My Life with a Dog in Shanghai

Shanghai is a very colorful city.
It’s my hometown. I was born here, I studied here and I work here. But I can’t deny that being a single
woman, sometimes I reflect that there are a few drawbacks. For example when I come home at night, I open the door, it’s freezing cold and
dark. Especially when I am a little sick, I feel a bit alone and helpless. Then Dodo appeared in my life.
One day my friend discovered Dodo on the road, strolling around there. She
brought him back home. My friend wanted to find a new owner for him.
I went over. When I opened the door, Dodo rushed towards me. I thought, this is fate.
So now, every day, I really look forward to the moment I return home.
Dodo always rushes over to greet me. After dodo arrived at my house,
my life became richer. I’m not like before, when I felt
so lonely, because I know dodo needs me. And I need him. Keeping dodo healthy and clean is very
important to me. If you want your pet to be healthy and clean, it is very important to groom its fur regularly. Regular veterinarian examinations are essential. I started to take dodo
out with other dog owners to play together. Some of these dogs and owners
have become our good friends. When we have free time, we make dates to play together. Dodo is very important to me. Because of
him, my life has become even more beautiful.

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