My Dog And I Met A Pig For The First Time! w/ Ricky Dillon!

You have to look cute, we’re trying to film Just sit and look cute Oh, there we go ♪ Hey guys, so I’m just being like a little sidewalk dweller and like sitting in the middle of suburbia on a sidewalk because I’m filming with the one and only Ricky Dillon today And I’m so excited mainly because I get to meet Luna I’m gonna be honest with you I’ve been trying to become Ricky’s friend So I can steal Luna, shhh But we’re early and by we’re early I mean I’m just trying to be a nice friend and cover up for the fact that Ricky’s running late and so we’re like around the corner from his house and Just kind of like waiting because I don’t want it to be creepy that I’m like standing outside his house Waiting for him to show up Mom: Waiting for Luna Waiting for Luna really So we’re just hanging out here I bought a present over there for Luna and Oliver of course I can’t forget about Oliver but honestly I mean corgis are cute But it’s just like slightly less exciting than a pet pig You know? I think we can all agree on that like a pig you guys a pig But that’s what I’m doing and Let’s go see Ricky soon Ricky come home. Come home. We’re waiting. Are we at the right house? Mom: I hope so Are we at the wrong house? Mom: I don’t think its the wrong house I just want this person to know that we’re around R: Hello! M: It is you! R: Right house, what’s up M: OK, hiiii
R: Come on in M: You’re so much taller when I’m not wearing heels R: Gallop! Can I pet? M: Um, well not technically, but you can in a second R: Can I admire?
M: You can admire all you want R: Okay, I’ll just admire M: Also I come delivering mac and cheese Vegan mac and cheese R: It literally tastes better than regular mac and cheese M: It was so good and then I have gifts R: Well thank you!
M: For Luna and Oliver R: Oh my god, you shouldn’t have! I don’t have gifts for you, but welcome to my home M: I mean, Luna is a gift R: Okay, good
M: Just to the world, you know Gallop and Ricky were just bonding Hi gallop, oh my god, Attack me! M: Guess who you’re going to get to meet soon! *Gallop is super cute and knocks over a bunch of stuff* M: You said attack me and he’s like, oh R: Tail whip, Good attack So the reason I’m here is You’re great but, like Luna, you know? R: Luna is *Oliver barks* Luna saves my- M: Poor Oliver is like “Excuse me, I hear what you’re saying!” R: We’ll let him out, he needs to like chill out I love Oliver but he’s like hyperactive with guests We’ll ease into Oliver Luna’s easy Mom: Gallop is crazy right now Aww, Hi! Gallop: You want crazy? R: Oh my gosh, he’s excited Mom: He’s just happy to be here M:I told him I was gonna get to meet his first pig like that’s exciting for everybody, you know Look what I found! Of course, you would find a Pikachu in Ricky Dillon’s house I have a crazy story with that Pikachu Wait the story time, it’s coming It’s actually really crazy M: Okay, so should I not touch it? R: No no no no no, It’s like, safe M: Okay, I’m like Ya’ll watching wait for it, I’ll tell you off camera I love that its like, bigger than me though Today I’m gonna have a Veggie Grill haul ASMR too M: Does ASMR do anything for you? R: Yes.
