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hey Pam welcome back to peanut and
projects the YouTube channel today we are gonna be watching our dogs react to
the invisible challenge so in case you have not seen this viral challenge yet
it is actually so hilarious you put saran wrap on a door and dogs
don’t necessarily see it they try to go through and then they can’t and well I
guess we don’t really know what’s gonna happen until these two try it so make
sure you are subscribed to paws am and have notifications on and click all they
post every when you got dragons so excited for this challenge and we’re not
just gonna be doing one location today we are going to be doing various
locations and we might even be including some dog treats because I wanna know if
PETA and blackjack would go through the invisible challenge if they could get a
dog treat that checks are you ready peanut
are you ready alright let’s do it so for round 1 Matt’s gonna set the
saran wrap in the hallway door while I distract these two right here you guys
ready to be distracted they’re like only poetry okay speaking
of yeah those tomorrow so I am just hanging out with these two in the room
while Matt sets up this prank it’s gonna be really funny it’s the invisible
challenge I don’t know about you guys but I’ve actually done this where I’ve
like walked into a screen door orange glass thinking it was an open door and
it was it so this is kind of the dog version of that what don’t have to use a
lot right now I do need to get it on the bottom down here basically right here oh
my gosh it’s impossible so hard oh my gosh how
do you get this set up so I figure out that taping is gonna be the best option
right now so it doesn’t seem to stick by itself got the edges ooh
okay what’s dad doing hey what are you excited for the invisible challenge are
you gonna go through it for a treat would you go through it
peanut how’s it going are you ready comment below what you think the dog’s
first reaction will be do you think they’ll go through it do you think
they’ll get confused what is going to happen I’m so excited and I’m
he’s a small dog so I don’t need to do a ton what I do need to make it look like
it’s been visible and we go get Rebecca let her know that everything is set up
right now okay so the dogs are in here they’re gonna come out they’re gonna try
to get me and we’re gonna see what happens with this invisible challenge
okay come here oh we’re in hang out with Pina off-camera Blackjacks and good nuts
here we go Matt you did not do a very good job with that invisible wall okay I
need to tape a little bit better at the bottom okay I think I’ll do the next
round cuz I want to make sure that they do it okay let’s move to the next
location so for this next round we’re upping the stakes of the dog treats so
we’re gonna put them in a bowl and they know that sound there the other room
right now they seem like yeah so now we’re gonna set this up with their dog
cage but Chet you ready for this anybody think we need one more layer
can you tape on it DIY invisible challenge okay great
whoo I wonder we’ll have to keep that door open oh yeah hold it open
yeah this is hard work DIY the treats are inside the crate right now time
our little monsters in little big tree get the tree yeah
oh go in okay wasn’t it was that the tree you gotta get it you
think you’re all angles right now he’s a spy dog so please use his detective
skills to figure out how he can oh wow oh are you gonna take it down come on
back Jack you got this the moment of disappointment
Black Jack he’s like I could be there wait but can you get out I wonder why
they love challenges so much it’s gonna keep getting treats we’re going to
another location let us know if you have any ideas that would be good vocations
for this challenge for dogs all right looks like where’s the tree so we just
set it up right here this is upstairs so they’re outside but they’re gonna want
to go inside at one point but matt is going to trick them first with a tree
yeah okay here we go blackjack go get it okay what’s that go
inside black jack blackjack he will deserve well
deserve peanut I mean you do know Peter is top dog kid that was very impressive
that was a team effort they both were like going at it so I’m gonna retake
this out but they were able to come in so maybe now they cancel out we’re gonna
find out a feeling about it peanut black Jack’s downstairs trying to find some
more treats how you doing buddy that’s it mr. tree
you go get one consolation prize okay you can go upstairs in a second they
need something a little more challenging Oh watch Nick dog it speak of the dog
okay come on out come get this tree new tree
blackjack is helpless on his own his house is scared of the way we’re gonna
do one more okay one more okay Rebecca has an idea one last way nice job buddy
thank you so now this has turned into a full-on invisible challenge first to the
dog treat win $2,000 in dog treats okay all about you right now thank you a
treat they love a challenge they love a good challenge these are
challenge dogs they love fun food challenges t-nuts been performing like a
champ blackjack has been patiently waiting he’s like so I put a dog tree in
each bull the first to get through the invisible challenge and get the dog
treat wins I want you guys to payment right now you think peanuts gonna win or
a blackjack okay come here sit on your mark get set go you’re switching both TV gives that
pretty best treat raise it peanut can’t it peanut peanut I’ll do it that’s at times there okay that’s round
one now can I make it a little easier and gonna put a little hole in it okay
go back in so bad he’s like to see me at you guys you gotta go watch all right you guys and that concludes
Pina and blackjack reacting to the invisible challenge if you commented
that you thought black charcoal in that last round make sure to thumbs up your
comment guys you have anything to say to paella make sure you are subscribed to
have notifications on also make sure to subscribe to blackjack and PETA on
Instagram they have funny dog memes on there and they make a lot of fun content
ah let us know what challenge you want
peanut and Blau Jack to attempt for next time and is that it pause the air mouth

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