! – [Tiffany] Shoot it. (mimic rocket sound) – [Bryce] Go get it
Baby, go get it come on. – [Tiffany] No thanks. – [Clintus] You ready, you ready? Go get it, go get it. Go get it.
– [Sierra] Go get it girl. Good girl, oh no. (laughter) Baby, go get it. – [Clintus] Ready? Come on,
come on, ready? (Nerf gun shoots) Go get it,
get get it, go get it. – [Sierra] There she goes,
she’s kind of… Fail. For some reason where
I’m standing she looks like a stubby dog, like her little, Oh there she goes! – [Bryce] See, she’s fast. – [Sierra] Good girl – [Clintus] Atta girl,
come here, come here. – [Sierra] There you go,
she just doesn’t like the gun, it’s too loud and scary for her. Good girl. – [Clintus] Go get it. See,
she does not move, like she doesn’t even realize
it’s the ball. – [Bryce] Why is she so fat? – [Clintus] That’s soo weird. – [Tiffany] Are you tired (chuckles) – [Bryce] Baby. – [Tiffany] That’s fun, huh? – [Sierra] Right? – [Bryce] All mine. – It’s so weird, it’s the
same ball, but the sound of the shooting, she just looks
like it like, whatever, but if I rear up and
I throw it, she’s like crazy, like she knows that’s a
ball, even though it’s like “Baby, same ball.” Stick it
in the weapon, you ready, you ready? Look the ball
is right there, see look, she didn’t even know, Baby
ready, Baby, ready, ready? Go get it. (laughter) I tricked her, see, it’s
the motion of the hand. – [Sierra] She
knows that it’s. – Good girl, get it, get it. – [Bryce] She’s like “Bye, bye.” – [Clintus] Only two days in a row. – Baby, Baby, ready? – [Clintus] Alright, ready, ready,
ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready? (Nerf gun fires) – [Tiffany] She’s like,
“Nah, you go get it.” (laughter) – She needs to
go poop or something. – [Tiffany] She’s tired. – And then went like that – [Bryce] Well you
have to end, like that. – [Sierra] I did, I went like
this, and I went like this. – [Tiffany] Baby, Baby. – [Bryce] No, you can’t end
like this, no, you can’t catch it like this, and then do this. – [Tiffany] Too many smells. – [Bryce] You have to… – [Clintus] Come here, Baby. – [Tiffany] Nope. (chuckles) – She faces the other way. – [Bryce] It’s a Nerf. – [Tiffany] Oh no,
hold on cupcake, come on. – [Clintus] Oh yeah,
there you go Baby. Good girl. – [Sierra] She was thirsty. (chuckles) – [Clintus] That works. – [Sierra] She doesn’t
wanna drink out of that yellow bottle thing though – [Clintus] I think by now
if we usually had it, she’d totally drink out of it. – [Tiffany] She’s going
to drink all my water. (chuckles) – [Sierra] She’s thirsty. – [Tiffany] Got ya in the kitchen
again! Oh, you’re crying. – Onions suck man. – [Tiffany] Yeah they do. – There’s a trick isn’t there?
Like you could put Vaseline under your eyes. – [Tiffany] Gum in your mouth. – Gum in your mouth?
I just spit out gum. – [Tiffany] That was the most
recent one I think I read, last time I tried it, it was
better than not doing anything. – Someone said, I remember
that you could put something under your eyes,
like Vaseline, or Vicks, like Vicks VapoRub or something. – [Tiffany] And Baby’s waiting
for the droppings huh? Want some onion breathe? – [Clintus] You wanna eat this? – [Tiffany] Oh yeah. She’ll
eat just about anything, how is it Baby?
You don’t even chew it, you just swallow everything. – Alright, dinner time and
it is Taco Tuesday, but as you can see, no tacos
on this tables, instead, Mommy made taco pasta. – Taco pasta? – [Clintus] Is there a
particular name to it? – Taco pasta. – [Clintus] Taco pasta. – Taco pasta. – We’ve had it before,
it’s a Pinterest find. – [Clintus] A Pinterest find, yup. So we got some
elbow noodles, some corn and black bean salsa, some Rotel. – Diced onions. – Diced onions, and… – I ended up adding
a can of El Paso. – El Paso. – That was my addition. – Good stuff, good stuff. – [Clintus] And it’s too
hot for Bryce to eat. – For everybody to eat. – [Sierra] Nope,
I’m eating it. – [Clintus] Nope, Sierra’s eating. Momma’s eating. – [Bryce] Because you were
blowing on it! – [Clintus] You gotta
blow on it then dude. Dessert time, dude? – Yeah. – [Clintus] What are
you gonna get? – Froyo. – [Clintus] What flavors? – Rolo and Cheez-its – [Clintus] Rolo froyo? – Yeah.