M: Yeah? It doesn’t for me So instead it just feels like really creepy something that I maybe shouldn’t be watching you know It’s like select people and I guess I have the gift M: You have many gifts Thank you, you too When I’m stressed out having like anxiety of stuff I literally will put on like ASMR, it just soothes me M: What’s your favorite ASMR? I was about to say that my favorite are just like crunchy sounds or bags like *crinkles bag loudly* like that *whispering* Today we have some Veggie Grill We have Macaroni and cheese *taps lid* *spoken* Taps… girl, taps But like crunchy food like chips, pickles, crunchy food M: Ooo, pickles
R: That’s it I mean, pickles give me the tingly feeling just cuz they’re pickles you know Girl, I love pickles, so does Luna she loves pickles M: Can I feed her a pickle? R: Yes I was saying this to you in the text message like I’m sure growing up at one point I did see a pig (R: right) but like visual memory doesn’t really last so like I can’t like pull up an image of what a pig looks like in my head And I’ve never touched one so R: There’s some stereotypes, like she’s not pink She’s like brownish black M: I was trying to match my aesthetic to her R: The thought counts I won’t give away how she looks now I want you to like to feel her and figure it out And then I’ll tell you which stereotypes of real and which aren’t (M:okay) because there’s one big one That you’re gonna be shook over, glue down your wig So back to the haul, we have macaroni and cheese vegan very good also M: I can detest it is very good *plastic crinkling* Crinkles too…Gallop’s a fan Gallop: Ooo me too, ASMR love it Vegan chocolate chip cookie…yes That’s the Veggie Grill haul, next we have M: Surprise haul for animals not for Ricky Oh wow y’all went in, oh my god cute Oh – tutu cute, oh my god M: Hahaha…”tutu” cute Mom: It is a pig isn’t it? You know, I don’t know is it a hippo? Mom: It’s a hippo looking pig Whatever it is is cute in Oliver will love that He loves toys, wait back story How did you name Gallop, Gallop? The guide dog school names them based on like litter themes like there’s a Harry Potter litter theme R: Oh my god, Luna is Luna Lovegood! I met the actress that plays Luna Lovegood! R: Shut- that’s- Luna’s named after her! I know, so I was gonna tell you I know the actress R: One of my dreams is to meet her and be like she’d hate this but I’d be like Both: I named my pig after you But my pigs pretty I love Luna Lovegood And Oliver is named after Oliver Queen from Arrow …the superhero I love superheroes and Harry Potter Mom: Ricky do you wanna explain why there’s all these boxes in the background? Yeah, so I moved in six months ago Mom: I thought it was just like a month ago sorry I pretend like it was last week I’m slowly working on it, it’s just from unpacking M: You should’ve just been like “those are all my PR packages” Actually, the one over there is a PR package M: Ooooh!
R: Oh, look at this hold on, wait M: I’m so intrigued I took one out so the presentation isn’t as good but yes Red Bull sent me a pride Box of Red Bulls, do you like Red Bull? That’s so cute, I’ve never had Red Bull R: What?!
Mom: A virgin I stan Red Bull I’m a Red Bull virgin! Oh god that is a title “Ricky Dillon taking my virginity” Whoa… do you want to try one? Yeah, which one should I try? R: My favorite is topical, this is ASMR ready Whoa Okay, okay I’m like scared You know, it’s actually quite good R: Right? Red Bull you’re welcome, brand deal I’m waiting I gave ya’ll a new customer Wow that doesn’t taste energy drinky It’s good M: How old are you, 26?
