My Rottweiler is very smart – شوفو انا علمت الروت بتاعتي ايه

yoyoyo how ya’ll doing its your boy from Canada today i’m wearing a gloves because its getting cold and the temperature is 4 degree today’s video i’ll be showing you guys my dogs her name is Bentley i got her when she was 2 months and now she’s 10 months and i’ll show how far I’ve taught her. i only taught her obedience not protection Stand Sit Good girl Stay Down Roll Stay she know my whistle and she comes when i whistle look when she gets the stick she would want me to run after her look when i get closer to her Lol i swear she’s so funny okay come here now okay sit down Let go Stand Paw The other one She wants the stick so bad Speak Lol i went through so much to teach her how to speak i mada all of these face expressions because i watched a video on youtube that says if you want your dog to bark you have to pretend that you’re talking so the dog sees you speaking but doesn’t hear you so you have to move your mouth, and eyes and all of that so the dog gets mad and barks i kept doing all of that but it didn’t work but thank god i did it in another way Speak the next video i will show what i’ve bought her i’ll teach her some protection work but protection work not aggression like a gaurd dog she wont just go around biting people there was a guy passing by she didn’t touch him the most important thing is obedience sit, stay, come, and all of that I’ll show you guys a video of me training her some protection work She’s not aggressive at all but ill train her some protection work and show ya’ll that’s all subscribe and like if you wanna see more of Bentley there she wants the stick that bye

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