(chuckles) – Rolo froyo.
– [Clintus] I don’t know, I’m thinking about
Strawberry Shortcake. Maybe peanut butter,
peanut butter is always a good choice. Ooh, salted
caramel. Salted caramel and peanut butter, oh man! – [Bryce] These go fast. – [Clintus] Sweet coconut with,
oh that sounds good too! – I think this is running
out, because like. – [Clintus] Or maybe it’s super
cold, super duper cold. Maybe you don’t
have any muscles. – [Bryce] There we go. – [Clintus] Yeah, you have
to pull down harder. What are you getting, Sierra?
Strawberry Shortcake? – Mhmmm. – [Clintus] Ooh, ooh. What’s mommy getting? You put something on the
bottom, what’d you put, what’d you put, what’d
you put, what’d you put? You’re not going to show us? – [Tiffany] No. – [Clintus] Oh shoot. – This one comes out fast. – Oh boy, I’m sure
he did that on purpose. – No I didn’t. – [Clintus] Mommy’s going
to go with vanilla. – [Sierra] Yeah,
that’s kind of a lot. – [Clintus] What else? – I’m keeping it simple. – [Clintus] Oh,
keeping it simple, alright. Now the best part right? This is the reason
why we do froyo. – [Sierra] I tried the
strawberry bobas. – [Clintus] Yeah, what’d you think? – [Sierra] I didn’t
put them on top, – I haven’t tried them. – [Clintus] Oh,
you’re trying them, okay. Bryce going with the yogurt
chips, Sierra got some yogurt chips. – [Bryce] And peanut
butter cups. – [Clintus] Peanut butter cups. – [Sierra] I don’t like peanuts. – [Clintus] Peanuts,
peanuts are good. Mmm, white chocolate chips. – Who cares? – I got that one gummy worm. – One gummy worm. – I got the strawberry yogurt,
instead of like vanilla, dark chocolate chips, white
chocolate chips, yogurt chips, and (inaudible). – So we’re back home guys, and very funny, very interesting
because it’s like one of those things where, what
is everyone gonna do when they get home. You think you
know, you think you know, like I thought Tiffany was
going to be watching her new show tonight, which she still
might, it’s on right now being recorded, so she’ll
watch it, and fast forward through the commercials.
I thought Bryce was gonna play video games. So Bryce
is on his mom’s iPod, iPad watching YouTube
videos of Roman Atwood? – Roman. – [Clintus] Roman Atwood, and
Tiffany is playing Nintendo. – [Bryce] Yeah, I’m
about to play with her. – [Clintus] You’re
about to play with her? I don’t think she
wants you to play, I think she’s
enjoying it all by herself. (chuckles) And Baby’s just like “I’m
tired, you guys took me to the “park today, I’m tired.” And Sierra finished Supergirl
and she’s now onto Flash. – Yeah. – [Clintus] How you liking it? – Good.
– [Clintus] So far, so good? – Mhmmm. There’s this episode in
Supergirl where Flash meets her, and so they use the
same person as him, so I kinda like it. – [Clintus] It’s the same dude
from Green Arrow, you gotta watch Green Arrow too. – Yeah, I could
see his story and how he got stuck in her world. – [Clintus] Right, right. Guys, thank you so much for
watching today’s video, I really do appreciate it.
If you enjoyed it, be sure to give it a thumbs up, tap
the “i” in the sky, or the annotations at the end for
more videos, as well as the last four years in the
description below, and I will see you tomorrow. – [Clintus] It’s Playtime?
Let’s play. Wanna play? Come and play? Play!
Play with me daddy! (toys squeaks) (Baby growling) (Clintus growling) – [Clintus] Taking a break already?
Taking a break already? Oh you’re not.
What are you doing? Go find the kids, come on.

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