R: 26 whoa, you know the facts I’m an internet stalker no big deal Pigs will eat anything Pigs… loving food R: Not a stereotype Because that would like ruin life, if that was a stereotype They will do anything for food They’re easy to train cause of food M: Same, me
R: They’ll do whatever Do you find, her easy to take care of? I had a hamster that was harder than her but I will say the biggest thing is you have to have a backyard Like I could not have her at an apartment All day she’s outside and then at nighttime I bring her inside Ok Gallop we’re gonna get you a pig R: Are you ready to meet her? I’m so ready, oo but is Gallop? Luna, she doesn’t really care about other dogs she kinda just ignores them M: Yeah, but like well Gallop care about Luna Every time I take Oliver outside he tries to play with her for like 30 seconds and he he’ll give up cuz she ignores him she’s gonna be so pumped to meet y’all and she’ll be nervous A pig is gonna be pumped to meet me R: I know she’s a big fan And we’ll do the piggy plop If you start petting her underneath her belly she will plop over Oh my gosh she likes belly rubs Oh pigs love bell rubs Let me grab my bag of carrots And we’ll do this, are you ready? I’ve never been more ready for anything in my life except driving the G-wagon! M: He’s never eaten a carrot before Oliver hates them but should we give him a try M: Okay you can give him his first ever carrot R: Sit
M: Assit, he only knows French R: Assit, look at me I know French Oh here you go, good boy Mom: Oh yum I knew it, he hates it Come on it’s good for you! M: It’s hard to eat I think R: Carrots make a good ASMR crunch Mom: There we got a crunch Oh, no next I was just trying to meet the cardboard cutout of Ricky I heard the pig making noises And I thought it was like fake I thought it was like a toy that’s supposed to sound like a pig And then my mom told me it’s the actual pig You guys, I’m gonna cry! Oh my god… (and there’s Ricky) And this is Ricky…the fake one (Oh you can feel his face) You know, I think he needs to work on his contour game he’s very one-dimensional She’s excited to meet me! *pig snort* (she’s out there, I see the body) *pig snort* Oh! (she just moved!) Gallop’s ears a perked you guys look We’re way too excited about this, look Gallop *pig noises* (He’s excited, he’s wagging his tail!) I’m about to meet a pig! I’m like nervous to meet her you know? Like I’m like, what is she gonna think of me is she gonna like me? This is it okay we got the carrots She’s gonna be a little shook M: I’m shook (Hi!) Hey Luna! Come on! M: Oh my god There’s some new friends here Let me give her a carrot to make her comfortable Mom: oh she’s adorable M: Oh my god! R: Here Molly here you wanna carry it? Just hold it out in front of you and she’ll take it M: Oh my god! Oh my god! M: *laughs* R: Yes! Mom: It’s adorable! M: Hey Luna Mom: Oh my god, the way she eats R: Oh, she won’t bite she’s gentle R: Good girl Luna! M: Oh my god they have hair, I didn’t know they have hair! R: Here’s another carrot Mom: Hey Luna, oh she’s so good with the camera R: Oh she is a star! M: She is an Instagram queen, follow her on Instagram R: luna_piggy M: She’s really like R: coarse, right?
M: Yeah Wow, I wouldn’t of- I didn’t know they had hair I thought they were just skin Mom: she’s got a pink nose! R: She’s so excited Look at her chewing like you could just R: She’s a little muddy, I’m sorry That’s okay R: She got a little mud on you, Luna Okay, so so far she’s hairy, which I didn’t Yeah, she is definitely- her breed’s hairy than usual She’s a pretty Queen And she does have like pointy ears R: Yes
M: But they lay flat They point out when she’s like, you know listen in like eavesdropping on the tea Her tail though I want you to feel it’s different than what you think Cause when I think of pigs I think of a curly tail M: She’s a chunkers R: Yeah she’s thicc M: Luney tune! I’m already giving her nicknames R: I call her Looney Tune! M: Do you!? R: Yes! Meanwhile Lunas just hanging out she’s chillin walking around M: Is she walking with us? R: Yeah Does she have like, do they have claws like dogs? R: They have hooves Mom: I think she likes me Molly
R: Oh she does Mom: Hi Sweetie! M: Does she just pee randomly out here? Does she lift her leg when she pees? Mom: she loves the camera R: She squats when she pees She’s a good girl though! Mom: she’s so relaxed I know I think I really just got lucky Thanks Luna for being lazy M: Oh is this fake?
R: Yes Which I don’t like because pigs do graze on grass we have a little bit of grass in the back M: Does she try to eat this? R: No, she knows M: Okay so she’s smart, well pigs are smart right? R: She’s very smart Oh my gosh is a big face, her jaw is very hefty Oh girl, that jawline is everything Seriously Have you felt her snout? R: Here let me just, right there They’re like fun M: Oh my god, It’s like funny feeling R: Yeah, they’re like hard Their snouts are really strong They like to dig with their snouts It’s called rooting *gasps* oh my god! That’s the tail! It is long and like pretty (such a pretty tail!) it’s not curly she’s like a long like (oh my god) *laughs* R: ME! M: She just like pulled it like “excuse me” R: Me slapping away the haters Mom: Luna’s all over the camera! M: Maybe if I hold the camera she’ll like me more M: Oh my god! R: I know, I love her She loves you! Mom: She knows I’m a mommy M: Ohh my god, he’s sniffing me!! Oh my god it feels so funny I love my piggy! *Luna snorts* Yay, we got a noise! M: Are those happy sounds
R: Yes Oh oh oh! we got the plop, the plop! *gasps* Yes! The piggy plop, she’s ready, she’s showing us She loves it, ohhh Her eyes are closing Oh I love my piggy M: You’re pretty cute Lunes G-wagon or petting a pig? Luna is listening M: Luna cover your ears
R: I’ll cover her ears M: G-wagon was a little better, only because R: She…look she’s mad Mom: She’s getting up and walking away M: I just offended a pig… Comedic timing on point! I know, she’s great on camera! Like look at that! What do you think of her mom? Mom: I’m in love with her, I literally am in love with her Is she cute? Mom: She’s beautiful She got a little mud on my pink velour Mom: she did But we’re gonna be fine, we forgive her R: Okay, I’m gonna give Molly a pickle here we go, pickle Queen! Yum! R: Ooo the smacks M: It almost sounds juicy R: That’s like a good ASMR She’s gonna Sister snatch that lemon She is stoked, she’s over there She knows what’s about to happen “I pulled up in a lemon…” You know that song? M: No… R: Luna’s gonna snatch it and run off Luna, right here look right there! Now look she’s gonna…oh! Okay, usually she runs away and like hides in a bush but she’s like…she’s confident around y’all common misconception pigs are actually very clean they self-clean like she could roll in mud and an hour later be clean Cause she put it on me Tea R: Should we get Gallop?
M: Yeah I think it’s time for Gallop to meet her Mom: you gonna meet Luna? M: Oh my god! R: Oh she’s shook He’s nice M: What’s he doing?
R: Oh she’s interested, she’s going M: Ooo what’s happening? Luna’s checking him out, her ears are raised M: What’s he doing? R: Gallop’s kind of scared…Gallop’s shook! M: Has he noticed though? M: Gallop there’s a pig dude! R: Whoa! Wait, this is this is opposite Usually Luna runs away and the dog wants to whoa Go gallop your way over to Gallop! When you try to make your kids have playdates and they don’t care M: Honestly! Oh my god! Yes R: Okay, come me Gallop come on M: Gallop! R: What the what?
M: What is happening?! He’s just happy to be able to run in a garden! R: Luna’s curious, she’s interested, look at her! Mom: she’s really interested! She’s like “ooo he’s handsome” R: Yeah, she’s like “who in the world is this?” M: Oh god what’s happening? (who’s this handsome dude?) R” Gallop’s peeing…Luna’s watching. M: *laughs* R: You’re being a good girl, Luna Good girl M: Good job, you’re being great with my dog R: She’s being good! Luna’s ready M: Okay, I’ve captured him R: Okay Mom: she really likes Gallop R: Oh, here we go! R: Oh! *gasps* R: This is it M: He’s like backing up Gallop, Luna’s really sweet! R: It’s okay, she’s just a piggy M: We’re just gonna take some photos…you don’t have to be so fearful M: …noticed there’s a pig *laughs* R: Gallop just snapped out of nowhere I think Gallop just realized there’s a pig here M: I think it only took him a half an hour to figure out that there was a pig here! He just went nuts! R: Oh Luna’s just chillin, I love her! Mom: Luna couldn’t care less She’s just chillin! Mom: She’s like playing a cool yeah M: Wow he just had like literally 20 seconds of insanity He just snapped 20 seconds of insanity His wig flew off, are you down? M: I am SO down! Yes! I have been so excited for this haircut I’ve like waited Link below go watch me shave his head Shave my head Okay, but what happens if I accidentally go Then I’ll just get it fixed, don’t worry honestly do your best Don’t feel bad like if there’s like an earthquake and you like slip and shave my half my head off it’s fine What about your face? If I shave your face off Honestly, that’ll make a good video Blood gushing from your face Do your best, and if worst case scenario girl good video Worst-case scenario, very clickable Exactly, so we’ll just see There’s no losing here guys There really isn’t, can we wrap on Luna? M: Yeah, Luna can go Luna’s wrapped, wrap on Luna Good job girl, good job M: Good job, Queen R: Okay let’s go to bed! Come on! Mom: She’s going to bed! M: Oh my god, it’s so funny cause Gallop knows the word bedtime So I say it’s bedtime and he runs into his bed and goes to sleep Ricky’s gonna give me his book I can’t read it, but I can touch it R:…oh… *laughs* I was gonna say “got a surprise got a surprise!” MY BOOK!! Yay!! So this is the New York Times best-selling book by the New York Times bestselling author Ricky Dillon M: Who’s he?? We don’t know Never heard of him Yeah, here you go Oh smell it, oh it still smells good See that’s what sucks about not being able to like read a physical book cuz I never get that like Get the audio version and then smell the book while you listen M: Do you have an audible version?
R: I do M: Oh my god!
R: It’s on iTunes I can read it! I’m gonna get it on audible! R: Listen to the audio and smell the book while you listen R: Would you like one as well? Mom: I would love one R: There you go! I have like a hundred! Mom: Molly’s wearing an outfit that matches the book cover ! Girl! There we go, that’s look at the color scheme the color scheme Oo! Do you have any of your merch here? Do you want some? Can I see some of it? Yes I have, so I released “fun” merch like, you know how like my word Both: Fun R: I’ve got a surprise! It’s very fun This one’s actually surprise I knew the book was coming R: I got you a free Ricky Dillon fun shirt! M: FUN! R: Whoa, fun! M: FUN! What’s it look like? It just says fun in fun colors That’s it…It’s a white shirt with fun I asked Shane for a shirt, can I have a pig shirt? and he said yes, but he never gave me one… R: Do you want one!? You have them! R: Hold that thought I’ll be right back! He’s giving me his merch and Shane’s merch! Take that Shane! I mean look I felt like I could be shameless and ask him if I could have an OMG pig shirt only because he bought Bobby a car so I could just like like I’m not asking for a car I’m asking for his own t-shirt, you know R: Surprise! *gasps* Shane’s quaking M: Is it the OMG pig shirt?! Like I literally I have like extra shirts from Shane’s merch And you guys can get Shane’s merch at Both: Love you Shane R: Love you Shane! So this has been a day Yes. Ricky’s never looked better R: Thanks
M: I just finished doing his hair Yeah, so I’m wearing a wig so it’s not revealed Oh I was gonna joke that this was your hair Oh um oops! R: Yes she
M: It’s fine! Wow, it’s shedding just like you were Yes, no y’all she just shaved my head M: Covered R: My hair is everywhere, look at this hair ball M: It’s all over me R: That’s my hair! So if ya’ll want to the process, go check out my channel Go check it out, link below, this was so fun R: I had such a good time!
M: This was FUN! R: This was very…on the count of 3…1..2..3.. FUN! I had a good day Yeah me too, I’m exhausted I’m hairy… I’m Luna-esque-y-ish You literally have Ricky hair, Luna dirt Umm…Sorry We’re gonna have to do this again sometime I need to come back for a real We need to like hang out for real This was really fun, but like we gotta just chill Okay, I’m gonna go home and shower I love you guys so much give this a thumbs up if you want to see Ricky and I hanging out some more Let us know you want to see us do next time If you guys are here from me, please subscribe to Molly She’s amazing M: Join the killer bee club
R: I love her We’d love to have you, I’ll see you next time Bye

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